Mr. Putin makes new moves on the geopolitical chessboard

The Man went to Die Frau to nudge Germany a little to take the road toward freedom, independence and more prosperity.

Germany needs to become a “normal country” ( as US would say) and break its American shackles.
Germany has a strong Atlanticist party( read traitors, US controlled ).
It needs to purge them and purify itself.

But first, he made a stop in Austria, as a VIP, at the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl’s wedding day.

The elegant Mr. Putin showed some of  his numerous qualities and talents:
The Russian president reportedly spent about sixty minutes at the ceremony in the Austrian city of Graz , where he danced with the bride, shouted “Now a kiss!” in German, and signed his name across the newlywed’s car.
He came with the famous Kuban Cossack Chorus, who’s performance at the wedding seemed well received, as the video released by Kremlin showed.

He congratulated the newly wed couple in German, showing he could speak “the Austrian language” too ( as opposed to Obama, who could not learn it in 8 years; but he could not learn English very well, and this in a life time. But this is a trait of the American Presidents).

The Donald can dance too.
Unfortunately, he dances only to a single tune: the Bar Mitzvah one.

Well, every country has the leaders it deserves.

In Germany, major points were agreed upon.

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project “should not be politicized”, it is a strictly economic one they said.

Tell this to the Americans, who politicize and weaponize even the air we breath.

Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russian energy giant Gazprom and France’s Engie, Austria’s OMV AG, Britain’s Royal Dutch Shell and Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall. The pipeline will run under the Baltic Sea from the Russian coast to a center in Germany and will have an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters.

A project too important ( for Germany’s livelihood) to fail, despite all the American efforts .

[The parties] have pointed out several projects of large German companies aiming to expand their presence in the Russian market, and Putin reaffirmed our interest in such cooperation,” Peskov ( Kremlin’s spokesperson) told reporters.

I can add here another dancing move done by the Man, complementary to the above and counteracting the American noise:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws allowing Russia-controlled foreign offshore companies to be re-registered in offshore financial centers (OFCs) established in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region and Primorsky Territory in order to minimize the possible consequences of sanctions and political risks from foreign countries.

It will not be necessary to liquidate the company abroad, it will be enough to withdraw it from registration, register in the OFC and obtain the status of an international company.

Ukraine was on the agenda .
Die Frau was upset with the failed Minsk II project .

She made sure that Ukraine was not going to be cut off of the Russian gas, after the opening of the NordStream II .
This point was not such a bargaining problem for the Russians , as many would think.

Russia considers Ukrainians as their brothers, and they are right.
Russia is not going to punish the population .
The leaders are on their way out.
Ukraine is not even a country anymore.
Poroshenko is done.
He has transformed himself into another Saakashvili : and he is not going to eat only his tie , but both his American boots.

Syria was discussed.

The war is almost done, Idlib will be rapidly liberated.

Erdogan is between a rock ( America) and a hard place( Russia ).

Russia has offered some sweeteners: has  lifted the ban on the Turkish visas.

The Americans increased the sanctions on Turkey, the threats, and the weapons sent to the Kurds.

And the Donald’s tweets.

Decisions, decisions.

Stay in NATO, an American vassal to be used and deposed  when convenient for America and go down with the American Titanic?

Or take the Silk Road and march toward prosperity and be treated as an equal by the trading partners?

After Idlib, there will be only one illegal occupier left, the exceptionals.

Syria and allies will use an exceptional boot to get rid of this one.

Meanwhile, Syria is rapidly healing.
Rebuilding and refugees are returning home.

“Putin pointed out the growing influx of refugees returning home and urged European countries to support the process to make it irreversible,” Peskov told reporters.

Syria was a miracle.
A little country, which showed enormous courage, dignity and resilience in the face of the attacks from US and most western and Gulf countries.

In the Quran, it is said that Jesus will descend the second time in Damascus and kill the Anti Christ, Dajjal.

It does not have to be in a physical form.
It’s an idea, the idea of resistance, of fight against the oppressor, the omnipresent Dajjal aka the financial system(the beast) on which the Whore of Babylon, aka US, sits, and the fight against the false prophet, represented by the fake US and western media.
And win.

And bring back the true moral values, those preached by Jesus.
Like Syria and allies did.

I already see that the false prophet died.
And Dajjal is on the death bed, covered in petro-f*cking-dollars.


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