G7 versus SCO

MAGA( make America great again) annals :
We witnessed recently new chapters in MAGA history.
The G7 “economic forum”. In Canada.
Everybody is talking about “that picture”.Image result for trump at g7 meeting

The Donald sits down. Most people said it is because he likes to show who’s the boss. That too.
But, this is redundant: we all know that America is the boss; at least in the West.
America leads the pack : it is the most bankrupt of all.
Trillions in debt, federal, corporations, states, uncounted liabilities( said to be 150 T), population debt( only student debt is 1.5 T).

Unemployed: 100 Million people not working and not counted in the work force( Italy’s and Canada’s total population combined). Combined with the ones officially recognized as such, both making the real unemployment 22-24%.
Big trade deficit(like 700 BIL each year).
More than half of US population on some form of government help, 50 Million on food stamps( more than Canada’s population).
The debt growth combined with the 10-12% real inflation is counted as GDP growth. Paper shoveling and printing do not make an economy.
US is clearly the leader.
Well, it has the advantage of holding the strings of the purse: see the petro-f*cking-dollar and the financial system in its hands, giving them the “exorbitant privilege” as Mitterrand once stated.
Having said that, we go back to the Donald’s position.
In my view, the main reasons he sits there, with his arms crossed, looking awesomely bossy, are these:
-he has no manners, a long tradition among American presidents, why would he brake it?
-he is a fat, out of shape, big mouth bully, who has to sit down to preserve his lack of fitness
-he has to sit and lean backwards; this way, he gives maximum advantage to his magnificent hair; he can not jeopardize this.

Many failed to notice the most important aspect of that photo, the Bolton angle. Bolton, the Bush era recycled ghoul.
Bolton is doing the talking in that photo.
He talks with the assurance given by his experience and career:
In January 1998 Bolton signed the Project for the New American Century’s letter to President Clinton urging regime change in Iraq and stating “American policy cannot continue to be crippled by a misguided insistence on unanimity in the UN Security Council.”
During the George W. Bush administration, Bolton served as the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (2001–2005) and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (2005–2006).

Bolton supported the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Bolton is known for his strong support for Israel.Bolton opposed the two-state solution of creating an independent Palestinian state alongside the existing state of Israel.Bolton supports moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in accordance with the Jerusalem Embassy Act
Bolton has advocated for pre-emptive strikes against North Korea and Iran.

Bolton is the recipient of the prestigious “Guardians of Zion” Award.

The “talk” is quite obviously about Iran. And it is not going well.

G 7 meeting was an occasion for the Donald to show off his manners:
-he came late
-he was absent from a working breakfast
-he left early
He proposed “free trade”, while promoting sanctions and tariffs, asked for Russia’s readmission into G 7, while imposing new sanctions on Russia ( I lost track of all those sanctions, there are so many and for bogus motives).
These actions could count as a twisted sense of humor, if they would not look more like schizophrenia .
EU does not want Russia back and Russia has much better options, on the other side, the side where real economic deals take place, as Mr. Putin said.


As I said , Europe suffers from the “battered wife syndrome”. America is doing a lot of beating lately.
And, I think Europe realizes that it might not survive another beating.
Europe ( Germany,Italy, France, UK too, but I’ll come back to UK later) try to argue with the abuser, the intimate partner.
This is never successful.
The only escape is to leave the abuser.

Die Frau stands and leans forward; last attempt to lean toward America ?
Germany is the top dog in Europe, it benefited a lot from the EU format. But Germany is also a top international dog.
See here, done by someone in the know:


Of course, being an occupied country, with no constitution and the biggest US military base in Europe, does not help Germany too much.
Maybe that’s why die Frau visited the Bear and the Dragon recently.
Let’s see if ze Germans find that Teutonic backbone again.

After the recent Italian elections, I have great hope for Italy, a country I love .

Italy, the open air museum, the creator of so much beauty.
A country that had so many contributions to art, design, architecture, music, engineering, food, fashion, etc., that has ancestors that left the world such a great civilization, will survive.
Italy suffered a great decline after entering the EU.
It looks like Italy tries to rectify this.
The Italian population said ” vaffanculo” to the old order. Let’s see if the leaders can deliver.

