The Donald continues the Empire’s foreign policy

The foreign policy of the Empire is very simple.
So simple, a caveman can do it.
And ,indeed, we have cavemen doing it.

I guess that when you only have a petro-f*cking-dollar hammer to use, everything else looks like zionist sanctions and wars nails.

We do not have diplomats.
Why waist time and, mostly, money, in forming a diplomat?
This requires somebody having too many qualities:
-well read
-having charisma
-able to talk to people in a way that induces them to appreciate his point of view
-able to persuade people to adopt his point of view
-able to make deals in a charming way
-having manners and taking into account the other side’s interests and opinions, without losing site of his own ones

These are unobtainable qualities for the Empire’s representatives.
Undoable task. Short supply.

Look at what we have:

-Pompeo, a C!A guy and a zionist, who is only able to threaten

-Nikki Haley, a zionist gypsy, the spokesperson for ISIS, AlQaeda and of course, for the zionist entity’s interests, embarrassing so much the Americans in the know, that I wrote a special post only for her ” Nikki Haley’s spicy diplomacy”

-The State Department bimbos, whose qualifications are only they are somebody’s wife or daughter ( like Heather Nauert, a Goldman Sachs banker’s wife or Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee’s daughter ).

-John Bolton, a recipient of the ” Guardians of Zion” Award , a Bush ex employee

Never mind the intellectually challenged occupant of the Kosher House.


Since America doesn’t ” do diplomacy”, we don’t need any diplomat, only people able to threaten other countries.

But , there are weak points to this American foreign policy called:

Shoot a pigeon and you may end up killing an American eagle.
Chicken coming home to roost.

Or just Karma.

And lately, this probability of more and more weak points has increased exponentially , since the Donald has been tweeting non stop.

The Empire’s foreign policies are based on a few guiding books:

1. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ” The Grand Chessboard”: or how to prevent an Eurasian integration and development, how to prevent Russia and China and their interests in achieving this integration, the Silk Road, OBOR, which would spill the end for the Empire.

2. The Monroe doctrine or how to colonize South America( see the last example in Venezuela, which The Donald wants to transform in Trump-ezuela)

3. The Wolfovitz doctrine , which gave birth to PNAC = The Project for the New American Century , which was launched by organizing the 9/11 false flag.
I wrote about them at length in my prior post: Empire building and return on investment (ROI).

Those were the happy days : when the Empire was unopposed or opposed by weaker adversaries.

Not anymore.

Russia has learned from the Afghanistan quagmire during the Soviet era and learned the Empire’s way of conducting wars through proxies ( like the Mujahideens , later to become AlQaeda).

And Russia did something else, very important: has become almost self sufficient, like wearing a bullet proof vest against the sanctions.

Russia is the third biggest wheat producer, after China and India and number 1 wheat exporter in the world.
It is feeding the world, and not GMO American cr*p , but the real deal.
Imagine that.

Russia has replaced the dependency on Ukraine for military pieces ( inherited from USSR).

Russia has replaced its weak spots with imports: this was perfected after the Ukrainian coup and the sanctions .

Difficult to strangle a country that covers 12 time zones, has the richest natural resources in the world, including the biggest fresh water reserves, and is almost self sufficient.


As for China : it is the number one economy in terms of purchasing power of its people.

US is second, and this while having the unsurpassed advantage of the world reserve currency, the petro-f*cking-dollar and the fake statistics.

And Russia and China are allies now.

Double helix  bummer!

And Iran has not only survived non stop attacks since 1979 , but became stronger.

Brzezinski would be in Hell ( I think that he is there anyway ).
For years and years the Empire tried to prevent a Russian Chinese alliance.
See Brzezinski doctrine and the “Grand chessboard”.
Look at what we have now.
A double helix or double ax cutting the AAZ Empire ‘s foundation, the petro-f*cking-dollar.

It tried to prevent Iran from becoming a regional power, and prevent a Shia crescent encompassing Syria, Lebanon , Iraq and Iran.
That’s exactly what we have today: Iran is at the entity’s border .

It tried to prevent the reunification of the two Korean countries and keep the south occupied.
Now, The N and S Korea are being integrated into the Silk road.
And the Americans will be shown the door.

It tried to prevent the Silk road: Afghanistan‘s occupation was the one of the main reason for this, plus to open a second front against Iran.
Prevent the pipeline from Iran to India and China, going through Afghanistan.
Controlling the opioid market through the Afghan heroin was a bonus.

Now, Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia are making preparations to liberate Afghanistan from the US occupation.
Pakistan is the supply lines for US, through its main port.
And using Pakistan against India and vice versa is more difficult : both countries are in SCO.

It tried for years and years to suffocate Iran, one of the countries with a huge oil and especially gas reserves.
Now, even the last allies of the Empire, the Europeans, suffering from the “battered wife syndrome”, are opposing the Empire over Iran .

It tried to control completely the Middle East, through its “Arab Spring” franchise.
The result: US it is booted out from the ME.

It tried to prevent Russia selling gas to Europe: the Libyan war, Ukraine coup.

It tried to prevent the Russian Nord Stream II and failed.

Ukraine coup was to blackmail Russia over the Ukrainian pipeline transit and take Crimea and block the Russian navy from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
This resulted in the reunification of Crimea with mother Russia, in a spectacular move .
Plus South Stream through Turkey project and Nord Stream II and the soon to be irrelevant Ukraine.

The beginning of the operation called “The ME cleanup of the American debris” was Syria, now extending to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, with the added bonus,Turkey switching sides.

And the last monumental mistake of the zionist entity( the IL-20 shot down) and the aftermath of this are absolutely glorious to watch.
The zionist entity is part of the Empire, the zionist head of the Beast.

We all see the major geopolitical shift taking place, where the entity is receiving a Russian muzzle in the form of S-300.

Russia has established a de facto no fly zone( US wanted so much for this to take place, isn’t it?).

I watched the two briefings done by the Russian spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov , highlighting the zionist moves during the catastrophe of Il-20.

He had to give two briefings to cover the whole zionist chutzpah.
I’ve never seen the Russian military fuming so much.
And this because after the first report, the chosen persisted in playing their victim card and lying: they are innocent, they didn’t do it, the Russian military is persecuting them.

The chosenites are like this:

you catch them with their hands in your purse, and they say: no, these are not our hands, or this is not your purse and you do not see well, or you are to be blamed because you smuggled your purse to reach our hands and then they threaten to sue you for this.

And then I watched General Shoigu, the Minister of Defense, announcing , like a boss, the first set of consequences for the zionist entity.

I almost had an orgasm watching those .
A very satisfying anti semitic one.

Russia is sending :
-8 S-300 units
-20 Buk M2
-36 Pantsir S1/S2
-25 Tor M2-U
-15 S-125

Then , the Russian Bastion P (SSC-5) mobile coastal missile defense system.

And total integration of Syrian defense with the Russian one, receiving the FF ( friend or foe codes too).

“Israel which got used to carrying out many attacks under different pretexts would have to recalculate and reconsider before attacking again,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Mekdad said

So, how did the entity react ?
The zionist stages of death:

-denying the facts ( the shock and denial phase)

-threatening to bomb the S-300 and continue its illegal attacks in Syria ( the anger phase); this has a touch of delirium zionist tremens

-Netanyahu’s phone call to Mr. Putin trying to make him cancel the deal ( the bargaining phase)

no depression and acceptance phases: those are anti semitic and the zionist entity does not recognize them;

Instead of the last two stages, the entity jumped to crying to mommy and daddy for help :

Netanyahu and his chief butcher, the director of Mo$$ad , Cohen came to Uncle Schlomo for help and support .

There was a support group meeting in New York :

The FM of Saudi Arabia, the ambassador of the UAE to Washington, and the director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency Cohen held a meeting in New York alongside US National Sec Adviser Bolton and US Sec of State Mike Pompeo.
Only bloody UK was missing to complete the gallery of criminals plotting against Syria and Iran.

But it will receive its orders in the mail.

Yesterday, US 6thFleet’s USS Carney Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, equipped with Tomahawk missiles and air defense systems, underwater surveillance and attack systems entered the Mediterranean, most likely heading to Eastern Mediterranean.

Since the Empire is reduced to only being able to start fires where it can, to cause destabilization near the Russian and Chinese borders and try to prevent OBOR, now it wants to start another one.
Could be Iran or Lebanon, or both.

Iran was already attacked multiple times, terrorists attacks, sanctions, the Donald’s tweets and speeches.

