Should Maduro arrest Guaido?

There are some who say that Venezuela lost momentum, Maduro made the mistake of not arresting Guaido and declaring a national emergency.

I disagree.

  1. Maduro is treating Guaido for what he really is: a nobody. He is ignoring him. A nobody that America is trying to transform into somebody because he is its puppet.

2.  If he would have been arrested, he would be legitimized.

US’ screams would be heard from the other side of the known Universe:

“the  usurper Maduro has arrested the legitimate president of Venezuela, through a coup d’etat; we need to restore democracy; by force”.

This would be exactly what  America wants.

Never play by the enemy’s rules.

Let Guaido remain a nobody.

3. The attacks on Venezuela are not done by the nobody Guaido. They are done by America:

-sanctions that prevent Venezuela from importing food and medications, a war crime

-attacks on its power grid, a war crime

-blocking its oil exports 

-attacks and threats against its trade partners 

-blocking( stealing) billions $ in Venezuela’s money, under the pretext of “fighting corruption”; how about the corruption, measured in Trillions, of the US/UK banks, the very banks now stealing from Venezuela? We witnessed all these every year, since 2008

( and before )

-the Venezuelan GOLD, blocked( stolen) by the Bank of England( they are experts in stealing gold, together with WallStreet; only look at  COMEX manipulations) ;

Remember Germany‘s gold? How long it took for Wall Street to give it back? If it was given back to Germany.

-trying to pass UN resolutions to justify a military intervention( right to protect, R2P), prevented by Russia/China

Guaido’s arrest will not solve these attacks. But it will give America a pretext, badly needed, to intervene militarily. Like in Libya.

Sure Russia and China would help, but the logistics for a war there are more complicated.

So, do not arrest him.

Let him continue to remain irrelevant. A nobody.

Let him fade away. Like the Empire that created him.

I’m sure this is more difficult for the Hegemon to swallow.


America is on Campaign Mode

America is switched on campaign mode.This year is particularly a big show as it involves presidential elections.

The big Pavlov experiment. Provided by politicians on both sides go the ONE PARTY.

Americans are divided into two packs of dogs.

It works like this:

The American voter (the dog) is conditioned by Pavlov( the politicians) to salivate to campaign promises. The more American dogs salivate , the bigger the vote.

Americans are left with only the anticipatory salivation after the campaign is finished, as the promises do not materialize into the expected food. 

The two pack of dogs ( Republican voters and Democrat voters) quarrel and fight between them ; this way they failed to see what America calls ” the big elephant  in the room”.

Well, over the years, that elephant procreated and now we have an entire herd of elephants.

But Americans still don’t see them. But they started to notice the stinking smell of their massive dungs. 

Those elephants in the room and their dung are the real problems which are not discussed during the campaign.

The campaign consists of the two Pavlov trainers  trying to generate the most salivation from their dogs , while avoiding seeing the elephants in the room.

It’s a circus , al right. And a jungle.

Never, ever address the presence of the elephants in the room and their dung.

Those are seen by the small number of people with critical thinking, who are not conditioned to salivate at the politicians’ promises.

But they don’t have a voice, except like here and on other independent blogs.

And when they loudly observe the elephants and their dung, they are ferociously attacked by the Pavlov dogs. From each side.

People with critical thinking observe immediately the elephants( ignored by the two Pavlov  trainers and their staff , and the Pavlov dogs):

-there is never a real debate, only campaign speeches ( the stimulus for salivation) and Q& A provided by Pavlov’ s helper staff= the media; pre approved question, with standard answers.

– the real causes of the failed economy and of the standard of living of the ordinary Americans, the humongous debt, the unbelievable deficit in trade, the real reasons for the wars

-we do not have a discussion about the Federal Reserve and its creation of DEBT MONEY

( money issued as debt, aka credit, not backed by anything, or backed by wars and murder), the real reason for the debt and the poor economy
-we do not discuss about America’s multiple wars to defend the petro-f*cking-dollar

( hey, most Americans do not even know what the petro-dollar is).

