The last Pentagon comedy

OIR spokesman:

Thanks to @Coalition member #SaudiArabia for contributing$100m to stabilization efforts in NE #Syria! They are a valuable military partner in our fight against ISIS, & their contribution will ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS ideology. #CoalitionProgress #DefeatISIS @CJTFOIR

Where do I begin ?
I need first to control my nausea.

Let’s start with the name.

OIR , Operation Inherent Resolve is the U.S. military’s operational name for the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL, in the vernacular, Daesh), including both the campaign in Iraq and the campaign in Syria.

The name is well chosen.

It does take inherent resolve to be able to pretend they fight ISIS.

When everybody knows( except dumb Americans) that:
-US ( with the zionist entity, UK and KSA) created ISIS, on the remnants of the dismantled Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein, to which they added the criminals and crazy people from 80 countries, that were recruited, trained, armed, funded and given drugs by the C!A, Mo$$ad and M!6.
-operation Timber Sycamore, a covert C!A op to overthrow Assad, using ISIS and Al Qaeda proxies, which resulted in more than 500,000 Syrians killed, 10 millions displaced, 4 billion damages in lost infrastructure . This is  the real name.
-after 7 years,  in which US and allies (especially the zionist entity and UK) acted as  ISIS’ air force, the proofs of this are overwhelming ; I’m not going to repeat them

This resolve to spew such lies without even blinking or stuttering is, indeed, inherent.
But it might be easier to show such resilience when:
– beside having no moral backbone, no shame and no conscience ( in short , being a serial psychopath killer or perfect US mercenary),
-you add to this resilience the incentives of the 21 Trillions “lost ” by the Pentagon and the extra Billions in the form of Saudi milk money

We already know that Saudi Arabia is a valuable military partner.
They provided the ISIS ideology, the Takfiri/Salafi version of Islam.
They are essential for the survival of the petro-f*cking-dollar.
They are the sacred Cow to be milked by America.
Saying that they fight against ISIS is a little stretched.
To say that KSA contribute to”the defeat of ISIS ideology”, when KSA is the birthplace of it, falls into the burlesque comedy category.
Or Pentagon porn.

The Donald tried to create an Arab NATO, to replace America in Syria/Iraq and help with other projects of the Empire in the ME.
But the Gulf states can not even agree on the menu they serve at their summits.
And the Saudi army, made of mercenaries, that Muhammed bin Salman has difficulties recruiting and paying now, is a joke.

An Arab NATO, lead by KSA.
After all, NATO is already obsolete, why not fall back even more, into the medieval period ?

Would this hurt NATO?

So, the Donald and the Empire came with this new form of milking the Saudis.
The creation of a Saudi fund to replace the American” Syrian stabilization fund”.
Translated: the Saudis will pay for the presence of the American army in Syria, they will fund the Kurds in their ill conceived effort to create a Kurdistan there, they will pay for the Kurdish army.

And will cough up some money to increase the “inherent resolve ” of top US mercenaries , aka the US generals and colonels , like the US army Colonel, Sean Ryan, the OIR spokesman.

There is a small, overlooked( by the Americans) problem: the Saudis are bankrupt and lack liquidity.
That’s why they tried to offer ARAMCO for IPO. And failed.
That’s why they are trying to conquer Yemen. And failing.

Look at this piece of inherent resolve displayed here by the new Lawrence of Arabia, col. Sean Ryan:

U.S. forces will stay in Iraq “as long as needed” to help stabilize regions previously controlled by Islamic State, a spokesman for the U.S.-led international coalition fighting the militants said .
US is so motivated that it started to teach the Kurds and the Iraqi Security Forces how to talk.
In their own language.
“We’re starting to see a lot of collaboration between the SDF and ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) because it used to be that they would just come to the coalition, but now, we have them talking to each other as well,” said Ryan.

I can hardly wait to see what it is going to happen to this resolve when it will hit the combined resolve of Russia, Iran,Syria, Turkey and , most likely, the new Iraqi government.

PS: C!A, or Mo$$ad ( no difference in fact) just tried to kill Iraq’s Shia cleric, Ayatollah Al Sistani and failed.
They did succeed in killing a Syrian scientist and an intelligence officer.
I think they view these as part of the “stabilization effort”.

Well, even short term gains are not going to stop the tidal.
US and the coalition lost the wars there.

And the losing part has to pack and leave.
Tacking its inherent resolve with it.


Mr. Putin makes new moves on the geopolitical chessboard

The Man went to Die Frau to nudge Germany a little to take the road toward freedom, independence and more prosperity.

Germany needs to become a “normal country” ( as US would say) and break its American shackles.
Germany has a strong Atlanticist party( read traitors, US controlled ).
It needs to purge them and purify itself.

But first, he made a stop in Austria, as a VIP, at the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl’s wedding day.