Netanyahu said he received assurances from Uncle Schlomo .
And the entity will continue to pursue its “goal of self defense” every where and by all means ; in Syria and Lebanon.

Netanyahu after meeting The Donald:

Israel managed to obtain several guarantees from Trump regarding its freedom of operation in Syria. I received what I asked for. I came up with specific points and I got them.
He didn’t specify what he had asked for.

I can specify it for him :
He asked for it.
And he is going to get it.

“Justice sooner or later overtakes everyone, for someone it becomes fatal.” . Mr. Assad

“America is really a great nation and the Americans are a great people if they can endure so many people [in the government] with such a low level of political culture.”



The Donald’s speech at UNSC summit

UN Security Council.

An imposing man, enters slowly, allowing the audience to admire his stature.
He walks with his triple chin up toward the UN podium.

It’s the President of the USA.

Good morning, to UK, Saudi Arabia and especially, Israel!

The rest of you do not deserve any salute from a person of my prestige.
I am the most important and powerful man in the world.
Since I gained the presidency , because I am a genius, the world, not only America, have become a better place.

We are going to Make the World Great Again.( MWGA or MNWOGA, Make the New World Order Great Again).

We’ll have a safer world, even if I have to bomb it to become this way.

But, you here at UN are not behaving .
You embarrass me and my friend, Bibi.
Nikki has complained multiple times that you do not show respect to her and America.
This can not continue.

The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America where, as you know, it has its home.

And it surely is not a friend to Israel.

I see some friendly faces here :

My great friend, Bibi.

I am talking to you here at UN as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.

UN wants to bring to the a Security Council a resolution on terms of an eventual agreement between Israel and Palestine

That’s not going to happen with the United Nations. It will only further, very importantly, it will only further delegitimize Israel. It will be a catastrophe and a disaster for Israel. It’s not going to happen, folks.

Palestinians are very bad people. Bad, very bad.
Somebody told me that one Palestinian stabbed an Israeli 20 years ago.
This can not continue, folks.

And they are throwing stones, risking to damage the great wall my friend Bibi has constructed around himself and Israel or that Wailing Wall, where all American politicians and presidents, including myself, go to pray.

I and US can not allow thrown stones to chip those walls.

I love walls, I am going to build one myself: the Trump Wall.

I told Bibi he can use any type of force to prevent it, and US will not notice it.
US does not notice anything bad from Israel’s part, because Israelis are the chosen people.

I was made president to veto any attempt by the U.N. to impose its will on the Jewish state. It will be vetoed 100 percent.

You see, I know about deal-making. That’s what I do. I wrote “The Art of the Deal.”
( laughter)

One of the best-selling, all-time — and I mean, seriously, I’m saying one of because I’ll be criticized when I say “the” so I’m going to be very diplomatic — one of…

Now that I have become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen have ended on day one, this is what I promised at AIPAC meeting , before they made me president.

This and the move of the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem plus the US withdrawal from the Iranian deal.

I delivered on both.

And when I say something, I mean it, I mean it.

A bonus was the evacuation of The White Helmets.
And bombing the animal Assad.

Meanwhile, every single day you have rampant incitement and children being taught to hate Israel and to hate the Jews. It has to stop.
In Palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder Jews. We can’t let this continue. We can’t let this happen any longer.
Take the last protests in Gaza …

( a man comes and whispers into the president’s ear)

Never mind. I am told that only Palestinians died and continue to die ( >500) there or were wounded ( thousands).

But they were throwing stones and nobody can disrespect the Israeli wall.

Already half of the population of Palestine has been taken over by the Palestinian ISIS and Hamas, and the other half refuses to confront the first half, so it’s a very difficult situation that’s never going to get solved unless you have great leadership right here in the United States.

Palestinians must come to the table willing and able to stop the terror being committed on a daily basis against Israel, by throwing stones and launching firecrackers. They must do that.
And they must come to the table willing to accept that Israel is a Jewish state and it will forever exist as a Jewish state.

I love Israel. I’ve been with Israel so long in terms of I’ve received some of my greatest honors from Israel, my father before me, incredible.

My daughter, Yael, I mean Ivanka, has beautiful Jewish babies.
Sugar tits, daddy  loves you.

I see other friendly face here, the great reformer Mohammad bin Salman.
I fondled the Wahhabi Orb and danced the sword dance when I visited Saudi Arabia to sell them my beautiful and smart weapons.

I have great experience in fondling orbs of different sizes and consistencies. I did this all my life. All were warmer than that Wahhabi Orb.

I love KSA, I sold them Billions in weapons , helping my beautiful MIIC;

Bin Salman invested Billions helping needy US corporations .

The other friend I see is UK representative, Karen Pierce.

“I have great respect for the UK,” “United Kingdom. Great respect. People call it Britain. They call it Great Britain. They used to call it England, different parts.”
“You don’t hear the word England as much as you should,” “I miss the name England. You understand that? I think England is a beautiful name.”

I visited England recently and I liked the Queen.
Great woman.
I told her I liked her Palace, but Trump Tower is taller.

Like myself.

England was recently attacked by Russia , poisoning its citizens, with chemical weapons.
May told me.

I immediately asked if the Russian poison is worse than a mushroom poison.
Because I have great respect for mushrooms, great respect.

The Russians paid for this, I sanctioned them 3 times and expelled 60 diplomats and closed their last consulate in the US.

Nobody is tougher than me on Russia, not even Hillary.

We are going to sanction Russia ’til Novichok disappears.

The rest of you here, I do not like at all, especially Iran.

My lawyer , Ruddy Giuliani, who was the mayor of New York on 9/11 and helped with the cover up… I mean helped clean the zionist dust… I mean helped New York recover, told me that we have a plan for regime change in Iran.

Because Iran is guilty of everything bad in the world. Iran and Russia and now China.

Iran is guilty it exists.

We have to rectify this.

This is going to please Bibi.

This is not going to be like the greatest US mistake, the Iraq war, that Bush made.
I told them, we should have taken the oil.

This mistake will not be repeated with me.

We are there to take the oil: see Northern Syria, where we bring democracy to the Kurds.

In order to prevent the mistakes Bush did, I hired people who worked for him: Bolton, Pompeo. Giuliani.

Good people and they have suffered enough.
Like Hillary.

We are going to take the oil.

The rest of you here, you are not respectful to US and Israel.
Nikki told me.

She made a list with countries voting against US and Israel.

I told her it was too long , so she made a shorter one with the ones supporting them: I saluted them when I entered the room.

But, she forgot to add Binomo.

You are too disrespectful to US and Israel.
This can not continue.

You are all fired, except for Israel, KSA and England.

Somebody walks toward the great man and whispers something in his ear.
The Donald protests:

I can do everything I want. I am the president of the US, the greatest country in the world and all others are shitholes.

The man whispers again.

The Donald is angry but turns toward the audience . He has a deep orange color :

OK, you are hired again.

But I am going to sanction you all, because nobody can be disrespectful to the US.
Sanctions and I am going to cut your funds off ( we are going to save money, US does not have money anyway), so we are going to force UN to behave.

We are going to make the UN Great Again, whether you like it or not!

And if you continue to not behave, I am going to punish you more by depriving you of my enlightened tweets.


PS: I apologize for being presumptuous and trying to read the great man’s mind.

Let’s how close I was when he would  deliver that speech.

That Damn Novichok!

Novichok, the new Russian villain, does not want to die.
The Brits have found its accomplices.

We do not know too much about its victims, the Skripals, especially Sergei.
He totally disappeared .

Is he alive, is he dead?
Apparently, he hides inside the Pandora Box, which M!6 holds.

He has become The Schrodinger Sergei Skripal, who is simultaneously dead and alive.
If you open the M!6 Pandora box ( assuming you are alive after that) :
It is highly likely you May find out he is dead.

But, since the box can be opened only by M!6, he May be alive.

They do not show him to us, because:

-we do not understand the quantum mechanics of the British Government

it jeopardizes the National Security, a state known as a quantum superposition, as a result of being linked to a random Russian subatomic event that May or May not occur

It is so circumvoluted , that even Erwin Schrodinger would have been confused.

But the Brits have found the two Russian spies who perfumed Britain.

They showed us their pictures taken at the Heathrow airport, on the same corridor, at the same spot and at the same time. To the second.

Some unsophisticated minds pointed to the physical impossibility of such an occurrence.

The fact that they arrived in the same place , at exactly the same time, is the very evidence that they were sent by the Russian government, and especially by V.V. Putin.

They traveled through a wormhole, with direct entry at Kremlin.
And materialized at Heathrow.

