Epstein’s Real Suicide Story

Epstein's death with the missing details


The FB! , Department of Justice and MSM are currently busy covering up a world wide child sex slave network.

What’s funny is that it’s such an obvious facade . 

No matter how much spinning, they can’t fix this.

The handing of Epstein’s case was a test for the Donald’s administration and he failed it  bigly , huuuugely and in a beautiful way.

There is no one who can save the Empire from itself.

The forces of history cannot be delayed or denied victory.

Those are the details missing from the photo depicting Epstein’s dead body after he “hanged himself in suicide”:

-Epstein real appearance, a Satyr with a dragon ball aura 

-inspecteur Clouseau in charge of the investigation

-Bugs Bunny

-five dancing kippah documenting the event[ sic!] 

That’s all, folks!


Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses parting the waters in the Persian Gulf


New Moses , the Donald, parting the waters in the Persian Gulf.

He has the Tablets of Stone with the Ten Commandments , written in Yiddish :


Combined with Wolfowitz doctrine:

1-superpower status

2-US primacy


4-preventive intervention

5-Russian threat

6-Middle East and Southwest Asia

There are only 7 Commandments?

Add 3 tweets from the Donald.


For those who don’t know, Moses was depicted with horns in his famous statue.

“And when Moses came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tablets of the testimony, and he knew not that his face was horned from the conversation of the Lord.”

It is considered a controversy and poor translation.

Well, I’m a sucker for this type of misconceptions.

And I love Michelangelo and his extraordinary sculpture(s).

Macron’s Nightmare

Macron has nightmares.

Macron's nightmare


He’s depressed and sees Yellow Vests everywhere, all the time:

-on his residence , L’Elysee

-French baguette



-his 250,000 $/bottle Armand de Brignac champagne

-his Brigitte

-his Benalla ( head of his security service, involved in multiple scandals, including having fake identity papers and beating Yellow Vests protesters)

-even on his Xanax

He sees yellow vests with wings.

I was inspired by this hilarious video.

I’ll translate it:

Hello, my name is Manu. I’m 42 YO.

I’m depressed.

Everything was going well for me, life was smiling at me and …I started seeing yellow vests…all the time…everywhere.

Now, I’m depressed and take Xanax.

About That Epstein

Epstein’s case was  predictable.

The man simply didn’t  qualify for a trial.

He had too many qualities that made him unsuitable for American Justice, a two tier system: one for the bottom 99.99% and one for the 0.01%/ which is to say, there’s no justice at all.

He was/is :

-a billionaire

-a Tribesman

-running a pedophile ring, procuring children’s energy to the top for their Sex Magik rituals . 

See Kubrikc’ s “Eyes wide shut” as exhibit A for Epstein, only imagine something even more horrifying, as this involved children.

Kubrick died shortly after he made the movie.

Because first rule of belonging to the Big Boys’ Club is :

you don’t talk about the Big Boys’ Club. 

Second rule is :

you don’t talk about the rules.

Third rule does not exist, as people who  witnessed the third rule, don’t exist anymore.

-Epstein was also  a Mo$$ad agent, having a library of blackmail material  used to keep in line important people of the Western power structure.

Each of his qualities is a power of the prior one.

Like a power to a number.

It increases his qualities in an exponential way .

A billionaire raised to the power of a Tribesman raised to the power of a pedophile ring leader raised to the power of Mo$$ad gives you an astronomical number.

Way beyond the magical 6 million number.

You can’t even calculate this number, never mind “ judge” it.

Now, I want to propose a mental exercise to those who have the guts to do it ( this automatically excludes MSM and the political class):

Imagine for a second that he was a Russian American, running a pedophile ring for the Russian Intelligence Agency (SVR) or a Chinese American or even an Iranian American .

What would have happened?

Not so easy to imagine, even if you try.

Where is Epstein’s right hand, Ghislaine Maxwell , daughter of Richard Maxwell, known Mo$$ad agent ( real name Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch)?

She has the same qualities Epstein had/has.

Why wasn’t she arrested?

The official theory is that he committed suicide( we don’t know exactly  how he did it) , while he was taken off the suicide watch for unclear reasons( he  was a high risk having a prior attempt 2 weeks ago) , while being in a single man prison cell.

The most  proclaimed powerful nation on earth can’t keep safe the most important prisoner involved in  trafficking children as sex slaves and who was working for a foreign power.

Maybe if he had a few advertisements on Facebook , like the Russians, America could have spent 3 years and a few hundred millions investigating him.

I personally believe he is alive and well, washing his sins  not in Holy water, but in the Holy Land.

Narcissists like him do not commit suicide.

Only the legal action  has died. 

But, something good has come out of this.

I’ve read many comments about Epstein.

Some believe he was killed( by different  persons) , some believe he is alive.

NOBODY believes the official story.

That’s a first for a nation of gullible people.

I think this is the natural progression of a lack of justice spanning over many decades .

JFK, Robert Kennedy ,MLK, 9/11 to name only the creme de la creme.

