The White Helmets

Netanyahu(aka Benjamin Mileikowsky) :

Trump and Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate the White Helmets.
Many allies ( vassals) offered to take some of them:
-Germany 50 ( die Frau never learns)
-Canada: 250.

Poor canucks, part of the bloody British Empire, run by a Queen, ruled by a Queer

( Trudeau) and vassals to the American Empire. God have mercy on them! There was a time when Canada was great, minding its own business, having Gold, some independence ; lost both and now it is totally destroyed by its subservience to America.

-Britain will take some( after all the White Helmets are an MI6 and Mo$$ad creation)
-France will take some; we have to see how many; France is undecided on which side it is: they sent 50 tons medical aid to Syria, the only western country doing this , but did participate in the Syrian bombing, has illegal troops in Syria and is trying to open a military base in Libya, to protect the Muslim Brotherhood, which is succumbing there . La Putain de France, Macron, has colonial ambitions.

We don’t know if America will take some of those terrorists.
We know that the Donald financed them. And now, he is rescuing them.

They are the creative, artistic side of Al Qaeda , the organization we were told did 9/11.
Renamed Al Nusra in Syria.
What’s in a name?

Terrorists with an “artistic soul.”
Showing their “humanity” by rescuing people from the “animal Assad”.
The terrorist branch which is expressing their unique style, technique, innovation and improvisation through video productions.
Their artistic soul knows that the finished work( the false flags) must have a life of its own. It must breath life, or in their case, death. Mostly death.

They were the purveyors of the process and products of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions of the Western world, making the western public ready to accept the atrocities and illegalities done by their governments, because those acts are “justified” in the face of Mr. Assad’s “crimes”.

The White Helmets come from the same slimy M!6 and Mo$$ad laboratory as Bana Alabed, the terrorist’s 7 year old daughter.
She does not speak English, except for the word “yes” as we all saw with her”interviews” , but she was able to tweet, in perfect English( with a M!6 accent , also) about the crimes committed by Mr. Assad and the Russians.
Bombing the last hospital in Aleppo, over and over again.
She even wrote a book” Dear world” asking for WWIII to defend the terrorists.
She was a guest of honor at the last Oscar.
She is an Al Qaeda prodigy. She can understand geopolitics( from the Empire and the terrorists’ view).
We are waiting for a Pulitzer given to her work.
A Pulitzer for the terrorists ‘ achievements in journalism and literature .Their work is risky after all.

There were a few missteps done by the White Helmets.
Well, what great artist doesn’t have some artistic licenses?
-the multiple internet pictures showing different members of the White Helmets,taking out their white coif and wearing the terrorists’ black armor and weapons, posted by themselves( they are that stupid)
– pictures of them among AlQaeda members
-the multiple videos showing how they staged their productions; a video showing an Al Qaeda White Helmet experimenting on a very young child, sticking a needle into his heart
-multiple local witnesses confessing that they are a fake organization.
Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame : White Helmets is a fake organisation fronting for terrorists. There are some real artists, who have not sold their soul, like the Hollywood crowd, the female and male whores and pedophiles.
-the proofs they are paid: 200$ for member, they are not” volunteers” as presented by the western media
-they are always wearing suits with the words ” The White Helmets” written in English, not Arabic, because their propaganda is meant for the Western audience, the Syrians KNOW the truth
-the last production in Douma, which was so poor, so weak, but it still allowed the US/UK/France to defend ” the western values” .
That Douma false flag was deconstructed by Russia, which is not “a normal country” as Nikki Haley told us, and can not appreciate the artistic value of the terrorists’ productions .

The Russians went to the Hague with 17 Syrian witnesses, among them the boy “gassed” by Assad and “rescued” by the White Helmets.

We saw this in their video, which triggered a furious tweet from the Donald, calling Mr. Assad, a great leader,” an animal” and the illegal  bombing of Syria.

Well the boy and the rest of local Syrian witnesses said that the whole story was A FAKE. LIKE THE TYPE OF MEDIA FAKES THE DONALD WHINES ABOUT, when it concerns him.
Of course the Russians were ignored by the “Civilized world”.
The Douma false flag was the last failed production of the White Helmets.

( I was about to abbreviate their name to WH, but this can create confusion with the White House, even if they actually superimpose).

But , they did produce some masterpieces.
Well, they are famous.
They even got an Oscar given by the Hollywood filth .
It’s fitting as most of the Hollywood productions have a C!A script.
The White Helmets act based on an M!6 and Mo$$ad script, but those two are prat of the big family of the “5 eyes” of the monster empire.