Q: why were they not sent directly to the Skripals’ house? Clean and easy job.
A:To confuse the Brits, to make them think this was a normal travel , done by two Russian tourists.
I almost fell for that.

They came with the perfume bottles which had Novichok .

Q: What kind of bottle can safely hold Novichok?
A: A Russian one:
-like” Red Moscow”
-or the Matryoshka bottle ” Russian Present, magic Eau de Novichok”

Q: why don’t we see the bottle  found by Scotland Yard ?
A: National British Quantum Security

The two Russian spies, who don’t love Britain, poisoned the Skripals, manged to not be affected ( Novichok does not work on the Russian spies) and then , for unclear reasons, threw a perfume bottle in the garbage to be found later by two innocent drug addicted Brits, one of whom is now deceased.

I can not answer why they did this unprofessional mistake.
Neither can the Brits.
Maybe they just wanted to laugh in the innocent faces of the Brits, an evil Russian SVR laugh.

We are waiting for new episodes of the Novichok saga provided by May government.

Meanwhile, Royal Shakespeare Company and BBC is teaming with M!6 and 10 Downing Street  up,  to produce a new form of the comedy of the absurd.

Théâtre de l’absurde, theatre of the absurd.
This was invented by Albert Camus, Samuel Beckett and perfected by the UK and US governments.

Look at a State Department briefing, or Nikki Haley’s speeches at UN, or the statements of UK government.

” Characters caught in hopeless situations forced to do repetitive or meaningless actions; dialogue full of clichés, wordplay, and nonsense; plots that are cyclical or absurdly expansive; either a parody or dismissal of realism and the concept of the “well-made play”.

The Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabi Empire has studied Jean Genet for whom “Good is only an illusion. Evil is a Nothingness which arises upon the ruins of Good” and took this notion to the next level, with multiple franchises all over the world and mass production.

UK has produced many masterpieces through his Royal Shakespeare Company.

Those were the days when Britain produced something of value.

Now, this company is becoming more hip, dropping the Shakespeare from its name .
They are thinking to take the name Royal Meghan Company.

After all, UK has a Hollywood actress as Dutchess of Sussex now.
Very, very experienced : At Hollywood, women gain a lot of experience and practice.
Even if they start in a low, humble position… I mean , role, on the casting couch.
This experience can take them far, like entering the Royal family.
Look at Prince Harry’s grin : his new wife has Hollywood experience and practices yoga.
If they start their acting career as children … this is a whole new level, but I can not explore it more without becoming an anti semite.
Roman Polanski, Woody Allen…
Only talking about Hollywood power structure , you become an anti semite .

BBC was enriched by Jimmy Savile’s experience with children.

They are going to produce the following masterpieces, under the direct supervision of M! 6 and 10 Downing Street .

-“Who’s Afraid of Novichok?”surpassing Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
“Catastrophe, a non stop UK drama”. Beckett is outplayed
“Happy Days for Novichok” . Beckett you are way behind Theresa May and comp with your”Happy Days”

Even Monthy Python’s Flying Circus needs to add episode 7 to their “The Complete and Utter History of Britain ”  : “The Great and Humorous Age of May”.

“How to irritate people with Novichok stories” sketch
” The dead or alive Russian spy” : is Skripal, the M!6 parrot, resting or stunned or plain dead? sketch

UK has plenty of material to produce even new spy movies, after all, James Bond was born there:
-“Novichok: In Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

-“From Russia with love” , new series

“Novichok finger”

-” You only live twice… with Novichok” and if unlucky you May even die of laughter listening to Theresa May

” Novichok is for ever torturing us”

-“Live with Novichok and let die another day”

-” Skripal, The spy who loved UK”

“For your eyes only, M!6”


Never say Novichok again”

“Licence to kill …with Novichok…or not”

-“Novichok story never dies”

-“The world is not enough …to hide from Novichok story”

-“Die another day with Novichok”

-“Quantum of Solace” : when it is zero for the UK government , pull a Novichok; the added benefit is, you May create a zero quantum of solace for the Russians too

The director  of these franchises is Theresa May.

This May result in horror movies. Highly likely.
I have nightmares only when I look at her face.
If she starts talking, with that snooty British aristocratic accent, the terror is complete.

“The Novichok Conjuring : a Downing Street briefing “

“It” with a special appearance as a cameo, Theresa May, playing the clown’s role.

She won’t even wear makeup, she is much frightening ” au naturel”.

” The Novichok Salibury massacre”

” The Novichok Scream”

” The Thing” : this is going to be  Mr. Putin’s biography, from the Brits perspective, featuring Novichok.

” Novichok Hellraiser”

” The British Omen”

” Insidious: directly from 10 Downing Street “

PS: I take my news about Downing Street from Larry the Cat tweets, the  number 1 mouser , in position for more than 12 years and apparently the only intelligent life form there.

And NO, it is not the Schrodinger Cat.

As for the Americans, we have an added bonus for entertainment: a whiff of pornography, without which America does not function well.

We have  a Gay Chosenite, posing as Journalist, interviewing a bonafide Whore posing as an Actress , about a philandering dotard, posing as President.

And describing his “Thing” as a giant mushroom.
On national TV.

Wat do we call this? investigating journalism? entertainment ?

I call it burlesque pornography, posing as American culture and values.

American future movies:

“All the president’s whores” or

“All the president’s zionist bimbos”( special appearance, Nikki Haley, playing her own role)

“All the President’s bankers” will be redundant, as the first two overlap with the last.

We will soon have further entertainment about the indestructible Novichok myth: the Donald will go to UNSC to talk about Novichok and Skripal.

This is going to create a whole new level of entertainment.

I have envisioned his speech ( this is very presumptuous of me, as I can not possible read the great man’s mind).
I will publish it in a few days.

Dasvidaniya, YHWH-istan!

First of all, I want to express my condolences and my sorrow to the families of the 15 Russian martyrs .

They were there fighting absolute Evil, on the behalf of the whole humanity.
And Evil attacked them in a cowardly way.

It seems that WW III has reached a new higher level.
It was at a slow pace more or less, but the American Zionist Empire raised the ante through its zionist head .

Now the Imperial Zionist troops are shooting directly at the leader of the Resistance Axis, Russia.

Very bad move on all levels:
-the military strategic level, as it did not achieve any great victory in the Syrian war
-on the diplomatic level, only confirmed once again, that diplomacy is not in the Empire’s vocabulary
-on the ethical level, where the Empire lost big, very big ( to use the Donald’s vocabulary); it lost absolutely any pretense of being on the right side

On September 18th, the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the Holiest day of the year for the pharisees’ land the following events happened:

Russia and Turkey ( a NATO member) agreed for a deescalation zone around Idlib, patrolled by Russian and Turkish military police, at Sochi, Crimea

-The military attack on Idlib by SAA and Russia is postponed only, ’til December 15th, not cancelled. Time is on the side of Russia and Syria

Turkey got more time( courtesy of Russia) to clean up its f*ck up in Idlib, together with its terrorists and Erdogan can save face at home, posing as the hero who convinced Russia to stop( for now) the attack; but this deal puts great responsibility and pressure on Turkey ; it will have to deliver

-The chemical weapons false flag was brilliantly averted by the combined actions of Russia and Turkey ; Turkey guaranteed to prevent any future ones ( good luck with that Turkey!; making deals with the terrorists is not an easy task)

-The idiot coalition of killing, lead by US (UK, France, YHWH-istan) were taken by surprise and did not have time to think it over and invent new excuses and launched the missile attack ( 28 missiles), immediately after the press conference between Mr. Putin and Erdogan ended;

-no reason or excuse given; Hezbollah or Iran were not delivering weapons ( the usual excuse given by YHWH-istan)

-It was a coordinated attack: YHWH-istan as air force ( 4 F-16) and missiles from the Mediterranean fired by a French frigate and some say, two British planes , all within a second interval , proving to the world that the Imperial troops are ISIS and AL Qaeda air force

-A reconnaissance Russian airplane, Il-20 with 15 people on board went missing during the attack,later confirmed shot down

-Latakia, Homs and Tartous were attacked , civilian and military infrastructure, all around Idlib, where the Empire is trying to save its terrorists

-Russia did not engage the air defense ,but Syria did, as they were attacked

-Some damage done to Syrian sites also and some people wounded

-A French frigate was identified by the Russians as firing missiles

YHWH-istan was named by the Russian military as the aggressor, the guilty part of what happened

-YHWH-istan did not warn the Russians, as their military agreement stipulates; it gave notice only one minute prior to the attack and the reconnaissance plane , which was landing, was exposed to fire ; this is a mockery toward the Russians which will not be left unanswered

-The chosen hided their hooked noses behind the massive Russian plane, trying to avoid the SAA defense system

Pentagon declined responsibility ( what a surprise) and blamed the Syrians for shooting down the Russian plane, as if the Syrians decided to do this out of the blue, not responding to an illegal, criminal attack against their country

-YHWH-istan did comment late and apologize ;they are sorry but they are not really guilty( they never are), the Syrians and of course the Iranians are to be blamed; YHWH-istan is still thinking how to blame this on anti semitism

-And the Donald has not tweeted yet ( this is the most grave event)

My assessment is this:

First and most important question is : was this an accident or not?
And I am not talking about the Syrians shooting down the Il-20, but about the chosen. Did the chosen shoot it down on purpose or maneuvered in such a way that resulted in this?

