NASA and new space programs

Israel teamed up with NASA for space exploration.
Israel to land spacecraft on the moon next year.

Jim Bridenstine is in Israel on his first foreign trip as NASA administrator discussing how to expand the partnership with the Israel Space Agency — including on a crewed mission to the moon, he tells us from Jerusalem.

Jim Bridenstein was President Donald Trump’s preferred pick to head NASA.
He did not waste time to pay his respects to the Wailing Wall , where US politicians are born, raised and learn to speak and walk, or better said, to dance to the Bar Mitzvah tune.

What does this “partnership” means?
US will provide the money, the specialists, the effort and Israel will provide the recipients ( chosen) for receiving the knowledge acquired. For free.

But maybe Israel will provide something this time.

“Israel’s Space Agency (ISA) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) announced on Tuesday that they were joining forces to protect astronauts in space from radiation exposure, tapping into technology developed by Israeli company StemRad for a radiation protection vest it created, the AstroRad, set to be tested in deep space.”

Wait, didn’t NASA already sent men to the Moon and had the space suits necessary to protect the astronauts?
Wasn’t this what we were told?
Did NASA lose those protection suits together with the original videos of the Moon landing?
Shouldn’t NASA be WAY ahead with this technology after so many years since the moon landing?
You know, that moon landing when US placed a WAIVING FLAG in the zero atmosphere of the moon ? A miracle.
When US could not find any STARS on the complete black sky of the moon?
And the astronauts did survive the killing Van Allen radiation belt around the Earth in those light suits they had?

I think that Israel will provide the jihadists passports, known to be impenetrable to everything.
The passports will be used to protect the spaceship and to make the astronauts’ suits.
Israel should have enough of those passports, after the defeat of their proxy terrorists in Syria.

And maybe it will provide some Palestinians for the tests to radiation exposure.

They can chose between this and a bullet.

There are currently a lot of bullets used against Gaza so Palestinians can’t be picky.
Just the other day, two children were executed, shot dead by Israeli snipers and 18 people wounded.
The toll is somewhere around 530 dead and > 7000 wounded.
For Palestinians.
Zero on the Israeli side.

And now Israel is exercising its right to protect from unarmed civilians( or armed with stones) by air striking and bombing Gaza again.

The Great March of Return rallies culminated on May 15 to mark what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba, or Catastrophe – a reference to the forced removal of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages to clear the way for Israel’s establishment in 1948.

I am relieved after reading this news about NASA teaming up with the chosen.
For a short while a was worried about the future of the space colonization program.

Now , I think that those Aliens are a little f*cked.
The chosen will move in, bulldoze their homes and spaceships, the Alien native population protesting and throwing rocks and launching firecrackers will be ” shot in self defense” and airstrikes against the “Alien terrorists” will be made by the “only democracy in space” because YHWH gave them the Universe, not only the Earth and because “Alien anti-semitism” would not be tolerated.

Well, I think they are safe for now.
Because this is NOT about space colonization, or Moon or Mars landing.

Boeing’s Starliner is charting a new course for the future of space. Not only will it launch from America, transporting astronauts, scientists and more to low Earth orbit, it will also pioneer astronomical advances in safety and reusability. ”
“The Air Force will expand its Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to “improve coordination between the U.S., allies, commercial and civil partners for defensive space efforts.”
Strong alliances are vital, and the U.S. National Space Policy is clear on the importance of partnering with nations that share U.S. objectives to promote the preservation and long-term sustainability of the space environment,” Gen. John Raymond, head of Air Force Space Command, said in a statement. Among the center’s key space missions: missile warning; navigation; environmental monitoring; space intelligence; and space defense.

This is a plan for controlling the planet from above: satellites and new weapons.

Well, it is ambitious.

But, meanwhile, NASA has to rely on the Russian space program to get its astronauts to ISS.
NASA needs to figure out how to get American astronauts to the International Space Station if commercially available spacecraft aren’t ready by the time it uses up all the rides it bought from the Russians, the Government Accountability Office is warning.
NASA has purchased seats on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft only through November 2019.

Sixteen years ago, amid a post-Cold War glow, U.S. defense contractors began using a cheap and efficient Russian engine to launch American military rockets into space.
And US is still using Russian rocket engines to launch its satellites.

You see, operation “paper clip” which brought the Nazi engineers here has ended and US has not found a replacement yet.

Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was a German (and, later, American) aerospace engineer and space architect. He was the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in Germany and the father of rocket technology and space science in the United States.

He helped design and develop the V-2 rocket .

From Wikipedia:
Following the war, he was secretly moved to the United States, along with about 1,600 other German scientists, engineers, and technicians, as part of Operation Paperclip.
He worked for the United States Army on an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) program and he developed the rockets that launched the United States’ first space satellite Explorer 1.
His group was assimilated into NASA, where he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.

So, US has to solve these pesky problems before talking about a Moon landing or going to Mars.

The real news are that :

Russia has signed a memorandum of understanding with China in order to cooperate with the latter in the field of moon and deep-space exploration and on space debris monitoring.
Maybe a man will finally go to the moon.

Because what US showed us was a Disney production, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

In 2003, China joined the very small club of nations, consisting of Russia and the United States, that can launch a person to orbit. The second and third manned Chinese missions came in 2005 and 2008.

The next space race is on.
For military domination mostly, but maybe some civilian technologies will gain from this.
And US is way behind.

And Russia has offered to help NASA find those “lost” original videotapes of the “moon landing”.
Because they belong to humanity.
To be studied in a world museum for fake artifacts.


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