The postponed World War III

What was accomplished  and by whom:
-lost face ; again; America doesn’t even have a face anymore : it replaced it with the mask of death
– its mighty Armada and new ,shiny missiles did not frightened a 7 year war ravaged country
– it used a 1/4 Billion hammer to KO : a research and cancer medication producing center , an empty warehouse and a deserted factory , bombed before by Israhell
-103 Tomahawks and only 32 proved to be semi- smart
-America declared victory , and  sailed home ; for now
-Mission accomplished for his beautiful , strong army said the president , triggering painful memories
-The Pentagon insisted that all his missiles hit what ever was supposed to hit ,except America’s hubris and arrogance = those were left intact
-America didn’t learn to lose with grace
-America does not have Osama Bin Laden ,who could die for the 3rd time and save America’s face ; who will replace him?
-cowboy diplomacy can only take America so far after all ,even if it is entertaining

– Was so stunned by the collective IQ of 30 of the American weapons , that Mother Russia did not respond ; sometimes children need to learn on their own if they can
-never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake ; after all ,the Russians wrote “War and Peace” and studied Napoleon on the battlefield
-did not lose anything : no soldier , no weapons
-Russia’s warning was heard by America this time
– Paradoxically ,Russian air defense system gained prestige without firing: if old Soviet era can perform so well ,imagine what new ones can do ; thank you ,America ,they said
– Mr. Putin called for an adult , calm approach of the problems ; again; will he be heard this time ?

– stunned the world with its courage ; the new version of David against Goliath gained again with a few old Soviet era stones
-Mr. Assad turned out to be an animal , A LION protecting his cubs
-the Syrians celebrated in the streets this great American failure

-proved how long and painful is the way from having DE GAULLE to having Macron playing Napoleon against Russia ;
-A bon entendeur ,salut !

-Ah ,Britain ,used to prove in the past it was PERFIDIOUS ALBION
-lost even this honor
-an ex-empire ,still trying to play the pirates skulls and bones
– no Brexit , no Novichok found , no honor among thieves
-what a loser !

-it showed again how things are done : stay in the shadows , push in the front the big goyim with big guns
-if they lose , play the victim card

-lost paper money again ; paid in full and no delivery
-the days of the petro-dollar winning are gone

– the verdict still not out
-some countries approved the American fiasco ; they remember the old America and the old Soviet ; but nobody can live in the past ; eventually and painfully,they’ll learn; also I think Poland is a lost case regarding this matter
-some smart countries positioned themselves for the new multipolar world : Austria, Hungary ; but not everybody is likely to have smart leaders in Europe ,like them
-some countries tried to be in two diverging boats simultaneously : Italy ,Germany ; this can tear you apart ,they have to choose

– showed that Sun Tzu and Confucius were Chinese : The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting + The superior man understands what is right ; the inferior man understands what will sell
-China builds roads and international bridges  now :China learned; only the wisest and stupidest of men never change
-doing business is better than doing war , building silk roads ,paved with  shiny ,yellow bricks ,even better ( it’s said China has a lot of yellow bricks, like 35,000 tons of them)

-sighed in relief as WWIII was avoided and mostly was STUNNED
-stunned by the little Syria , with its big courage and honor

There are three methods to gaining wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest.
CONFUCIUS warned again
The world was stunned to see that the civilized west chose ,AGAIN ,the third option and to see that America never learns.


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