Empire Building and the Return on Investment(ROI)

The Empire invested a lot into achieving its hegemonic position.

Where is the return on investment (ROI)?

As the self proclaimed center of liberalism, known by its true name of predatory capitalism, crony capitalism for the American serfs and American Imperialism for the outside world, the Empire should have a good ROI on its investment.

Is it a well governed, efficient Empire?
The new millennium was meant to be the beginning of the New American Century.

The Empire had everything aligned for this: its moment in the sun, the men to implement the plan, the guiding manual, the means to pursue it, the perceived moral values to justified it.
It lacked only the catalyst to speed up the process.
But it rectified this by creating it: this is the role of a catalyst, an ingredient added to precipitate an event.
That catalyst was 9/11, created for this purpose, to launch the Empire, with zionist gusto, into the new millennium.

The year marking the new millennium ended with a quote: “catastrophic and catalyzing event -like a new Pearl Harbor”, setting the stage for the Empire to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources.

It seemed that even the Universe has created the conditions for the unopposed dominance of the US, its ” manifest destiny”.

The moment in the sun:

The USSR has just collapsed, and the main rival for its plans was, this way, annihilated, leaving it alone on the world’s geopolitical stage , to play as it pleased.
And not only this, but the dissolution  of the USSR meant a new lease on life for the big American banks (they are all chosen).
They are like vampires, they need new, fresh blood in order to survive.
They lurk in the dark, the vast majority of US population does not even know about their  vampire status  and that they need a constant supply of blood.
And the ex USSR had an incredible amount of quality blood, with its vast resources and wealth.
The big vampire banks could survive for at least another 100 years with that Slavic blood.
The collapse of USSR was nothing compared to what the drunk puppet Yeltsin has done to it: the stolen Russian assets, mostly by the chosen few ( there were only 6 chosen +1 goyim owing all the assets), the collapse of the army, the demographic catastrophe, the collapse of the economy . But it did not go to stage 4 and 5: social and cultural collapse.
Russia was designated for the role of a third world country to be stripped of its vast natural resources, and eventually partitioned into 5-6 states, for easier plunder and to prevent any resurrection.

The US was absolutely unopposed .

Europe was under total control : EU and NATO, created for this purpose, were working well for the American interests.

China was still an undeveloped, poor country.

Who was there to object and challenge the new American century?

And I have to add that the worm up of all these was the destruction of Yugoslavia and the creation of a Muslim enclave in the heart of Serbia, Kosovo, also known for training the terrorists, human and children trafficking, organ and drugs trafficking. At Bondsteel NATO base.

The men to implement it:

Those men have been working on the project for some time.
They are known as “neo cons”, neo conservatives.
A misnomer, created to confuse the ignorant.
They are not neo, have been on the scene for a long, long time.
They control the strings of the purse, the Federal Reserve Bank and the big banks and this way, they ended up controlling everything in America: the politicians and president, the media, entertainment, big corporations, education and health system, insurance , food industry, to name a few.
When you have access to the printing of unlimited amounts of money, everything else becomes mundane, a matter of bribes, blackmails and coercion.
They are definitely not conservatives.
You can call them the new, improved Bolsheviks, with an American flavor.
They, in fact are the descendants of the original Bolsheviks.
See Vicky Nuland( Nudelmann) , the Red Woman, married into the Kagan clan. Kagan clan in power since the Clinton presidency, at least.
They are the zionists.
They birthed The Project for the New American Century, along with the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute and others, on the remnants of old “think-tanks” established to avenge the American “defeat” in Vietnam.

Richard Perle is one .
Advising Reagan first.
The “war on terror” = “this is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there.” Richard Perle.
Perle is one of the founders of the Project for the New American Century, the PNAC.
Other founders include Dick Cheney, Bush’s vice-president, Donald Rumsfeld, defense secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defense secretary, I Lewis Libby, Cheney’s chief of staff, William J Bennett, Reagan’s education secretary, and Zalmay Khalilzad, Bush’s ambassador to Afghanistan.

