Nikki Haley’s spicy diplomacy


1.Nikki Punjab Haley ,the new improved Hillary , with a good shot to be the first woman president .

2.AIPAC approved , good friend with Pompeo and especially Satanyahoo.

3.Sheldon Adelson pampered zionist bitch. What’s not to like ?

4.Graduated at the Wailing Wall school of politicians , she is bullet proof Shabbat Goy .

5. Nikki opens her UNSC barking sections with Shalom , every time. She blocked a Palestinian politician for a UN position , Salam Fayyed  , just because he was Palestinian and the US does not recognize Palestine.

Such devotion to the cause will lead to Presidency.

6.She proved to the world that ,while “Russia is not a normal country and needs to join the civilized world” , America will look better with female representatives having at least a half functioning brain.

7. Unattractive, no charisma, no diplomacy , no culture , no geopolitical knowledge , in fact no knowledge at all about anything , no manners ,no shame , no soul and abundant stupidity to replace all these lacking qualities : the perfect female candidate for top US diplomacy .

8.She is representing ISIS/Al Qaeda and of course , the zionist entity’s interests with “American grace”.

9. The perfect zionist Harpy threatening countries , attacking Russia and spreading absurdities about Iran , Syria and any enemy “du jour ” for the Bolshevik Internationale.

10. And ,what’s worse, she’s not even an American idiot and failure, but an imported one. We import failures now , can not even produce them locally. I am very proud to be an American with such representatives.


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