Mr. Mattis goes for the ethical and philosophical parlance

The Donald presides over a decomposing dystopian Empire.
I can not hold this against him.
He inherited it.
What I can hold against him is that he adds his “touch” to it.

The fat ,out of shape reality TV star is overwhelmed by real life responsibilities with which he can not cope.
He fights fake news only when they concern him, other way, he is on board with them: see the expelling of 60 Russian diplomats and closing the second Russian consulate, in Seattle, after the one in San Francisco, based on the very fake news of Skripal’s poisoning.
And this is just an example.

The Donald liked to profit from the truth revealed by WikiLeaks , but now  that he has the power, he finds no time to make things right regarding Mr. Assange.

Two people helped the Donald reach for the throne: Seth Rich and Mr. Assange. One obviously working for the other.

Seth Rich is conveniently dead. And ,conveniently too , his murder not investigated and not officially mentioned.

Assange is illegally locked up and not mentioned , except some time and as traitor.

So ,Hillary,with her known criminality and corruption, is free to make 400,000 $ speeches and book deals .
And Mr. Assange continues to be deprived, illegally, of his freedom, and this because he told some inconvenient truths.

That should tell you something about how the Donald is really “fighting fake news” and about the moral values of the man, if you are honest with yourself.

The Empire is like a LEPER losing parts of his body :
-here a little hair ( OH, my God, as Americans say: talking about hair loss and the Donald at the same time is a crime” de Lèse-majesté ”
-there a finger or two

-and now, losing arms and legs
But here is the interesting part : lepers lose flesh because of injuries as a result of losing their ability to feel pain.
And the Empire lost the ability to feel pain long time ago.
It still has enough power to inflict it on the others.

We, subjects of the Empire having critical thinking, and the rest of the world, are forced to assist to the horror show provided by the Empire.
And it is not even a fictional TV show, it is Reality Horror Show, involving millions dead, life destroyed for millions and whole countries and nations devastated.
And we have to pretend we are enjoying the show and that the script writers have used moral values on which they based their production of it.

Talking to the future war criminals, I mean US soldiers, at a graduation ceremony for the US Naval War College[SIC!], the US Secretary of WAR, James Mattis asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “aims to diminish the appeal of the western democratic model and attempts to undermine America’s moral authority,” and that “his actions are designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals.”

Mattis is in the first and second stages of grief : DENIAL and ANGER.
The diagnosis of LEPROSY is not something to easily digest.
Mattis goes through stage one and two at the same time, a proof of American exceptionalism.
And he adds a heavy dose of hypocrisy to these.
Hypocrisy is the trademark of the Empire: American Hypocrisy ™ .
But this does not sell so well nowadays.
Because Syria happened to the Empire.
Little, courageous Syria, that stood tall and fought bravely.
This was the final blow.

The ” appeal of the western democratic model ” was one of the first finger to lose by the LEPER, long time ago.

After so many years of non stop war crimes:
– in Iraq ( where 500,000 dead children were ” worth it”): but it was more than 500,000, this was only the “entree” for the Empire; it continued with 1.7 Million dead civilians only because of sanctions between 1991 and 2003, then 1.5 Million dead because of the ” war on terror”. Millions dislocated.
BASED ON A LIE , aka WMD and on the biggest FALSE FLAG in human history, aka 9/11.

Afghanistan: who knows for sure? estimated 3 Million people, about 900,000 of whom are infants under five.

Libya, the most prosperous country in the N Africa , totally destroyed, transformed from a country where people had the following :

-young people receiving 5,000 $ as a start up in life when they were married,

-interest free loans,

-free education, including studying outside of the country,

-free health care,

-very low costs of living, like 50 cents for a gallon of gasoline,

-interest free loans and a money gifts for starting business or farming,

-the construction of the Great Man-Made River, the largest irrigation project in the world to irrigate the desert and

-the project for a GOLD backed Dinar.

After Libya was the recipient of ” western values” and American freedom droppings,  it transformed into a hub for terrorists, human, drugs and weapons trafficking, a waste land.

-then the Ukraine coup d’etat which brought so much freedom and democracy, American style to it, that Ukraine is not even a country anymore; it barely survives by some loans given to it.

-the multiple covert African wars and crimes, like Sudan, Somalia, Niger, etc

-and we come back to Syria.

Here something miraculous happened.
The Empire’s ISIS project, which was supposed to transform the country into an Islamic Caliphate and divide it, spectacularly failed.
ISIS, the Empire’s baby ( and the proofs for this are overwhelming) was annihilated.
Syria stood its ground and showed the world that the Empire can be defeated.
The Russians and Mr. Putin had a decisive hand in killing Rosemary’s baby( ISIS).
And not only this : they made it clear who the mother of the baby is : the American – Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabi Empire.
We all know the father is SATAN himself.

And this is Mr. Putin’s one of the biggest crimes or accomplishments.

Depending on your point of view: from the Empire’s one it is a crime, from the world’s point of view, it is an accomplishment.
This and the fact that he is working on killing the petro-f*cking-dollar, the Empire’s direct line with SATAN.

