The Donald’s negotiating skills

1. Trump , the last American President monster who likes to negotiate from fleet carriers
2. His ” Art of the buffoon bullshit deal” is written in children ‘s blood

( Syria,Yemen,Afghanistan to name a few)
3.He has a twitter button and a red button ; pray for the first ; we might survive his tweets .

Trump ,Stormy’s Desert twitter fighter
4. Fat ,reality TV watching American barbarians don’t care : they are not beautiful children ; Kardashian’s fat ass is more attractive
5. Making America Great, one piece of the world destroyed at a time
6. Yael won’t cry over them , Trumptards will be pleased he is not Hillary , Stormy will gasp , Melania will buy another Louboutin pair of shoes
7,Trump and Bolton, his Mini Me, hiding behind their smart Tomahawks ,hoping to escape Nuremberg
8. Syrians lost heads multiple times
9. Russians lost patience for good
10. Chinese lost paper money
11. America lost its mind
12. Deplorables lost faith
13. The world just lost
14. A Tomahawk orgy over fake news
15. The new confirmed barbarian countries : US the mighty Beast, UK its Mini Me, France its poodle; Israel lurking in the shadows
16. Sic transit gloria mundi !
17, Rest assured Trump , judgement day is coming.


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