The Helsinki Summit

The Summit, relabeled “the Helsinki visit” by the hard core MSM, finally took place.
There were no breaking news about it in the Putin-Trump press conference.
We do not know what was really discussed behind closed doors.

The Donald did not say anything of substance except a few things:
-that the meeting was “great” ( that’s the word he uses for describing everything he touches; so no news here)
-that he asked Putin about the 12 Russians indicted by Mueller .
-he pressed Mr. Putin about the “annexation of Crimea”
-they discussed Ukraine, North Korea, Syria and Iran,of course, but no details

Mr. Putin did not elaborate too much about what was discussed, but did say more substantial things:
-for the 12 indicted Russians: there is a treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between Russia and US, since 1999 and if Russia receives an official request within the framework of this treaty, would allow Mr. Mueller and his team to travel to Russia and be present at the questioning of 12 Russian military intelligence officers the special counsel indicted for “hacking” into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.
-he would like to reciprocate this investigation by allowing Russia to do the same about Browder. The United States would have to permit Russian law enforcement officials to take part in interrogations of people “who have something to do with illegal actions on the territory of Russia.”, like William F. Browder, an American-born Jewish-British financier ( any surprise here?) who renounced U.S. citizenship in 1998 to avoid paying taxes related to foreign investment (any surprises here?) and who is co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, an investment fund that at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, with Beny Steinmetz and Edmond Safra.
He is involved into massive tax fraud .
He is one of the OUTSIDE CHOSEN who helped the INSIDE CHOSEN rape and steal Russian assets during the Yeltsin era of rampant fraud done by the chosen Haaahrvaaad boys .
He was a prominent shareholder in the Russian gas giant Gazprom, the large oil company Surgutneftegaz, RAO UES, Sberbank, Sidanco, Avisma, and Volzhanka, and illegally siphoned the companies’ assets, BILLIONS AND BILLIONS into offshore accounts and then transferred the funds to U.S. accounts at Barclays.
He is so powerful that he managed to lobby for Congress to pass the “Magnitsky Act”, a law to punish Russian human rights violators, which was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama, this way becoming UNTOUCHABLE , like any respectable representative of the Tribe.
Magnitisky, the auditor of this tax fraud, died in prison, while waiting to testify AGAINST Browder.
And US said he was killed by Mr. Putin.
The ONLY one benefiting from his death was Browder.
Browder’s case is “political” by US standards and the Russian government can not pursue it.

On October 21, 2017, as part of a criminal conviction for tax evasion[7], the Russian government attempted to place Browder on Interpol‘s arrest list.

After a protest by U.S. Congressional leaders, his visa was restored the following day.

Russia’s arrest-warrant request was rejected by Interpol on October 26, 2017.

While visiting Spain in May 2018, Browder was arrested on 30 May 2018 by Spanish authorities on a new Russian Interpol warrant and transferred to an undisclosed Spanish police station, yet he was released two hours later, after Interpol confirmed that this was a” political case.”

He is not even an American citizen anymore.

HE IS A CHOSEN, after all, and moves are made quickly to protect him.

This is a stroke of genius from Mr. Putin’s part.
He always hits within the frame of the law.
Asking US to respect its own signed treaty with Russia and reciprocate by allowing Browder’s investigation ( a real one) as opposed to the bogus one regarding the 12 Russians.
-as for Crimea, there is not much to say anymore: Crimea had a referendum and came back to the RIGHTFUL owner, Russia.

I did not expect too much from this summit.
I’ll explain why.

But it was a good thing, trying to lower the American hysteria levels, also it achieved an increase of it from the Donald’s detractors;

Big words used: treason, he is in Putin’s pocket, Trump and Putin are “lovers” and this was the equivalent of 9/11, Pearl Harbor and an event equal to life extinguished from the Earth , at the same time .
Hysteria accompanied by stupidity is very hard to tolerate.
Of all the possible combinations you get when you mix Evil with different other”qualities”,the most annoying one for me is Evil+Stupidity.

We will have glimpses of what was discussed by looking at further developments.
We have to be patient.

But, as I said I do not expect much.
For the following reasons:

1.Russia will not change its internal and foreign policy .
All the sanctions, economic pressure, sabotages, false flags, killings of her diplomats and people ( like multiple plane “accidents”), all the propaganda and Russophobia thrown against Russia HAVE FAILED.
Russia is stronger, more respected than ever and a very big player on the international arena, whether US likes it or not.

The Russian economy recovered and it is going strong.

Russia will continue to strengthen its economy OUTSIDE the US petro-f*cking-dollar and continue to become more and more self reliant.
And Russia can afford it as it has HUGE natural resources, smart and educated people.
It is too big, too important and too wealthy to be ignored.
And, no, Russia is not going to abandon its partners and allies, like Syria and Iran, because of some American promises(that nobody believes).

2. Russia will not change its borders.
So all this annexation of Crimea and Russian “aggression” talks are just non sense and embarrassments for the American Empire.
Russia is not going to invade Europe, even if paid.
It has enough mass land and does not need bankrupt countries, invaded by third world immigrants.
And Crimea is going to stay Russian. It has been Russian since 1783.
The Ukrainian coup done by America was a God sent from this point of view: it allowed the return of Crimea to Mother Russia.

3. Russia’s investment into OBOR and Eurasia trading partners will not be dismissed because of some American unreliable carrots.
Russia has hundreds and hundreds of Billions in investments with China and SCO partners, and only a few Billions with America.

Europe lost hundred Billions from the sanctions against Russia and is trying to rectify this. See Nord Stream II , that US did its best to oppose.

