The Iran nuclear deal and the consequences for the Empire

I come back to this subject because important developments took place.

Mahatma Gandhi said that seven things will destroy us ,7 sins:


Wealth Without Work
Pleasure Without Conscience
Knowledge Without Character
Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)
Science Without Humanity
Religion Without Sacrifice
Politics Without Principle

These sins seem well represented in the American Empire ( with its wings , forming the American-Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabi entity):
1-the Anglo one, the mother of the American Empire and purveyor of the Pirates and Buccaneers Maritime Empire + the origin of the Financial power , the City of London
2-the Zionist one , representing the foot of the Empire in the Middle East , where the black Gold is + because of their disproportionate representation in all position of real power in the heart of the Empire, the USA.
4-the Wahhabi one ( Saudi Arabia ,as the leader of the Gulf States) , because of their leading role as oil producers and their role in supporting the petro-dollar , the blood line of the Empire + the birth and spreading of Wahhabism , the terrorists’ ideology , well used by the Empire
These form the American Empire , the Beast , with 4 heads.
And the Empire does not want to give up its advantageous position of ruling the West and trying to rule the whole world.
The Empire does not know how to compete in a fair way. Maybe it never did and we confused force with competing.

Didn’t Rockefeller say that “Competition is a sin. ” ? He was one of the REAL FOUNDING FATHERS of the Empire.
You see, the apogee of the American wealth , prosperity and power on every level was in the 50s and 60s. America was the engine of the world.

And why was that ? It did not have too much competition from the rest of the world . Which had been destroyed in WWII. America was left intact , producing goods and accepting Gold from the devastated world.

NO competition. A very successful template for world dominance from the Empire’s point of view.
But then , the Empire made some mistakes ; it got involved in the Vietnam war ( read Asia dominance and drug trade) and spent a lot of its capital, had bad PR and spent too much money. This resulted in a lot of dollar printing ( the QE of that time) and the thinning of the dollar ; the dollar was still backed by some Gold at that time. I think it had 20%  Gold backing.
And the French , who had at that time a great leader, Gen. De Gaulle noticed that the dollar is becoming more paper than Gold. And they did not want to sell their goods for paper. So, France triggered an American default, by asking for Gold as payment.

It also triggered the C!A jokes about “the surrender of France without fight, how cowardly they are , that France was occupied by Germany in 2 weeks…”.

And later, it triggered a French color revolution to get rid of the nuisance , De Gaulle.

After a short period of confusion and after the Empire exited,unilaterally as usual,  the Gold standard and Bretton Woods agreement , the Financial Power ,(the Tribe ), sent its Magi (Kissinger) with gifts for the Arab world: sell your oil ONLY in dollars + recycle the dollar surplus in American T Bills and we will make you filthy rich.

This way, the whole word is forced to use the dollar, and recycle its surplus in American T Bills and support the US deficit spending . Including its wars.
And ,so the petro-dollar was born.

The rest is only American Zionist annals of history.
This is in a nutshell what you need to know to understand what is happening ; the wars, the sanctions , the color revolutions, the false flags.
This is what the Empire is trying to protect .
Because there are recalcitrant countries , like Russia, China, Iran, Syria ; they insist on self determination , do not take the orders of the Empire lightly and want something more substantial for their goods. And they have a lot of goods: oil, gas, natural resources, the manufacturing base. And big guns to protect them. And they offer carrots when doing treaties with other countries. Win-win philosophy. And they represent COMPETITION, something the Empire hates.
The Empire has only the stick as an  offer.

