The Honorable Mr. Bill Browder

He is an ex American-Chosen citizen.
He renounced his American citizenship for a mundane reason: to not pay taxes.
He immediately became a British-Chosen subject.
Britain is known to provide asylum for all tyrants, criminals, crooks, thieves, traitors in the world.
With two conditions:
-if they did not cooperate with M!6 before, they need to rectify this mistake .
-they have to launder their loot through the City of London.

During the summit in Helsinki, Mr. Putin made the following offer:
-there was a bilateral Russian/US treaty of 1999 still in force covering criminal investigations in each country and that the US was welcome to send a team to Moscow to interview the accused 12 Russians that “interfered” into US elections
-US has to reciprocate and allow the investigation of Browder and company.

And the Donald declined this offer and he is not respecting that treaty.( well,is there ANY treaty, memorandum, or signed deal that US honors?)

But the White House expects the 12 Russians to be extradited and come to US for interrogations.
Peak hubris and hypocrisy .

Let’s analyze a little what’s behind this.

The list that the Russian prosecutor Yury Chaika sent to Washington included the following names of the people Russia wants to interrogate:
-British subjects William Browder and Christopher Steele if they should travel in the United States
– ambassador Michael McFaul
– lawyer Jonathan Winer
– researcher David J. Kramer
-agent Todd Hyman.

Let’s go deeper.

Jonathan Winer was in charge of the Lockerbie dossier at the State Department during the 1990’s.

He is a personal friend of Christopher Steele.
The Lockerbie plane crash , pinned on Gaddafi.
The only problem is that the Scottish investigating team , the Scottish Justice found out that fragments of the detonator found on site were placed there by the CIA in order to accuse Libya.
And Robert Mueller, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller investigating the “possible Russian interference” in « US Democracy » was responsible for the inquiry on the Lockerbie attack.

David J. Kramer had a very important role during “Poppy” Bush administration:
-he was the man responsible with the the propaganda system for the State Department
-he managed the stay-behind agents in Eastern Europe and in Russia.( the equivalent of those in the West, where they were named Operation Gladio)
He did his training at different think tanks , then he became the president of Freedom House, and was involved in the creation of the “Magnitsky act”.
He is today a researcher at the McCain Institute.

Agent Todd Hyman, an agent of Homeland Security, had transmitted a trial document without proceeding with the usual verifications.
The chief American investigator, Todd Hyman of the Department of Homeland Security, testified in a deposition that much of the evidence in the government’s complaint came from Browder and his associates. He also said the government had been unable to independently investigate some of Browder’s claims.

Ex ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul is involved not only with Browder, but with the Russian 5th column.
Browder hired him.
A young Russian lawyer, Alexeï Navalny, pursued his studies in the USA at Yale in 2010 with help from McFaul.( those studies certainly included a detour to the C!A center, where he learned to speak in the C!A language).
Browder and National Endowment for Democracy, NED, a covert US State Department branch which is responsible with fomenting color revolutions, both finance Navalny.
Navalny created an Anti-Corruption Foundation in order to promote Browder’s version and accuse Putin’s administration.
Navalny made documentaries accusing the Russian prosecutor Chaika of corruption. No proofs presented.

McFaul’s and Navalny’s case look to me like the real meddling into the Russian affairs, not the fantasy tale of Russia’s meddling into the American elections.

Cristopher Steele

He is involved into many affairs, all scrambling to connect Russia and Mr. Putin to different fairy tales created by M!6.

In 2006, Christopher Steele – while he was with MI6 – accused President Vladimir Putin of having ordered the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with Polonium. Litvinenko died of this after he visited Israel , doing some shady deals for Berezovsky, another chosen involved into the rape and pillage of Russia during Yeltsin’s era. Traces of polonium were found on the plane he boarded in  the zionist entity.

In 2016, Steele worked for the US Democratic Party.
He is the one who wrote the famous dossier accusing the Donald of being a Putin agent and under the threat of blackmail by the Russian secret services and Mr. Putin( you know, the “golden shower” bullshit).

In 2018 Steele was involved into the Novitchok poisoning of Sergueï Skripal, working as a « consultant » for MI6.
Accusing, who else, the man omnipresent into UK’s affairs, Mr. Putin.

Boy, is he busy or what?

And now we come back to Bill Browder.

He had the biggest foreign “investment” hedge fund during Yeltsin’s period of rape and pillage of Russia.
He embezzled Billions from Russia and transferred them into Barclays Bank.
One of the 6 big banks ( American and British) involved into multiple frauds and Ponzi schemes, including the Trillion $ fraud represented by LIBOR.

His company Hermitage Capital invested in Russia, particularly in Gazprom.
He owes 150 Millions in unpaid taxes to Russia.
He was involved into the illegal acquisition of 133 million worth shares in Gazprom .

His financial advisor and accountant, Sergey Magnitsky, who helped him with the scams and tax evasions was arrested and died of toxic shock and cardiovascular collapse in prison in Russia in 2009.
He was NOT a lawyer as US says.
He was working for Browder, for example using mentally handicapped people as front men in order to benefit from their tax exempt status.
His death shut down the Russian investigation into Browder’s embezzlement.
It did not benefit Russia, but Browder did.
Browder and the US government immediately accused Mr. Putin of murdering Magnitsky.

Browder, also he was not a US citizen anymore( he renounced it in 1997) declared that the tax expert possessed proof that the Russian Power had stolen 3 billion dollars from him.

In 2012, the US Congress adopted the “Magnitsky act”, to protect the “private property”(read loot from Russia) of US citizens from the Russians claws ( remember that Browder was not a US citizen anymore) and to sanction the Russian personalities suspected of having murdered “the lawyer”.