-we do not discuss that all the media is in the hands of 6 big Corporations; and, yes, this is a Kosher arrangement  and it expresses their point of view

– we do not discuss that there is NO REAL PRIVATE PROPERTY for the little people in America;
They only rent everything they have: their house and land ( see property taxes and the title of your house), the car ( license, registration, mandatory insurance), your skills and labor (licenses to renew every year or 2 years, permits, fees, etc.), your health
( mandatory insurance), small businesses( the very few left : fees, registrations, licenses, taxes, you name it). See what happens if you do not pay those taxes and licenses.

-the poor education of young people at increasing, obscene costs for them.

-we do not discuss that the big corporations have the monopoly of production and businesses, leaving nothing for the little people; that starting an independent business has become impossible ; that competition has become a sin and  is banned ( as Rockefeller, one of the real Founding Father of America Inc. , wanted)

This year, there was a lot of promises( again) and increased salivation from the dogs.

1.The Democratic Pavlov :

RussiaGate . Still an issue after 3 years of no proofs found.

The Green New Deal (GND) is a set of proposed economic stimulus programs aiming to address “climate change” and economic inequality.

Modern day New Deal (a set of social and economic reforms and public works projects undertaken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression.

 Roosevelt’s economic approach with a modern touch such as renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ( the new D-New York star) +Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) are proposing this new form of salivation.

The deal shows, again, that learning Mathematics is very , very hard for Americans. Basically has become impossible .

 American economy would rely  100% on electricity produced by solar panels.

That would have to be provided by the Chinese, as America does not produce them .

At his annual National Assembly Address, Mr. Putin made a little fun of this stupidity : he said that if this would be presented in Russia, all Russians would laugh.

Russians do not salivate anymore, also Pavlov was Russian. They are good mathematicians , too.

But , the American Pavlov dogs , known as D Dogs, can’t do math and don’t understand ROI.

2.The Republican Pavlov, is the big man himself, the Donald.

He had a 2 hour speech at CPAC , characterized by the R Pavlov dogs as an extraordinary one.

It was long. It was verbosely . It did not address any important issue . It had the vocabulary / ideas of a 6 year old .

But even this was not extraordinarily, as all  good politicians have this talent of providing long speeches without saying anything of substance.

But the Donald was entertaining, If you could pass over the dire State of the Union.

I haven’t laugh so much in a long time.

He provided jokes: those were ad hominem to the other part.

Pocahontas ( he destroyed her career and now he has no opponent who is easy to destroy), little Schiff-ty Schiff, that “The crazy female senator (Marie Hironco) from the state of Ohio… the state of Hawaii, right? She’s like a crazed person. What she said about men is so bad. But she’s standing in the hallway & she didn’t know too much about the plan, b/c she can’t understand that plan. And that would make her smart.”

About “The great tariff debate” ; we found out that there were mistakes made( we don’t know which ones), there were some numbers provided( maybe the numbers of laws ) and that America “ had so much money at that time that it didn’t know what to do with it”.

The last part was really amusing: I could not find that time . Even if America had that money, it did know what to do with it: enrich the top 0.01% ( its owners) and spend it on wars( to protect the petro-f*cking-dollar).

He told us “he was totally OFF SCRIPT now and this is how he got elected”.

I agree: he has a new script to produce more salivation( it worked).

What he got from the “New Green Deal or whatever they call it” was not the absurdity of the whole thing, but that D want the Americans to have “only one car instead of two and should be electric”. LOL .

And they want  “no air traffic” : well, this is not going to be a loss for Americans as they can’t afford to fly anymore. They are already “in the air”.

The great man, while being sarcastic, addressed the issue of fake news.

“Please Russia get us Hillary’s e-mails!”. The crowd( conditioned) responded with “lock her up” .

Well, this was ignored, as she is still free. And we do have her 650,000 e-mail on Weiner’s laptop. Not provided by Russia, but by Hillary’s staff members. And the dead Seth Rich, about whom, no Pavlov talks.

I agree with the fact that media is fake news. 

