American Society and Food

Americans are starving.

And I am not referring only to the food you eat.
When I say Americans are starving, I mean they lack real food for their stomachs and real food for their minds and souls.
I’ll talk about both.

It seems paradoxical to say that about the leader of the Western world ( I will not call it “the leader of the free world” because it lost this position, long time ago) .

It also seems difficult to believe it when you look around and see so many hippopotamuses, barely able to walk .

In order to better understand this, let’s start with a short history of the American obesity and, implicitly, of the food industry.

In the late 60’s ,there was an epidemic of heart attacks, myocardial infarctions.
The medical community,sponsored by big Pharmaceuticals/Big Food Industry,did what they called evidence-based studies and concluded that the culprit was the fat in the food.
They did not study further to see what fat was responsible for this.
They had no incentive to do it.

Then,the government ,in all its wisdom, made the Food Pyramid and declared fat as the enemy and recommended food without fat.

But, there was a problem with the food with no fat, it had no taste.
So they started adding sugar,then HFCS(high fructose corn syrup)(cheaper), plus additives, so the food was more appealing.

This created the diabetes/obesity epidemic.

Ad it did not solve the heart attack problem, as the culprit is not the fat, it is the hydrogenated vegetable oil, that the body can not process.
The vegetable oil is obtained from pressing the seeds to extract it.
But people do not consume it immediately and in order to preserve it and increase the shelf life of the oil, the oils are hydrogenated.

An oil may be hydrogenated to increase resistance to rancidity (oxidation) or to change its physical characteristics.
But this has the unwanted side effect of making the vegetable oil really,really unhealthy. Toxic for your body, in fact.

Because the body CAN NOT PROCESS IT.
It deposits in the liver, causing what’s called “fatty liver”( most Americans have it, in different degrees).
And it causes inflammation in different parts of the body.

In the 50s and 60s the most used vegetable oil was soybean oil.
Now it’s canola and other equally poisonous ones.
‘Til 1900 there were no industrially produced vegetable oils used in the human diet and no epidemic of heart attack or degenerative diseases.
Modern diet , modern diseases.

The use of these hydrogenated vegetable oils causes inflammation in different parts of the body, and in the vessels(arteries), this inflammation is patched by the deposition of cholesterol.
You see, they do not tell you that the cholesterol is, in fact, made in your own body, liver having a big role. It is NOT the cholesterol you eat.
So,they blamed cholesterol ( the cholesterol consumed in the diet) and started the statin (anti cholesterol) scam.
Destroying your muscles,brain cells, liver.( statins do all these).

The Food Pyramid scam ( yes, it is a lie) recommends a big amount of grains intake and almost no fats.

Americans consume absolutely staggering amounts of sugar :
-added in all your food , as such or worse, as high fructose corn syrup, cheaper and more lethal ( this again can not be well processed by your body)
– in your drinks
-the increased amount of grains recommended
The amidon in grains is transformed into sugar in the body, so this adds to the sugar load.
Plus the GMO crap and all the pesticides and insecticides absorbed from the treated grains.
Plus the glyphosate, MGS,etc.

But , hey, it’s good business for the big Pharmaceutical Companies /big Food Industries.

Cholesterol is a vital ingredient in all the cells in the body: all the cells’ membranes, protecting the cell integrity and it is essential for the cells’ function, especially for the nervous cells.

Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram, while fat provides 9 calories per gram.
And fat is slowly metabolized and so if you eat fat you do not get hungry so easily.
Sugar is easily broken down by the body, absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, giving you a sugar high.
Which does not last long.
Sugar really puts a strain on your pancreas and insulin production, as the body has to rapidly lower the glycemia( sugar level) in the body, to normal levels, in order to survive.
Sugar gives you a rapid caloric boost and a rapid crash.
And all these ups and downs secondary to sugar intake kill your pancreas.

Americans eat junk food .
Food with very poor nutrition qualities. But rich in toxic substances added to increase the taste and make the food addictive.
And because of ALL these , Americans eat NON STOP, consuming non nutritious food and getting fatter and fatter.

The food does not satisfy them.

So,this is in a nutshell the history of the American obesity and sickness.

You see , American Heart Association is sponsored by Procter and Gamble, which transformed it into the big giant it is today. Billions $ given from the goodness of their big heart.

All these “evidence-based studies” are sponsored by big food companies or big Pharmaceutical ones.
The Rockefeller Foundation is involved in all medical activities
( involved in education too), overt or covert:
-Established the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Harvard School of Public Health, two of the first such institutions in the United States
The Rockefeller Foundations are big ” philantropists”, you can see here from their history:
-Funding various German eugenics programs, including the laboratory of Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, for whom Josef Mengele worked before he went to Auschwitz.
-Funding an experiment conducted by Vanderbilt University where they gave 800 pregnant women radioactive iron, 751 of which were pills, without their consent.In a 1969 article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, it was estimated that three children had died from the experiment.
The American Heart Association, Big Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries made big money from what followed secondary to that fake, subsidized and goal sought era of diet/disease mega studies.

The American Heart Association vilified saturated fat but for a long while approved margarine.
A pile of trans and hydrogenated poison made from industrial seed oils, as bad as the industrial seed oils like canola and corn oil, which deliver rivers of inflammation boosting omega-6 PUFAs.(polyunsaturated fatty acids).

And all these are creating what it is called “fatty liver” ,where all these bad fats are deposited , as the liver can not process them. It can kill you, if it is advanced disease. There is no cure for it.