They had their man in the White House, Bush the Moron.

And a variety of dual citizens and other traitors to facilitate the plan and the cover up.

The guiding manual:
This was written in 1997.
The Project for the New American Century. PNAC.
Observe the remarkable premonition ability of those authors, as if they knew their work was not going to be in vain.

The means to pursue it:

The petro-f*cking-dollar, assuring the financial power, which is vital.
It’s the Empire’s real power, that needs to be protected by military means.
It’s also the Achilles’ heel of the Empire.

Additional conditions were created: Bush has scrapped the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions, the war crimes provisions of the International Criminal Court and the anti-ballistic missile treaty.

A secret army set up by Donald Rumsfeld, similar to those run by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger was created(see what the military analyst William Arkin says):the new organization, as the Proactive Pre-emptive Operations Group, or P2OG, will provoke terrorist attacks which would then require “counter-attacks” by the United States on countries “harboring the terrorists”, bringing together the “CIA and military covert action, information warfare, and deception”.

A lot of fancy words to describe false flag operations and color revolutions..

The moral values :

US had a lot of good will at that time.
It supposedly fought and brought down the “Evil Soviet Empire”.
I was the “shiny city on the hill”.
Nobody , or very few knew that, in fact, that shiny city was in fact a Potemkin village.
But America had the luxury of launching its project from a high perceived moral ground.
After the infamous 9/11 attack, the dust did not even have time to settle and America proceeded to look for the terrorists in the wrong places. Knowingly.
And it was a lot of dust, as everything turned to dust : the three towers hit by two planes, the thousands of pieces of office furniture, the people, the plane.
Nothing left.
Except the miraculous passports.

It was supposed to be a quick action.
7 countries in 5 years.
An ambitious plan.

Well, it did not go exactly as planned, also America managed to destroy most of the ME in the process .

What went wrong?

First of all, the Empire thought that Russia was done.This is one thing that went terrible wrong for the Empire’s plans:
it did not predict the Slav vampire slayer, Mr. Putin.
He managed to put order into the Russian affairs and reverse course in a short period of time.
And put the country back into the position of a superpower that can oppose the Empire’s plans.
He did that while the Empire was drunk with its own hubris and thought itself invincible. Occupied with playing “regime change” in the ME.
The Slav vampire slayer not only re positioned Russia on the world’s geopolitical arena, but started a long term plan to destroy the main source of the American power , the petro-f*cking-dollar.

At the same time, China transformed itself into a manufacturing power house, full of wealth and innovation .
And it did this with the help of the greedy American big corporations, which wanted the cheap Chinese labor.
China played the role ’til it gained enough power and wealth.

And those two formed an alliance,  Brzezinski’s and Kissinger’s nightmare.

The double helix of Chinese- Russia alliance has these links uniting the parallel helices intertwined .
A long term plan to finish off the American zionist Empire ‘s hegemony :

1-this plan includes establishing alternative trade routes, outside the US’ control of the maritime routes, see  the OBOR project, the Silk Road.
2-the alternative to the corrupt financial system, which is used as a weapon against any country not complying with US demands ; this means killing the

petro-f*cking-dollar off
-this means building the financial instruments: investment banks, development banks, clearing banks for Renminbi transactions, a Gold market, the Petro-Yuan with Gold backing for future oil contracts
-the enormous amount of Gold bought by both countries, which , at the same time are number 1 and 3 Gold producers and  do not sell any Gold
SCO , an economic and military cooperation organization: it includes most of ” stan ” countries, and India and Pakistan;

Iran is observing( but may be already in), like Afghanistan, Belarus and Mongolia;

Dialog partners:

Sri Lanka
Applicants for observer status are:

Interesting to say the least.
Observe how the apartheid zionist entity is trying to jump the sinking ship.