In favor of not being an accident are these facts:

-YHWH-istan did not warn the Russians about the attack, as per the signed agreement between the countries

-the attack was coordinated with the French and the Brits and supervised by the US

-YHWH-istan knew for sure about the Il-20 coming to base and used it as a decoy to hide their planes

-they called the Russian immediately trying to put blame on the Syrians, showing they are the guilty part

-it did it a few hours before the start of Yom Kippur, to take by surprise the Russians and the Syrians

In favor of being an accident:

-YHWH-istan never exposes itself this way, it pushes others in the front, and it stays in the shadows, pretending to be innocent; it is the eternal victim

What I believed happened is this:

The Empire ( Anglo-American-Zionist) did not like the Sochi agreement and panicked and tried to derail it, increasing the ante on provocations.

Mr. Putin and the Russians made a checkmate move on the ME board with the Sochi agreement.
Taking out the Queen, the false flag.
The Queen would have given the American King a reason to attack.

And the military action is only delayed.
Civilians will be evacuated meanwhile.
The terrorists are surrounded, no where to go but Turkey.

Turkey has a big responsibility and will have to comply. It has no other choice.

The criminally insane American Zionist Empire attacked having not even an excuse, a pretext in the form of a false flag.
This sounds like real desperation, which is not good: it means the collapse, which is inevitable for the AAZ Empire, is very close.

The Empire probably did not have enough time to make a good plan and improvised, other way it would have found a pretext to offer for the attack.
In the past,we all saw that their plans lack intelligence, but now we see that their improvisations are really, really retarded.

I think that the chosen planes used the Il-20 to hide behind its massive radar shadow and did not expect the Syrians to aim at them .
Maybe the Syrians did not know about the Il-20 as the IFF code(Interrogator Friend-Foe) is not given to them by the Russians( for good reason) and fired at the chosen hitting IL-20 by mistake.

At this point in time the Russians made it clear that they are not convinced that the plane was not shot down ON PURPOSE.

I do not think that the chosen expected this to happen, they thought that the Syrians would not dare to fire toward a Russian plane and when this happened , they panicked and aborted further action.

Because I am sure that the planned attack was supposed to be much bigger than the 1 1/2 hr and would have involved the Americans.

The chosen never expose themselves like that.

The Russians will find out exactly who fired and they will take their time to respond.
Revenge is a dish best served cold and Russia has many means to cool that dish.
Russians are never in a hurry when they respond.

The social media warriors and trolls immediately accused Mr. Putin of being ” a pussy”.

We’ve been through this scenario multiple times, meanwhile Syria is controlled mostly by Mr. Assad ( except Idlib, to be soon resolved and the Ameri-Kurdi-kistan to be dealt with after Idlib is liberated).

And this because Syria did not find out that Mr. Putin is a pussy.
Syrians function under the impression that Mr. Putin and the Russians saved their country from the American Zionist empire and vassals.
Remember what the situation was when the Russians entered the war, or the ” quagmire” as Obama said.

I have observed , over the years, Mr. Putin ‘s modus operandi.
Without pretending to understand everything he does, I can say that he has invested too much and worked too hard to reach this level , this status for Russia, and he is not going to jeopardize everything through a rush action.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warned YHWH-stan that there will be consequences.

“The main military investigation department of the Criminal Investigation Service of Russia instituted a criminal investigation into the crash of the Il-20 aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, and investigators and criminologists of the SC of Russia are working together with representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry,” Petrenko , a high ranking Russian representative said.

General Shoigu, Minister of Defense:

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies completely on the Israeli side,” Minister Shoigu said.

“The command center of the Russian troops were only informed with 1 minute left before the airstrikes by the Israeli F-16s began,” he mentioned.

The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.” – Minister Shoigu emphasized.

Russia has gained, again, the moral high ground, avoiding civilians casualties and saving soldiers lives in Idlib.
And staying within the international law.
And everybody could see that Russia was hit, in a cowardly way, in the back, while doing all these efforts for peace.
Javad Zarif, Iranian FM:

Intensive responsible diplomacy over the last few weeks-pursued in my visits to Ankara & Damascus, followed by the Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit in Tehran and the meeting is Sochi-is succeeding to avert war in #Idlib with a firm commitment to fight extremist terror. Diplomacy works.
17 Sep 2018

What did the Empire achieve with all this stupid, irresponsible act?

The evil American Zionist Empire lost the last mask which said” we are the force for good”.
Did it gain anything with the mask on?
Of, course, other way it would not have made such an effort in pretending to hold the moral high ground.
Only look at all the Hollywood propaganda movies, where America is always ” the good guy” fighting Evil.

Did the world love and respect the Evil Empire or the mask it was wearing?
It has become exhausting for the Empire to keep that mask on and now it lost even that.

The zionist entity has finally made a big mistake.
I am glad for them.
You see, the entity was always acting from the shadows, pushing its big goyim attack dogs in the front, this way pretending to be innocent, even the victim.
Well, now it was caught with its kosher pants down.
How was this possible ?
The entity is a serial killer, but it never ever allowed itself to be exposed like that.
Until now.

And from all the possible bad choices they could have stepped upon, they had to hit the Russians.

Even Murphy’s law, is anti semitic, it seems.

It is over with the hit and run attacks on Syria and Iran assets there.
It is over with Mileikovski’s visits to Moscow, to plea for favors.

The entity is going to receive a muzzle to tone down their chutzpah and control their rabies.

And YHWH is not going to save them.
It took YHWH 40 years to lead them through the desert on a short path,how long will it take him to lead them out of the Russians’ anger and revenge ?

The entity has many vulnerable points, as it is an artificial one, supported with money by Uncle Schlomo and Western countries, its war crimes covered non stop and it has made too many enemies and it is hated by everybody in the know ( well, except the ignorant US population).
Palestine is such a soft, underbelly spot.

The entity attacked more than 200 times Syria, hit and run attacks.

I think this is going to be the last one, without having its planes shot down.

Russia, Syria and Iran abstained from a strong response, because they did not want to amplify the war and some hit and run attacks did not change too much the fate of the war.

Russia can not and does not want to fight US and NATO.
Because this will rapidly degenerate into a nuclear exchange and then it’s game over for everybody.

You see , acting responsible, like Russia does, is considered a weakness by the Empire and some social warriors.

The Empire exploits this in its favor with these stupid attacks and the social warriors use this to blame Mr. Putin and name him a ” pussy”.

YWHW-istan wanted that Russia use its influence to get Iran / Hezbollah out of Syria.
And Russia told Mileikovski that this is not why Russia is there.
At the same time , when Iran wanted that Russia attacked the zionist entity , Russia told Iran the same: this is not why we are here.

But this is a mistake too many for YHWH-istan.
And an infamy which will not be left unpunished.

I realized this while watching  general Shoigu , having  at his right side the Russian chief of staff, General Gerasimov,  and giving his report about what happened to the Russian joint chiefs of staff.
I looked at their faces and saw that YHWH-istan is in big trouble.
And I remember what happened to Turkey after they killed a Russian pilot.
We are talking 15 Russians here.

Russia will win this war, even if it loses some battles and some of its aura, even if Mr. Putin loses some of his popularity in the process.
I’ve never been more convinced about something in my whole life.

Today, an IDF delegation led by the Commander of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, is in Moscow with their version of what happened.
I think that the Russians already know, but want to see how many kosher lies can the chosen serve.

This is what a very smart man who knows about the insides of Russian politics said:

Ollie Richardson

“Remember what I said about Syria being the “high stakes” arena? Well,Israel just tried to raise the stakes without having the necessary chips. This is why working within the framework of international law trumps chaotisation. Turkey was brought to heel, and now Israel is next.

