The Donald’s tweeting activity is at a minimum nowadays.

Like the Sun, which has a solar minimum.

Well, the Donald is the Deplorables’ Sun.
He warms their hearts up and gives them hope for MAGA.
He shines light on the darkness of the “Deep State”( in their view.)
He is the scorching Sun for our enemies,especially China, Russia and Iran.
He even looks like the Sun: with his golden mane and round, orange face.

America jumped from Obama , “the Messiah” to the Donald “the Sun”.
We are so exceptional that we can not have a normal President anymore.
Like JFK.

But, do not panic folks!
You will not be deprived of the Donald’s tweeting erudition for long.
He is just rehearsing now for the summit with the Man.

This is somehow intimidating and he has to learn the script he was given.

The Man can talk for 4-5 hours in Q&A sections, answering questions from unfriendly Western journalists, in a coherent and informed way and this  without a teleprompter and without a script, and he can wipe out the floor  with those so called journalist who are the mouthpieces of the Empire.( see what the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte said about them in” Journalists for Hire: How the CIA buys the News”).

And he does this in a civilized and funny manner .

The Donald can tweet. Having the vocabulary of a 12 year old.

So, he needs to practice and learn the script.

They gave it to him in a tweeting format, most likely.
The Donald’s attention span is short and matches that of most of his constituents.

The only time he can stay focused non stop is when the little zionist entity is involved.

As we saw multiple times.

But, he can not tweet the Man.
Have you noticed he never sent tweets to the Russians?

Remember the pictures from last year’s meeting on the sidelines of G 20?
The Donald looked lost, like a man without a compass, struggling to understand what the Man was saying.
He needs to better learn what to say.

The meeting is smoothened and warmed up from both sides:

America imposed tariffs on Russian steel and aluminum, trying to strangle RUSAL, the Russian aluminum company, the second largest in the world.
This was the last in such a long list of sanctions against Russia, for bogus reasons, that I lost track of them.

The Khmeimim Russian air base in Syria was just attacked with drones of “unknown” origin, flying with precision and made of US materials, and this for the 4th or 5th time in the last weeks;

The Russian did not take the hint to not participate in the liberation of Daraa, the Southern part of Syria.

UK discovered that Novichok was used again against its subjects.

Brexit did not survive after 21/2 years , but Novichok did. And it is now fresh and attacking innocent British subjects.


Mother Russia decided it was time to do its part to prepare the meeting.

Higher rates of import duties from 25 to 40 percent of the price of imported goods applied to certain types of road construction machinery, oil and gas equipment, metalworking and rock drilling tools and optic fiber.
Russia suffered $537.6 million losses from US steel and aluminium tariffs.
$87.6 million is the compensation Russia has the right to under WTO rules.
Russia is expecting a decision from the World Trade Organization on whether US measures comply with the trade rules of the organization.
If the WTO rules the US tariffs were illegal, Russia would levy an additional $450 million worth of US imports.

Russia always goes by the rules and follows the International law.

See this:
Russia ‘s presence in Syria is legal.
This is a powerful fact.
Neither America, nor Qatar, nor Turkey, nor Saud, nor the EU, nor Israel can reciprocate it.
Especially America with its military bases there.

Mr. Putin is a lawyer and expert in International Law.

What I like mostly about Mr. Putin’s style is the way he hits back within the framework of international law.

The Donald was trained in the slumps of New York Real Estate and Casino shady business. Then he learned to play a script during The Apprentice .
He is now busy with the extortion of the Empire’s vassals.
The Empire wants all the international pie, even the scrambles.

So the vassal states are making new alliances.

Mr. Lavrov just met with EU’s Mongherini :
“Lavrov, Mogherini discuss Iran nuclear deal, Syria and Ukraine”.
Haha !
EU is desperate; it needs help.
“Mea culpa” about Ukraine and Russian sanctions is in order, Mrs. Mongherini!

Mrs. Mongherini, the EU’s FM, being Italian can sing Gianni Morandi’s song to Mr. Lavrov:

in ginocchio da te
l’altra non e’
non e’ niente per me.
Ora lo so
ho sbagliato con te

” I’m  coming back, on my knees, to you

The other one (America) is nothing to me

Now I know I did a mistake about you”.

The Vienna Conference between Iran, Germany, Britain, France, Russia and China just took place.
China is touring Europe with an offer for OBOR.
It started with the Eastern and Central Europe, and is moving up the ladder to the big dogs: Germany, France and Italy.

And the FIFA World Cup is a huge success, showing the world that Russia is a “normal country” , contrary to what Nikki Punjab Haley said, it  is a civilized and clean and safe country and the Russians are welcoming people.
Russia 2018 is the best World Cup I’ve seen, says German football legend Lothar Matthaus .

It has destroyed the Empire’s propaganda.

As I said, the meeting between the Donald and the Man is being prepared from both sides.

It’s going to be awesome as the Donald would say.




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