But how about HIS very fake news: about Russia, China, N Korea, Venezuela ( he’s trying to regime change it based on HIS very fake news), Syria( he bombed it twice based on his fake news), Iran? It seems to me that the amount of HIS FAKE NEWS  is impressive.

But he is going to watch some news. We don’t know(yet) if he considers this news fake or not:

Trump on Mark Levin’s CPAC speech: “I guarantee, I will be watching it later. I have one of the great inventions in history. It is called TiVo. I think it is actually better than television because television is practically useless without TiVo.” ROTFLOL.

We found out who the bad people are: Comey . “He’s bad. He’s a bad, bad — He’s a bad, bad guy.” But the FB! regular guys are”great, really great”.

The Donald is in love again. So many times in his life : those finished by him “grabbing her by the pussy”.

“I am in love. You are in love. We are in love together. We have done something nobody has ever done.”

Dangerous. His love affairs end up badly, with lots of money paid . This time is not going to be by him, but by  the Pavlov dogs’ tax money.

He told us who his friends are : from  New York City (presumably somebody in the real estate business) who is a “stone cold killer.” “He kills people for a living” but he gets incredibly uncomfortable with public speaking, and he purportedly asked Trump how he does it, to which the president replied: “It’s easy when there’s so much love in the room.”

I immediately identified him as Lucky Larry Silverstein: he qualifies. He did kill people for a good living. But I didn’t know he was “shy”. He asked the great man how he can talk to a room filled with so many people.

The Donald : “it’s easy, there is so much love in this room, that it’s easy”.  Good dogs are loving, indeed.

The Donald is a very easily offended man and does not forget or forgive: he still remembers( and told us again) about Washington Post’s Dave Weigel’s comment about the “size of the crowd at his inauguration”. Very important issue, more important than the 22 Trillions in .gov debt.

He explained to us ( a little incoherently, as usual) why his pack of Pavlov dogs was smaller that Obama’s pack. Or was it bigger? 

He discovered the solution to forest fires “You have to clean it up. It’s called [forest] management. When a tree falls, you cannot let the environmentalists say you cannot take that tree out. It becomes a matchstick… the leaves, every once in a while, you have to remove the leaves”. 

LOL, remove the forest leaves.

That can count as Republican  variant of New Deal for preventing ” climate change”.

I can tell you that every fall season I spend 2 months cleaning the leaves from a very small lot around my house. Now, think about doing this with American forests.

He solved the economic problems because “everybody is doing great in America” except the ” Never Trumpers”:“Everyone in this country, right now, because of our new economy is doing well, except for the Never Trumpers. But they are on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Mouth-to-mouth. Mouth-to-mouth.”.

How about the 50 millions on food stamps( 1 1/2 Venezuela’s population)? More than 50% population on .gov help? The disappearing middle class?

A lot of mouth-to-mouth here.

One of the best laughs I had listening to him was when he said:

“Probably today or tomorrow we will actually have 100% of the caliphate in Syria defeated.”

I think that Kremlin is filled with laughters.

He’s going to “withdraw from Syria in totality, but leave a small number of people there”. We don’t know who small this will be.

One day ,”because he was lonely in the White House” he went to Iraq to visit a military base .

But he was disappointed he could not make a big entrance, worthy of the great man, because  even if “we spent 7 trillion $ in the ME and he could not land his plane with the lights on”.

He met “incredible generals there” : ” general 1, general 2, general 3″ , “who can not be played by Hollywood actors” . Maybe some of them can be portrayed by Hollywood, but after they change their names, like the General called “Raisin Cane”.  

His generals are “incredible” but he went there to find out what regular soldiers think as the “incredible generals ” can’t be trusted.

Like “Mad Dog”. If his name had been Raisin or Olive Popeye  this would have been another story.

I now know why US can’t leave Iraq: “we spent 3 trillion on an airport there and US can’t leave that”.

Well, let’s elect the Democrats. With their Green Deal, we won’t need airports anymore and can leave Iraq.

He’s going to give an executive order to force Universities and Colleges (  they receive a great deal of money from .gov) to allow “free speech” .

