Sanctions are soon coming to America

The American branch of the Empire is conspiring with the Zionist one to bring down Iran.

The US and Israel have created a “joint working group” to support Iran’s dissidents and “encourage” protests against Tehran.
You can call this group “the chosen exceptional group”.
Translated from zionist talk into plain English: another color revolution attempt by the C!A/ Mo$$ad, crushing sanctions on Iran to turn the people against their government .

They plan to use MEK, a terrorist organization, with no support in Iran.

The big American Shabbos Goy Dog is kept on a leash and maneuvered by its zionist masters.
Because not only a non-chosen needs to perform certain types of work (melakha) which the chosen religious law (halakha) prohibits the zionists from doing on the Sabbath, but  the Big Dog  has big fangs that can be used for dirty jobs and this way avoid the spilling of chosen blood.

Bolton, the Donald National Security Advisor, has been given tevilah, the immersion of the entire body in zionist waters, for the purpose of removing any ritual Christian impurity he might have had ( also I doubt he had any) and has been circumcised long time ago, directly by Sheldon Adelson and comp.
Bolton is the link with his chosen counterpart, the one transmitting the orders from the elders of zion, Meir Ben-Shabbat .

Pompeo, the Donald’s Secretary of State:
“The Iran Action Group will be responsible for directing, reviewing, and coordinating all aspects of the State Department’s Iran-related activity,” he explained.

He cited ‘a torrent of violent and destabilizing behavior’ from Iran’s part, to justify its creation.

The group will actively seek to ‘change the regime’s behavior’.
This “behavior” that needs to be “changed” means ;
-Iran stops supporting Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad
-Iran stops killing the Empire terrorists’ ( ISIS, AL Qaeda ) used in Syria and Iraq, and now, Yemen, Afghanistan,etc.

-Iran stops helping Shiite rebels in protecting their country, Yemen, from the invading hordes represented by KSA,UAE, lead by US, UK,and the zionist entity
-Iran stops opposing the zionist entity plans of expansion, the Oded Yinon project, and stops the support for anti-Israel groups.

-Iran stops helping Palestinians resist the zionists and their program of mass murder
-Iran hands over its enormous reserves of oil and gas to the American and British oil corporations, to be exploited in a “normal” way and sold in petro-f*cking-dollars.

“The Iranian people and the world are demanding that Iran finally act like a normal nation” Pompeo deluded himself.

The Donald has surrounded himself with zionist and chosen gangster bankers.

What does this tell you, deplorables?

Does this mean he wants to MAGA?

Show me who are your friends and collaborators and I’ll tell you who you are.

On November 4th, new sanctions will be reimposed on those who are importing Iranian oil. The Department has been working around the clock to coordinate with countries to cutoff their supply and with the Saudi to increase their production.

But the Saudi oil production is decreasing, as Ghawar oil field  is dead.

I used to think that the salaries paid to the government employees are a waste of taxpayers’ money.
Not anymore.
They deserve it.
I say,increase their salaries, not that at high levels, like in Pompeo’s case, there are not other collateral incentives, given in shekels, that they receive to supplement their income.

You can be born a psychopath or having not very high mental powers.
You can spot the psychopaths from childhood: the child who likes to tear bugs’ wings and legs, throw stones at birds and kick dogs and cats. Just to do something with no real purpose except being evil.

I bet Pompeo teared many bugs’ wings.

But , nobody is born so ignorant, so ridiculously shameless, so pure evil, like the minions of the Empire: Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley and others, in the present administration and past ones.

They had to work hard, really hard and study intensively in the zionist schools to become like that.
A life time dedication to achieve this level of obtuseness, human density and stupidity.
They deserve their 60 pieces of shekels.

Cartoon characters for a dying Empire.

They deserve each other.

Mr. Pompeo, Iran is not going to be “regime changed”.
And if it is, the new government is going to be more radical and anti American and anti zionist.

Iran announced it would slash its oil prices for all markets, specifically targeting Asian markets, starting in September.

Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who knows very well that US can not be trusted :
Recently, U.S. officials have been talking blatantly about us. Beside sanctions, they are talking about war and negotiations. In this regard, let me say a few words to the people: THERE WILL BE NO WAR, NOR WILL WE NEGOTIATE WITH THE U.S..
— (@khamenei_ir) August 13, 2018

He is a sage man, he knows what negotiating with US means, especially now that this was confirmed in front of the whole world: a waste of time.