-BRICS , soon to be expended( Turkey just asked for membership)
And both are expending.

42% world population
22.5% world’s GDP and growing
26% landmass
13.24% of World Bank voting power and 14.91% of IMF quota shares
has contributed more than 50% of world economic growth during the last 10 years.

The plan is simple and beautiful: no direct attack on the western institutions , dominated by the US and its petro-dollar.
Just by pass them ,offer an alternative to the financial system used as a weapon by US.

Of course US had to respond to this as its influence, prestige and the  extraction of the wealth from the world are diminishing.
And since US knows to react in only one way, we see all these wars:
-currency wars
-trade wars
-hot wars through proxies or just hot wars
-color revolutions
-assassination attempts( see the recent one against Maduro , the president of Venezuela).
-even tweeting wars( even here the Donald is losing, as being ridiculous is not a gaining strategy)

ALL of these are done to try to protect the petro-f*cking -dollar and keep US relevant and solvent this way.

Currency wars:

not too much ROI here; the dollar is losing market shares.
And on the domestic arena , the inflation generated by too many  dollars printed , now rejected by an increasing part of the world, and coming home to roost, is becoming less and less manageable.
Even with manipulated numbers, the inflation can not be masked anymore.
Every time you shop, the prices are higher and packages smaller.

More and more countries are trading outside the dollar.
When this will reach a critical threshold, the US economy, which is artificially held only through the glue provided by the petro-dollar, will collapse.

And this time is fast approaching.

Trade wars:

No ROI here.
Those are negatively affecting the very few US producers left.
Like the agriculture sector, now needing a bail out.
The US wheat export decreased by 61% since 2013.
It is secondary to very poor quality wheat, GMO, treated with the carcinogen Round up,.

The competition is offering better products: Russia and her superior, non GMO, organic wheat.
Russia has become the number one wheat producer.
An ex communist country, which was unable to feed its population.

Trade tariffs work if you are a strong manufacturing country.
Not a consumer based economy, importing almost everything from outside.
And even this is in jeopardy, as the US middle class, in charge of the consumption and spending, supporting the economy, is an endangered species.

To try to decrease the 700 billions /year, in negative trade balance the US has , by imposing  tariffs and sanctions is an ambitious plan, but is a stupid one and it shows desperation.

And to try to revive the manufacturing base through tariffs is a sign of lunacy.

How about break down the monopolies of the big banks and big corporation, give room to breath this way to the suffocated middle class and create sound money, debt free.

The last war, the trade one is only going to accelerate the de- dollarisation of the world.

When you try to force something on people, you invariable obtain the opposite effect than the one you hopped for.
It’s human nature.

Hot wars through proxies:

What a poor ROI here.
Billions and Billions invested in the Syrian and Iraq wars.
Trillions in Afghanistan.
And what did they  obtain for this?

Mr. Assad is still there, more popular than ever.
Iran has consolidated its position and influence. And is now in Syria and Iraq.
Russia has become the main king maker in the ME.
Hezbollah has gained experience, new weapons and a lot of respect. It won the recent elections in Lebanon.
The Oded Yinon plan is dead.
US is being scrapped from the whole ME.
ISIS project collapsed.
KSA, the Empire’s ally is in the process of collapsing and looks like it is trying to reorient itself toward east.
The Syrian Army  is one of the best trained (through fire ) army now, and has more new weapons than at the beginning of the war.
The true sponsors of terrorism were revealed, in an Apocalyptic way : US, UK, Israel, KSA , Turkey and Qatar( which both switched sides), and a few NATO countries, like France.
This is the real loss of ” moral high ground”  gen.Mattis was complaining about .
But Russia only pulled the curtains, for us to see the zionsit wizard behind.
US is losing key allies, like Turkey. And Qatar.
A strong resistance axis is formed, like a crescent.
Afghanistan is going back to the Talibans and the conflict is being solved outside US influence , between :
Pakistan( which switched sides, especially now with Imran Khan ‘s election; and Pakistan is the route for US supply lines to Afghanistan)

Bye bye heroin harvested by the C!A, by by blocking of OBOR project, by by opening a North front against Iran. Those were the main reasons for the Afghanistan war.

