North Korea and the perils from the American Empire

America had difficulties with negotiations lately. Having the Donald as CEO , the self appointed Master of “The Art of the Deal” ( he even wrote a book or just signed it ,it’s unclear) ,  does not make life easier for anybody ; the irony of having aborted deals when you call yourself the best deal maker is  not lost on the awake deplorables. Like myself. Maybe he should write ” The Art of Braking a Deal”. He has practice .
It is a Sisyphean task for America to negotiate with North Korea. America is doing its best ,but the word negotiation is a challenging word for US , in general. It has a tendency to metamorphose into different words , which are synonyms ( from the American point of view) with: coercion, blackmail, menace , provocations, bullying , especially bullying. And those words do not have the desired effect on NK.

.But this is not the reason for the impasse.
There are three powerful annoying reasons for  the  hiccup of the Donald’s America,  when  dealing  with North Korea :
1. North Korea has a good memory ; a young nation, very proud ,which has not reached the Alzheimer phase , as many Western nations have  and remembers well the way America treats its perceived enemies ; like during the first Korean war :
-well over half a million tons of bombs dropped, 32,557 tons of napalm and chemical weapons deployed, cities erased : 22 big cities out of the 29 .
– three million dead , 20-30% of the total population
-all infrastructure : bridges, power plants gone, destroyed hydroelectric and irrigation dams , flooding of farmland and destroyed crops. It is said that the United States bombed “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another.”
-the surviving Koreans developed an anti American genomic imprinting secondary to all these ; this tends to happen when somebody suffers atrocities ; it helped them survive ; an example of  Darwin’s evolution
-this anti American genomic imprinting is very powerful in  North Korea, where the American “Largesse” was witnessed in full display
-this good memory compensates for the downfall of living under sanctions and threats for years

-it’s the old saying” What does not kill you ( America in this case) ,makes you stronger ”
2. North Korea survived and recovered enough to even have the only American deterrent proven to work : nuclear warheads.
3. North Korea experienced before the futility of making a deal / treaty with America ; and saw that nations which believe in the miracle (like Libya and Iran) that, somehow, US will respect its word ,  wake up to a painful reality.
In 2005 , North Korea agreed to stop nuclear tests, uranium enrichment and long-range missile launches, and to allow nuclear inspectors to visit its Yongbyon nuclear complex ; it destroyed a nuclear reactor, witnessed by international organizations. It did that in exchange for a food aid package and lifting of sanctions. Only to see that America lives up to its name of ”  agreement incapable” as the Russian now say. There were multiple other attempts before, like in ’94, 2000, 2003. So many deals and none to satisfy America’s quest for hegemony.
These reasons are very irritating for America . It did not find a way to deal with them.
The way America “deals” with nuisances or “pests” has this witnessed pattern:
-apply sanctions over sanctions , try to suffocate the people so they rise against their leaders;  failed deal ’til now.
-demonize the opponent , transform him into an inhuman variant ; this might have worked for the vast uninformed majority in the past , in the pre internet world; not so much anymore( I do not include here the Americans ,they form a special world , crashed by exceptionalism) ; this deal is dead in the internet waters ; American propaganda has no effect on North Koreans
-blackmail and bribe leaders ;this is a nonstarter deal in NK ;
-assassinate leaders : see above
-do a NGO “color revolution” : this has no chance in a country immunized against American revolutions because they survived the first “shock and awe” and they sealed their borders to prevent a second one.
-that is the danger of not finishing off your opponent ; America made a mistake with the first Korean war , it stopped too soon : if the enemy survives , it will be your biggest nightmare ; America left the complete annihilation of NK unfinished and now has to “deal ” with that.

Psychopaths do not like mistakes like these, they make them look too sympathetic toward the victim. This can destroy the reputation of a self respecting psychopath. The Donald and his Ghouls try to rectify this.
-military attack it: this works with small , unarmed countries , not having nuclear warheads ; and even that can fail ,like it was shown in Syria.

As for Americans, most of them suffer from amnesia and do not remember the truth or better said ,never learned it ( recent poll “58 per cent of Americans would support military action against North Korea if peaceful and diplomatic means fail”) .

And confirms that Americans have two main traits: Ignorance and Belligerence. There are both lethal ,sooner or later . The recent crop of Trumptards are exceptionally  belligerent : they see their man as Superman , a modern one, twitting his way toward victory and a Nobel Prize.