See all the wars and destruction, the sanctions, the destroyed markets and economies, the debt , the multiple financial Ponzi schemes ,etc.
A healthy economy can not thrive on paper money, born from debt and supported by usury and the fractional reserve Ponzi scheme.
Europe , as a good vassal, suffered a lot following the Empire : Russian sanctions , Ukraine debacle, ME wars and resulting immigration wave, to name a few. But EU is an occupied continent , see NATO .( Remember operation Gladio to understand the danger for Europe).
The interesting part is that Europe ( read Germany ,as they are the engine there) seems to have had enough.
The Iranian nuclear deal and the Russian Nordstream II pipeline that the Empire tries to destroy mean an attack on the European jugular.
No country or economy can survive without energy. Europe has the following options:
1- do what the Empire says, be a good vassal , and choose death , commit Hara Kiri
-the above option is good on multiple levels for the Empire : it kills ALL competition : Russia, Iran, China and especially Europe (see what I wrote about post WW II and America); America is trying to emulate its success in the 50s and 60s ;

Kill OBOR project
2-choose prosperity ; this means a fight with the Empire ,unfortunately.

The Empire has no real economy, his dominance comes from the Financial Power and Military Power .
See our current government : Goldman Sachs ( biggest thieves and crooks) and Pentagon  ( biggest criminals); of course , the neocons( read the Tribe, dual citizens) are well represented, as they run the show, anyway.
The American economy is a FIRE economy ( and is on fire) :

Finance (as in shoveling paper assets from the right pocket to the left one, printing paper they affectionately call money , and different Ponzi schemes to support this , like Labor, like Forex manipulations, like the 1.4 quadrillion derivative market); this is the “F” ( f*ck starts with the same letter, as in f*ck the population up). Observe that no crook banker made it to jail.
Insurance : see the mandatory insurance buying for the little people ( cars, houses, licenses, health ,etc); this is the “I” ( in your face starts with the same letter)
-Real Estate ( as in rent extraction ) ; people do not really own anything : not the land ,not the house ; they only RENT them from the real power ; these are the” RE” ( rotten establishment starts with the same letters)
And the only manufacturing left is the weapons ,arms industry. See the wars.

Of course , America produces other things ,that can not be ignored: a lot of bullshit ,tons and tons of it; diabetes, inflation , all exported to the world.
But these do not count as a viable economy : see the Trillions in debt suffocated population , Trillions in debt of the Federal government, corporation,states.

See the 100 Million unemployed people, not counted as such, not to spoil the statistics. See the 50 Million on food stamps , more than 50% of the population on one form of government help.

And all these while having the ” exorbitant privilege of the petro-f*cking-dollar”.

Imagine how these will look without it.
And ,after saying this , everything becomes very clear, n’est -ce pas?

Europe sent its main emissary to Moscow .

Frau Merkel went to see Vladimir Vladimirovich .

At Sochi, Crimea, no less. (going to Crimea is also a statement). To make a plan for defense , you have to go to the best. And offer him some tokens : she agreed with the Bear regarding Ukraine ( see Minks statement) and with his Syrian approach.

A lot of honey involved( Bears like honey). She met him twice in 2 weeks.

The Bear has big guns and an incredible amount of natural resources. You have to treat him nicely.

The Bear is allied with the Dragon and the Persians.  This means extra care.
Then ,she went to the Dragon . The Dragon holds the manufacturing base . The Dragon is wealthy. Dragons like GOLD and were hording it. The legends are true.

Then , to increase the display of real power , the Russians had a real economic forum ,the one in St. Petersburg ( which is more prominent every year) : more than 15,000 participants, 250 big CEOs, 1500 big firms , 72 countries .
And France’s little emperor went to meet ” Cher Vladimir”, he gave him a French rooster and recognized Russia’s role as indispensable on the international arena. France is the second important country in EU.

Oh la la ! Macron had an egg in his hands, while talking with Mr. Putin :

  Le pouvoir est comparé à un œuf : si tu le serres trop fort,

il se casse entre tes mains;

si tu ne le tiens pas suffisamment ferme,

il peut glisser de ta main et se casser aussi.

Il faut exercer le pouvoir ni avec trop de sévérité ni avec trop de laisser-aller.

C’est une image profonde qui compare le pouvoir à quelque chose de très précieux

comme l’œuf qui porte un germe : la vie.

