Another day of the Empire, another tweet from the Donald

OOPS,The Donald did it again!
He hit us with another tweet.
And this time, in caps, shouting .
His tweets are oozing ridiculousness on a humongous level, we did not need an extra dose through shouting.
A stupidity said in sotto voce or shouted does not change its relevance , its content or transforms it into a powerful message.
It only confirms that the man is, indeed, not only an ignorant, but a narcissistic, aggressive, unbalanced simpleton.

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 23, 2018

First of all, I want to remind the Donald a few things that he seems to have forgotten or, most likely, he never knew:

1. Iran did not threaten US.

It’s the opposite: US has been threatening non stop, sanctioning, putting pressure on Iran’s trade partners, trying to organize color revolutions and “regime change”, trying to infiltrate terrorists into the country, continuously provoking Iran’s government.

Remember the war between Iraq(Saddam Hussein) and Iran ( 8 years), when US gave Saddam chemical weapons to use against Iran, resulting in 1.5 million Iranians dead? Yes, Saddam had chemical weapons given by the US.

And US has been doing this since 1979 when it was booted out, together with the murderous regime of the Shah, who let US and British companies plunder the country.

US is trying to collapse Iran’s economy and prevent the selling of its oil, by sanctioning its partners in trade, which is an act of war.

Iran only responded to the US threats: if Iran will be prevented from selling its oil, it will close down the strait of Hormuz.

Peace with Iran will be the mother of all peace and war, the mother of all wars.

2. The consequences to all its  behavior will be suffered by US mostly. Not by Iran.

This is already happening.
More and more countries are sick and tired of the bully.

US has lost any moral high ground it had, any respect and is rapidly losing allies .
And you can not rectify this by shouting.
Respect is not imposed. It is gained through ones actions.
Gaining respect is never an accident , but the result of intelligent and moral effort.
And once lost, it’s lost forever.
Relations between people and countries are built on mutual respect and trust.
Nobody trusts and respects US anymore.
And it is your own doing. Yours and your predecessors’.

Iran and its allies have gained respect in the ME and the world, for the fight against the terrorism created and spread by US, UK, Israel and KSA.
Iran has a bigger footprint in the ME now, it is held in more esteem then before the Oded Yinon project together with the petro-f*cking-dollar defence project started in full gear in 2001, after the 9/11 false flag.
And this is your (and your parasite’s , IS…RA…EL ), doing.

Cause and reaction, the Donald.
“To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” Isaac Newton.
This is an Universal law.
Well, the only time in history this law was not respected was during the collapse of the twin towers + tower 7 during the 9/11 . But, that happened in an alternate Universe, that inhabited by neo cons, known by their real name as the zionists.
They, the zionists, rule the US government, unopposed since then.

Including the Donald’s government, as we can all see.

3. Throughout history many have suffered from the consequences of US violence and demented politics resulting in death and destruction of so many countries. Fact.

Only look at the last 17 years and the destruction US ( and partners in crime, the other 3 heads of the Beast: UK,Israel and KSA) have brought to the ME .

And other places, like Ukraine.

Mr. Putin addresses UNGA 2015 : Do you realize what you have done?

And you, the Donald,  show you have no comprehension skills.
No understanding that it is time to stop your imperialist ambitions.
Nobody elected you to do “regime change” and “put order” in Iran.

The ” corrupt Mullahs” you say.
There is no proof of this, but there are multiple proofs of the humongous corruption in Washington DC, in all positions of power.
The swamp got bigger with your government.
Goldman Sachs boys. Pentagram generals.
21 Trillions “lost ” by Pentagon?
So many scams and manipulations by the banking cartel, all left unpunished.
How about you put order into your own house, for a starter?

You say that Iran’s population is ready for regime change?

Let me tell you this: the young generation is even more against US. They consider the old guard “too soft”.

And why is it the US can do ” regime change” everywhere and at the same time whine about “Russia’s meddling”( no proof ’til now of this, by the way).

You unilaterally withdrew from a deal with Iran, ratified at UN and guaranteed by 6 countries, including US ( Russia, Germany, China, UK, France and US), showing , again, that a treaty with US or the word of US are worth nothing.

Your Bolton, who was advocating striking Iran, gave his contribution to this clusterf*ck: “President Trump told me that if Iran does anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before.”

Iran can and will close down the Hormuz strait if attacked. Causing the collapse of the US economy, which, by the way, is a Potemkin village one.

US economy is a mirage held together by the glue given by the petro-f*cking-dollar, which is being dismantled now.

Iran can and it will wipe out all US bases in the ME.

And destroy your pet parasite there.
And Iran is not going to be left alone by Russia and Chine, which have had enough of the US’ hubris and lawlessness.

US never listens to an other country’s point of view, never takes into account the interests of another country when dealing with it.
US thinks it has the right to dictate to everybody.

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. Bryant H. McGill

Well, let’s see how this works in reverse.
Because I see more and more signs that very few are left listening to what US has to say or giving a damn about it.

Hypocrisy, even if is a US trait, does not give you a bargaining power, does not make it into “The art of the deal”.
You complain of being accused unfairly of involvement with ” the Russian meddling”. But then you show that you have nothing against and support meddling into every other country’s affairs.
You complain of fake news, when it involves you, but you fabricate and act based on fake news when it involves others.
See the Syrian false flags, the Skripal false flag case and your reaction to these.

You asked Israel to rescue the White Helmets, the Al Qaeda branch responsible for  the false flags in Syria.
Together with other 3000 terrorists( foreign special forces) in Daraa.
How’s that for the final proof that US ( and your ally, Israel) were  creating and supporting the terrorists there, including under your command?( as if we need any more proofs after 7 years of war in Syria and 17 in the ME).

You now threaten a country that has not done anything against US.

Let’s see: what countries did Iran invade in the last 200 years?
How many has US invaded , destroyed , regime changed?
I need to write a book to cover all.

So, the Donald:
-shut up , stop shouting, just full stop

-put the tweeter down, you are embarrassing us all

-look into your own backyard and clean up there; there is so much to do; maybe US can start rebuilding the country and stop trying to rebuild other countries into its own image

-learn some history and geopolitics; learning is a great way of stopping spewing stupidities

-hands off Iran

-hands off any other country; you were not elected to continue the Empire’s demented politics; if you can not do anything because you have no real power, just exit gracefully.

If you are a real, honest man.

-nobody wants another war and a war against Iran will not be allowed

-try to introduce some diplomacy instead of threats; look at Russia for guidance and as an example

-get rid of the neocons; I know it’s hard, you have them in our family and your government

-try your hand at mutually beneficial treaties, trade and relationships; it’s never too late to learn; look how China, Russia conduct businesses

-realize that the respect that Russia and Iran have gained in the ME is enormous and well deserved and secondary to the US misguided policies there and this can not be changed by more hostile actions and more of the same from the US.

Just realize that US has lost , the Empire is done; no amount of hysterics, tweeting, twitching, histrionics is going to change that.

The world has moved on while US was left into the last century, with its exceptionalism, reading the PNAC chronicles and trying to hang on an  empire with an expired shelf life.

There is a new chapter being written right now and it does not involve the US in the hegemonic role.

The American Zionist Empire’s expiration date is long overdue and is happening now.
US has to become a normal country and take its place, on equal terms with the other ones.

Realize that “Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.”
Albert Camus

And US has lost even that.


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