In reality ,he is the American  Don Quijote , fighting for the ephemeral glory of the empire.
The Donald is not known to have read real history or , for that matter , not known to have read any book (well ,except maybe for the phone book, Playboy magazine and the TV guide) so he can not empathize with North Korea or see things from their point of view. The Donald is a true American president : his aggressiveness is not demoralized by his lack of empathy and insight ; this only makes him more confident. A sign of exceptionalism , American tradition. He sees himself as a daredevil , ready to make “the deal of the century , American way” and receive a Nobel Peace Prize for this.

The Donald tried his hand with NK , to his best abilities. :
-he twitted Kim non stop , one tweet more ridiculous than the other ; almost bored him to death
-he insulted him and demonized him to no avail , he tried his hand at irony ( see Rocket man) , but this had a paralyzing effect on us, like a  rictus ; a  bully trying to be subtle and ironic is a frightening image ; and Kim has a thick skin ; you have to , when dealing with the Americans
-he organized the biggest military show against him ,short of directly attacking the country; the Donald likes to make a show of his” beautiful, smart and big army”  ; I think it comes from an impotence of the subconscious : the ugly guys like to show off their beautiful ,trophy wives for the same reasons ;
-this failed too ; Kim showed off his “trophy wife “, not so endowed by her creator , but endowed enough to trigger in the “big , beautiful and smart American trophy wife ”  a self-preservation mode and prevent a “cat fight”  between the two; for now.
Kim realized that NK needs a new American -free approach to make some progress.
So he courted China, Russia and South Korea ; known as the real deal makers. And neighbors who should have some saying in the matter ; as opposed to a country ,thousands of miles away from them and the problem and light years away from any deal and treaty making.
NK showed it has some grace : it liberated 3 US prisoners (read spies) , destroyed (again ,like in 2006) a nuclear reactor , and was willing to talk ,only to be duped (again ,like in 2006) by the dishonest US. Peace in Korean peninsula will always rely only on the Koreans, if the US is involved ,  constant war will be the result.
Some say that there is no hope for change there. I say , this time might be different . Because we have a different South Korea , a power house in Asia and the world. SK got rid of her corrupt , American approved puppet and has a pro peace, pro business with China and Russia president. He seems to have the rare quality of being not too pro American, at least covertly.

And Moon Jae-in and SK in general did not like the ” Libya scenario awaiting NK” comments done by the Bush era recycled Bolton, the Christian zionist VP Pence and the UN American calamity , Nikki Haley , all known as the Zionist Spears of America.
So,  NK and SK restarted the talks , their spoken languages are the same and they have similar semantics, more compatible than the American exceptional language  . You see, America has its own language, does not speak anymore the English understood by international diplomacy ( this  is not an “Austrian language type of mistake” from me). And it seems that fewer and fewer countries understand American language lately.

Asians are smart and play the long game. They invented GO, which is more complicated than chess.

This is the arrangement of pieces on the play board.

They are using the” honey trap”, in this case not through a hooker ( also the Donald would not object to this , judging by his Stormy adventures) , but the Nobel Piece Prize . The big, fat,  dumb bully will not be able to resist . He has to surpass Obama’s achievements.

There are quiet talks between SK ,NK and China.

The question is this : what will prevail , the neocons war games and sabotage or the Donald’s ego. Let’s see what is stronger; and if the Donald has any power .


Possible outcomes:

Imagine a unified Korea ,what a power house this might be. Not for the American taste . But America has become too bitter and sour for the world ‘s taste lately.
The Donald’s Nobel seems to fade away. But who knows ,The Koreans may use it as a bait. The Donald’s ego needs a special hook. Will this be strong enough to counter the zionist poison?
The North Koreans already won : they are still there ,despite a huge effort to eradicate them . And , surprisingly , their economy is by no means “in tatters” as America likes to describe it. And, even if the Empire does not like or approve it, NK , and, probably SK too, will be integrated into OBOR.
I will finish with the words of a great leader of a resistance movement, who showed that chosen’s invincibility is only a myth:

Nasrallah: “It doesn’t matter how many arms, tanks, missiles, aircraft, and troops you have. Strength starts from within.”

Never underestimate the strength that comes from surviving a war and oppression and injustice. Remember this the Donald.


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