The planned meeting between the Donald and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


The Donald wants to meet the Man.
He even sent his emissary of AIPAC and Bush fame, Bolton, to Moscow, to prepare the field .
Bolton met with Mr. Lavrov and Mr. Putin.
The talks with Mr. Putin lasted 2 hr , behind closed doors, no press representatives present.

What has changed?

The American Empire feels threatened in its exceptional Exceptionalism.
It put a lot of work to achieve this.
This was supposed to be the Century for the a new form of exceptional Exceptionalism: the totally unopposed, pure hegemonic one.

See the guidelines for accomplishing it in ” PNAC”( Project for a New American Century), written by the zionists script writers, now collecting dust and becoming the chronicles of a failed Empire.

What went wrong?

The only “diplomacy “America showed toward Russia was that based on sanctions, lies, fake news, threats, overt or covert attacks, false flags, demonization of Russia and its president in every possible way.

This was done by both Obama and the Donald.

There was absolutely no change in the policy toward Russia after the Donald came to the White House.
Even worse than Obama.

As Mr. Putin has said in an interview, not seen by the Americans : Kremlin noticed that power is changed from the Democrats to Republicans and vice versa, the presidents come and go,  but the American policy stays the SAME.

Why now?

There is a simple explanation to this.
The Empire LOST on ALL fronts.

Especially lately.
And losing tends to change one’s perspective on life.
I think that the American Empire tries to obtain something from the Russians.
Obtain something for nothing, the American way.
I do not know what US has to offer .
I do not think it has too much left for bargaining.
Maybe to stop causing so much havoc ?
This is what this meeting is all about.

Observe the following facts:
-Bolton went to Moscow
-Russia did not beg for anything
-the meeting will take place on neutral land, in Finland, Helsinki, very close to Russia, not even half distance between Russia-US ( as this type of meetings usually take place)
-the Russian president can even drive there, so close it is ( 4 hr drive)
-the American president has to fly over the Atlantic and Europe to get there
-will take place on July 16th, immediately after the closing ceremony for the FIFA World Cup , on July 15th.
These facts tell you which country is trying to bargain from a position of weakness.

But the meeting is a good thing.
Will maybe diffuse a little the tensions.
The problem is : is anybody left to believe the Americans as honest brokers anymore?
Because the Russians are not naive, even if sometimes they pretend to be , just to avoid building more tensions toward a hot war.

Let’s analyze a lit bit those losses of the Empire.
I’ll start with the recent losses.
Under the Donald.
“We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning. you’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don’t win so much.” said the Donald.
I see only LOSSES.
Not only for ordinary Americans, but for the Empire too.
The big winners are the Russians.

1. Syria
The war in Syria is LOST for the Empire ( US, Israel, UK and KSA).
They lost their proxies , ISIS and Al Qaeda and all the ” 50 shades of moderates” in between.
What is left is a clean up operation that the SAA and allies seem to do quickly and efficiently, because whats left are the really, really stupid terrorists, those who do not understand they LOST, the Empire abandoned them and stupidity in a war gives them a short life expectancy.
Can we expect another false flag?
US restarted funding the White Helmets.
I do not know, the last one was so ridiculous and obviously fake, that OCPW is still struggling to bury it under an Empire -approved investigation.

The liberation of Daraa , without US interfering, is a telling.
But maybe the Russians made it clear to the Americans what to expect if they do.
What’s left is Idleb, known as Wahhabistan, where rats are killing each other now.

Then it is the American Kurdistan.
In the North is Turkey, which is NOT going to allow it. EVER.
In the SW is Syria, which will fight to take back its land and its oil fields.
In the East it is Iraq, which now is coordinated with Iran, Syria, Russia in their fight against the terrorists. There is a common command center in Baghdad, where a recent meeting took place.

Close by is Iran.
US and Kurdistan is left in the middle.
How hard do you think it will be to sabotage and cut the supply lines for the US military bases?
It will survive ’til the Kurds realize they’ve been f*cked again or the Americans count their loss and leave.
Whichever comes first.
So the war is LOST.
Even if the Israeli are having an epilepsy over this, twitching uncontrollably and the Israeli defense minister just flew to Washington.
Ah, and the rebuilding of Syria will be made with NO input from the West.

2. Ukraine .
The second front against Russia.
It is a hot potato.
EU does not want it.
US is trying to get rid of it and throw it into Russia’s lap.
And Russia does not want to catch it. Yet.
Not in the current format.
Russia hopes that Ukraine will survive at least ’til the end of the year.
This is what Russian sites say.
Because in 2019 , NORD STREAM II becomes operational and Ukraine IRRELEVANT.