The elegant Mr. Putin showed some of  his numerous qualities and talents:
The Russian president reportedly spent about sixty minutes at the ceremony in the Austrian city of Graz , where he danced with the bride, shouted “Now a kiss!” in German, and signed his name across the newlywed’s car.
He came with the famous Kuban Cossack Chorus, who’s performance at the wedding seemed well received, as the video released by Kremlin showed.

He congratulated the newly wed couple in German, showing he could speak “the Austrian language” too ( as opposed to Obama, who could not learn it in 8 years; but he could not learn English very well, and this in a life time. But this is a trait of the American Presidents).

The Donald can dance too.
Unfortunately, he dances only to a single tune: the Bar Mitzvah one.

Well, every country has the leaders it deserves.

In Germany, major points were agreed upon.

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project “should not be politicized”, it is a strictly economic one they said.

Tell this to the Americans, who politicize and weaponize even the air we breath.

Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russian energy giant Gazprom and France’s Engie, Austria’s OMV AG, Britain’s Royal Dutch Shell and Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall. The pipeline will run under the Baltic Sea from the Russian coast to a center in Germany and will have an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters.

A project too important ( for Germany’s livelihood) to fail, despite all the American efforts .

[The parties] have pointed out several projects of large German companies aiming to expand their presence in the Russian market, and Putin reaffirmed our interest in such cooperation,” Peskov ( Kremlin’s spokesperson) told reporters.

I can add here another dancing move done by the Man, complementary to the above and counteracting the American noise:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws allowing Russia-controlled foreign offshore companies to be re-registered in offshore financial centers (OFCs) established in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region and Primorsky Territory in order to minimize the possible consequences of sanctions and political risks from foreign countries.

It will not be necessary to liquidate the company abroad, it will be enough to withdraw it from registration, register in the OFC and obtain the status of an international company.

Ukraine was on the agenda .
Die Frau was upset with the failed Minsk II project .

She made sure that Ukraine was not going to be cut off of the Russian gas, after the opening of the NordStream II .
This point was not such a bargaining problem for the Russians , as many would think.

Russia considers Ukrainians as their brothers, and they are right.
Russia is not going to punish the population .
The leaders are on their way out.
Ukraine is not even a country anymore.
Poroshenko is done.
He has transformed himself into another Saakashvili : and he is not going to eat only his tie , but both his American boots.

Syria was discussed.

The war is almost done, Idlib will be rapidly liberated.

Erdogan is between a rock ( America) and a hard place( Russia ).

Russia has offered some sweeteners: has  lifted the ban on the Turkish visas.

The Americans increased the sanctions on Turkey, the threats, and the weapons sent to the Kurds.

And the Donald’s tweets.

Decisions, decisions.

Stay in NATO, an American vassal to be used and deposed  when convenient for America and go down with the American Titanic?

Or take the Silk Road and march toward prosperity and be treated as an equal by the trading partners?

After Idlib, there will be only one illegal occupier left, the exceptionals.

Syria and allies will use an exceptional boot to get rid of this one.

Meanwhile, Syria is rapidly healing.
Rebuilding and refugees are returning home.

“Putin pointed out the growing influx of refugees returning home and urged European countries to support the process to make it irreversible,” Peskov told reporters.

Syria was a miracle.
A little country, which showed enormous courage, dignity and resilience in the face of the attacks from US and most western and Gulf countries.

In the Quran, it is said that Jesus will descend the second time in Damascus and kill the Anti Christ, Dajjal.

It does not have to be in a physical form.
It’s an idea, the idea of resistance, of fight against the oppressor, the omnipresent Dajjal aka the financial system(the beast) on which the Whore of Babylon, aka US, sits, and the fight against the false prophet, represented by the fake US and western media.
And win.

And bring back the true moral values, those preached by Jesus.
Like Syria and allies did.

I already see that the false prophet died.
And Dajjal is on the death bed, covered in petro-f*cking-dollars.

The Donald can not have his military parade. Too risky

The Donald wants a military parade.

He is infatuated with them and the army, like any military service draft dodger.

Russia and China have great ones , even the little Emperor of France has one.
Last year, The Donald was invited to the Bastille day parade and he became envious.
Cher ami Macron can have his parade, mais, helas, not him.

The Donald would like to show the world his beautiful army and beautiful weapons in a beautiful , big parade.

Only that the Pentagon lost too many Trillions  ( 21 to be exact) and can not find any pennies for the Donald’s military folly.
The Donald is frustrated( not only with Turkey) but with his handlers.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, one of the bimbos playing the role of White House press secretary explained why the Donald wants one :

“President Trump is incredibly supportive of America’s great service members who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe”.
Can I ask this politically incorrect question : safe from whom?