Poor Empire, such ignorance.
It is already defeated but it does not know it yet.

As Victor Hugo has said :
“Rien n’est plus fort qu’une idée dont l’heure est venue.” “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

And that idea is that the time has come for the world to liberate itself from the oppression of the petro-f*cking-doillar, which gives power to the American Zionist Empire and to reveal the real face of the Empire.
The time has come for countries to be independent, sovereign and in pursuit of their own happiness.
Only the happiness of the American Zionist Empire, at the expense of everybody else does not give any satisfaction to the world.

The Empire can:

fight through its proxy armies, but those are rarefied now, and mostly dead

-can increase its propaganda machine , like we all see with every Western media, but very few believe them anyway

-can shut down youtube and social media accounts of people speaking the truth ( like we saw with Iranian and Syrian sites)

-can train terrorists at its military bases( like Al Tanf in Syria) and save them , like we saw with multiple heliborne operations

-can even have military drills with the terrorists ” to send a strong message to Russia” , like US army did at Al Tanf recently
[ sic!] ( bwahahah!)

can even send more enlightened thespian tweets from the Donald and bark more through its zionist gypsy posing as US envoy at UN, Nikki Haley, having an IQ of 60 shekels

-can give more ridiculous sanctions to people and nations fighting against its hegemony and against its proxy army

-can give sanctions after sanctions to Russia ( OOPS, the Donald did it again….relax , I’m not talking Stormy, but about other sanctions given to 33 Russians for election interference: I can not even laugh anymore).

Is the Donald a masochist, punishing himself by punishing Russia, which ” helped him gain the presidency” ? (as the Donald’s perceived enemies pretend)
Because he is playing this role now, giving sanctions to Russia based on Russiagate.

What the Empire can not do , is to defeat the idea, because it is too powerful and its time has come.

While increasing its power, America has left too much destruction behind it and this can not be ignored anymore, it is obvious to the naked eye.
Enough is enough!
And America does not show any sign it wants to stop .
US does not even pretend anymore.

The lexicon the US uses can not continue to mask the real meaning of its actions:

-US hides behind “democracy” to promote American global leadership, aka hegemony

-US invades sovereign states that do not bow to its demands, in the name of ” human rights” and ” the right to protect” ( this last one invented by the zionist ex UN envoy , Samantha Powers)

US is spreading freedom one bomb and one C!A coup at a time

-we have millions and millions of ” people saved by US” : they are all laying in their premature graves, in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc…

-US fights terrorism by recruiting, arming with heavy weapons, training and paying them ; and acting as their air force : the last examples were in plain view in Syria

-US can not compete with real producers, even when having the advantage given by the world currency, the petro-f*cking-dollar, so it conducts trade and currency wars: tariffs, sanctions,attacks on foreign currencies , attacks on foreign markets and stocks, attacks on the trade partners of its enemies

-when US needs to directly attack a country( because its proxies were not efficient) it invents “ad hoc” a casus belli by creating false flags; but the quality of these false flags is very poor lately: the American Zionist Empire has replaced quality with quantity , even here
( see the Syrian multiple ” chemical weapons attacks”, Skripal- yes, Skripal was coordinated with US and used by US to sanction Russia multiple times).

US pushed too much in its demented goal to enslave the whole world,which was never possible.
History witnessed other futile attempts .

But now,when the consciousness of the world is expending, and the revelation of the truth ( aka the  Apocalypse) is taking place, this task is really destined to fail.
Denial. Anger.Bargaining.
It did not reach depression and acceptance yet.
It will be forced to do it.
Russia and allies will seek that it does.

Syria, Idlib and Novorosyia,Ukraine are the theater in which America can display its lawlessness and stupidity in trying to hold on that power.
And I think it is where it will be taught a lesson.

Idlib and Syria are going to be liberated , one way or another.

Syria and its allies fight for us all.

It is a fight for the freedom of all humanity , for its liberation from the oppression.
It is a fight on a higher level, on the spiritual one, between Evil and Good, the forces of Darkness and the forces of Light:

-on one side is the Whore of Babylon, US, riding the zionist financial Beast, with one foot in the City of London, one in Wall Street and one in the oil rich Arabian Peninsula ( YHWH-istan), trying to protect its power, the Beast, and its child, the petro-f*cking-dollar, with its 7 presidential heads ;

Nobody can buy or sell if he/she/it does not have the mark of the Beast in his hand

(a.k.a  the petro-f*cking-dollar)

The Whore of Babylon is the Statue of Liberty, a Masonic statue representing The Goddess Libertas, the Goddess of immigrants, freedom and the mother of all whores ; the Statue of Liberty is the  symbol of America and also the symbol of the center of the  financial system which is New York and it is located in New York.

how’s that from an eschatological point of view? amazingly true.

-on the other side, is a coalition between a white Christian country, Russia and some Muslim countries, Sunni and Shia ( Syria,with its army uniting Sunni Arabs, Christians and Shia Alawites, the Assyrian descendents; Iran, a non Arab Shia country and Lebanon through Shia Hezbollah) ;

This is what Mr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s representative at UNSC, had to say:

There is no representative of the ‘Syrian regime’ at the United Nations, said Mr. Bashar Jaafari

I am the representative of the Syrian Arab Republic.” Bashar Jaafari at UNSC .
“Why is France providing cover to terrorists groups when they are the same who launched the attacks on the theater and on Nice?”

“Israel attacked my country twice this week. It seems some members of the council are not aware of this fact.”


The Americam Zionist Empire does not know to stop and frankly it can not stop.
If it does not protect its petro-f*cking-dollar and expend the debt to the whole world, it collapses.
It will collapse any way, but the Empire wants to gain a few more years.
It’s still unclear for me what purpose will this serve : 1 to 5 years gained will not make any difference in my view.
Because this is the maximum US can hope for.

And after the US collapses the zionist entity gets it.
Between Iran, Hezbollah and now the Russians, it is done.
It will not have Uncle Schlomo to protect it anymore.
I do not give YHWH-istan more than 5-6 years, in its actual form.
This Yom Kippur was the last chance for atonement and the entity blew it again.

Did the zionist entity learn anything from this ?

I doubt it, it considers itself as above us mortals, on every level , and entitled to do any thing it wants.

It is only sorry it got caught and exposed.

Proof of that : YHWH-istan pretends now that it did warn the Russians in advance, not only 1 minute prior to the attack.

So, the Russian Minister of Defense, Mr. Shoigu is a liar, as per YHWH-istan.

When you are in a hole, dig deeper, YHWH-istan!

I can hardly wait the Russian response to this infamy.
It is going to be epic.
And very satisfying, in an anti semitic way.

The response will be served in incremental payments:
– one or more very visible
-multiple invisible to the naked eye , but maybe possible to  guess through their side effects

And I hope that Russia realized that you can not appease a poisonous snake: you can only kill it or, if you want to keep it alive, put it in a secure cage.

Looking at how the American insanity is increasing, I do not think we will reach the end of the year without a major event.

Trump-istan is pilling sanctions and tariffs on everybody : it just sanctioned the Chinese army for buying Russian weapons.
I do not know whether to laugh or cry; I may do both, to be on the safe side.

The zionist dogs bark and sometimes they even manage to bite, but the Russian Christian caravan moves on. Pulling the whole world with it.

Dasvidaniya, YHWH-istan!

Quo Vadis, Poland?

The Donald wants to make America great again by building a military base in Poland.

Poland is known as the useful idiot of the Empire in Europe, together with Romania, the Baltic Statelets and Ukraine.
Poland and Romania allowed US to place THAAD systems on their territories, which are not defensive but offensive systems, easily transformed into ones to launch nuclear missiles.
Those are aimed at Russia, to ” counteract Iranian aggression”(try not to laugh or vomit).
They are operated by US ,  host country has no access to them, it does not even know what the Americans do there.

Poles and Romanians are only allowed to clean toilets, clean the US poop.

And if things get really hot, they will not be able to do even that.
They will be buried under a deep level of radioactive US poop.

Becoming a target for Russia, for no real reason, was not enough for the Poles.
They want more.
This level of stupidity happens when somebody makes “judgements” not using his/her head ,but “his heart, his feelings”.
His big, courageous, full of hate heart.

Having courage and no brains is not a good combination, it ends in disaster.
You see , Poland hates Russia.
Always did, always will.

Poles never learned anything from history, including their own.

They accuse Russia for being responsible for USSR crimes, including the communist ones.
Poles did not find out ( like many in US or the West), that Communism and Bolshevism were not Russian inventions, but those of the chosen ones.
The Bolshevik Internationale, which now runs the US and most of the West.