“They have a specific formula for negotiations”  Khamenei said of the United States. He added that normal negotiations( from a normal country I might add, not from the US empire) are based on a give and take but that the United States pursues one primary goal in talks and never budges on its primary goal.

He said that after the negotiations, the United States then reneges on its own end of the bargain.

“Banking on their political, propaganda and financial power, Americans try in every negotiation to thwart any resistance that may prevent realization of their goals.”

“They firstly clearly set their main goals. Of course, they do not declare all those goals during negotiations, but pursue [realization of] all of them through bargaining during talks. The second point is that Americans do not take one step back from these main goals.”

The Leader noted, “During negotiations, Americans only give promises using apparently assuring words, but want real concessions from the opposite side and do not accept promises.”

“In any negotiations, if the opposite side refrains from giving real concessions, Americans will launch such a propaganda and media rancor in the world that the other side feels at loss and becomes passive,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

Noting that according to the American formula, they give promises during negotiations and breach them afterwards, the Leader mentioned the JCPOA as an example of the result of negotiations with America, adding, “Of course, some red lines, which had been set [by the Leader] were not observed in those [negotiations].”

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei further stated, “We can only embark on the dangerous game of negotiating with America after we reach the economic and political and cultural power that we have in mind so that its pressures and ballyhoo would not be able to affect us. However, at the present time, negotiations [with the United States] will be certainly to our detriment and is forbidden.”

Khamenei said that Iran has experienced this when it comes to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iranian nuclear deal, and that North Korea has experienced something similar.

“Why should we sit for negotiations with a bullying [and] cheating regime, which negotiates like this?”

Well said.

Mr. Pompeo and comp., let me , an insignificant blogger, explain to you, in small words what Iran represents, so even an obtuse person like you can understand:

Iran showed over the last 40 years, even under heavy sanctions, non stop overt or covert attacks, that it will not bow, it can not be destroyed.
Iran became more powerful, gained more respect and was able to turn the Empire’s mistakes into personal gains. Unintended consequences seen in Syria, Iraq.
Its economy did not collapse and it’s still growing.
It’s innovations in all fields, and especially medicine and military, are top-notch.
Iran managed to gain more influence in the ME at the same time with the Empire losing its influence there: see Syria, Iraq and now Yemen.
Iran has powerful allies now, who have integrated Iran in the Silk road.
Iran has a lot of real wealth, not paper one( like US): big oil reserves and one of the biggest gas fields in the world.
And smart, young, educated people, full of vitality and patriotism .

So, if you and the Empire you represent could not “regime change” Iran in the past, there is no chance  to do this now.

There will be no war he said.
Maybe Khamenei knows that the Empire is on its last legs and the petro-f*cking-dollar is being dismantled at an increasing pace.

Another wall against the Evil Empire is built now: it includes countries under attack and former allies of the Empire.
A real wall, not the imaginary one envisioned by the Donald.
-Iraq( the new government, not Abadi)

Pakistan and Turkey are key partners for this .
Big countries, big armies, key positions.
One is a nuclear power and the supply route of the US for the Afghanistan war .

Let’s see how long it takes ’til Imran Khan will see an assassination attempt.

We all see the attack on the Turkish lira, stocks, economy, the sanctions and pressure against Erdogan, the failed color revolution there.

We saw the recent Gladio style attack on Italy’s Salvini.

I predict that pretty soon , we will see a withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan , in a Viet Cong manner.
The US tried to convince Pakistan to allow the opening of a front against Iran from the Pakistan land.
And failed.

The Empire has only a losing hand, because it does not know to negotiate, it only knows to use force:
-even if it plans to use tactical nukes on Iran, it will be suicidal
-any military attack on Iran is going to be a disaster for US, the zionist entity and the Saudis
-the sanctions are going to increase the coalition against the Empire
-the petro-f*cking-dollar, weaponized to the maximum, has reached its life expectancy; there is only one trajectory from here, leading to the ground.

The dice have been cast by the Universe( God).
The evil perpetrated on the world by the Empire is too big not to fail.

Any excess, any imbalance is corrected in the end.
The world is uniting against this evil.
Sanctions from nature are coming to the American Anglo Zionist Wahhabi Empire.
And it will be  humanly impossible for the Empire to fight against the sanctions applied by the Universe.


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