Remember  “The Bill of Rights”? Nobody seems to do it. We need executive orders to enforce it.

About illegal immigrants : the reason “they are bad, very bad people” is because it’s not true that they are better than Americans .

And they end up in jail. All US jails are filled with them.

“Just ask the Angel Moms how good are they.”

We are “invaded by criminals, drugs “ and  he’s concerned.

He was advised to not declare a National Emergency not because this would have been ridiculous to do it after the .gov was reopened. But because  it will create a precedent

( not a president, lol). And the D will use it later.

The best way to stop him from declaring a National Emergency, is , as he says:” to make sure I win the election.”

Democrats, believing in socialism, are “embracing open borders, socialism and extreme late-term abortions” or execution of babies after they are” way, way  outside of the womb”.

Because he thinks America will “never be a socialist country” and added that “we believe in the American dream, not in the socialist nightmare.” The moment America becomes socialist, it falls.

Mr. President, America has already fallen and can’t get up. 

50 million on food stamps on one side and Trillions given to bankrupt bank, corporations and businesses( remember only 2008 , but there were multiple examples before and after). When they fall , they are bailed put with tax payers’ money, but they get to keep their profits.

How would you call this?

He solved the big problems NK had during Obama’s term : rockets flying, nuclear tests, mountains( big) were “shoved over, 3-4 inches”. And Obama thought they had earthquakes.

America has fallen and because he doesn’t want people to see this, he will provide more entertainment on the 4th of July. Maybe he’ll have his military parade?

Circus, more circus, as bread is  expensive, full of chemicals and is made of GMO wheat.

As I watched all this, sometimes laughing uncontrollably at the enormities spoken, not even in a coherent way, I was thinking how conditioned somebody has to be to consider this gibberish a”great speech”.

Yes, America has fallen and can’t get up.

H.L Mencken:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”


A few weeks earlier, in Russia, Mr. Putin gave his address at the National Assembly .

La creme de la creme of Russian intellectuals, politicians, businessmen, media was there.

I won’t analyze it. I can’t possibly do a better job than Dmitry Orlov, here.

If you understand French, you can read it for free here.

What I can say is that I’m terrified how exceptional Americans are if they can tolerate the politicians they have and , on top of this, think they are great.





Oscar season

It’s the Oscar season. The American vulgar edition of the British reality show called “Watching the Aristocracy and Royals”.

Both equally boring , uninspiring and a waste of time for any intelligent person, wanting to enrich bis life with authentic, moral experiences.

I did not watched it. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a Hollywood movie.

I can’t do it anymore. Too stressful for my critical thinking, even if I would want to provide some entertainment for it.

But I can make some comments from  glimpses of past experiences and some posts  I’ve read.

The ceremony itself is so full of hypocrisy it is nauseating, the participating people are such poor imitations of real human beings it makes you uncomfortable, even if you know you are watching the “make believe industry”. No authenticity  even when Hollywood has a Galla to receive awards and give speeches to thank for them.

Women wearing a simulacrum of very expensive dresses, which, despite having a price tag of thousands dollars, do not succeed in being decent or of good taste. Jewelry worth millions, Tons of make up.

Nothing natural, not even the smiles and congratulations.

The young actresses, the new discoveries did not have enough time to lose their souls: they were not perverted yet. But watch what they become in only a few years. What ever made them attractive in the first place is gone and they transform into the plastic version of Hollywood “beauty”. Having lost their freshness( this lasts only 2-3 years) , they try to correct their physical appearance, aiming toward perfection . They think this is the reason of the ulterior lack of success. They start with multiple plastic surgeries and achieve the opposite, losing exactly the little imperfections which made them unique and attractive. They become the skeletal lollipop Hollywood prototype with no expression and fake smile.

Then another very young “actress” is discovered and the cycle repeats.

Those actresses/actors don’t have a formal acting/ performing education, most of the time ( like in Britain, the Royal Shakespeare Company) .

A parade of shallow people, who have sold their soul for money and fame.  Empty and having no satisfaction despite their money. You can see it on their faces, if you are able to pass over the make up and Botox.

