Making fun of the Empire

It’s very difficult to make fun of the officials in America .

Past and present , because the policy stays the same no matter who’s the president , or holds power in the Senate or Congress
For multiple reasons:
1-how funny is a serial killer ?

I did not laugh at all at the Afghanistan X- time surge , continued Iraq f*ck up , the Syrian debacle , the Yemen genocide , the support for the Saudi mass murder and for  Israhell killing with impunity the unarmed, or armed with stones, civilians ;

2-how funny is a thug and thief trying to steal and coerce the rest of the world ? Sanctions on everybody , tariffs (which are sanctions), because the American pie has shrunk so much that US needs to openly steal from the others ;

It was stealing before, as the petro-F*cking-dollar is the instrument for stealing and the power base of the Empire.( countries forced to buy oil only in dollars and recycle the surplus in US T Bills and thus to support the US deficit spending), but it was more covert.

Americans ( having this exorbitant privilege)  can still laugh at the rest of the world, but the world finds this less and less amusing.
The Americans can not compete, they only know force ; that’s not funny.
Long time ago it was more subtle; maybe there is a little humor in this.

3-how funny is a liar , who’s lies are so transparent that you can see the truth staring at you without any effort ?
And we have liars everywhere , big, almost beautiful( as the Donald would say) liars:
a-the Federal Reserve : which is ,in fact a big lie from the beginning, as it is NON federal, it is a private corporation,with shareholders;
The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government.

It is NOT a reserve, as it has no money deposits, only can create “money” out of thin air and LEND it to you, WITH INTEREST; money created as DEBT( credit); and it is NOT a bank, but a private corporation

b-the big Banks, the Banksters, who are not only liars, but big crooks and thieves, and have done the biggest heists in history of the humankind and they are still free and not in jail

c-the big corporations, which, apparently have an excuse for lying : they are people, and humans have flaws; but these people are very well protected, they do not go to jail.

A special unfunny corporation is Monsanto, the Devil’s baby.

d-the states and the government : only look at the statistics they provide, the  “massaged” inflation and GDP growth, unemployment, etc. = these are real big lies;

or the guidelines they put out, like the “food pyramid” ( I’ll talk about this in a separate post, as it is a complex lie)

e-the politicians; I do not need to explain this; those are the poster boys for liars.

f-the media, MSM : propaganda tools of the Empire; like Hollywood

g-the oppressive apparatus: Pentagram, C!A, FB!, NSA, etc.

They lie that they work for the good of the American people; they work for the good of their owners, the 0.001%

4-they are poisoning our soil (fracking, pesticides, insecticides) , air ( chemtrails) ,water (fluoride, lead), food ( preservatives, hydrogenated poison sold as vegetable oil, MSG, glyphosate, additives, you name , anything EXCEPT real food) ; they are poisoning our minds with their lies and propaganda ; thy are poisoning our lives with their debt ridden Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction ; how funny is this?

5-they are killing our young people with debt , no hope and illegal wars ; how funny is this?

It’s like your house was burned , all your wealth was stolen and now you are at the funeral of your loved ones and try to make fun of this and of those who killed your family and destroyed your life.

As for the Donald : he is a special case; I can make fun of him, as he killed all my sympathy.
I would be more sympathetic to the Donald’s ordeal secondary to fake news if he didn’t use the same type of fake news and false flags to trigger worse consequences and become a war criminal ( see Skripal ,see Douma false flags, see sanctions against Russia and Syria, done based on these false flags, and which sanctions are acts of war ;see the bombing of a sovereign country twice based on fabricated casus belli ; plus the Afghanistan X time surge, Yemen mass murder and so on).

I consider war crimes as the ultimate deterrent for my compassion and concern for the Donald’s troubles .

He killed my caring with his illegal acts of aggression.
I do not give a damn if he is persecuted and impeached.

I would have if he did not act like his predecessors (both Clinton, both Bush and Obama).

And, no, I am not concerned about who would follow as president, as it is obvious that it does not matter who the president is. See my opening  statement.


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