The Illegal Attack of Syria


-The Deep State advanced Trump to the WAR CRIMINAL POSITION

-A real American president now, believing absurdities and committing atrocities, the Donald is very proud

-Trump, the American Yeltsin, who wanted to be Gorbachev

-Trumptards are delirious , they are still in the Trump sect cult

-The nation gasped after the last military show, the majority in delight ( we are number 1) , very few in horror , (number 1 criminals indeed)

-The world trembled with hidden disgust , while laughing in private

This is how we roll , Tomahawk diplomacy, Mission accomplished

Bush 5.o has risen, praise SATAN

-The “animal Assad” had almost freed his country : he had it coming

-Americans sighed : they can finally watch, in peace , Dancing with the Stars

– America wanted to start the beginning of the end for the world; could even not finish this ; incompetence is a national trait now

-Iran and Russia will rearrange the board now, Iran invented the chess game and Russia plays it well

-Mr. Putin has a new powerful weapon now : the world’s indignation

-America, invest in body bags and yellow ribbons ; it’s all you have left

-The religious scholars are thrilled : the mystery of “The MYSTERY BABYLON” was revealed ; we even have a Beast presidential limousine

– America , America , how ugly you have become : judge , jury and executioner

–The Empire lives now in a twilight zone , where reality is created from scratch ,but the episodes are poorly written ; this last installment of a false flag at East Douma made it clear;

No imagination left for the Empire : repeat the same “gassing his own people” mantra over and over again, ad nauseam ;

if we have to swallow lawlessness,is it too much to ask for some creativity in crime?

-And what’s with this  “gassing people”  fetish?  Am I allowed to wonder where it comes from ?

-PNAC , “The Grand Chessboard” and “Which Path to Persia “had better writers, even if the script remains the same

Reality and truth are fashionable again thanks to the Russians ; we ,finally saw some of it at Hague ; not brought by the “civilized West”, but by the “barbarian” Russians : with 17 Syrian witnesses ;

ignored by the Western purveyors of fake news.

Where is the ROI of fake news and false flags ? What’s come of this New World Order?


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