Trade Wars are getting hotter, but not sexier

The Donald made big threats again.

Against everybody .
Whoever is not bowing to the American demands to boycott Iran , risks “severe consequences” the Donald told his vassals, still called allies for now.
Trade wars are getting hotter, but not sexier, despite the fact that the Donald is involved.

The first charge or extortion fees , presented in the form of sanctions against Iran was just served and the Donald is expecting full compliance from the rest of the world.

Well, Russia and China politely declined.

The Donald sent his emissaries to China and India to convince them not to buy Iranian crude oil.

Those two countries had just increased their imports from Iran.

The Donald managed only to obtain the promise that China and India will not increase further their imports( they don’t have ; they just did that).

But what is a surprise for me are the Europeans.
They waited ’til yesterday to see if some common sense can be brought to the Americans, but no, not possible.
After years and years of having only “our way” through threats, bribes, blackmails and assassinations of those who could not be bought or intimidated, US can not change its way.
It is imprinted in the Empire’s genome.
So EU was forced to act, it had no other choice.
Either that or it goes down with the Empire.
EU announced it implemented a set of measures to protect the European companies from the US sanctions.
Germany is now looking into Amazon’s monopoly. And this after it took steps to kill Google’s monopoly.

And the Donald showed again what “The art of the deal” means: a Don Corleone type of deal, a deal “someone can not afford to refuse”.

He did not specify what  is that “prize” that the others would pay .
He did not specify why the Iranian nuclear deal was so “terrible”.
He did not explain why America can dictate to everybody, while at the same time is complaining of “Russian interference”.

I know those a complex subjects and they surpass his tweeting capacity.

So now, we are basically at war with everybody.
At the same time.
Poor, poor strategy.

And China just said through its newspaper:
“To realize the goal of reviving the American economy, Trump has chosen a simple but crude way. He has bypassed the multilateral trading system of the WTO and started trade conflicts, forcing countries, including its traditional allies, to cede their interests to those of the United States,” the People’s Daily said.

People think that China has a lot to lose because it has a great amount of T Bills, I think 1 Trillion.
It does not matter so much.
If you have a small or big amount of junk Treasuries, with no real value( everybody knows US is insolvent, bankrupt and it is not going to honor the T Bills) is basically the same: you own just paper .
China can just count its losses and speed up the US collapse by selling all of them.
US Treasury will have to buy them.
Or China can just announce how much Gold it really has.
Same result.

I think that China, with its 12 trillion economy, 2 Trillions in exports and only 1/4 of this exported to the US can afford it.
Of course it will lose some, but continuing to trade with the US means a loss anyway.

To the expense of the Chinese people’s standard of living.
Americans think that China makes only cheap, plastic Walmart products.

See for yourself:

The junk products are what the American corporations ask China to make for Americans’ consumption.
Because Americans can afford to buy only junk products now.
Americans think that because China owns so much US T Bills, it is subservient to the American interests ( you know the ” you owe the bank 1000$, you have a problem, you owe the bank 10,000,000 $, the bank has a problem” myth).
It is true maybe if that involves real money, not paper,  backed by nothing.
But the Chinese own a bunch of IOUs  stamped with the name  T Bills.

Because for now, America lives on the back of the rest of the world, which feeds America.
And Americans, even if they mostly eat junk food, they eat a lot.
And the world is fed up with this.

Americans do not know what the petro-dollar is and what big advantage it gives to the US. They talk about the Donald trying to impose  tariffs on China , which profited a lot from the free trade .

Ignoring the fact that US has the world’s currency reserve, which allows US to force the rest of the world to finance its deficit spending.

Now, if America, through the Donald adds threats to all this, it takes the trade wars to a new level.
Very high level.

And I’m afraid the fall from that altitude is going to be lethal for America.

I thought that the Saudis and Israelis were the only ones not attacked by US.
Saudis for supporting the petro-dollar and providing the wahhabi-takfiri ideology for the terrorists.
I was wrong.
The US Congress has revived the so-called “NOPEC” bill,“No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act”, giving the US the possibility to extraterritorially impose its domestic legislation on others by giving the government the right to sue OPEC and OPEC+ countries like Russia because of their coordinated efforts to control oil prices.

The desperation of the Empire is palpable.
I do not think we’ll reach the end of the year without major events, not positive for the US.


The US introduced the sanctions against Iran on August 6, the same date US detonated a nuclear bomb above  Hiroshima (August6, 1945) .

Do you think that the US is sending a massage to Iran?

I don’t believe in coincidences.

A coincidence is an unidentified malicious intention.




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