Donald Trump’s career so far

1. Good start , father left him a few millions ; cooperates with  with Kosher Nostra to nail the Manhattan real estate ; not too successful , multiple bankruptcies , ready to lose his business.
2. Brilliant idea of a reality TV show ; launches back his first career and makes him a reality TV star ; money , fame , “You’re fired” , a few extra bimbos to nail on the side , as a bonus, a ghost  book deal, showing us what we are allowed to know about the “The Art of the Deal” , with no details.

New career as an actor and saves first career.
3. Because of the above success , a new reality TV show on a bigger scale is launched, called the American Presidential Zionist Elections ; the disillusioned  “Hope and Change ” carriers need a new lease on life.
Good script writers, MAGA is born ,together with extra lies;

It’s a show , after all .

First reality TV show helps him win the second bigger reality TV show , called the American Presidential Election for the American Dream believers , renamed “basket of deplorables”
4. Fame and success get to his brain ; he believes he is a stable genius and tweets accordingly ; can not MAGA anyway ; to be honest, nobody can at this point ; the owners of America would be happy with the pretense at least ; the superpower status needs to be preserved on an internal and international  stage , if not in real life.
5. The reality TV show needs to be extended on an international scale .

US (through the Donald) needs to show it is still relevant , still a superpower, against all evidence of the contrary ;

This time, the script writers are very bad, the scripts belong  too much in an alternative reality TV, non credible;  Skripal, Syria chemical attacks= look like “Alice in Wonderland” as someone put it.

And it needed  to be the greatest script on Earth in order   to convince the world of America’s relevance.

How do you call a failed international reality TV show ?
Put in the context, a few names come to mind :
-Stormy Desert f*ck up

-The Empire ‘s hiccup began in  Syria

-Gas false flags are more inhumane than cluster bombs

If The Donald’s growing Jihadist beard  matches his awesome hair , will this be the final reality TV show for the world?

6. The Donald’s career is not finished ; in order to continue and for the Empire to gain back some credibility , it needs to scale back a little and be relaunched on a more credible script ; acting only on desperation can fry the White House,  known as Kosher House , or it can fry us all.

7. Some proposed for the Donald a Nobel Peace Prize , also known as the Oscar for the politicians , especially for those ready to play or who already played the tragedy of a war script.

This will really be a great recognition for his qualities as a good  performance actor , hired by the Empire ; and it will crown his second career ; it will free his hand to finally meet his wars quota ; after all , the Empire is left behind : its “7 countries in 5 years” has not materialized yet.

Maybe the Donald can surpass Obama , who was a great actor and achieved the bombing of 7 countries after the Nobel and was almost ready to play in the WW III script;

The Donald  has the potential to  finish his career explosively, from the Empire ‘s point of view : it could be the greatest  tragedy of all times , even if no witnesses of this success would be left to write a  review about the WW III play.


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