Meanwhile,the good fat,from animals(not treated with anitibiotics, GMO food and hormones) is vilified.
People forget that for thousands of years, man lived as a hunter, eating animal fat and our body is adapted to this.
And not to the processed food, full of additives, and refined sugar .

No medical study is trying to see the role of modern alimentation in the creation of modern diseases. To link them.

The Food Pyramid is what “the experts” recommend you eat.
A lot of sugar from grains, and almost no fat.
The reasons Americans eat so much are these”

1.The modern processed food that the Americans eat has no nutritional value, just empty calories.
It does not produce satiety and this way the body requires more and more food.
And it has lots of calories, mostly from the added sugar.

2. Americans are greedy : they want big houses, big TV, big cars… big food portions.
They live to eat, not eat to live.

3. They do not cook.
Cooking is an art, transmitted from generation to generation. It is uniting a family through healthy habits.
It is also a refined way of looking at life: when you eat well, good food prepared by you, knowing what you put into your recipes, you savor what you eat, not gulp it down like a cow.

4. The food they buy have all types of additives that make that particular food addictive, so you come back for more.
It’s a very pervasive way of increasing the profits of the food industry.

5. The sugar put in everything :food, drinks,snacks, creates an increase of glycemia in the blood ( sugar levels), this triggers more insulin production which rapidly lowers the glycemia levels.
After a rapid boost, you feel hungry again and eat again.
And the process continues, with ups and downs.

So , you understand why Americans are starving.
They lack real food and eat non stop to compensate for this.
And they look now like walking whales or hippopotamuses, they lost the appearance of a normal human being.
It reached the point where people can not even walk anymore because of being too obese.
And this starts from childhood.
This obscene obesity creates exotic diseases, like obstructive sleep apnea and type II diabetes in children.

The second field where Americans are starving is the lack of food for their souls.
There is none.
No moral values, no spirituality.

Americans do not read literature.
They replaced this with tweets, facebook and IPhone selfies.
Commenting about your last shopping, your cat or dog, and about what you ate, is not exactly food for your soul.
Watching government propaganda on TV or Hollywood movies do not stimulate your intellect either.
Hollywood is producing movies that promote:
-foul language
-sexual exploitation of children, and even pedophilia
-sexual exploitation of women and the degradation of women
-the attacks on the last “enemy du jour” of the government and of the zionists : now it’s the Russians, especially the Russians, but also the Chinese and Iranians.
Hollywood is a cesspool of depravity , a whore culture and a bastion for pedophilia .

Music industry is producing loud noise, which can be rhythmic, but it is NOT music.
Everything is very loud to compensate for the lack of substance.
Real music elevate the soul, it connects it to the Universe, as both rely on high frequency which increases your vibrations.

It creates a state of well being, an enlightenment, it feeds your soul.
Look at the last ” en vogue” music video if you have enough courage to do it.
It promotes Satanism. Depravity. Masonic and Talmudic “values”.
( Masonism is Talmudism for Goyim).
The “all seing Eye”, the Black Sun ( Saturn planet), Baphomet (Satan) and Moloch, the God of child sacrifice are always represented.
And Monarch butterflies, beta kittens, masks and bondage, broken mirrors, and other MK Ultra symbolism( mind control).
In every video, movie, TV commercial, corporation logo, etc.

All these do not feed your soul, which is left lingering for an opening to a higher dimension.
Struggling to find culmination and synthesis, enlightenment, a broader view of life.
You can not move beyond the personal to become aware of the interconnected nature of life, to seek harmony and perfection, peace and freedom of thought, inspiration and comprehension, ecstasy.
You can not catch glimpses, however brief, of the great mysteries of life or to be able to appreciate the larger scene or patterns in life. You can not get an epiphany or a heightened sense of being alive. You can not find your purpose in life.

Everything is FAKE in this society: from the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the news you read and hear and entertainment you watch. To the education it is promoted.
People are taught fake criteria for success and beauty.
And people are always hungry as the food for their souls does not satisfy them.
And they replace it with consumerism.
Buy, consume.
Quantity replacing quality.
Greed to always have more : it’s never enough.

US is a parasitocracy, a decadent, degenerate , on its last legs Empire, which does not even know what spirituality or morality are, trying to pretend it’s still relevant, and trying to protect by means of military might projection, its last bastion of power, the petrodollar.

Observe that everything the US does nowadays,revolves around war threats. This is in fact a projection of weakness, not force.

This society  was founded on short term gratification, materialism, profits with no consideration for environment and humans ,stupid, compulsive consumerism, meaning gluttony. And no spirituality, no morality.
Look what it did to people.

You can not call them people any more.
Brainless,walking sacks of lard,who want only the last IPhone and last 60 inch TV and so on.
They worship fake “celebrities”( stupid ,souless whores with money made through selling their soul, as small as that was).
They do not appreciate human qualities like wisdom, empathy, selfishness, honorability, modesty, chastity (try not to laugh).
No peep from the population against same sex marriages, state sponsored abortions, the Hollywood culture of glorification of whores, sex exploitation of children, endless killings in wars,etc.
They think beauty means fake, big silicone boobs, botox faces and big butts.
They think that success equals how much paper money you have in your account, a big cardboard house that you rent, and having as much “stuff” you do not really need, on credit (aka money you do not have).
Because they have to have it now.

There is nothing left of this nation to be saved, even if we could.
But we can’t.


So, farewell, Evil Anglo-Zionist Empire.

It was NOT nice knowing you.


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