As for the Donald’s contribution to the Syrian debacle, I have to point out the following( these for the Trumptards, who still hang onto the notion that the Donald is some kind of outside Maverick).
The Donald’s attacks on Syria were officially done twice and unofficially multiple times, against the SAA.
The Trumptards say that the Donald “only” pretended to attack Syria, in a display of  X-dimension chess play, that we, the poor souls , do not understand.
I ask these inconvenient questions:

-why does US feel the need to do this empty show of force ,wasting time, money, resources and risking killing innocent people (like last year , 19 Syrians killed, 4 children, with the Tomahawk missile attack) and all these based on false flags and lies?

-what is the purpose of bombing “an empty field”(last year) or empty buildings (this year) based on lies?

-what does US prove with all this except that it acts from a position of weakness ,as real powers do not need to do useless showings of projecting power?

-whom does US try to impress ? The Russian , the Syrians the Iranians, who are fighting the terrorists created ,armed and trained by US in Syria ? to what purpose ?

-you think that acting like a bully, threatening a country which did not attack US ,and this against US own Constitution and any international laws and decency ,any of these count as a great strategy in negotiating from the Donald ?

-do you support ” you are guilty ’til proven innocent” ? because US was acting based on this mantra when it attacked Syria

Mr. Mattis , I did not even mention the other displays of moral high ground shown by America in:

-the fact that it was the only country to have used nuclear bombs on civilians: Hiroshima and Nagasaki; totally unnecessary, no matter how many lies are spread to support this
Korean war
-Vietnam war
-Cambodian war
-South American constant meddling and supporting of all the bloody dictators there and killings of the democratically elected presidents, like the Pinochet and Allende case
-the support for all African dictators and their genocides
-the operation Gladio in Europe ( see the 20 years of interference in Italian affairs and crimes committed there and blaming the Communist Party, including the Bologna train station bomb and the murder of Aldo Moro : Steve Pieczenik, an international crisis manager and hostage negotiator in the State Department, said that Moro had been “sacrificed” for the “stability” of Italy.
Yugoslavia and the horrible war crimes committed there, including using white phosphorus and depleted uranium. Then the poisoning of Milosevic(presented as a heart attack), while in a NATO prison, because there were no proofs of his guilt
-the meddling in the electoral processes of almost all countries, with staging coups everywhere and this since the C!A creation in 1947
-the NATO ( because NATO is US, it always has a US General as leader) encroachment on the Russian borders

I can not list every proof of America’s moral high ground here as I would need to write a novel for this.

But America has the 900+ military bases around the world to force the world to “accept” the American values.

And apparently, when America interferes into other countries’ affairs and bombs them into oblivion, it is justified, as it spreads democracy and “American values”, which include:  coca-cola, jeans, diabetes, inflation spreading, same sex marriages, pornography, ” gay pride parades” , satanic music videos, to name a few.

What a dreamer Mr. Mattis is!

America is not even a country anymore .
A war machine ,extracting extortion fees from vassal states and little states. Spreading destruction ,chaos and despair all over the world and calling these American values ,human rights and democracy.
Its well oiled propaganda machine is having hiccups now, spewing incredible, phantasmagoric stories that only frightened little countries pretend to believe.

Like what Mr. Mattis just said.
America has no real friends or allies now.

It has lost the moral high ground .

It is marching unabated into oblivion.

Without even a glimpse of understanding from its fat and ignorant population.

And now it hit the Russian wall .
This wall is solid ,because it is built with cohesion of the entire Russian people ,united around their great leader , because they know they stand on the firm ground of justice, truth and the right side of history.

The irony is great: the ex Communist, atheist country, now the last White Christian nation , protecting the real long lost Western values against the Capitalist ,self proclaimed leader of the free world, which is in fact lead by a Satanic cabal ,having no decency ,no humanity and no moral or spiritual values.

Mr. Mattis, remember this:

-Great minds discuss ideas, based on facts not fiction and what they might like to happen,accordingly to their biased point of view . You are excluded from here.

Average minds discuss events, like you scramble ,unsuccessfully to do

-Small minds discuss people and worship them too, like the Trumptards do with the Donald ( and the Obamatards did with Obama).

And I will add this :

Programed minds continue to spill the zionist party line, no matter how overwhelming the evidence is against it ; like all the Empire’s minions, yourself included.

Mr. Putin did not “undermine America’s moral authority”.

America did this all by itself.

Successfully. Unopposed. Non stop. In an orgy of murder and filth.
Mr. Putin had only THE COURAGE , THE AUDACITY to reveal it.
He is the MESSENGER.
He did say this, I have to admit:
“People who destroy whole nations do not have the right to teach us democracy and the value of living freely”

Frank Zappa said this:
“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”


Mr. Putin forced the Empire to pull back that curtain.

I will add this as a final epitaph for the Empire:

It is only the beginning.

What I love mostly is the unraveling of the fact that ALL the Western institutions are corrupt and based on FAKE premises and pretenses.

All of them .

Political, social, educational, entertainment, sportive, cultural ; internal and international.
Everything is collapsing.
Because they can not bend the natural laws of the Universe (some call these GOD) for EVER. The nature’s PENDULUM always swings back with force. Some call this Karma.

The Universe always wins. And it has the time on its side.
And America’s time in the sun is almost finished.
Deal with this in a mature, dignified way, if you can, Mr. Mattis!




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