The men are the same.

Hollywood does not have good actors anymore. Just a parade of good looking people. What ever real actors it has, those are imported ( America imports everything). If those actors move to Hollywood, they are destroyed in a few years.

Same for directors.

The movies are all predictable:

1-a Marvel superhero prototype, where you go to see the last visual effects and a fairy tale for adults : Americans like fairy tales, they live in a fantasy society anyway.

2-the spy, or crime prototype, where the villain is always the enemy “du jour ” of the Empire and this does spoil the mystery, doesn’t?

( Hollywood is the best propaganda tool, where Pentagon/ C!A approved scripts come to life)

Now it’s the Russians ( they always are), the Iranians, the Syrians, the Chinese.

I’m waiting for the Venezuelan villain: it’s coming.

3-the fake moral story  advancing the agenda of Hollywood owners ( same as America’s owners agenda) :

a-miscegenation ( look at the Kardashian phenomenon, their youngest, what ever her name is, is in a relation and has a child with a black rapper, what ever his name is)


c- minority rights and persecution( this year the Oscar went to a movie about segregation and blacks persecution : the Green Book)

d- transgender( see Kardashians again), LGBT…XYZ gender agenda and their “rights”, promoting feminism ,  loose morals, vulgar  and perverted behavior as qualities of the ideal woman, promoting , in a subtle way, pedophilia and sexualization of children.

All movies have same constants : foul language and the obligatory “F word” , violence, explicit sex scenes (brothel type ones).

None has any moral values, any intelligent plot, any substance. There is no life teaching moment you can take home . Nothing to learn from it.

And the propaganda suffocates any possible life the movie might have.

All the movies Hollywood produces are dead from the beginning.

It’s not the Hollywood of the Golden Age anymore. It had different actors, directors. The owners were not the amorphous chosen mass we have now.

It’s not even the Hollywood of before 2001.

One of the last good films I saw were : Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men.

The very few directors, who had something to say,  were silenced quickly. Because what they had to say was not the official  approved line, in sync with that of the owners.

I’ll give you two examples.

Mel Gibson.

He made a movie that was revolutionary and completely against the rules.

“The Passion of the Christ”.

It is about Christianity.

It is spoken in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. The language still spoken in ancient Syrian villages, that ISIS terrorists tried to destroy( I wonder why) and that SAA, Russia and Iran protected .

It depicts the involvement of the Pharisees as the main responsible  for Jesus’ death. Satan is depicted as an androgynous being ( similar to a transgender).

So the movie was named”the most virulently anti-Semitic movie made since the German propaganda films of WorldWar II”

Mel Gibson made also the mistake of naming  the real owners of Hollywood and after this he was done. They completely destroyed him.

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus so well, had troubles finding work after the movie.

Another example is James Cameron and “Avatar”.

Avatar is one of the best metaphor for the American Zionist Empire and its modus operandi .

The model for the wars to occupy and extract the natural resources (oil) from the recalcitrant countries, difficult to transform into American colonies and vassals by other means( like color revolutions) is exposed in the movie.

James Cameron did not get the Oscar.

Not only this, but they gave the Oscar to Kathryn Bigelow, a nobody as director.


-she is a woman

-she is Cameron’s ex wife

-she made the C!A approved movie “ The Hurt Locker”, a gibberish about Iraq war.

The movie is a complete failure and , despite all the efforts to promote it, was a fiasco at box office.

This total crap was acclaimed by all MSM .

The only journalist telling some truth about it was  John Pilger :”offers a vicarious thrill via yet another standard-issue psychopath high on violence in somebody else’s country where the deaths of a million people are consigned to cinematic oblivion.”

Hollywood owners not only did not awarded Cameron  for his movie , but had a better revenge: gave the Oscar to his wife for a war propaganda movie.