The Donald recognized he had no power:
The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled it. Never let someone hold you up! I will instead…
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2018

….attend the big parade already scheduled at Andrews Air Force Base on a different date, & go to the Paris parade, celebrating the end of the War, on November 11th. Maybe we will do something next year in D.C. when the cost comes WAY DOWN. Now we can buy some more jet fighters!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August

Trump then offered hope for next year: ” Maybe we will do something next year in D.C. when the cost comes WAY DOWN.

The Defense Department released an updated cost estimate for the planned parade, which pegged the price tag for the event at $92 million, including $50 million from the Pentagon and $42 million from interagency partners.

Pentagon is not going to waste paper money on parades instead of lining the generals’ pockets.

And what we would celebrate?
The defeat in Syria and Iraq? of our proxies?
The defeat in Ukraine?
The projected defeat in Yemen?

The Donald would need to bring in ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters saved by the Pentagram through heliborne operations and the Azov battalion to participate in the parade, because they did the heavy lifting.
Only the saved White Helmets would not be enough, but they could have open the parade.
Lost opportunity to add a military honor, not only an Oscar.

And then, imagine how it would look like: the US killer mercenaries, I mean soldiers, ,side by side with ISIS in their black uniforms, white snickers and brand new Toyotas and the Azov battalion with their swastika. parading in front of war criminals, past and present:
-the Clintons
-the Bushes
and other assorted criminals, like the one foot in Hell McCain.
And what if one F-35 crushes and kills its pilot, like it usually does?
Can they risk this?

And after all, the US did parade in front of the whole world, since WW II and especially for the last 17 years .

Military real life parade after parade.

We had the whole enchilada.

The world is sick of US military parades.

So, I agree with the big boys removing from the Donald the toy.
Some toys are dangerous to play with.
They trigger associations the Empire needs to avoid.

My only regret is that we certainly lost another great tweet from the Donald.

Sanctions are soon coming to America

The American branch of the Empire is conspiring with the Zionist one to bring down Iran.

The US and Israel have created a “joint working group” to support Iran’s dissidents and “encourage” protests against Tehran.
You can call this group “the chosen exceptional group”.
Translated from zionist talk into plain English: another color revolution attempt by the C!A/ Mo$$ad, crushing sanctions on Iran to turn the people against their government .

They plan to use MEK, a terrorist organization, with no support in Iran.

The big American Shabbos Goy Dog is kept on a leash and maneuvered by its zionist masters.
Because not only a non-chosen needs to perform certain types of work (melakha) which the chosen religious law (halakha) prohibits the zionists from doing on the Sabbath, but  the Big Dog  has big fangs that can be used for dirty jobs and this way avoid the spilling of chosen blood.

Bolton, the Donald National Security Advisor, has been given tevilah, the immersion of the entire body in zionist waters, for the purpose of removing any ritual Christian impurity he might have had ( also I doubt he had any) and has been circumcised long time ago, directly by Sheldon Adelson and comp.
Bolton is the link with his chosen counterpart, the one transmitting the orders from the elders of zion, Meir Ben-Shabbat .

Pompeo, the Donald’s Secretary of State:
“The Iran Action Group will be responsible for directing, reviewing, and coordinating all aspects of the State Department’s Iran-related activity,” he explained.

He cited ‘a torrent of violent and destabilizing behavior’ from Iran’s part, to justify its creation.

The group will actively seek to ‘change the regime’s behavior’.
This “behavior” that needs to be “changed” means ;
-Iran stops supporting Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad
-Iran stops killing the Empire terrorists’ ( ISIS, AL Qaeda ) used in Syria and Iraq, and now, Yemen, Afghanistan,etc.

-Iran stops helping Shiite rebels in protecting their country, Yemen, from the invading hordes represented by KSA,UAE, lead by US, UK,and the zionist entity
-Iran stops opposing the zionist entity plans of expansion, the Oded Yinon project, and stops the support for anti-Israel groups.

-Iran stops helping Palestinians resist the zionists and their program of mass murder
-Iran hands over its enormous reserves of oil and gas to the American and British oil corporations, to be exploited in a “normal” way and sold in petro-f*cking-dollars.

“The Iranian people and the world are demanding that Iran finally act like a normal nation” Pompeo deluded himself.

The Donald has surrounded himself with zionist and chosen gangster bankers.

What does this tell you, deplorables?

Does this mean he wants to MAGA?

Show me who are your friends and collaborators and I’ll tell you who you are.

On November 4th, new sanctions will be reimposed on those who are importing Iranian oil. The Department has been working around the clock to coordinate with countries to cutoff their supply and with the Saudi to increase their production.

But the Saudi oil production is decreasing, as Ghawar oil field  is dead.

I used to think that the salaries paid to the government employees are a waste of taxpayers’ money.
Not anymore.
They deserve it.
I say,increase their salaries, not that at high levels, like in Pompeo’s case, there are not other collateral incentives, given in shekels, that they receive to supplement their income.