Oh, la la cheri !
Macron hoped to replace Britain in its special relation to US ; he has colonial aspirations too ( see Syria and now South China Sea military deployments).
But , even if he is a Goldman Sachs and Rothschild  boy, that’s not enough for the Empire.

He painfully found out that the Donald does not speak French.

He doesn’t even speak English.

Only a short version of the American language, twitter amenable.
As Otto von Bismarck said:
“The most significant event of the 20th century will be the fact that the North Americans speak English.”

Macron, trying to behave like a great leader, ended up behaving as “La Putain” de France; trying to sell to everybody; cheap;

Le ridicule ne tue pas, malheureusement pour France. ( Ridicule doesn’t kill: unfortunately for France)

A laughable sad case.
Britain went to the sewer lately.
When it was Great Britain , the bloody Pirates and Buccaneers Empire, at least it was “respectable” in its criminality.

Now, it looks more and more like a latrine with a Crown on top.

Even the royal weddings, a big British reality TV show, can not hide (to name a few) :
-the pedophile scandals, involving all the power structure, leading to the very top, the Royals
-the immigration disaster
-the huge debt( see the link I provided above)
-the war crimes in Syria, Libya, Yemen
-direct involvement in the Syrian  false flags in Douma
-the whispers of 250 British nationals arrested by the SAA,embedded with the terrorists
-the Skripal’s miraculous survival to Novichock exposure
-the illegal, failed attack on Syria
-the Brexit which still does not materialize after 21/2 years

Britain is one step outside EU and one step in the air;
Bad relations with Russia and China, not so great with US.

Britain “May be in the wrong position and it’s highly unlikely ” it will be right again; ever.

Abe seems to be between the Donald and EU. Looking like he does not understand what he’s doing there.
Japan has committed Hara Kiri, being the US ally, read vassal.

Its QE printing works in tandem with the Federal Reserve and is suffocating its economy.
But Japan is an occupied country: see the presence of the multiple US military bases, despite annual protests from the Japanese.
Wouldn’t Japan be better on the other side, in SCO?

It’s a mystery why Canada is in the G7.
Maybe because it is part of the Commonwealth, the Anglos ( also the French ancestry is well represented) and the ” 5 eyes” of the Beast.
Maybe because it has big Gold reserves (and no Gold) and oil, that come in handy for the Empire.

The G 7 was such a fiasco that the participants were not able to give a common

statement .

No decisions, no economic deals, no plan, no goals.
Only cheap political porno.
Even the Biblical connotations in the slander tweets done by the Donald’s men, could not improve the impression it was a total disaster.

It was like you witnessed the gathering of Mafia branches :

Il Capo dei tutti Capi , the Donald, quarrelling with his Consiglieri, the leaders of the G 6, because the “hits” are not so easy and profitable as before and everybody wants a bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

The real economic forum took place at the same time, at the SCO, in China’s Qingdao in Shandong .
It was a good way to show the world where the action is: out with the old ( G7), in with the new (SCO).
The equivalent of multi Billion $ deals( not nominated in $ ) were made, important partnerships and common statements took place.

“President Putin and I both think that the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is mature, firm and stable.” Xi Jinping said.
About Mr. Putin : “He is my best, most intimate friend”, he added.

The Chinese partnered with Russian nuclear energy giant Rosatom, and oiled the development of the Northern Sea Route, including crucial modernization of deep-water ports such as Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, and investment in infrastructure.
Annual trade between Moscow and Beijing will soon reach US$100 billion( but done NOT in $), but their own currencies. Same for the rest of BRICS countries, trade done in own currencies.
Beijing has invested US$84 billion in other SCO members, mostly in energy, minerals, transportation (like the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan highway), construction and manufacturing.

Iran was present as an observer, soon to be granted full membership.
Iran is a key location on the Silk Road, OBOR.
Pakistan is in, and Afghanistan will be too: the Afghanistan war to be solved between the grown ups, China, Iran and Russia.
Gwadar, Pakistan’s biggest port, developed by China. Iranian Chabahar port developed by India.

The fact that those two events took place at the same time was a fine chance for the world to witness the following :
-the past( G7) fading away and the future(SCO and OBOR) being born
-the Universe always reverses back to the natural order  from a temporary displacement; the sun does rise in the East and sets in the West, and no amount of human exceptionalism can change this.


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