But what I took home from that movie :

-even the most powerful empire can be defeated

-it’s never too late to switch to the side of Good fighting against Evil

-the truth is revealed sooner or later

-Aywa ( Nature, God) always wins in the end and it reverses to its natural order, with or without help from enlightened people

-the empire will justify its attack to steal the resources by demonizing first the enemies and treating them as inferior beings

-“I see you” : I see well all the Resistance Axis and the people who are part of it.

I see you: Putin, Assad, Nasrallah, Maduro, etc. I see you .


North Korea-US summit

The great negotiator who signed “The Art of the Deal” was not able, again, to get a deal with N Korea’s Kim.

“…they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety…  They were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted,but we couldn’t give up all of the sanctions for that.” US said.

N Korea has been under sanctions for 60 years and this because the Korean War ( where unspeakable war crimes were committed , like total destruction of their infrastructure, killing of 40% of Korean population, annihilation of 25 big cities out of 29, using of prohibited chemical weapons, etc) did not go the way America hopped.

And , being under  sanctions, N Korea managed to recover and get nuclear weapons.

NK is more capable of hitting a large US target than US hitting a small target in NK. 

And what’s worse, NK has the technology to destroy all US satellites, which equals losing control of communications, aircraft, battle field/ systems , meaning all superior US technology becomes obsolete.

 Otherwise, NK would easily be attacked and destroyed like all the other non-nuclear-arms-powered small countries.

We’ve seen this with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and now Venezuela… This is US foreign policy, especially after 2001.

A deal signed last year by US + NK is still not honored by The Donald .

And there were many other deals that NK respected by they were not implemented by US, which came with additional requests AFTER the deals were signed.

Why make another treaty , when after a year, US can withdraw from it , like it did with Iran?


-the Donald and US negotiate from a weak position : the Donald had to fly 9000 miles for the meeting; in general, a summit takes place in a neutral country, 1/2 the distance between the participating  parties:  but in this case, the Donald traveled a bigger distance than Kim

-the peace treaty between NK and SK, with Chinese/Russian supervision, already happened, but US REFUSES to sign it.

-NK and SK are being integrated in the Silk Road  and US can NOT do anything about it

– NK has China and Russia  as neighbors who can to supply them with what it needs

– NK can sell/barter their rare-earth metals ( worth Trillions) and natural resources to the BRICS consortium instead of American corporations

-NK doesn’t have to  give up their central bank to the Rothschild cabal

-NK gets to keep their nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at the US bases in Guam, Okinawa, Hawaii, etc

America showed, again, it does not respect any treaty signed, is not trustworthy, is “agreement incapable” , only tries to get something for nothing through threats, bribes and force.

The ” deal maker” had another fiasco. 

But this will be presented by the corporate media as MAGA and Americans will swallow it🤣

We saw again how America and the Donald “negotiate:”

 “If you just let us finish killing you we’ll take off the sanctions after this.”😉


Is Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness only an American Right?

“Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” are “inalienable rights” given to the humans by their Creator.

This is what the American Declaration of Independence says.

This is held in high esteem by America and considered the cornerstone of American model of democracy and human rights. It is perfect as Americans say, like the Constitution.

I want to expand it a little bit( that’s me, I am never happy with achieved perfection).

  1. If these rights are given to humans, they must extend to countries. After all, humans inhabit countries. A country =individuals with common language, tradition, culture, interests , living in a specific location .
  2. So , we can say each country has the right to: Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.
  3. The Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness of any human ( individual) should not infringe on the Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness of another.  In other words, no  individual can step over the pursuit of Happiness , Life and Liberty of another, deprive him of  them, while trying to achieve his own goals. OK: this is mentioned in the Declaration, but it seems as it’s only in small print.
  4. This , of course, will expand to countries, as countries are made of  humans: no other country should try to deny another country its right to pursue its own Happiness, Life and Liberty.
  5. No other individual can decide  what’s “Life,Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” for another.
  6. This , of course , extends to countries: no country can decide for another what “Life,Liberty and pursuit of Happiness “ is.
  7. These are Universal values applying to all Humankind. Because there is no exceptional or chosen individual deserving them to the detriment of the others.
  8. This, again, applies to countries and nations:  no country, no matter how exceptional or chosen it thinks it is, can decide for another country what these values are.