You can be born a psychopath or having not very high mental powers.
You can spot the psychopaths from childhood: the child who likes to tear bugs’ wings and legs, throw stones at birds and kick dogs and cats. Just to do something with no real purpose except being evil.

I bet Pompeo teared many bugs’ wings.

But , nobody is born so ignorant, so ridiculously shameless, so pure evil, like the minions of the Empire: Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley and others, in the present administration and past ones.

They had to work hard, really hard and study intensively in the zionist schools to become like that.
A life time dedication to achieve this level of obtuseness, human density and stupidity.
They deserve their 60 pieces of shekels.

Cartoon characters for a dying Empire.

They deserve each other.

Mr. Pompeo, Iran is not going to be “regime changed”.
And if it is, the new government is going to be more radical and anti American and anti zionist.

Iran announced it would slash its oil prices for all markets, specifically targeting Asian markets, starting in September.

Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who knows very well that US can not be trusted :
Recently, U.S. officials have been talking blatantly about us. Beside sanctions, they are talking about war and negotiations. In this regard, let me say a few words to the people: THERE WILL BE NO WAR, NOR WILL WE NEGOTIATE WITH THE U.S..
— (@khamenei_ir) August 13, 2018

He is a sage man, he knows what negotiating with US means, especially now that this was confirmed in front of the whole world: a waste of time.

“They have a specific formula for negotiations”  Khamenei said of the United States. He added that normal negotiations( from a normal country I might add, not from the US empire) are based on a give and take but that the United States pursues one primary goal in talks and never budges on its primary goal.

He said that after the negotiations, the United States then reneges on its own end of the bargain.

“Banking on their political, propaganda and financial power, Americans try in every negotiation to thwart any resistance that may prevent realization of their goals.”

“They firstly clearly set their main goals. Of course, they do not declare all those goals during negotiations, but pursue [realization of] all of them through bargaining during talks. The second point is that Americans do not take one step back from these main goals.”

The Leader noted, “During negotiations, Americans only give promises using apparently assuring words, but want real concessions from the opposite side and do not accept promises.”

“In any negotiations, if the opposite side refrains from giving real concessions, Americans will launch such a propaganda and media rancor in the world that the other side feels at loss and becomes passive,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

Noting that according to the American formula, they give promises during negotiations and breach them afterwards, the Leader mentioned the JCPOA as an example of the result of negotiations with America, adding, “Of course, some red lines, which had been set [by the Leader] were not observed in those [negotiations].”

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei further stated, “We can only embark on the dangerous game of negotiating with America after we reach the economic and political and cultural power that we have in mind so that its pressures and ballyhoo would not be able to affect us. However, at the present time, negotiations [with the United States] will be certainly to our detriment and is forbidden.”

Khamenei said that Iran has experienced this when it comes to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iranian nuclear deal, and that North Korea has experienced something similar.

“Why should we sit for negotiations with a bullying [and] cheating regime, which negotiates like this?”

Well said.

Mr. Pompeo and comp., let me , an insignificant blogger, explain to you, in small words what Iran represents, so even an obtuse person like you can understand:

Iran showed over the last 40 years, even under heavy sanctions, non stop overt or covert attacks, that it will not bow, it can not be destroyed.
Iran became more powerful, gained more respect and was able to turn the Empire’s mistakes into personal gains. Unintended consequences seen in Syria, Iraq.
Its economy did not collapse and it’s still growing.
It’s innovations in all fields, and especially medicine and military, are top-notch.
Iran managed to gain more influence in the ME at the same time with the Empire losing its influence there: see Syria, Iraq and now Yemen.
Iran has powerful allies now, who have integrated Iran in the Silk road.
Iran has a lot of real wealth, not paper one( like US): big oil reserves and one of the biggest gas fields in the world.
And smart, young, educated people, full of vitality and patriotism .

So, if you and the Empire you represent could not “regime change” Iran in the past, there is no chance  to do this now.

There will be no war he said.
Maybe Khamenei knows that the Empire is on its last legs and the petro-f*cking-dollar is being dismantled at an increasing pace.

Another wall against the Evil Empire is built now: it includes countries under attack and former allies of the Empire.
A real wall, not the imaginary one envisioned by the Donald.
-Iraq( the new government, not Abadi)

Pakistan and Turkey are key partners for this .
Big countries, big armies, key positions.
One is a nuclear power and the supply route of the US for the Afghanistan war .

Let’s see how long it takes ’til Imran Khan will see an assassination attempt.

We all see the attack on the Turkish lira, stocks, economy, the sanctions and pressure against Erdogan, the failed color revolution there.

We saw the recent Gladio style attack on Italy’s Salvini.

