The Donald Don Corleone


The Donald DON CORLEONE, Il Capo Di Tutti Mafia State of US went to the neighborhood to make threats and collect more extortion fees.
He went to Europe.
The vassals are emancipating themselves and have this crazy notion that they can conduct business the way they like it, without the American seal of approval.
They need to be reminded who’s the boss, who’s the Godfather.
The fees have decreased lately, as the Europeans ( and the rest of the world) are doing business by-passing the petro-f*cking-dollar.
And this is negatively affecting the crumbling Empire, the bankrupt regime which survives from extortion fees, as it is unable to compete.

So the Donald made some threats and asked for increased extortion fees because US needs to feed its MIIC and its dying economy.
He put it in an elegant, mafioso -style :
Germany pays billions to Russia for gas( instead of giving them to US), is ” captive” to Russia ( the irony is thick considering that US has 40,000 troops on the German soil, the biggest military base in Europe Ramstein and other 21 military bases there, and this 72 years after the war).
Pay more for our boys who “protect” you, their beating bats are expensive.

But the Donald is not known for subtlety.
Germany is “captive to Russia”( while we, the US, occupy Germany) and “Germany is asking US to protect it from the Russian aggression”.

We, the poor, innocent and misunderstood Empire protect you Germany( from the goodness of our heart) and you do business with Russia instead.

The self proclaimed champion of free markets, freedom and democracy and other equally non existent “Western values” is :
-trying to force a sovereign state to conduct business only with those that the Empire approves ( not Iran, not Russia, not China); as if the Empire has any right to dictate to foreign companies with whom they can trade or not
-asking sovereign states  to pay increased fees ( 2  or 4% of their GDP) to an organization which is the Empire’s tool in Europe used to coerce and subdue the countries there.

– to buy American weapons.

Because NATO is the American Empire’s armed arm in Europe.

It is used for the occupation of Europe, for conducting the Empire’s wars and for GLADIO style operations.

Read Daniele Ganser’s book” NATO’s secret armies: Operation Gladio and terrorism in Western Europe” to understand it.
Now the Nazi are replaced with Jihadists.
Except in Ukraine, where they are still used against Russia.

The Donald is trying his hand with new threats : sanctions against companies building the Russian pipeline.
The construction of NORD STREAM II could  not be stopped by the Empire.
It’s still 1:0 for Mr. Putin here.

I will translate into plain English what the Donald said, as he was speaking American, the Empire’s language and many have not learned to understand it well.

Why can’t the European vassals buy our 2-3 times more expensive and unreliable liquefied gas and they opt for the cheaper, dependable Russian gas?

Why can’t they understand that the Empire needs more extortion fees to survive?

And we need to preserve our power , the petro-f*cking-dollar; you can not conduct business outside it as it will diminish our reign over you.

Pay more for our weapons ( expensive and crappy), because war economy is the only production left in America.

We encroach the Russian border with more NATO troops and weapons, including nuclear missiles aimed at them (THAAD in Poland and Romania, the useful European idiots) and then we complain about the “Russian aggression and meddling” and we ask you, Europeans to pay more for your own servitude and occupation, because “we, the American Empire, protect you”.

But ze Germans, who were good and silent vassals, are emancipating themselves.
Because this is what Germans do when it comes to their purses, when their wealth starts being affected.

The German Parliament just voted that the American presence in Syria is illegal and the Israeli attacks there are against international laws.

Teutonic efficiency : it hits the Empire with the hammer of the law.

And then there are other states which have seen the Northern light:
Italy, Austria, Hungary and the other Visegrad countries.
Except for Poland. Poland is a sad case. Poland is consistent in repeating past mistakes and it will pay again.
Having a big, courageous heart ( resisting the invading immigration wave) does not compensate for lack of intelligence and vision, for being unable to adapt to the changing times, for living in the past and not being able to see the truth because it is too blinded by its hate for Russia.
Russia is not USSR and the American Empire is not that ” shiny City on the hill”( some say it never was).

On a funny note:
On the other hand he is fighting the ” fake news of Russian meddling” or has he forgotten that?

The Donald is trying to have his “chocolate cake ” and eat it too.

And to eat the other people’s cake.


The comedy writes itself, I have no hand in this.

But these threats are the last gasps for air of an empire on its way toward the annals of history.
Times are a changin.
And the Empire of terror, theft, destruction and wars has no place in the new chapter of the world history.

On the other front, the EASTERN  one, there were interesting developments:
-Netanyahu, the leader of the terrorist, apartheid regime went to Moscow to ask for help in containing the “Iranian aggression” ( hahah!) and to be allowed to keep his spoils of war, the illegally occupied Golan Heights.

America does not see that the  Golan Heights were illegally occupied and annexed by the zionist entity, but it sees Crimea, which has belonged to Russia since 1783, except for a short period of time, when it was illegally annexed by Khrushchev to Ukraine.

( he was Ukrainian). Then Crimea tried to do a referendum for independence and was not allowed by Ukraine.

Crimea came back to Mother Russia. A historical repair.

Crimea is Russian, has been Russian and it will always be Russian.

Deal with this!

What Netanyahu wants is not going to happen.
The zionist entity lost the war in Syria.

Shoigu , the Russian Minister of Defense has just said that Russia is ready to discuss the delivery of S-300 to Syria if Mr. Assad wants them.

– Ali Akbar Velayati, the foreign policy aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader was in Moscow too and met with the MAN

-Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Mr. Putin. A reliable adult has to solve the Palestinian problem, which is a shame for the world. And it’s not America.

-Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar plans to meet, again , with Mr. Putin; he is following the Turkish model of showing the birdie to the Empire.

A lot of movement from the ME ; not involving the Americans.

ME is reshaped outside the American influence.

And outside of the petro-f*cking-dollar.

The big meeting is coming .
Do not expect anything from it.
I don’t.
Except some funny moments.
In a tragic way.
Provided by the “stable genius” of a dying empire.


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