Some of their work, like that one showing the children kidnapped by them  , killed by them, and placed on the ground, to be filmed as Assad’s victims, surely deserved an Oscar.

Those children are always without their parents, even if very young, gathered in large groups for unclear reasons, waiting to be gassed by Assad. Then laid on the ground in unnatural positions, waiting for the White Helmets to film them and show the world Mr. Assad ‘s barbarism and the terrorists’ humanity.

Based on their productions , our Black Bush, Obama, bombed Syria multiple times and almost started WWIII, the end of 2013.
Cut short because the Russians do not understand the creativity, ingenuity and aesthetics of the terrorists’ productions and the British parliament thought that their work is , in fact, not so great as to risk the end of the world and voted against the war.

The Donald continued to finance them and bomb Syria secondary to their productions. Twice officially and multiple times unofficially.
And now he is rescuing them.

Their evacuation is an “important humanitarian step”, Netanyahu said.
Of course, protecting the terrorists your state created, (together with the usual suspects, US, UK and KSA), may be viewed this way by an apartheid state which kills Palestinians with two rocks in their pockets or who might carry, in the future, two rocks in their pockets.
Better to prevent this: Minority Report is a reality in Israel, when Palestinians are involved.

Israel evacuating them and violating the 1974 line that they recently asked to be protected.
Chutzpah at its finest.

Maadeh Nassar “The Commander of the ‘Golan Knights Brigade”, Ahmad Al-Nuhas Commander of the “Brigade of the Sword of the Levant”, Alaa Halaki “Commander of the Ababel army” and Abu Ratib Nassar, leader of the ‘Golan Knights Brigade” escape to #Israel today morning.

There is a confusion about how many of those Al Qaeda terrorists were rescued. Some say 422 others say 800(with their families).

Vanessa Beeley, an investigative journalist( yes, there still are some in the west, but they are not given a big microphone, when they speak the truth) says that there were 3000 terrorists rescued from the collapsing Daraa front: Al Qaeda and ISIS.
She talked to the local people, freed by the SAA.

Vanessa Beeley:
Out of the alleged 800 White Helmets who were given “exceptional assistance” by Israel – only 442 have actually arrived in the camps in Jordan.

According to intelligence on the ground, reality is that more than 3000 “exceptional” refugees have actually transited into Israel.

Does this mean more than 2,500 were poss Israeli affiliates & proxies who have been repatriated to #Israel, EU Special Forces who will return home from Israel or Gulf State intelligence & military entities who will also return home from Israel without needing to transfer to Jordan?

These “exceptional” refugees would not accept Amnesty and be evacuated to the North as this would mean they would have to undergo inspection of their equipment and nationality which would expose the regime change coalition states who were controlling them.

As someone said on the net: operation “regime change failed” and “operation removing the foreign actors “from the ground, with their western compromising materials, has begun.


Several days ago @POTUS Trump contacted me, as did @CanadianPM Trudeau and others, and requested that we assist in evacuating hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ from Syria. These are people who have saved lives and whose lives were in danger.
Said the monster who is killing Palestinians as I type this.
Eva Bartlett “in 2009, when massacring civilians in Gaza, Israeli soldiers killed 16 medics, incl my friend Arafa ( ) and targeted by sniping an ambulance and medics” .( Eva Barlett is another investigative journalist telling the truth).

Those two REAL journalists are ignored because they showed that there was no civil war in Syria, but a war of aggression done through proxies by US, UK,Israel, KSA some NATO countries like France and Turkey and Qatar, which now are with one foot in the other camp, of the Resistance, lead by Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.
That Syria was bombed based on false flags created by the very countries bombing Syria, using their proxies, ISIS and AlQaeda and the other 50 shades of moderate or awfully moderate head choppers.
Exhibit A: White Helmets.

The Donald is following a long tradition of US presidents:supporting and creating the terrorists groups.
See Carter and Reagan receiving the Afghan Mujahideens at the White House, then arming them and using them against the Soviet friendly government there and against the Soviets.
Later, they became Al Qaeda( meaning “data base of the terrorists” for C!A). Osama bin Laden was first leading the group for the US interests.
They were used by slick Willie Clinton in Yugoslavia, to destroy and kill the Serbs.
They were used as decoy for the “war on terror” and as patsies for the biggest false flag :9/11.
Renamed Al Nusra, Tahrir Al Sham and used in Syria and Iraq.
Now the Donald is rescuing them.
How that for MAGA, deplorables?


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