I predict that pretty soon , we will see a withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan , in a Viet Cong manner.
The US tried to convince Pakistan to allow the opening of a front against Iran from the Pakistan land.
And failed.

The Empire has only a losing hand, because it does not know to negotiate, it only knows to use force:
-even if it plans to use tactical nukes on Iran, it will be suicidal
-any military attack on Iran is going to be a disaster for US, the zionist entity and the Saudis
-the sanctions are going to increase the coalition against the Empire
-the petro-f*cking-dollar, weaponized to the maximum, has reached its life expectancy; there is only one trajectory from here, leading to the ground.

The dice have been cast by the Universe( God).
The evil perpetrated on the world by the Empire is too big not to fail.

Any excess, any imbalance is corrected in the end.
The world is uniting against this evil.
Sanctions from nature are coming to the American Anglo Zionist Wahhabi Empire.
And it will be  humanly impossible for the Empire to fight against the sanctions applied by the Universe.

Another Atrocity in Yemen, a Day in Paradise in America

On August 9, a bus full of Yemeni children was bombed.
51 dead, 76 wounded.
Mostly children. Younger than 15 years old.

Bombed with an American bomb.
Dropped by an American plane.
Using intelligence and guidance from the American army, provided by an American military coordination center.
Using the Saudi as vehicle for delivery.

The Donald did not shout on tweeter, he did not even whisper.

Many dead, including women and children, in mindless BOMBING attack in Yemen. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Houthi, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are NOT responsible for backing Animal Salman. We are.Big price…
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 9, 2018

….to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 9, 2018

Relax, people, did not happen.
Just kidding.
I’m only imagining how it would have looked like.
Kinda difficult to envision what the Donald would tweet( he’s too awesome for my mind), but I used the template of his tweets about Assad, the fake chemical attack in Ghouta and Russia.

Yael did not go to daddy to cry and ask for vengeance.
Melania does not care, as usual.

Those are not beautiful children.
Hundreds of thousands dead and not even one beautiful enough to trigger a tweet from the Donald, a tear from Yael, an elaborate smile from Melania.

Unlawful Airstrikes
Indiscriminate Artillery Attacks
Cluster Munitions
Blocking and Impeding Humanitarian Access
Infrastructure distraction
Water plants destructed
Last week a hospital and fish market bombed
Hospitals, blood banks, weddings, funerals, schools bombed.
No discrimination.
They learned from the best: the US army.
All done for the greater good. Of Americans.

Mohammed bin Salman is not”an animal”.

Well, he is.
A cow.

Big and beautiful, as the Donald would say.
Full of milk.
You do not bomb a cow with a golden stable.
The Donald knows this, the Senate and Congress know this, Pentagon knows this, the MSM knows this.

Even Yael and Melania, who do not use their heads for thinking, know this.
Their heads are living advertising instruments for :

-the last botox and cosmetic surgery procedures
-the last cosmetic painting.

A cow is a domestic animal, useful. You milk a cow.
His milk feeds America and its greatness:
-it feeds the Military Industrial Complex, hundreds of Billions of gallons of milk;
-it feeds our emaciated corporations, like twitter, snapshot, General Electric, too many to name; other hundreds of Billions of gallons of milk
-it feeds our financial system, like the thirsty JP Morgan, that requires a lot of milk; they deal in Trillions or Gazillions gallons.

The cow is magical too: transforms paper into milk, it recycles the petro-dollar into US T Bills.
The milk is scented with the wahhabi/takfirs aroma .
A wild, terrorist scent.

It produces little terrorist cows that are trained , armed and renamed “freedom fighters”: Tahrir-Al-Sham, Al Nusra, Ahrar-Al-Sham, Martyrs of Islam brigade,Martyrs of Dignity Brigade,etc., etc
So many names for the same organization.
They had to invent a special branch at C!A, Mo$$ad and M!6 only to keep track of them.

Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudis represent the SACRED COW for America.

So,  Riyadh is not going to see our:
-beautiful army
-on our beautiful cruises
-delivering our beautiful missiles.
Those are reserved for the “animal Assad”, a lion protecting his cubs.

The Donald is not going to waste his talent in communication tweeting about this.

Yael and Melania have more important things to do:
-buy the last Louboutin 14 inch high heels and learn to walk on that
-practice smiling with a frozen botox face
-find the last haute couture
Those are difficult tasks.

And beside this, everybody at the top knows that empathy for real victims is not fashionable.

The MSM is not going to whine non stop about this.
This represents real news, and they do not deal with this.
Only fake news , like Russian meddling, Assad gassing his people, and Iran’s fake terrorism are worthy of their pen.

The Donald’s harpy at the UN, Nikki Haley, is not going to berate Russia, UN colleagues over Yemen:

‘This should be a day of shame’.
This last atrocity was not, in her view:
“egregious, barbaric, and disgusting,” . She will NOT add that the airstrikes were the result of a “cumulative wave” of actions by Bin Salman.
These are reserved for Assad.

