The former empire known as Great Britain, was struck again by bad luck:
Novichok , the magic Russian military nerve agent jumped on another couple after it stayed low-key for weeks, in order to recover from the humiliation of being unable to kill the Skripals, in spite of being “the most powerful and deadly military agent”.

Britain lost the Empire’s colonies, its greatness (even if this was built on murder and theft) , its economic power, and now has lost its mind and its shame .
Britain is currently a pedophile island, full of third world immigrants and given refuge to all the dictators, criminals, crooks and terrorists in the world.
It is laundering money through its City of London, and this is the only thing keeping that island afloat.
It’s a huge latrine with a Crown on top, as I like to describe it.

Now the Russians are randomly “poisoning” ordinary British subjects, because this is what Brits are.

The British government and media immediately knew it was Novichok and the Russians.
Maybe even Mr. Putin found time to do this.

I think the explanation is simple.

The Russian team just qualified in the FIFA World Cup quarters, after  spectacularly beating Spain ; and Britain, after beating Columbia, is in the quarters too.
Mr. Putin is practicing on poor Brits.

If the Russian team will meet the Brits in the finals, he may pull a Novichok on them and brazenly win this way , the finals.

I May be wrong regarding this theory, but it is highly unlikely.

( I tried to write this with a snotty British accent).


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