The Jerusalem Embassy move

The Aftermath of Jerusalem Embassy Move
I will make it clear from the beginning :
-I do not care at all about any label of antisemitism ; the word was abused and lost any meaning ,especially considering that the vast majority of Jews are not Semites ,but Khazarians , cousins of Turks and the vast majority of Arabs are Semites ; the truth has become antisemitic
-I do not care about being categorized as anti American , pro Russian,pro Iranian, pro Muslim ,etc
-I am on the side of : truth , decency , empathy , moral values , peace and humanity ; if this is uncomfortable for the American Zionist empire and its trolls ,so be it . I do not give a damn .
-“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth”. Mahatma Gandhi


-America used to have the luxury of holding the moral high ground , some say undeservedly , but the appearances were spotless ; most of America’s power came from the ability to preach the rest of the world from this position : see “the shiny City on the hill” myth ; America had very good makeup artists preserving its image
-Monday , April 14th 2018 , dramatically changed this ; there were multiple cracks on America’s face makeup for some time , but , on Monday ,all the make up fell and the real face of America was fully exposed ; and it is very ,very ugly .
-It’s like you think you married a young ,beautiful woman and on the nuptials night , you see how she starts removing her dentures ,her wig covering her baldness , her fake eyelashes , her corset revealing saggy skin , her leg prosthesis  ,you see that everything she has is defeated by gravity ,except her boobs ,because they are silicone ones(great PR). And you discover she suffers from syphilis and AIDS.
Sad as the Donald would say. This is America nowadays .
– The American embassy move was conceived as a blockbuster of this American -Israeli co-production
-Instead ,it was a huge fiasco
-This move was planned long time ago ,signed into law by the American Knesset,but all the American presidents hesitated to honor it as it was suicidal ; this had the unwanted quality of removing any doubt that America is not an impartial negotiator in the Palestinian _Israeli conflict ( as many suspected). So they kept on postponing it.
-But not the Donald ,the Donald is bold ;
-“He ain’t got the smarts , but that funny honey of America loves Israel so ;
What if the world slandered Israel’s name?
Why, he’d be right there taking the blame
He loves it so and it all suits Bibi fine
That funny, sunny, honey, hubby of his!”
– It does not matter that this was completely unnecessary and puts America in a very bad position
-It does not matter that the “embassy” is in fact a consulate on the Palestinian territory ,or what’s left of it ,after years and years of Israhelli theft ; America is always emboldened when it brakes the Constitution or International law ,or both
-What did America gain? The disdain of the whole world ,even if it was not expressed by everybody ( because of self preservation; Haley barked her threats)
– America’s allies now seem to be only : Israel ( and I am sure they will try to jump in the other boat when the American Titanic sinks completely) , Saudi Arabia ( the Wahhabi kingdom ,known for its great human rights activism) ,United Arab Emirates , a Saudi Mini Me , and other equally oily and other way inconsequential states : Bahrain , Kuwait , all known as the Gulf Terrorist States ; Qatar is moving toward greener OBOR pastures ;
-This great blunder came immediately after the Iranian deal debacle ; the world could not even catch its breath , that the Donald delivered the next blow ;
-secondary to this ,Europe is in the process of emancipation ; let’s hope it will last and Europe moves out of the American prison
-A whole hoard of 800 American zionist barbarians were invited , lead by the Inflatable Silicone Doll known as the First Daughter ,Yael,(full of hot zionist air )and her Damien husband ,Kushner ,owner of the 666 Fifth Avenue building.
-Yael took selfies with Netanyahu ; in the background we see Palestinians killed and wounded ; Yael is insensitive to the killing of Palestinian children; she won’t cry over them; instead ,she will design a new purse , covered in Palestinian blood and full of shekels
-US is the big ,fat ,overt bully that everybody hates ,trying to impose his will on them; but , remember the Donald, big ,fat bullies have a short life expectancy
-It seems that The talented Mr. Donald took the “Art of the deal ” to a whole new level : the final chapter of the Armageddon
–the motto on the Kosher House should be : “Lasciate ogni speranza , voi ch’entrate” this modern Hell
-Churchill said that “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” I disagree. I think that Americans will not have time to do the right thing ; the collapse will prevent it ; but they can continue to do the wrong thing meanwhile

– Palestine was used to have its people as live targets ,but it was more or less covert
-the Palestinians lost any illusion that US can mediate; it will look toward the Resistance now ( see what Mr. Lavrov said recently and what Iran has been saying for a long time)
– Palestine offered a fresh set of martyrs ; maybe the world will notice their blood ,if it could not or was not allowed to notice the abuse of its people ’til now
-“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.
Mahatma Gandhi
-“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.
Mahatma Gandhi
-The Palestinians showed their will to die for the luxury of being free.