You are NOT going to hear this:
“When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action,” Haley would not tell the Security Council this , noting that this is one of those times.

Haley would not suggest that US and Saudi Arabia were “uncivilized nations”, and promised that the US would respond to the attacks if the UNSC did not take action.
Only Russia and Syria are.

“The American regime, whose hands are also covered in the blood of Yemeni children, cannot be shamed by pictures of its victims. we’ve tried that before,” Haley did not say. “US could stop this senseless slaughter, if it wanted, but it stands with the Salman regime and supports it without hesitation.”
Replace US with Russia and Salman with Assad and you will get what she did SAY.

“No civilized government would have anything to do with Salman’s murderous regime.” she should have said, instead of talking about Russia and Assad.

She is not going to show the scraps of the American bomb used, like she did with those of a non existent Iranian missile used against Riyadh.

She is too busy praying to the Wailing Wall, learning Yidish ( she knows shalom, with which she opens her barking at UN).

The Donald’s bimbo at State Department, Heather Nauert, did something about this atrocity:
she laughed, hysterically, when asked to condemn it.
And she is expecting the Saudis to self investigate.

You will not hear that “The Trump administration did not do enough to stop Yemeni carnage”.
She does not warn Saudi Arabia about launching an attack in Yemen, only Syria about launching an attack against Al Qaeda.

And after all, Netanyahu did not tell Kushner to tell Yael to tell the Donald to do something about this.

So, there is a total silence in America about this.

The population is hypnotized and desensitized to violence by watching “Game of thrones”.
Satanic American values at their best.
Wizard and black magic porn, killing your immortal soul, a threat to our nation’s moral and psychological health.
Satanic entertainment, provided by a Satanic organization , a real Sodom and Gomorrah ,aka Hollywood , to stupid American goyim.
16 million soulless, brainless Americans watching this Satanic crap, which delivers no cultural value, without noticing they are conditioned to Satanism.

They can not be bothered by real war crimes, committed overtly or covertly by their government, in their name.

The Senate is too busy to sanction : Russia, again, for the Skripal false flag, Turkey for not handing over the pastor who tried to preach to the Turks the C!A sermons, delivered through Gulen’s and PKK’s  religious choruses and Iran for being a stop to the zionist entity’s expansion.

And sanction anybody else who is unable to see America’s greatness.

Another mass murder committed with American weapons, under the American direct supervision , by American proxies and ignored by America.
Another peaceful day in America.
Another day in Paradise.

But beauty and truth lie in the eye of the beholder.

And that eye for America is the All -Seeing Eye of Satan, Sauron, Horus, of the Illuminati , the eye worshiped by the Free Masons.
Dajjal’s eye, who’s blind in the right eye.
And that eye does not see the truth, justice, real beauty, empathy, peace, harmony.

You see the eye on the 1 dollar bill, pop culture as the trademark of occult worship and the Illuminati and the New World Order, used ad nauseam in music videos, celebrity photo shoots, advertisements, movies, TV shows, corporations’ loggos.

That eye is a symbol of top-down omniscient control and domination by dark occult influences.
The eye of the New World Order, of the American-Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabi empire.

That eye does not see the real oppression, because it has no insight.

A small epitaph for the American Empire

Yesterday we witnessed something significant.
An epitaph for the Empire.

It was small, it’s true, but it was a novelty.

I knew for sometime that the Empire was dead .
A monstrous creation, a beast that survived through mass murder and sucking the blood of its victims, enemies and vassals alike, the biggest, most powerful and the most bloody Empire in human history, was, in fact a zombie.
A walking zombie Beast, with 4 main heads: the colossal American Imperialist head, the British colonialist one, the Zionist one and the Wahhabi Saudi one.

But nobody acknowledged that in public.

You see, even the most terrifying Empire, relying on the fear of its subjects in order to rule them, needs something vital to achieve success in doing this: respect.
The Empire should have known this caveat : Respect through fear does not last long,

Yesterday’s briefing at the State Department showed that fear was lost and the epitaph for the Empire born.

The briefing is done by two bimbos hired by the Donald.
This one was Heather Nauert.

A soulless, vile creature, with absolutely no shame.
She does not even blink when spewing the laughable enormities she calls ” answers” to journalists’ questions, lying so blatantly that a child can spot them and be embarrassed.
She is not very bright, but this is the downfall of a bimbo.
She rectifies this by being :
-in your face arrogant
-aggressively bitchy
-loud and persistent in her stupidity
-acting like a spoiled drama queen
-considering herself attractive, with her big boobs ( most likely silicone); most Americans find this “hot”; well a piece of meat, with no soul and no brains is not hot; I consider a steak hotter, and you can obtain pleasure by eating it, and it does not bother you by talking back at you .
-she has a screeching voice that damages your brain if you listen for too long, and this way lowers you to her level. I avoid this; I take small amounts only.
-she’s very confident in her ignorance , like any self respecting imbecile
-her answers are hollow, empty of any substance, moral value and decency, but delivered with a bellicose gusto
-when she can not answer a question, she ignores the journalist, like when she told a reporter from RT:” you are Russian, enough said, next question” .