But Ukraine being Mother Russia’s child , even if it acts like the prodigal son, it will not be abandoned by Russia.
Mother Russia wants to let the son learn the painful lesson and consequences of aligning with the Empire.
Russia wants that the US and EU cough up the money for the Ukraine’s reconstruction.
As they should because they destroyed it.
EU shows signs of understanding.
EU is in a trade war with US and needs a powerful ally.
EU will pay, I am sure. It’s cheaper than to admit Ukraine into EU and NATO.
US knows that after 2019 Ukraine will not be a blackmail tool against Russia and EU anymore.( losing the gas transit to Europe).
In 4 years ,Ukraine went from being a country able to feed 50 Million people to being Zimbabwe and Somalia combined.
Lost its industry, is losing its rich soil ( Chernozem, best in the world, only in the Eurasian steppe, including Ukraine) now Ukraine is selling it and Monsanto is moving in, Ukraine lost its 44 tons of GOLD ( which were GAINED by US , in the middle of the night) , lost thousand of its people who died in the bloody civil war and Millions who emigrated to RUSSIA and Poland.
It is done.
Surviving though IMF and US and EU loans.

3. North Korea

In NK : the deal was done by China, SK, NK and Russia.
Kim went to China three times, flew to the meeting with the Donald on a CHINESE plane, accompanied by Chinese military planes.
Mr. Lavrov went to Pyongyang with a team of Russian businessmen
( in the West they call them ‘Oligarchs’; during Yeltsin reign , when 7 oligarchs controlled everything in Russia , they were called legitimate businessmen.; well 6 of them were kosher, so I guess it is justified;
in America, where 20% of the people owned a remarkable 89%, leaving only 11% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers) and the top 1% of households had an even greater share: 42.8%, they are not ‘oligarchs’;
They are PARASITES).

The Donald came to a meeting, in the end, because, again, US LOST.

Russia is building :

-a railway NK-SK , which will be linked to the Trans Siberian and Europe

-a highway ( is already started) to connect NK and SK

-and a pipeline

Both NK and SK are being linked to OBOR.

Without US.

So , you see there was no genial strategy from the Donald with all the threats, tweets and the military exercises.

4. Iraq
Iraq is positioning itself for the booting out of the US troops.
Now Iraq coordinates with Syria the clean up operation of the terrorists remnants.
The US Israeli project for a Kurdistan there was aborted.

5. Yemen
Well , the Empire is trying to win something in Yemen, to compensate for so many losses.
See the attack on Hodeidah port , to trap the Houthis and genocide 18 Million people that do not bow to the Empire.
It’s not going so well.
No matter how many weapons and mercenaries the Empire has, it is fighting people determined to survive, whose strength comes from within, because they fight for their land and are on the right side of history. And they will win.
They may have some covert help.


The Houthis announced that a US Colonel was killed :Nicholas Petros was killed along with a group of mercenaries fighting for the Saudi regime in its war on Yemen.

Will the Donald and Yael find time to lay flowers on his tomb?

Like for the one killed last year?

And this:”The Yemeni army and Ansarullah group could hold captive one of the commanders of the US Blackwater firm who was fighting for the UAE in Yemen,” a UAE security officer wrote on his twitter page on Monday.

6. Libya
Practically liberated from the NATO/ US sponsored terrorists.
And general Haftar met multiple times with the Russian generals and went to Moscow too.

7. Afghanistan
Despite another surge done by the Donald ( 33 % increase in troops), Trillions $ spent since 2001, a MOAB dropped recently, the Talibans are gaining( 50% of the country is controlled by them).
The dreams of opening the second front against Iran, from the N , of controlling the opioid market ( see the heroin production increase in 2017) and of blocking the Chinese OBOR plan , are fading away.
Pakistan switched sides and the main supply line for US troops in Afghanistan is Pakistani port Karachi.
I am expecting any time for Pakistan to announce it is closing the port.

Addendum: a recent meeting between the heads of the Intelligence Services of Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan took place in Karachi, where Afghanistan was discussed.

8. Africa is orienting toward China and Russia: see the Djibouti military bases for China and Russia, Sudan wants Russian protection from US, Central African Republic, a huge country rich in uranium and diamonds, to name a few, is busy building relations, with Russia which is providing military support to its African ally – but what is Moscow getting in return?

9. And then there are the multi Billion $ deals NOT IN DOLLARS done by China and Russia and Russia and many other countries. Killing the petro-f*cking-dollar.
See the St Petersburg Economic Forum and its great success : EU sent Macron, Japan sent Abe, IMF sent Lagarde.
China sent its Vice President Wang Qishan.
And the SCO Symposium with its multi Billion $ deals NOT IN DOLLARS between Eurasian countries and BRICS and associated countries, like IRAN.
I will talk in a separate post about the attacks on Russia, because is a long story.

I will mention only the great success of the FIFA World Cup and the failed attempts of the Empire to sabotage it( one of the reasons for Skripal’s false flag was this + plus to link Russia and ” PUTIN gassing his own people” to “Assad doing the same and being protected by Russia”).

So. you see it’s :
Too much loss.
For the Donald’s Empire( America and the little deplorable people in America do not even count here).
That is the REAL reason for the meeting.
Is America throwing the towel in?
Most likely trying to win something, American style.
Stay tuned.
We live in interesting times as the Chinese say.


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