Marx and Engels were not Russians.

Poles should read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn( like anybody who wants to become knowledgeable).
Read ” 200 years together”, not translated in English( I wonder why), but can be read in Russian, French or German.
Solzhenitsyn received a Nobel when he criticized( rightfully) the Soviet Union and was buried under the zionist dirt when he wrote that book.
The book was deemed ” controversial”, “anti semitic”[ sic!] and ” having unreliable facts” by Wikipedia, because it tells the truth about the role of the chosen and the atrocities committed by them in the Bolshevik Revolution.
Well, the truth can only be inconvenient and lately has become very anti semitic.

The Bolshevik Revolution was a ” color revolution”, but Solzhenitsyn did not know about this when he wrote it in 2003.
It was done by the Bolshevik Internationale, the chosen people from outside Russia mostly with help from the inside chosen.
Trotsky, real name Lev Davidovich Bronshtein had the equivalent of 2 Billion $ from Kuhn and Loeb New York Bank, a chosen bank, given by the chosen banker, Jacob Schieff.

And help from Rockefeller, JP Morgan.
21 million rubles given by Lord Milner.

Lenin had 15 Million marks from the German government and a big amount of money from the chosen German banks , 80 Million marks in gold.

The underground newspaper Iskra was sponsored by a mysterious benefactor (individual or collective), disguised in the party documents as the “Californian gold mines.” , aka American Jewish bankers.

President Woodrow Wilson was the fairy godmother, who provided Trotsky with a passport to return to Russia to “carry forward” the revolution…

May Wilson burn in Hell for all he did to destroy America( the Federal Reserve, the income tax).

60 million Russians were killed in that color revolution, 60,000 Christian churches destroyed, the whole family of the Czar assassinated.

The gulags were run by the chosen.

The first NKVD ( Cheka) was a chosen construct.

CHEKA was headed by Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Bolshevik Chosen of Polish aristocracy extraction.
One of the biggest criminals of all time, a Satanist.
How’s that, Poland?
“We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity” – Felix Dzerzhinsky
Here follows a list of chosen members of the leadership of the Cheka when the mass terror began in 1918:

• Felix Dzerzhinsky (chairman)
• Yakov Peters (Vice-Chairman and chief of the Revolutionary Tribunals)
• Viktor Shklovsky
• Kneifis
• Zeistin
• Krenberg
• Maria Khaikina
• Sachs
• Stepan Shaumyan
• Seizyan
• Delafabr
• Blumkin
• Alexandrovich
• Zitkin
• Zalman Ryvkin
• Reintenberg
• Fines
• Yakov Goldin
• Golperstein
• Knigessen
• Deibkin
• Schillenckus
• Yelena Rozmirovich
• G. Sverdlov
• I. Model
• Deibol
• Zaks
• Yanson
• Leontievich
• Libert
• Antonov
• Yakov Agranov (Sorenson), who became especially feared.

A lot of anti semitic facts, isn’t it Wikipedia?

Solzhenitsyn ( I just drew his portrait) knew the truth from his own experience in a gulag.

He was one of the greatest writers of all time and the greatest of the 20th century and a prophet.

But Poland does not know that.
They accuse the Russians .
Like many people in the US and the West.
Ignorance is bliss.

“For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion”. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Poland confuses Russia with USSR and America with that ” shiny city on the hill”and the idealized Hollywood version.
Poland does not know that America is run by the chosen people ( into the ground) and that the Bolsheviks moved here.

The Poles who know this and are smart and patriotic, like Mateusz Piskorski, are in jail.
He wanted to create a Slavic Union, a Slavic Brotherhood, to boot out all foreign troops from Poland and to have good relations with Russia and China and, maybe, walk on the Silk Road, OBOR.
For these he was labeled a “Russian spy” and thrown in jail, with no trial and without any proofs.

Poland was the trigger of WW II, believing the British lies and provoking Germany. A peon, which payed for its stupidity.

And would like to repeat the experience.
Poland is going to pay, again , a big price, when the American Titanic sinks.

The Donald wants to build a Fort Trump in Poland, which will pay 2 Bil $ for this fantasy and to be occupied by the Americans, more than it already is.
To be “enriched” by US troops , which can rape its women and children( like they do in the 900+ foreign military bases , ask Japan for example, or Iraq), to have its food poisoned by McDonalds and comp., to drink caffeinated chemicals , like coca cola and have Satanic rituals presented as entertainment..

This military base is an Empire spear against Russia, possibly to replace the one in Germany.

I wonder if Trumptards think this is part of MAGA?
Because it is quite obvious it’s part of Empire building : Make the American Zionist Empire Great Again, MAZEGA.
And enriching the military industrial intelligence complex(MIIC).

The wall was not built , but a few illegal military bases in Syria were and now this in Poland .
How’s that for MAGA, deplorables?

The military base in Poland, being a Trump spearhead toward Russia will have the form of a giant mushroom, to be in conformity with Stormy’s report .

Since the Donald was/is part of the American Zionist entertainment industry and was a Casino mogul, the base can function as a military Casino, a first for a US military base.
But, hey, the Donald is a genius. He can start a Trump franchise.
Fort Trump Casino.
It has a catchy resonance.

The Poles will provide the women and children and clean up the toilets.
Money laundering, children and women trafficking, drugs, organs and weapons trafficking ( like at Bondsteele) could be additional bonuses.
The bets at this Fort Trump Casino will be Polish lives.
A win-win for the Empire.

Maybe Poland can expend even more the experiment and accept a US biochemical lab, where human experiments can be made in order to develop dangerous viruses and bacterias, that can be used against the Russians.
Like the ones in Georgia, Ukraine.
Poles will provide the human rats.

I think Poland should look at Ukraine to see what American freedom and democracy can achieve, if  looking at Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan,Yemen is not enough for Poles.
After all, there are 1 million Ukrainian refugee in Poland.

After the Ukrainian coup done by the US, with help from EU( The Polish FM was one of the guarantors of the signed treaty with Yanukovich, and  which was not respected), Ukraine is basically a failed country, rivaling Zimbabwe and Somalia put together.

-Ukraine had 44 tons of gold, stolen in the middle of the night , by the Americans
-its Carpathian forests are destroyed to build furniture for Europe (Ikea)
-its industry, which was one of the best in eastern Europe, is gone
-the land, one of the best( chernozem) is Monsanto-sized and sold to the West for cheap
-a civil war with fratricide killings, supervised by the C!A, Mo$$ad, and M!6, resulted in thousands killed
-its demographics is disappearing (lost 5-6 million people, most migrated to Russia)
-in 2019 will lose the nice income from gas transit fees
-accumulated a huge debt
-its currency lost enormous purchasing power and its GDP is collapsed
Ukraine was used as a threat and blackmail against Russia and after it loses even this role( in 2019 when Nord Stream II is completed), it will be tossed aside as a garbage bag.
And no, no EU membership and no NATO admission, not that this means too much for its prosperity.

Poland, look at Ukraine for future references.

But Poland is so stupidly full of hate toward Russia, that it fails to see that Russia is not USSR and America is the real Evil empire and not what pretends to be.
Poland is going to find out the hard way, but it will be too late.

Stupidity does not kill an ignorant man, but it can kill a country.

This Polish affair of the Donald( he likes all types of affairs) could be a big opportunity for Germany to get out the US military boot, if it is smart and has courage.
Let Poland enjoy the benefits of American occupation.
Poland survived the German invasion, the Soviet one, but it will not survive the American freedom and democracy.
The irony!

Henryk Sienkiewicz was a great Polish writer, who wrote a great book about the decline of another Empire, the Roman one.
Quo Vadis.
It describes the Christians persecutions under the mad emperor Nero and the triumph of love , sacrifice and truth.

And the Roman Empire’s decadence and collapse.

A great novel.

I would ask Poland, since it pretends to be a Christian country, why is it allying with an empire run by a Satanic cabal ( because this is what US is), against a white Christian nation like Russia? And what’s even worse, Poland is doing this when the Empire is heading toward the dustbins of history.

Quo Vadis, Poland?

American Patriotism

The American patriotism is diluting lately.

Kaeperrnick did not kneel down for the national anthem.
Hysteria on all levels followed.

The American Empire wants a good, concentrated form of patriotism.
No dissent is allowed to dilute it.

What’s the formula for this?

The best one is a high standard of living for the little people, freedom and opportunities allowed for everybody, not only for those on top, a country living up to its proclaimed high moral ground and having a good international reputation , respected not because of fear, but because everybody would like to emulate its behavior on the internal and international arena.