In 2016, the Congress extended the « Magnitsky Act » to the whole world, requesting the President to implement sanctions against all people and all states which violate individual property.
Both Obama and the Donald acted based on this law, sanctioning multiple personalities deemed inconvenient, including the President of the Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Browder’s version of what happened is that he discovered signs of irregular practices at Gazprom, where he invested and attempted to warn the Kremlin, acting on good faith and from the goodness of his big heart.

After which big troubles hit him.

His resident visa was then cancelled.

His Russian companies were allegedly robbed by Lieutenant-Colonel Artem Kuznetsov, a civil servant from the Financial Brigade of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, who seized the property documents during the search, then used them to register a new owner.

Lawyer Sergey Magnitsky,(who was not a lawyer) who apparently blew the whistle on the embezzlement, was arrested, tortured and finally died in prison, killed by Mr. Putin’s men, if not directly by him ( it is well known in the West that Mr. Putin kills whomever he can).

Lieutenant-Colonel Artem Kuznetsov and « godfather » Dmitry Klyuev , who took over Browder’s Russian business, were allegedly able to deposit the 3 billion stolen dollars from Browder in a Cypriot bank.(remember the Cypriot banks and the money seized in 2013 from wealthy depositors, many Russians, as they were using Cyprus for their foreign deposits and deals outside the country ? Billions stolen from Russians).

The fairy tale of the Russian Mafia and Mr. Putin’s oligarchs stealing from the poor chosen working hard to make ends meet, was so good that was used in the Showtime TV series, Homeland.

William Browder became the main source of the inquiry run by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about possible Russian interference in the « US Democracy ».

And now we reach the cherry on top of the rotten pie served by Mueller.

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya( who represents the interests of Browder’s Russian victims, like the company of Dmitry Klyuev ) met the son and son-in-law of candidate Donald Trump at Trump Tower.
And told them them that a part of Browder’s dirty money was being used to finance the candidacy of Hillary Clinton .
A Russian-born filmmaker named Andrei Nekrasov made a docudrama released last year.
Nekrasov, who has a history of making films critical of Putin, was funded by Arte, a French and German television channel, and the Finnish and Norwegian film institutes, among other European entities, NOT by the Russian government.

Nekrasov says he set out to make a documentary celebrating Magnitsky and Browder, which he says explains why Browder granted him interviews.
But he ended up accusing Browder of misstating the contents of Russian court documents.

“Magnitsky didn’t expose any crimes,” Nekrasov told NBC News. “The police did not imprison Magnitsky to make him withdraw some accusations. And they did not murder him.”

In 2013, the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office sued a Russian company, accusing it of laundering some of the proceeds of the fraud Magnitsky allegedly uncovered.
The defendant, a company called Prevezon, is owned by Denis Katsyv, who became wealthy while his father was vice governor and transport minister for the Moscow region, according to published reports. The father, Pyotr Katsyv, is now vice president of the state-run Russian Railways.

Veselnitskaya has long represented the family.

Also working on Prevezon’s behalf was Simpson, a former investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
Simpson worked with former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele in the creation of the dossier that asserts Trump collusion with Russian election interference.

But the dispute never got to trial.

Prevezon settled the lawsuit with no admission of wrongdoing by agreeing to pay $6 million.
The U.S. government originally sought to freeze $20 million of company assets.

Browder said that Magnitsky was beaten to death by Russian guards: “Eight riot guards with rubber batons beat him for an hour and 18 minutes until he died.”
The problem is that there is no proof of this and all investigations failed to show any sign of beatings.
“The results of official forensic expertise that used original biological materials showed no evidence of beatings” said Kirill Kabanov, the head of the Presidential Council for Human Rights in a 2015 court affidavit.
Magnitsky most likely died from neglect from the harsh conditions in jail.

Are you still with me ?

Look at all this web of criminality and lies involving US Congressmen, ex ambassadors, journalists, intelligence agents, and presided over by  US presidents.
Amazing isn’t it?

A law passed by the US Congress to cover up the loot of a chosen, ex American citizen and prevent him to stand in trial in front of the Russian court.

And this is the main witness for Mueller and is connected to all people involved in one way or another into the other different lies and false flags: Litvinenko poisoning, Skripal false flag, Lockerbie false flag, the “Golden Shower” dossier and “Russian meddling”.

After having said that and knowing the fact that president Putin offered a joint investigation into all this, you would think that the Donald would jump at the chance to clear his name, prove Hillary is a crook and finally start draining the swamp.

But no.

The Donald declined the offer, also he continues to whine about the “crooked Hillary” and the fake accusations against him.

And asked for the 12 Russians accused by Mueller to be extradited by Mr. Putin and come to US for investigation.

What does this tell you, deplorables?

For me , this is the final proof that the Donald is just an actor, well paid to be the Empire’s gatekeeper. He has no real power.

I do not know what or if he promised anything about Browder to Mr. Putin.

If he did, he certainly did not know anything about Browder.

And he was told about him after he came back home.

And that the interrogations of all these crooks and criminals might bring to light too many inconvenient( for the US government) facts.

What we know ’til now is damaging enough.Assume  what a real investigation might reveal.

Imagine if an ordinary citizen gives up his American citizenship to avoid paying taxes. Does the US Congress pass a law to protect him?
Or, let’s say an American defrauds US of Billions, has 150 Millions in unpaid taxes and runs to Russia and is protected by Russia which passes a law in this regard.
Don’t you think that the US’ screams would be heard on the other side of the known Universe?

Sorry, deplorables.
The facts are facts.

But I do not expect deplorables to have the patience to read and understand facts.
Their attention span lasts as long as a tweet from their idol, the Donald, lasts.
They are cult followers ( Obama had his).

PS: part of the information presented is from the excellent article written by Thierry Meyssan, from his site, Voltaire Network.


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