And , now we come back to America, from where we started. 

America is deciding for everybody what “Life,Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” is. Only America has the right to its own variant, the rest of the world has to comply with America’s version .

Only look at the last example: Venezuela. But, there are so many, as I would need to write an Encyclopedia to describe them.

Venezuela, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, etc. did not try to decide for America what “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” is, but those were decided for them, with no input from their part.

Well, I think that the rest of the world needs to  have its own ”Declaration of Independence”. From America.

It’s only fair. And a God given right.

My experience with fake alternative media

I  used to consider ‘Moon of Alabama ” a good alternative media.

I still think it is good, but I now see it for what it really is.

Yesterday I made a comment about the article referring to Surkov’s “Putin’s lasting state”.

It was like this:

“This was one of your best articles, Mr. B and there is no short supply here.

Russia is fulfilling ancient prophecies.

Russia has been through Hell and back , but has learned from past mistakes. And we have to remember that some of those mistakes were coming from outside: the Bolshevik revolution brought by people like Trotsky( real name Bronshtein) who came with the equivalent of 2 Billion $ , given by Jacob Schiff from Kuhn & Loeb Bank in New York, or Lenin , who came with Millions in Gold , given by Germany.

After Russia survived this, came Yeltsin era and Russia learned about the American liberalism, that almost killed her.

But Russia did not die: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Russia did not choose either system: she chose Mr. Putin, a real patriot, who will remain in history as the greatest leader of the century and one of all time. He managed to lift Russia from her knees and transform her into a superpower.

As for America, the coup d’erat happened in incremental steps:

the cornerstone was in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve and its shareholders, the 9 big banks

( some not even in America) : money created out of thin air as  debt ( credit) and loaned to you with interest. Later came the fractional reserve scam.

Then, in 1963, when JFK was killed and the last obstacle for the creation of the NWO was removed.

In 1970-1972, when Bretton Woods terminated ( dollar backed by gold) and the petro-dollar was born( Kissinger “oiled” the deal with Saudi Arabia).

And the grand finale, came in 2001, when all power was seized.

Some say that US was a FreeMason construction from the very beginning.

And looking at the evidence, they may be right: the dollar bill with all the Masonic signs, the Founding Fathers were Frees Masons( most), including Washington. Look at the painting depicting the “Apotheosis of George Washington”, the plans on which Washington DC was built, with the Masonic Temple in the middle and looking like a giant owl from space, The Masonic Statue of Liberty, etc.”

This was the comment.

It immediately disappeared.

Observe that I didn’t even say the “J word”, or even chosen, etc. No derogatory terms( I don’t use them anyway). Nothing that can be interpreted as hate, anti semitism.


Because the information about Trotsky and Lenin and Bolsheviks can be found by anybody who has the  patience to do it.

So, after this happened, naturally I made a search about the guy behind Moon of Alabama.

He is not German.

This did not happen only to me, there are similar cases. Two that I found: people commenting about this on the Saker’s site.

It happened to me in the past : I made a comment last year and gave a link to my site and it was removed, but  I thought this was because of the link( some sites don’t allow it).

I am still going to read Moon of Alabama, but look at it from a different perspective.

It’s important to know what they want you to think and how they want you to see reality, but I’m going to filter what he says in a better way.

Bernhard Hartmann doesn’t allow a simple comment involving facts of history , because I’m sure the comment was inconvenient secondary to the reference to Trotsky. 

He is a good gatekeeper for zionists, posing as an alternative media site.

He is good at what he does.

The Good System of Governance and the Bad One

America has decreed that Venezuelan socialism is bad, flawed and corrupt.


It needs to be replaced with the “superior” American system and people will rejoice.

America may need to break some eggs and heads in the process, but “greatness, American style”…can not be achieved other way. 

I can not judge Venezuela’s socialism: after decades of American interference into Venezuela’s affairs, it’s hard for me to do it. 

But I can judge the “superior American system”, known as predatory capitalism, by its real name.