Patriotism is born from pride; pride to be a citizen of a country, which results in love for your country manifested as loyalty and allegiance to it.
And it is offered freely, as a token of appreciation for that country.
It is not artificially created or bought . If it is real patriotism, not a fake one.

But this formula is a failed recipe for The American Empire today.

It can not generate any patriotism, never mind a concentrated form.

The standard of living of its population is shrinking at an alarming rate.
The international reputation is gone and Americans have never been more hated .
Everybody can see there is no high moral ground left for America to display and invoke
What’s left is the fear.

So the Empire is trying the old formula, invented by another empire that died, the Roman one.

The Roman formula for patriotism was ” Panem et circenses” ( bread and circus, entertainment).

But since there is a big difference between the American and the Roman Empire, the Americans have screwed even this old, well tested formula up.

The difference between this Empire and the Roman one is that while the Romans have created the foundation for the western civilization, while building an Empire and being quite cruel in the process, they did it in an artistic, inspired way, full of genius( many will say that the Greeks were the first to build a real western civilization;  but the Romans perfected the art of creating an enduring civilization, leaving behind masterpieces on every level ; they took what the Greeks created and lifted it to a new, higher level; and, after all, the Greeks were chiseled off by Sumer, Mesopotamia and Egypt ; all around the Mediterranean) .

The American Empire leaves only destruction behind.
Wars, whole countries ruined and a financial system that is a lethal weapon of mass destruction that will take care of what’s left of the western civilization.
And Pepsi Cola and jeans.
Quite a poor record.

Kapaernick thinks that black people and minorities are oppressed.
Of course he is misguided in singling out only the minorities.
Dear Kapaernick, ALL Americans are oppressed.
They are slaves .

Slavery did not die, it was transformed into a new form.
The modern type of slavery : they are debt serfs, owned by the big Corporation that is America .
You fail to see it because you are a well paid peon used by the Empire to ” Divide et Impera”, another Roman formula, this time well used by the American Empire.

Let’s analyze the ingredients of the Empire’s recipe for patriotism:

Panem (bread):
a shrinking loaf of bread and an increasing price.

In 1940 a loaf of non GMO bread was 10 cents.

Now we have bread made of GMO wheat, “enriched” with multiple chemicals, laced with cancer inducing Monsanto Round up, that is killing all your natural colon flora, that flora vital for your immune system .

It makes you bloated, and induces multiple digestive problems and diseases.
And makes richer the insurance companies and the Health Industrial Complex.
And it costs between 3 and 4 dollars. The most expensive, organic one costs above 5 dollars.
And it still has no taste, it’s sour.
Americans who travel( a shrinking bunch too) can see and taste the difference between the American so called bread and other countries’ bread.
French bread, Italian bread, real bread that does not bloat you and taste so good.
If you dare go to Russia, well, you witness a total new culinary shock:
a loaf of bread is bigger than two American ones and costs the equivalent of 50 cents and is an epicurean experience.

So that’s the bread part of the patriotism formula.

That leaves the “circenses “ part to be exploited and squeezed  to generate as much patriotism as possible.
Here, America becomes overemotional, frantic.
Well, lately, America is unhinged on every level.

What is the circus, the entertainment part made of in America?
How do the little people amuse themselves and try to forget that their standard of living is evaporating, their children started dying again, in increasing numbers for the Empire’s wars ( see the recent deaths in Afghanistan, now in Syria and Yemen), that the young generation has no hope for a better life, that the American dream is only a dream ?

Patriotism , the love for your country, can not survive in an empty place: you love your country, you love your countrymen.

Let’s see how this applies to America:

The Left has :

1-The African American warriors, like Kapaernick, who do not see the forest from the trees.
They want more rights and reparations because 200 years ago their ancestors were slaves.
They like racist laws like “Affirmative Action”, which promotes people based on the skin color, not based on skills and merits and would like more laws like this .
And they hate white people.

2-The feminists who are subconsciously repressed whores, fighting for the “rights of their vaginas”.
Asking for respect toward women, when they degrade themselves in every possible way.
They think of themselves as superior to men and able to do any job a male can do.
If nature intended this, it would have made only women.
Women can not do what men can do and vice versa.
Men and women are complementary, and through their union and love they become a superior being, together.
The feminists do not see that they were and are used as puppets by the power.
They were used to increased the work force, but their added income did not make too much of a difference for a family.
In the 1950s, a family could live well with one income.
Today, two incomes do not suffice.
Where they succeeded is in destroying the traditional family.
I’m not advocating that women do not work or seek professional careers.
I’m only disgusted to see those stupid whores protesting with their “tits”.
They are selfish whores who have no problem advocating for killing innocent babies through abortions .

” My body, my choice’ they say.
Who can advocate for a defenseless baby who has no choice?

The feminists hate males, especially heterosexual males( the normal type).

3-The small segment of society made of gays and lesbians and the last gender “du jour” , fighting for their “right ” to have their degenerate and perverse behavior considered normal and succeeding in forcing the rest of us to do that.
And fighting for their “right”to be able to recruit children in a legal way.
Lately, they are promoted everywhere.
You would think that at least 50% of the society is homosexual, not only maximum 3%.
And they hate heterosexuals.

4Social justice warriors, the useful idiots of the Empire, fighting to promote the Empire’s goals.
They support multiculturalism, diversity, illegal immigration and fail to see that at the very top , where the ruling class is, there is NO diversity or multiculturalism.

I could have said more about this but I would have certainly fallen into a category fiercely condemned by the social justice warriors, that of anti semitism.

They hate anybody who does not think like them.
Or better said, everybody who still has a brain and uses it to think.

The Right has:

1-The gun owners, who think that having a gun will help them defend their rights.
I have nothing against guns, I am for them.
But I want to ask those proud American gun owners: did those guns prevent the gutting of all your liberties? The killing of the Constitution and of the Constitutional Republic?
Be honest and look around. What’s left to defend?

Weapons, without people who have critical thinking to see reality as it is not as it is presented by the ruling class, have no value.
The best weapon is knowledge, information.
Without this, a gun is a liability: when society collapses( and it will) , those uninformed gun owners are going to fight against each other for scraps, not the real culprits.

2-Conservatives and libertarians, who think they fight for the right of the individual to life , liberty and pursuit of happiness.
They fail to see that there is no room left for individuals; at least not for the little ones.
Only if you are part of the big club you have those rights.
Other way, you are part of an amorphous mass of slaves.

3-The Evangelicals.

A group of zombies with religious fervor.

They think that anybody who does not support the zionist entity , no matter what horrors it does, will be punished by God. Ordinary people or whole nations will suffer from God’s anger if they oppose the zionist entity.

You see , God has favorites , he is not really a God for all, a God of creation, equally loving all his creatures.

He does not consider the just, the moral , the people having a spiritual path in life and being on the right side as his chosen people.

No, his chosen people are the inhabitants of a zionist entity, created by the chief zionist Rothschild, and involved in all wars of aggression in the ME, in all false flags( like 9/11), in the genocide of Palestinians and having the star of Remphan, or Satan, on their flag.

Those are his chosen people.

YHWH-istan was given to them.

I would not consider YHWH such a high authority ; he could not even be efficient when leading his chosen people to the Holy Land through the desert : it took him 40 years for that. Quite a poor leadership, don’t you think?

4-The new , last social phenomenon called “the Trumptards”.

Those who voted for the Donald, Hoping for a Change in Making America Great Again , and fail to see that he does everything he can to make the Empire great again.

And the Left hates the Right and vice versa.
“Divide et Impera” does not leave room for patriotism.

Meanwhile, the American Empire and the real power at the top steps Left and Right on everybody at the bottom, marching toward their zionist goals.

So the entertainment part is reduced to :
-buying the last gun and ammunition , polishing and admiring them, feeling safer this way
-watch the last Pentagon and C!A approved Hollywood propaganda productions
-watch the last Satanic rituals and Satanic symbols they promote as art
-read the last great tweets from the Donald
The possibilities are endless for the Americans.

But do these generate enough patriotism, the kind that is needed for a possible big war?
Like one against Iran for example? Or another illegal attack on Syria, risking a reply by the Russians?( The Russians just said that any attack against Syria done by the coalition of killing will mean an attack against the US military base at Al Tanf done by Russia and Syria; I hope it’s true).
Because the Empire needs full spectrum dominance, to protect its power, the petro-f*cking-dollar and to expend its credit to the rest of the world, in order to survive.

Enter the Donald.

