Trumps moves US embassy to Jerusalem during the massacre of Palestinians protesting the peaceful Israeli bullets

Today , we continue to witness great moments in MAGA history : American Embassy moved to Jerusalem
1. Through the looking glass of The Donald’s Wonderland objects appear bigger than in real life;
a-sometimes huge ,when in fact ,they are almost non existent ; like MAGA
b-others are humongous in real life and look non existent through the looking glass ; like America’s Khazarian problem
c-the American Embassy move to Jerusalem has the outstanding quality of making a. and b. collide ; like matter and antimatter; they annihilate each other
d- the Donald ‘s twitting mind can not comprehend Quantum Physics
e-like the Uncertainty Principle : we now know the position of the American Embassy in Jerusalem; it’s impossible to know the speed of the blowback at the same time.
f-like the Quantum Entanglement : MAGA and MIGA can not be in the same state ,they can ” have their states superimposed over each of them” ,but this could lead to the ” waveform collapse” ; we have to wait and see which one . I have my suspicions.
g-for me,the main question is this : is the Schrodinger black cat dead or alive after this Jerusalem move? Depending on who is opening the Pandora box ;
-from the Jews’ perspective ,the cat is alive and ,on top ,is rabid
-from the Arabs’ perspective ,the cat is dead and smelly
-from the world’s perspective , this is ” a bag of cats”
h- Einstein , a jew that opposed the creation of a Jewish State said this ““The (Israeli) state idea is not according to my heart. I cannot understand why it is needed. It is connected with many difficulties and a narrow-mindedness. I believe it is bad.” But he was a real genius , not a self proclaimed stable one . He was also a pacifist not a zionist.
His comments about this moment would have triggered America to put pressure and remove his Nobel Prize (we have Bolton for this ; he’s good at threatening people).
h-when Einstein said that ” God does not play dice with the Universe” he obviously did not predict the Donald’s America and Netanyahu’s Israel. But ,then again , he did not know that those dice are thrown by Satan himself.
2. America is always hyperactive; it can not mind its own business : it has no business left standing at home ; so ,it always finds some business abroad to meddle in and destroy.
3. If it can not build something at home, to improve the lives of its citizens ,why not make the foreigners ‘ lives miserable ? America is very good at this,it has a great tradition and practice .
4.We all know by now that YHWH is a real estate magnate : he gave the chosen the Holy Land;
-mortgage free ; no interest ; no down payment
– well, there were some attached clauses and conditions about :live your life in a righteousness way, do not harm,leave room for spirituality and morals ,not only materialism , love peace and harmony , but those were written in small print and lost when the Bible was translated from the Sumerian tablets to Zionism.
-then ,it was the Jesus moment : he came to preach Peace and cooperation , a spiritual life ,morals ; he was an exceptional man and could read not only the small print ,but he could read people , past ,present and future events ; and he gave a warning ;in vain ; he finished his terrestrial existence prematurely ,because he promoted Peace and Virtue
-the payment was past due in 70 AD; the result was the loss of all real estate and life .
-the few survivors found a receptive people to convert to the phariseeism ; and the rest is zionist history
5.The Donald could not resist in trying his hand at real estate again ,even if this is a losing one. He ‘s having a “deal with YHWH himself”.He is applying the eminent domain to the Palestinians and Christians in Jerusalem ,with no payment for their loss, the American way.
6. Prepare to see Who’s Who in the zionist world immortalize this moment ,including the first daughter , Yael ; look carefully ; it may come in handy next time in Jerusalem
7. From an eschatological point of view :The Whore of Babylon ,America , who’s pregnant with the Beast,rides the Beast to Jerusalem and makes Jerusalem ready for the birth of the AntiChrist . I suspect the Whore of Babylon is going to die in childbirth. RIP.


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