US is now negotiating with the Talibans, trying to obtain something for nothing.
Does this look like a good ROI?
After 17 years of war there and Trillions spent, enriching private contractors

( crony capitalism) and making poorer the US population.

You can say that the ROI was only for the private contractors and Pentagon, which “lost” more Trillions in the process.

One could argue that it destroyed many countries in the ME  and the reconstruction will involve Billions.
But, that’s the thing: those Billions will not involve any Western and especially US/UK corporations or banks.
Mr. Assad said so.

Russia, China  and Iran will have a good ROI.

And he gained the war.
So , no ROI here for the Empire.

The only positive from the Empire’s point of view  might be that it weakened some countries, removing the competition against the zionist entity.
True for Libya.
For now.
But Libya is almost liberated and NATO is booted out.
And it looks like Gen. Haftar is looking more toward Russia for guidance.
The destruction of Libya did  succeed in preventing the GOLD Dinar that Qaddafi wanted ( see Hillary’s e-mails, for the true reason of his killing: prevent the GOLD Dinar and remove an enemy from Israel’s path).

As for Iraq , the Kurdistan project died early. US will be shown the door. It’s a matter of time, which is now not on the US’ side.

As for Syria, who would have guessed that Mr. Assad was such a formidable leader?
They expected to finish him off in 2 weeks( read Hillary’s e-mails).


mostly done to isolate and collapse the economy of Russia.
They managed to increase Russia’s independence , self reliance and resolve to by pass the petro-dollar.
Does Russia need to import food to survive? NO
Does Russia need to import energy ? NO
Does Russia need natural resources and prime materials to import to develop the industry? NO. Russia has so many.
Has Russia increased her Gold reserves? Yes.

Those are the main things through which you can control a country.

Other countries rely on Russian exports.

The US Senate is preparing another set of “crushing sanctions” for Russia, for its role in Syria ( I bet they are annoyed about this), for Russia’s interference into the US elections( try to keep a straight face), for Russia’s role in preventing the genocide in Donbass and returning Crimea to the rightful owner.

The definition of insanity: repeat the same failures over and over again and expect different results( or ROI). A. Einstein.

As for the sanctions against Iran, I think US is going to isolate itself in the end, even if for the short term might gain some small victory.
Iran has been under sanctions since it got rid of the puppet murderous regime of the Shah and has nationalized the oil industry, depriving the American and British oil companies of their loot.
And Iran is still there.
A 5000 years old civilization is not so easy to implode.
Not even using tweets, the Empire’s new weapon.

Those sanctions may even trigger the fight for some independence by the  US vassals.
Like  the Europeans, if they manage to find their cojones.

Color revolutions and assassination attempts are not so easy to pull off anymore.
The world got smarter and the empire’s minions stupider.
At the same time.

That leaves the tweeting wars.
Here I think the Donald has no real opposition.
He is left alone with all the ridicule of his tweets.
Because nobody can compete with his skills here.

It’s a Don Quixote fighting the windmills type of war.

But I’m pretty sure that the Donald, with all his awesomeness has not read Cervantes.

But is there any real ROI here?

Maybe ROI on amusement.

To summarize it: so much time, so much money ( paper it’s true), so much effort invested to prepare for the new American Century and what do they obtain in return?
Only the acceleration of the collapse of the AAZ Empire and the ascendance of the opposition, of the competition.
You can say that the ROI was good for the enemies of the Empire.
Little investment, huge return.
This is a heavy blow.

The blowback against the Empire had a great ROI.
For the others.

It has become too expensive to maintain the Empire, it’s an artificial structure consuming too much energy and producing only destruction.
And nature always reverses to the lowest level of energy consumption, with or without human will.


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