He is tweeting his contempt for NFL and Nike which supported Kapaernick.
Just like the NFL, whose ratings have gone WAY DOWN, Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts. I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018

“You have to stand proudly for national anthem, or shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there,” Trump added. “Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem. And the NFL owners did the right thing.”

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!

As commander-in-chief he is showing us the way with his moral lead and stance while preaching about patriotism.

Stand for the flag, consume, support our mercenaries, I mean army !
He is a living example for this.

He is a certified and verifiable 5x draft dodger.
For a heel spur that did not prevent him for dancing in the bars of Manhattan or playing golf.
And he didn’t even do this to protest the unjust Vietnam war, which would have made me respectful of him.
No, just to spare his skin.
In a patriotic way, of course.

But more than this, what really showed his patriotism to me was his performance at the Wailing Wall, with his kippah,having a sanctimonious face and praying in the chosen fashion, rocking back and forth against that wall, in an autistic behavior and looking like he’s f*cking the wall.
That wall is a Roman ruin, promoted as a chosen relic.

They can not even pray in silence, in a normal way, they have to f*ck that wall too.
Like everything else.
That showed the Donal’s patriotism, only not toward America.
For America there was only the humiliation and embarrassment.
An American president reduced to this shameful performance.

But I have to say that all American presidents, after JFK, and all politicians have to show their patriotism for that Wall.
Imagine for an instance, an American president going to Russia, wearing a St. George ribbon and assisting to the celebration of the Great Patriotic War on May 9th.
When Russia commemorates the loss of 26 millions Russians who fought to liberate Europe in WWII.
Americans would call this treason.

So, on a closer inspection, we have no real patriotism inducing president .

This is a poorly executed effort to generate patriotism.

The last big production of the Empire , done to manufacture patriotism and rally the troops around that flag, was 9/11.
Big production, big players, big results, big war crimes.

Today, the population is tired of the constant wars, spending trillions for these, trillions we don’t have and we print and having no money left to improve life at home.

Today, we would need a huuuge (as the Donald would say) production to trigger a little patriotism needed to support another big war.
Like nuking an American city and blaming Iran or Russia.
Are they crazy enough to dare this?

Because, other way, it is a little difficult to feel patriotic in America.

Corporate patriotism is in short supply.
The Corporate America, with its “one all seeing eye” is not inducing too much patriotism.
They force that all seeing eye on us everywhere and every time, from the dollar bill, to all entertainment shows, to the corporation logos.

America has become a Cyclops monster.
A giant; one-eyed monster, belonging to a wild race of lawless creatures who possess neither social manners nor fear of the Gods.
Brute force, no vision, no insight.
Like Dajjal in the Quran, the one eyed anti Christ, blind in the right eye, the false Messiah.
Impossible to focus on the fine details like truth, moral and spiritual values, with only one eye.

Monsters do not generate too much patriotism, even if encouragements are tweeted by the Donald.

And even if the majority of the American population does not comprehend what’s really going on.
But they could sense that things are not right and this uneasy feeling is not auspicious for patriotism.
This and an increasingly empty stomach from the lack of that bread.

The country is divided, segments of society used against each others , people are served a heavy dose of poorly produced propaganda.
What “being patriotic” means in America?

Support the troops in doing their illegal, bloody wars for the benefits and profits of corporate America and private contractors?

For the benefit of the zionist entity, which wants to grow and engulf chunks of the neighboring countries, the parts containing the oil and the water and which wants to get rid of any big, strong, secular Arab government? Which wants to throw America into a war with Iran?
Send your children as cannon fodder for the army, because they have no other prospects except to be a mercenary or a waiter?

Consume , consume, spend, bury  yourself under more debt so that the owners of America could buy another yacht, another mansion?

Use the drugs they provide to you, making billions from this( see the heroin from Afghanistan, poppy fields guarded by the US Army), and destroy your mind and health?

Stand for the flag and the anthem.

Not enough anymore.
You need better reasons for that.
Empty rhetoric would not suffice.

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” George Bernard Shaw

America has functioned so long on this slogan that it did not have time and allowed itself to see that other countries have become greater and are challenging its power.

There are many Americans who still think “we are number one” and feel patriotic because of this.

We are number one in :
-total crimes
-CO2 emissions
-divorce rate
-teen birth rate
-heart attacks
-McDonald’s restaurants
-plastic surgeries

-trade deficit

Do all these make you feel more or less patriotic?

For those thinking I am not patriotic enough because I point out all these facts, I will quote a man much smarter than me:

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. Mark Twain

Unfortunately, in America, government after government, left or right, Republican or Democrat, deserve so little.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Not exactly.
Appearances are deceitful.

The Resistance Axis:

Russia has prevented for now another chemical weapons false flag , by presenting the proofs Russia has about this . Sent to UNSC and The Hague ICC. And by blocking the Eastern Mediterranean with the biggest military drills Russia ever had there.

Russia and Syria continue the building up of their Armada near Idlib.

The Russian president and the Turkish one just visited Tehran for high level talks and the last details . Mr. Putin does not travel for small, unimportant issues.

Turkey has sent military convoys and secured its borders.

A meeting between military leaders of Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria took place again.

And Russia  has just started bombing southern Idlib.

The Empire:

Since it could not implement its plans (for now) in Idlib, the US took revenge. Asymmetrically.

In Donbass: the Empire’s professional assassins, C!A or Mo$$ad( the same organization anyway, formed of C!A, Mo$$ad and M!6) have killed the leader of Donetsk Republic, Alexandr Zakharchenko( I’m working on his portrait).
A professional job, a bomb placed in a restaurant.
Which makes me think it was Mo$$ad, they are the best killers in the world.

They practice daily on the Palestinians.

Then, the Empire tried to create a diversion, a terrorists attack in Palmyra: terrorists coming from Al Tanf area, where the US has an illegal military base.
The terrorists were killed and some captured by the SAA.
And they spilled the beans: they were armed and trained by the US, they said.

The whole western media is screaming with the same voice, coming from the center, warning about the future atrocities that the Russians and the Syrians are ready to commit. The last hospitals to be bombed.
Same old same old.

YHWH-istan, through its butcher, gave warnings to Iran of a possible attack in Iraq and Syria.

Al Qaeda executed the civilians advocating for reconciliation with the Syrian government.
The civilians in Idlib are held prisoners by the terrorists, as bargaining chips.

US is providing weapons to the terrorists using third parties, like Ukraine.

And last, but not least, the Donald tweeted.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2018

You see, the Donald is concerned about the children.
All American presidents and politicians are.
The terrorists’ children.
Idlib is full of them. In this case, Al Qaeda’s children.
I do not have anything against any children, but I would like to point out a few things for the Donald et comp.:

1-Look at the human tragedy in Gaza; the children there may not be so beautiful , they are too malnourished, living in the biggest concentration camp in the world; and they are , periodically killed by the most” ethical army “in the world, when it is time for ” lawn mowing”; but these are killed by your protegee, the butcher of YHWH-istan and it is difficult to see them.

Oh, I forgot, the Donald did do something about the catastrophe in Gaza and Palestine, he has cut the aid for Palestine, a few millions, which barely helped them survive, a move immediately praised by the butcher.

2-Look at the hundred of thousands of children killed in Yemen; that is indeed a human tragedy .
Civilians killed by your other protegee, the butcher of Saudi Arabia.
Bombed, starved, killed through diseases like cholera.

3-Look at the thousands killed in Donbass, by your other protegee, the drunk, incompetent, war criminal Poroshenko.

Three butchers that the Donald and the Empire hold in great esteem: a Zionist one, a Wahhabi one and a Nazi one.

And these just to name a few.
Venezuela, Somalia, Sudan, Niger, etc.are other humanitarian catastrophes created by your country.
So many humanitarian catastrophes created and supported by US and not even a tweet about these.

The fat, out of shape, reality TV star, playing his role in the biggest reality show on the planet, the American presidency, is protecting Al Qaeda.
That’s quite a role to play.

And then, it was Nikki Punjab Haley.
Who wanted to bring her contribution in supporting AlQaeda, as she is its spokesperson.

All eyes on the actions of Assad, Russia, and Iran in Idlib. #NoChemicalWeapons
— Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) September 3, 2018

Hey, Nikki , all eyes are indeed on Mr. Assad , Russia and Iran.
To see how they will finish off your pet terrorists.
An advise for you, Nikki.
For free.
Opening your mouth to talk or tweet makes you look fat. Really, really fat.
Something any woman should abhor.
Very fat, starting with your head.

Take example from McCain: he finally shut up. For good.