She reminds me of Jen Psaki, Obama’s bimbo.

She is married to an investment banker who works at Morgan Stanley and previously held positions at National Veterinary Associates, UBS Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs and Cargill.

Enough said.

Well, most of the journalists at the State Department briefings are journalist in name only, paid gatekeepers , and the questions are pre approved questions, done to reinforce the empire’s point of view and propaganda from a big microphone.

But yesterday, there was a crack.

It comes a time when a murder is one too many.
And even the paid presstitutes have to notice it.

On August 9, a Saudi-led coalition battling in Yemen said it carried out a deadly attack in the rebel-held north on Thursday, which the Red Cross said hit a bus carrying children.

50  dead, 77 wounded. Most children.

A “legitimate military action” … said the Saudi Press Agency.

Last Thursday, attacks on a hospital and a fish market in the strategic rebel-held port city of Hodeida killed at least 55 civilians and wounded 170, according to the ICRC.

It’s for THE WORLD PEACE, the Donald would shout, if he could find time to tweet about this last atrocity.

But he can see only the non existent crimes done by the ” animal Assad”, the non existent terrorism done by the Iranians, and the usual villains , Mr. Putin, and the Russians, who were sanctioned, again, for the Skripal false flag.

For the second time.

He can not see the mass murder in Gaza and Palestine done by YHWH-istan.

Or the recent interception of the flotilla trying to break Gaza blockade and the beatings of the those  activists from 14 countries, mainly from Europe but also Malaysia, the U.S. and Israel, on the ship carrying 100 boxes of medical aid for Gaza.

Last time there were not only beatings, but 9 activists killed, in “self defense” by chosen special forces.

He can not see the genocide in Yemen done by the Saudi, for a simple reason: the US is coordinating the attacks.
The U.S. military is providing its Gulf allies with intelligence to fine-tune their list of  airstrike targets , as per Wall Street Journal :

U.S. Deepens Role in Yemen Fight, Offers Gulf Allies Airstrike-Target Assistance.

US has a lot of practice in fine tuning the airstrikes on weddings, funerals, hospitals and other civilian targets.
A lot of practice.
The Empire’s history, or better said criminal record, is based on this fine tuning.
Not only did Nauert refuse to say the State Department condemned the attack, but wouldn’t so much as agree to simply call for an independent investigation into the incident (she called only for a Saudi-led inquiry).

MS NAUERT: Look, we provide a tremendous amount of humanitarian assistance in Yemen to try to support civilians in Yemen and try to mitigate against the devastation that’s taken place there in that country. I don’t have anything more for you on that.

QUESTION: But you also supply a tremendous amount of weaponry and the data for targeting to the Saudis.

MS NAUERT: Well, then – sorry.

QUESTION: Right? No?


QUESTION: Am I wrong? Is that wrong?

QUESTION: That’s not wrong.

MS NAUERT: Sorry, these ladies over here are laughing. On that I would refer you to the Department of Defense that is involved with that, but as you know, Saudi Arabia is an important strategic partner in the region to the United States.

It takes a special type of bimbo, a psychopathic one, to be so thick skinned as to laugh at this.

But an exceptional Empire and a stable genius have exceptional bimbos.

If a massacre of children on this scale was alleged of Russia or Assad, it would dominate US UK media for days. But as this is a real, verified #Yemen massacre by a US UK ally, and using US UK arms, it’s receiving almost no US UK front page coverage at all
— Charles Shoebridge (@ShoebridgeC) August 9, 2018

And I might add, would trigger bombing from the Donald ( twice in Syria, done secondary to  false flags created by the White Helmets, paid by the State department) and sanctions for the Russians( how many times now for bogus reasons? I lost track).

True, but even the paid whores that  most journalists are, were forced to notice the war crime this time.

One too many.
And by asking about this, wrote the first epitaph for the Empire.

A start. Many more to come.
Like an avalanche.
Slow at the beginning and Apocalyptic in the end.

Even a serial killer needs to keep appearances he is innocent.

As for the Empire’s porte- paroles-ers , like Heather Nauert, Nikki Haley , and other equally disgusting specimens, I feel sorry for them, in a way.

It is excruciatingly painful only to watch their contortions in trying to justify the lawlessness.

It takes not only a total lack of character, but an extreme intelligence to be able to present the actions of a rogue state in an attractive light and be credible.