4% of world population ( US population) consume >40% of its resources and produces > 40% of its waste.

It’s called consumerism, or extreme greed, or the human variant of a locust invasion.

This level of mindless consumerism is sustained only by the petro-f*cking-dollar.

This is what has made America “great”.

The deal made by Kissinger with Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil producer and leader of the Gulf States :

sell your oil ONLY in dollars, this way forcing countries to USE dollars, so the NEED for printing dollars is achieved , which means the need for QE.

Inflation is not so big in America( it would be catastrophic other way), but it is spread to the other countries, to the periphery. Destroying their economies.

Countries FORCED to recycle their dollars surplus into US T BILLs , this way supporting the DEFICIT spending of America.

America is not worried about its deficit, it has a credit card issued by the WORLD.

And, having ALL these advantages, the superior American System has:

-700 B trade deficit/year,

-21 T declared in Federal debt, but , in fact,

-150 T uncounted liabilities,

-T in population debt(1.5 T for students), states, corporate debt..

-50 M people on food stamps( 11/2 Venezuela’s population),

-most do not have 500$ in savings

-50 % US population receiving one form of .gov help.

But the biggest form of socialism is the one given to the lucky  failed big banks, big corporations, big companies, which  keep profits when successful, but are bailed out

( with TRILLIONS from taxpayers’ money) when they fail. Remember how the banks that caused the 2008 depression got 1T $ instead of jail time?

And ALL THESE when America has the exorbitant advantage of having the world reserve currency. Can you imagine how this would look like WITHOUT THE PETRO-DOLLAR?

This is what the owners of America, the moneychangers, don’t want to find out : how America, their property, would look like without the petro-f*cking-dollar.

And this explains why Venezuela‘s socialism is bad and needs to be changed.

Venezuela, having the biggest oil reserves in the world ( and GOLD, second biggest world reserves) would help the petro-dollar to  survive a little longer.

Venezuela, being an ally of Russia/China has, because of that, another “socialist flaw”that needs correction. 

America can not allow that OBOR, the Silk Road , spreads in S America . It even has a “Law”opposing it, named Monroe Doctrine.

Nobody can pi$$ into America’s backyard , except America. It does not matter what the countries existing there have to say or if they don’t like American pi$$.

Changing Venezuelan inferior system with American superior system is a matter of survival for the  “superior American system”.

For this purpose ONLY force can be used, as America can  not compete.

Nobody could if it were in its place. 

America has:

-no manufacturer base( China has it)

-no GOLD( China , Russia and other SCO countries have it)

-no resources left( fracking was a temporary relief)

-destruction of the soil, aquifers, air, and especially, total destruction of its people, the main resource of a country ( go to Walmart and look around to understand what I’m saying)

-no skills left to rebuild the manufacturer base

-no energy( even with the shale “miracle”, US still imports 10 Mil barrels/day )

-no real money, only debt in paper( see what I said about Gold)

What US still has:

-tons of bullshit and propaganda( number 1 here)

-the petro-f*cking-dollar is dead, but not buried YET

-weapons to destroy a few times the earth

-a few stupid vassals, enabling its crimes

But the competition has better weapons( see Russia‘s new toys and who knows what China has).

America was offered twice to join the multipolar world and the Silk Road, but refused. It only wants to be a Hegemonies, not a normal country with normal relations with other countries.

The only way for America , at this point, to try to stay relevant is:

-to kill the competition and especially the partners of the competitions( see tariffs, sanctions, economic pressure applied to China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Syria, N Korea)

-pressuring its vassals to continue to make policies against their own interests and to favor America this way: commit Hara Kiri to please the Hegemon

-try to steal what ever resources it can( see the wars, color revolutions, attempting coups like this Venezuelan one)

-protect the petrodollar by all means

And this is how you make America great again, the Donald style= make the New World Order great again, masked under MAGA hat.

But, using ONLY  brute force can never be successful for long, especially when people are emancipating and starting seeing the truth.

In the end, functioning with the assumption that you are exceptional and chosen , proves to be lethal even for the entity believing it.