The Yemen Genocide

“What man sees depends both upon what he looks at and also upon what his previous visual-conception experience has taught him to see.”


It seems that most of those men, especially in the West, can not see the ongoing genocide happening in Yemen.
As for the Americans : it is very, very difficult to be sensitive to anything else, except junk food and junk possession, when you are a 400 pounds walking hippopotamus, like most Americans. Their attention span is very short and circle around themselves: junk food and selfies on their adult toys, the Iphones.

Why is Yemen so important? Why has been under attack for so many years?
1-Real estate location, baby ! This is one reason.
Bab El Mandeb strait , through which the spice flows .

Who controls Bab El Mandeb, controls the oil trade and transit in the Red Sea.
On the other side of that strait is Djibouti.
US has a military base there( well, are there too many places left where US does not have a military base ? or two , or three…).
The interesting part is that China just opened its military base there , a few miles away from US one and Russia is building its own on the other side of the US base. Interesting, Very, very interesting.

US left in the middle.

The other important strait is in the Persian Gulf , Hormuz strait, and this can be easily shut down by Iran. OOPS!
This annoying fact makes Bab El Mandeb even more important.

2-Oil and natural gas.
Yemen is on the same Arabian peninsula, known for its black Gold, lots and lots of it.
Oil and gas are the economic engines of any country. The blood line.
And the secret power source for the American-Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabist Empire.
The petro-F*cking-dollar. Kissinger’s big achievement. He even got  a Nobel Peace Prize for this. Well, not officially, but this was the real reason.
Saudi Arabia, having the biggest oil reserves and being the leader of the Gulf States  (they have Mecca and Medina too, making them the official leader of the Arab world and Muslim religion) made the deal offered by Kissinger : sell your oil ONLY in US dollars, force all countries to use the dollar this way. Use the $ surplus to buy US T bills. Support this way the US DEFICIT spending. Very Kosher arrangement.
This is all you need to know to understand what is happening : the wars, the sanctions,etc.

Yemen has a lot of oil and gas, it shares the same real estate location with the Gulf states.
And it seems that Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are vanishing at an alarming rate.
The whispers are that what they are pumping out is more sea water than oil. The Ghawar oil field , their main source of revenue and power is dying.
This explains why Saudi Arabia , helped by their minion UEA, is lusting for Yemen’s unexploited wealth.
These are the reasons.
The official ones, like : the Houthi are Shia, they are terrorists and they need some freedom and democracy is just laughable zionist noise.
If this was the case, is Yemen less democratic than Saudi Arabia ?
Where political opponents are beheaded ISIS style, women still can not drive a car, there are no dissidents left alive, there are no elections, etc.

Let’s ask the Donald’s bimbos at the State Department or the UN.

I might ask them, but I’m afraid they might answer and I’d be sorry I did ask.

But Yemen has other type of wealth : its people.
A poor country, rich in untapped natural resources and tough people.
The Houthi bunch is a special one. A Shia branch, the Houthis are an unusual type of fighters: bare feet, carrying light weapons, chewing Khat leaves ( having an amphetamine effect) , which make them high enough to forget hunger, but not where the enemy is , increase their precision in shootings  and their courage and make them great guerilla fighters.
And the Houthis are well adapted to the arid Yemeni region. And they fight at home and know the area .

Well armed, lots of weapons, including missiles, left from the Soviet era, weapons  they modified and improved. And they are very determined to resist invasion and oppression.
Even if they are poor, they seem well informed about real geopolitics; anyway, better than the American public.
They know exactly who is doing the beatings there, the countries that are  behind this war: look what flags they burn after an attack on the enemy and listen to their chants. US, Israeli and Saudi flags.

How are they so well informed, do they  have MSM ?

A difficult to defeat people.
Some say that they have some help from friendly countries, like Iran.
I don’t know, the blockade done by the coalition of killing( SA, UEA, supported by the usual suspects US,UK,Israel) is very strong and prevents this.
But why would Iran not give a helping hand, like it did in Syria, Iraq ?
Somebody needs to fight the real terrorists.

Since it is so exhausting to kill people motivated to live and liberate their country and whose strength comes from within, not from the amount of weapons they have, KSA and UEA did the next best thing : bombing civilians and infrastructure, weddings, funerals, hospitals (like the recent one, treating cholera epidemic or a blood bank).

KSA  learned from the best at doing this, the US.
They created a tight blockade, preventing food and medications to enter the country.
And initiated  a genocide.

Millions affected by cholera and starvation, malnutrition.
Millions of children dead.
Well, not beautiful enough to trigger a tear from Yael and a tweet from the Donald.