The alliance between Russia and China is too strong now, a “double helix” .
It is based on mutual advantages and the fight against US hegemony.
Somebody needs to kill the petro-f*cking-dollar before it completely annihilates life on Earth and the Russian-China alliance is perfect for this.
China with its economic power, the number one manufacturing base in the world .
Russia with its mighty army, sophisticated weapons and incredible natural resources.
Add to this Iran with its big natural resources and intelligent, educated people.
Russia is cornering the oil and gas market, with its allies.
Russia and China are helping countries to change alliances:
Like Pakistan.
Like Turkey.
Like Qatar.
Maybe even South Korea.

The Empire lost its moment in the Sun, its chance.

It is trying to rectify this through the Donald, but it is too late and its methods are inadequate.

I talked about this before , but I will point out a few things.

Secondary to its exceptional GREED, all the American corporations lobbied to accept China into WTO and for China most favored nation policy and “one China policy” and then outsourced ALL the US manufacturing base to China, a huge market with cheap labor.
China played in the game ’til it gained power and now wants to be treated as an equal. And wants to be paid for its goods in something substantial, not paper money.

After the fall of USSR and the pillage of Russia by the chosen Haaahvaaard boys, America thought that Russia was done. Destroyed for good. A third world country to be exploited for its resources.

America believed its own propaganda, the “Manifest Destiny” fairy tale.
America was left alone, unopposed to do as it pleased on the international stage.
And it started playing “divide and conquer” in the Middle East, to consolidate its petro-f*cking-dollar and to materialize the Oded Yinon plan for Greater IS>>>RA<<<EL.
All the opposition to these had to be destroyed.
“The 7 countries in 5 years” plan, launched by 9/11 false flag and renamed “Arab Spring”.

All C!A projects have a funny name.

And while America was busy reshaping the ME, Russia elected a great leader who managed to lift Russia off of her knees and give her back her rightful role of a world superpower.

When America noticed that Russia is back and China is trasforming into an economic challenging power, it was already too late.
And what was worse was that those two forged a strong alliance.
The type of alliance Kissinger and Brzezinski( the Empire’s grey eminences) advocated against.
Because of the huge Eurasian land mass and population,the OBOR project, creating this incredible large market OUTSIDE the Empire’s influence is the lethal weapon against its existence.
The Empire can not control this trade . And it is HUGE as the Donald would say.
The American Empire, being the child of the British Empire of Pirates and Buccaneers, inherited the maritime control of the trade routes.
See its unsurpassed cruises and carriers, controlling the trade routes on all seas.

The Empire is hoping to weaken the Russian Chinese alliance.
Only that it has not too much to offer in exchange.
Because this alliance is forged not only on fair trade and win-win solutions.
It is forged on solid, GOLDEN ground: petro-yuan BACKED BY GOLD.
And it is said that Russia and China have, each 30,000 to 35,000 tons of GOLD.
And America has zero.
A new Financial System is put in place.
It is a too advanced project and America is too late to be able to stop it.

America is trying to allure Russia against China.
This is the Donald’s task.
I do not know what America can offer, but I am sure of its failure.
As for the discussions regarding Syria, Iran , Ukraine, let’s see.


The war is lost for the Empire.
I wrote multiple times about this.
Russia wants to finish the hostilities there ASAP and not expand the war and to start rebuilding Syria.
Regarding the Golan Heights, I think this will be addressed later.
It is DE JURE not internationally recognized as belonging to Israel, also DE FACTO it does.
But expanding the war to liberate it now, is not wise.
Syria has had enough war in 7 years.
It is whispered that the question of the Iranian withdrawal from Syria was linked by Mr. Putin to the question of Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights.They withdraw, you withdraw. I hope it is true.

We already see that the Kurds are willing to negotiate with Damascus.
That’s a telling that they realized they were used and f*cked by US.

US is going to withdraw one way or another:
willingly,as it is there illegally and unjustified even by its own standards( US said that its presence there is because Assad is not willing or unable to defeat ISIS and America is there to do that instead of him; try not to laugh). Well, now ISIS is defeated; we need to reassess the American presence there, don’t we?
-or booted out
It’s America’s choice which one.

The reconstruction of Syria will be without any US/Western input.
After Syria gains more strength , we can revisit the illegal Golan Heights occupation.


I wrote before about this.
US/EU does not want it.
Russia wants it (Ukraine means the “border lands” , Ukrainians are Russians), but not in the current form.
US will have to cough up some money for rebuilding, without any strings attached.
And get rid of supporting the murderous regime ruling Ukraine.

North Korea

It is integrated into OBOR and the Korean peninsula will be nuclear free and American free at the same time.
One can not be realized without the other.


Iran is being integrated in OBOR.
It will not be abandoned.
Russia just announced that will invest 50 Billions into Iran’s energy industry.
In May, Russia sold half of her US T Bills and invested the Billions from this into Gold and Iran.
China is moving in . Taking the place of the stupid European companies, which can not see that America is done, and short term planning to please US and leave the productive Iranian market is suicidal on the long term.

Were Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq discussed too?
Who knows.

But Afghanistan is in the process of being resolved.
Again, outside US : between Iran,Russia, China and Pakistan.
See the recent meeting between the heads of the Intelligence Services from these countries, discussing this.
The fact that Pakistan switched sides is lethal for America.
Pakistan is the route for US supply lines in Afghanistan.

The war in Yemen is a disaster for KSA. UAE withdrew.
And I’m sure that Yemen has Iranian and Hezbollah help.
And it will win the war.

Iraq is already positioning for an American free era.

I think that basically what was agreed upon was that the FIFA World Cup was the greatest success for Russia and the best organized in its history.
And that nobody really likes Hillary.
Even if she’s untouchable.

That’s it pretty much.
But it is a start.


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