Most believed the initial story of all these high profile killings, but not anymore.

This is different -the entire American population+ the world are now “conspiracy theorists” from the very beginning.

I don’t know if the power predicted this could happen and didn’t care or it didn’t and now it is  panicking .

I believe that it could have guessed it, but it had no choice . This smells of desperation.

Epstein escaped trial once.

The judge presiding over this cover up, John Acosta was The Donald Secretary of Labor. He had to resign.

They could not repeat a plea deal.

This raises another question:

What will the power that be do next to muffle the whispers up?

Will America be on suicide watch , like Epstein was?

I doubt it-it has committed suicide long time ago.

Now, it’s only a zombie, whose body needs to decay and disappear.

I think we will have new Poker bets:

I see your Epstein and raise you an Assange.

Of Mice and Presidential Elections

US Presidential Elections

2 offers of GMO Bald Eagles- one from R , the other from D. Constants are the petrodollar and the missile. The rest is window dressing.


2020 Presidential Elections are coming.

This process is like genetic manipulations, resulting in GMO Bald Eagles.

We have two offers: one from Republicans and the other from  Democrats.

The original Bald Eagle ( reality) , the Emperor, has no clothes. Everybody know this.

The Eagle  is plucked.

The only constants are two:

  1. The petrodollar
  2. The missiles to protect it.

Or , as I call it : The Corporation with a dollar printing press and an army .

It doesn’t matter who’s the president, the policies ( petrodollar and missiles) stay the same.

It doesn’t matter what GMO Bald Eagle wins.

He will protect  the petrodollar and the missiles ( support the army, our troops).

The Donald was placed in the White House because:

1-As a perceived businessman who signed “The art of the deal” book, he had a plan to lower the huge US trade deficit + regain the empire’s full power.

US power, based on the petrodollar dominance as world reserve currency, is rapidly weakening due to competition from China, Russia, Iran and other countries tired of US hegemony. The petrodollar is ditched on the international stage and losing it means the end of US Empire.

Make the US Empire great again was presented as MAGA.

As a bonus, having 4 or 6 bankruptcies in his CV, he could facilitate a softer landing for US when it hits the ground.

The other wing of the real power, supporting Hillary and the Democrats, had the same goal( make the US Empire great again) , but a different approach to this problem.

The Donald’s plan was selected to be elected.

To gain popular support, he ( and the people behind him) wrapped himself /themselves in the American flag and patriotism.

That’s an old, tested formula, this time called MAGA.

Other promises:

2-Make Israel great ( Oded Yinon plan).

3-drain the swamp,

4-bring back home the jobs lost to China( because “China is ripping America off”; as if China has the world reserve currency=the petrodollar or China outsourced the US manufacturer base ) ;

5-lower the unbelievable trade deficit( 700 billions/year, 65% with China)

6-fight the “Globalists” ( Americans don’t know that the “Globalists” are represented by  the Hegemony of US Empire)

7-stop the influx of illegal immigrants

8-make amendments for the forgotten men : replace Obama care ( affordable health care plan), lower taxes for the working men

9-stop the wars

What does he have to show after 3 years?

The only promises kept and exceeded are those made to Israel:

-recognized Jerusalem as capital of the zionist state,

-illegally gifted what he doesn’t posses ( Golan Heights, part of Syria) to somebody having no right to it (Israel);

Remember “Genie oil company” is located in Golan Heights.  Its Board of Directors has  both R and D , but mostly J.

-increased their aid ,

-military base there,

-still in Syria at their request,

-withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal at their request ,

-ignoring the nonstop ethnic cleansing done to Palestinians,

-“Deal of the century”= offering debt money as investment to Palestinians in exchange for  Palestinian lands and the right to self determination. Leave Palestinians with DEBT and steal their remaining land and right to it.

For America:

1-The swamp is the same-only replaced the alligators with crocodiles.

His government is formed of 6 Goldman Sachs boys, 1 Rothschild guy( Wilbur Ross, his Secretary of Commerce) who bailed him out during his last bankruptcies ( 4 billion $) and a bunch of Pentagon generals.

That’s not exactly=to draining the swamp.

2-Lowered taxes for the top 0.01% ( the swamp and the Globalists) on a permanent bases and only temporarily ( and expired ) for the schmucks

3-His trade wars , especially with China, resulted in :

-the increase of the trade deficit

-bankruptcy of US farmers( bailed out for the second time- tens of billions)

-increase in prices of almost all products( as most are made in China), so paid by the US consumers

4-The immigrants continue to come and there’s no wall yet ( a wall would not solve the problem anyway)

5-Health care was buried, we don’t even discuss it

6-The wars were continued and extended:

-Syria- currently building another base( US has > 22 bases there)

-still in Iraq

-vetoed to stop the war in Yemen

-attacking Venezuela, trying a “regime change”

-no deal with NK

-attacking Iran

-still in Afghanistan, in fact increase in troops

-Pentagon ‘s budget increased and no investigation into the “missing 22 trillions”.