But that’s the thing: even the most intelligent psychopath is limited in his/her intelligence, because the lack of empathy gives them a tunneled vision, a crippled soul.

And real intelligence needs a real perspective on life.

And we can not even say that the Donald’s psychopaths are moderately intelligent.

The Empire lost any legitimacy and pretense of high moral ground it had.
It is done.
This is its weakness and downfall : too many mass murders , in the end, create  the indignation of the world.

And this indignation is growing more and more.

Not even the talented Mr. the Donald can revive it and Make its Authority Great Again.

Mr. Sessions came out of hibernation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out of hibernation to make justice.

But don’t celebrate yet, deplorables!
It’s not about draining the swamp.
The swamp is too big to drain. Like the crooks and thieves from the banking cartel are too big to jail.

Well, Jeff Sessions found somebody much smaller on whom to focus his attention .
The Bundy case.

After the government and FB! made a beautiful SNAFU of the case and U.S. District Chief Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial over the government’s “willful failure to disclose information” to the defense, saying it would have been “impossible” for the four co-defendants to receive a fair trial.
The judge cited 3,300 pages of previously undisclosed FBI and Bureau of Land Management records .

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and Ryan Payne of Montana have been charged with 15 felony counts stemming from the 2014 armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management at the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville.

They are obviously very guilty for trying to protect their land from the greedy fingers of the government through its BLM( Bureau of Land Misappropriation).

They are guilty because they somehow think we have a Justice Department for the little people and we “live in the land of the free”.
They need to be brought to reality.
And put in jail for good.
And Mr. Sessions just offered to remind them for whom the Justice Department really works and what it means : JUST US, meaning THEM.

That case ended up with the assassination of Lavoy Finnicum at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.
In the back, while he had his hands up, unarmed.
No, it was not the omnipresent Mr. Putin and “the Russians” who did that.
It was a FB! agent.
Nothing happened to him.

Clive Bundy and his sons were imprisoned for “only “two years in jail, without bail.
Somebody needs to rectify this, and Jeff Sessions, with his equally corrupt prosecutors in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with appellate lawyers at “Main Justice” in Washington, D.C., are the men for the job.
After Jeff Sessions was named by the Donald AG , he immediately took a long leave of absence.
So long I personally thought he was dead.

He recused himself from everything the Clintons touched.
And since the Clintons touched a lot, Jeff Sessions disappeared basically from our view.

And we all know what the Clintons touched was mostly criminal activity, disguised under different names, like the Clinton Foundation.

Or slick Willie, who liked to touch the opposite sex a lot, especially the young, underage representatives.
We have proofs of that from the 26 trips to the pedophile island, on the Lolita Express, both owned by the chosen billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, convicted pedophile.
But , when they had to give him a jail sentence, as the evidence was too strong, they discovered that the the man had too many qualities , like:
-a chosen
-a Billionaire
-having a direct line with Mo$$ad
-and most likely having multiple videos of the culprits ( and they ranged from Prince Andrew of Britain, to top Hollywood names, politicians, CEOs of big corporations, bankers,etc.; his brother even said that Jeffrey had 14 phone numbers of the Donald ).
So Jeff Epstein qualified for a reduced sentence and the jail time meant spending only his nights in jail, and the rest at home.
Neat , isn’t it?

Jeff Sessions had a short period when he came to life , before attacking the injustice done by judge Navarro and her mistrial sentence.
He also attacked the people growing 1 gram of marijuana .
Real bad people.

But don’t panic , deplorables, no real criminal was hurt in the process, during his tenure.
No banker, no Clinton, no swamp creature, no high ranking pedophile.
He is a gentleman from the South.
And those don’t attack other “gentlemen”.

I remember a video done by a deplorable, after Sessions became AG.
It showed him protecting a child from ex VP Biden and his groping hands.
Remember Biden and his pedophilic displays at the White House, fondling  children and telling a little girl: I feel so horny now?; remember his wife’s expression and her attempts to stop him?
And the deplorable making the video was saying: Sessions knows, he’s going to put in jail the pedophiles.

He is too busy now, he can not go after those, he has to put in jail a family terrorized for years for trying to protect their land and fighting to get some justice.

Next big fight for justice for Mr. Sessions is going to be Mr. Assange’s trial and conviction for “treason”.
They got to the new president of Ecuador and he is going to withdraw the asylum status for him.

Mr. Assange whose only guilt is that he delivered true facts to us, for free.
Those happened to be inconvenient truths for the Empire and its minions, but truth is not known to be too accommodating, especially for big criminals.
He made dissidence fashionable in the West.
And for this reason he has no country and no freedom.
He needs to pay for that.

I think that Jeff Sessions is going to be the man to bring “justice “to him.
And MAGA again, in the process.