And now, the Saudi and comp are preparing the final chapter of the genocide : trying to occupy the main Houthi port, Hodeigdah controlled by the Houthis and the only port that can take large vessels, transporting food and medication.
18 Million people will be starved to death if this happens.
Not a peep from the “defender of freedom and democracy”, America.


Saudi Arabia has indeed strong reasons to spread their brand of democracy  (Wahhabism, the terrorists’ ideology) in Yemen.
The rest of the oily Gulf States just follow.
KSA is in big trouble.

It spent too much with the Syrian and Iraqi wars, those ISIS and AlQaeda terrorists have to be paid by someone.
And KSA is not spending only there ; it has multiple franchises all over the world, where there is a C!A, Mo$$ad, M!6 need for spreading democracy.

It was hit hard by the low price of oil. Instead of bankrupting Russia, it did in KSA.
KSA is a pure extraction economy, which combined with the  luxury buying by the princes , do not exactly give KSA  a strong economy in times of need.

And as I said above, KSA is losing its oil revenue as the oil fields are depleted.
Enter the Saudi ” reformer”, Mohammed bin Salman.
He did do some reforms, he reformed the wealth of his cousins and step brothers, by transferring it into its accounts. In a torturous way. But it seems this is not enough to replenish the Saudi coffers.

The Saudi army, made of mercenaries, is the joke of the Arabian peninsula.
They are well armed( see the Donald’s first visit as president, the Billions in weapons sold to them).
They are well trained: US, UK and Israeli special advisers.
They have funds.
Their pilots are, in fact, US, UK pilots. Maybe Israeli ? Not sure; they usually do not risk their people, they send the big and dumb goyim to fight for them.
And the KSA and UAE armies are still losing to a bunch of bare feet people, fighting with AK-47.

MBS has tried something new in KSA: to rule without any coalition. Combined with the looting and humiliation applied , as reforms, to his family and friends. This usually does not end well for the reformer.
They are already whispers of an attempted coup. And nobody saw MBS recently.
The rest of the Gulf terrorist states, forming the coalition, do not deserve any special mention, except that they are a KSA Mini Me.


US ( together with the other two musketeers, UK and Israel) has to protect its investments: the petro-f*cking-dollar and the Wahhabi ideology.
It is deeply involved ( see last year , when the Donald, accompanied by the first kosher daughter, Yael , laid flowers on the tomb of an American mercenary , sorry,  soldier , killed in Yemen).
For US, it is covert involvement, as usual.

The Donald does not talk about Yemen: not at the State Department, not at UN.

Except to accuse Iran that is supporting terrorism there and providing missiles for the Houthis, attacking KSA this way.
The Donald’s bimbo at UN, Nikki Punjab Haley, who is the zionists’ spokesperson, even showed some twisted metal scraps that she labeled Iranian missile used by the Houthi to attack Riyadh, this way almost surpassing Netanyahu with his cartoonish presentations. Almost. Nobody can be better than the Great Master of Deception.

It’s hard to explain how KSA is a democracy and its war on Yemen is a just one.
So, US does what it knows best: ignores the facts and the inconvenient truth.

The war does not exists. The Millions starving, malnourished, displaced do not exist. The children dying from starvation and cholera are not beautiful enough to make it into the news.
The thousands of civilians killed , the infrastructure destroyed , ALL THESE being WAR CRIMES , are not seen by the zionist eyes of the US.
And even if the Donald would say something, what difference, at this point, does it make ?
It’s what he DOES that counts. Not that the Donald’s gallery of fans would know the difference.

Remember the Donald’s first visits as president?
He went to KSA to fondle the Wahhabi Glob and do the sword dance, making a buck or two in the process: weapons worth Billions sold.
Then, he went to pay respects to the Wailing Wall, where the US politicians are born, raised, educated and taught to walk the zionist road.
Remember Pompeo’s recent visit, to the same holy (for US) places.
Where he condemned the “Iranian sponsoring of terrorism”. The irony is so thick, it needs a lot of mind twisting to appreciate it: the number 1 sponsor of terrorism, visiting the number 2 and 3 sponsors and accusing the state that actually is fighting it.



The rest of the world sees the war crimes, but most of them are afraid to mention them.
Iran has the courage, Russia too ( see the recent Russian warnings about Hodeidagh blockade.)
But Russia and Iran are under heavy sanctions and considered sponsors of terrorism.
And Russia and Iran can not do all the heavy lifting everywhere.
They may do something now, with this last attempt to subdue the Houthis through starvation and genocide of 18 Million people.
China? I do not know.
They do have a military base on the other side of Bab El Mandeb and those Houthi missiles have a great precision hitting the targets.
But the Chinese work in mysterious ways.
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. “Sun Tzu.
He was Chinese.



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