-Here I fall into the “antisemitism category” for trying to make a statement about Israhell’s behavior
-well , I’ll take the risk ; better to risk telling the truth ,than to cautiously avoid being labeled an antisemite by keeping my eyes closed; see my opening remarks
-Israel showed again its true zionist colors ; as usual ,it stayed in the shadows and pushed its big Goyim bully in the front to do its bidding and binding ; in this case :seize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital ,ignore the other two major applicants for the position, Islam and Christianity;
-Israel is not used to “share” ; just pretend to ; it is ,after all, the “chosen nation” ; it came to Palestine , 70 years ago ,with a zionist Bible in one hand and a gun in the other ; it used the first ,the Bible,to convince the faint of hearts that it has a divine right to steal the land from its inhabitants ; and the second , the gun,to “convince ” the natives ,who were not impressed by the first argument ,to vacate the place

-And it kept playing the victim card,always winning; ’til now
-Israhell was never satisfied with what was gifted to them in the beginning ; in the zionist world ,there is always room for more : more land stealing(called”settlements” ) , more aggression(called “right to protect itself”) , more ethnic cleansing (called ” the right to a pure jewish state”)
-Israhell is moving forward to the Temple building and after this to their “Messiah” arrival
-Israhell missed the part where the Messiah ,Jesus, arrived when the Temple was still present ( because the Messiah can only arrive when the Temple is present); The Pharisees did not like the Messiah’s message and call for redemption and they killed him
-after they lost the Temple in 70 AD ( as the Messiah predicted),they thought they could start all over again ; well ,even YHWH does not mention a third chance : you are lucky if you have a second chance , a third one is entirely “slim chance”
-Israhell is pushing for this last chance ; I think this might be offered by Satan himself ( he likes giving ” lost chances ” a chance)
-Israhell showed it is an unbalanced entity : resilience in violence is of course the attribute of an expansionist state ; but lack of empathy and decency , and tendencies toward genocide can not compensate for the first one
-This last bloody show in Jerusalem was scheduled to open with Beethoven ‘s ” Ode to Joy” for Israhell ,but in my opinion was Mozart’s “Requiem ” for the death of the zionist entity ; neither The Donald ,nor Netanyahu are known classical music connoisseurs ;
-the Donald likes ” Sympathy for the Devil” (self explanatory,especially in this context), “You can’t always get what you want”(how fitting) ,” We are the champions” (self delusion), “Rocket man”( I seem to remember a tweet), “Tiny dancer” (he may have a subconscious thought about his geopolitical position now)
-Netanyahu did not evolve past : “I want you to want me” ( even by force), ” Under my thumb” ( self explanatory ), “I’m too sexy “( to be held accountable)


-Started a reverse Crusade ,against  America and the Zionist Entity ; how ironic
-Turkey remembers the Ottoman Empire ,when the Palestinians , surprisingly ,had more rights than now ,in “the only ME democracy”
-Turkey , which is mostly on its own side , is at the same time in the Resistance coalition ,with the Russians and the Iranians and in NATO , but denying the use of Incirlik by the US ;
-Turkey’s position is a clear sign we live in “interesting times”

-it could not pretend , again, it did not see the last transgression ; the embassy move itself ,against the UNSC resolution and the accompanying genocide ,as the bloody cherry on the top
-there was a move at UN to condemn and investigate it , but , Nikki Punjab Haley , the zionist and Al Qaeda spokesperson at UN , killed it
-the Human Rights Council managed to by pass US and its vassal Australia , and passed a resolution to investigate Israel’s ” self defense” that resulted in tens of Palestinians dead and thousands wounded ,and zero Israeli dead or wounded ; for a nation continuously assaulted by unarmed Palestinians ( or armed with stones) this is a “surprising” balance; those Palestinians are really ,really inefficient
-we are waiting to see if this will be a real investigation ,or a ” shekeled one”
-Since I believe this is a “Gandhi moment for Israel and US” ,I will leave these quotes as an end to my post and the epitaph for the beginning of the end to the American Zionist empire :
a.The law of sacrifice is uniform throughout the world. To be effective it demands the sacrifice of the bravest and the most spotless. Mahatma Gandhi
b.You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi
c.In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi
d.Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.
Mahatma Gandhi

Attention the Donald and Bibi:
A great nation is one that feeds on moral and spiritual values and inspires other nations to follow ; not one that tries to coerce others into subservience .




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