Et, effectivement,

celui qui est au pouvoir détient la vie des gens.

~ Joseph Ki-Zerbo

( The power is like an egg, if you squeeze it too much, you brake it, if you don’t hold it firmly , it can slip from your hands and will brake, too.
You have to use power neither too aggressively nor too lightly, sloppy.

It is a powerful image ,comparing power with something precious , like the egg, which has the germination of life cycle in it. And ,who is at the power wheel, has power over peoples’ lives.)

Macron was careful , trying not to brake his eggs while talking to the Bear ( but you can not make French omelette other way).

Mr. Putin has perfected the art of holding the egg.

Who would have thought this about the Bear , not too long ago?

The American Empire is a Humpty Dumpty Egg now.

Funny moments at St Petersburg Economic Forum ( not that the American press will let you know), like when the Bear offered help with the military protection of Europe ,and this triggered a long lost Gauloise defiance in the little Frenchie ; when the Bear reminded him of the vassal status of France and Germany ( 9 Bil paid by BNP Parisbas for “violation of sanctions” imposed by the Empire , 10 Bil hit on Deutche Bank ).

Japan’s Abe was there too; Japan has been trying to improve ties with Russia for some time, but is afraid if the Empire. The samurai spirit has to be reborn , as Japan paid too much for being the Empire ‘s vassal.
All the important people, Who’s Who in the West , went to Moscow;

including IMF’s Lagarde.

It seems that all roads lead to Moscow lately. Moscow is the third Rome ,after all.

Then , India announced that it will not follow unilateral US sanctions.

Turkey has started a Crusade against US and the zionist state. How funny is this on multiple levels?

I always said that the Universe (GOD) has a keen sense of humor.

The world is tired of constant hot wars, financial wars ,trade wars ,currency wars. The world wants some fair competition . And to be paid in something more substantial than the petro-f*cking-dollar.

The word is ready to say the big F word to the Empire : foolhardy, fusillade, fussy and fortitude ( well , the other F word too).

It seems that the Resistance is growing, gaining new armies and allies.
We are waiting for the Empire’s reply.

I have a few suggestions for the Donald , assuming he holds any power :
lay down the Wahhabi Globe
get rid of your Kippah
concentrate on MAGA , not through an aggressive nationalism ,which does not mean only “loving your country” , it also means ” hating the other countries”. ( Nazi Germany had it, Ukraine has it, Israel has it, see where they are).

Use patriotism instead ,patriotism =love for your country ,which does not mean hate for the rest. It’s OK to do everything for your country ,but up to the point where you do not harm the other countries. Pursuing the interests of your country does not imply the destruction of other ones, because you think your country is ” superior, exceptional or chosen”.
withdraw from all 900+ military bases and bring the troops back home
stop the wars of aggression
-try your hand at draining the swamp : start with Hillary and go from there. The list is long
-declare bankruptcy ( you are good at this) ,because the American Empire is done; maybe we can save some of the country.
-see if you can make any real deal ,with a win-win benefit with the Resistance ; might not be too late
get rid of the IOU , the petro-f*cking-dollar ; it is killing everything , including America ; start with getting rid of the Federal Reserve ( non Federal, non Reserve, non Bank), the real owner of the Empire.

Replace it with State issuance of real money( backed by Gold or Silver), interest free

( debt free), get rid of the fractional reserve scam. This is written even in the Constitution.
-try to bring back the competition in the American lives, this will lead to a healthy society ( see how nature works , Darwin’s evolution ).

-and, please stop tweeting ; you are killing us

But don’t hold your breath , people ! You might turn blue before all these happen!
Because :

The American Empire is drowning in an ocean of Fake News

The Maverick at the Titanic’s wheel is tweeting his way toward a world of annihilation

No arrangement of the seats on the deck can bring any satisfaction

You can not play poker on a sinking Titanic

Rien ne vas plus : no winning cards left

Let the fat lady sing the overture of Tchaikovsky’s “Queen of Spades”

How fitting!


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