To understand this enormity :

Pentagon’s budget for 2 years = 1.48 TRILLIONS

The rest of the budget for 2 years = 1.2 T

On the international stage , his policies are  really catastrophic.

From withdrawal from INF treaty ,  vetoing  the end of the genocide in Yemen, to arming Ukraine and Taiwan, to funding color revolutions in Russia, Hong Kong .

Sanctioning more than 50 % of the world:  a threshold  reached from which US is looking into the abyss.

He put Assange in jail ( as I predicted two years ago) but Hillary is still ( and will remain free) . At the same time he pressured Sweden to free a rapper thug ( A$AP Rocky) without any trial or investigation.

Now, he is going for the 1st and 2nd Amendments:

Wants a “red flag law” for gun owners, accused social media of being responsible for violence and shootings, wants the death penalty for “hate crimes” ( aren’t all crimes hate crimes?). It’s really funny, Obama didn’t succeed in doing these, but the Donald will.

The way I see it is that TSHTF soon, very soon.

I think he is the last US president and he may not even finish his term.

Not because of the imaginary “Russiagate” but because the empire is done.

If US reaches the end of the year in the same form as it started I will be surprised.

But, as I said multiple times:

At this point in time in the history of the US Empire, what difference does it make in who’s the US President?

What difference does it make if the US population elects a R GMO Bald Eagle or a  D GMO Bald eagle?








The Scream

The ScreamInspired by the Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s painting.

The Donald’s American scream combined with Boris Johnson’s British scream resulting in a farcical Farsi scream.

Missing from the picture is Bibi’s scream. 

His style is to stay in the shadows, pushing his big Goyim in the front( if they lose, he plays the victim).

Illustrated here :the donald's speech

I don’t think there will be a hot war against Iran for three main reasons:

1-US will not be able to create any “coalition of the willing”this time. 

Exhibit A=Germany ( and this means EU) declined the offer. Expect some terrorists attacks there

Turkey is not going to allow the use of Incirlik for this, and any war in the ME without Turkey’s support will fail.

2-a conventional war has zero chance of success and will be devastating for US and its allies.

US is used to have wars that DO NOT AFFECT US/MAINLAND.

This rule will not be respected this time and I think Iran made it clear.

3-nuking Iran ( as US/IL want) will result in a world catastrophe.

See what Mr. Putin said this year:

“I believe it [is] my duty to say this: any use of nuclear weapons of any yield—small, medium or whatever—against Russia or its allies will be regarded as a nuclear attack against our country. Retaliation will be instant with all the ensuing consequences.”

I think that’s very clear, even for the psychopaths running this show.

The next question is if Iran is Russia’s ally.

Well, Russia stated this multiple times: Iran is Russia’s main partner and ally ( beside Syria) in the ME.

This was reinforced again at a much-heralded meeting in Israel between  Bolton, Netanyahu and Putin’s friend and national security advisor, Patrushev. 

Look at how Jerusalem Post whined about this:


And I didn’t even count China, that is really, really  irritated by US secondary to 

-the attempt of color revolution in Hong Kong,

-trade wars.

So, we are left with the SCREAMS.

These loud screams have distorted the fabric of space-time in the PERSIAN GULF, especially near the Strait of Hormuz, creating an expressionist reality.

But, I could be wrong: never underestimate the minds of desperate psychopaths , whose power is collapsing.

Diplomacy: Sergey Lavrov, An Iron Fist In A Silk Glove

Sergey Lavrov

The face of modern diplomacy.

What makes a good diplomat?

Many qualities embodied in the same person:




-well read

-having charisma

-able to talk to people in a way that induces them to appreciate his point of view

-able to persuade people to adopt  his point of view

-able to make deals in a charming way

-having manners and taking into account the other side’s interests and opinions, without losing sight of his own ones

What makes an exceptional diplomat?

All of the above plus:

-wisdom, the superior form of intelligence

-patience, the ability to keep a smiling face while being patient

As someone said: 

diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.

This is the face of an exceptional diplomat, Sergey Lavrov.

Transforming rivals into neutrals, neutrals into allies and allies into friends.

He reminds me of one of the greatest diplomats of all times, Otto Von Bismarck . Prime Minister of Prussia, 1860-1890, Chancellor of Northern German Confederation in 1867 ( The Iron Chancellor):

“The secret of politics”? Make a good treaty with Russia”

“Do not expect that once taking advantage of Russia’s weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russian has always come for their money. And when they come – do not rely on an agreement signed by you, you are supposed to justify. They are not worth the paper it is written. Therefore, with the Russian is to play fair, or do not play”.

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wiseman tears from the mistakes of others”.

“Preventive war is like committing suicide for fear of death”.

“The less people know about how laws and sausages are made, the better they’ll sleep at night”.

“Politics is the art of the possible”.


His portrait was very difficult o make.

I am not sure how much I succeeded in capture his expression, but I did nail the cigar.