America is fighting again for the “American values”

The Donald is preparing for war.
To defend the American values.
The much flaunted “international law”.
The international law that America is breaching in order to defend it.

This war can quickly turn into WW III and a nuclear exchange.

Because the Russians have had enough of the American lawlessness .

The American attitude is like this:

We, the exceptionals, the number one, are going all in because we are confident that the Russians are too mature, too serious to oppose our bullshit and trigger a world conflagration.
And we have their country surrounded by NATO troops and bases.
Bolton just visited Europe’s useful idiots : Ukraine and the Baltic states, to make last moment arrangements.

I don’t know.
This may be the time when NATO fractures.
The cracks are already visible: Turkey is on the other side.
Erdogan called Mr. Putin” his dearest friend”, the Turkish FM Cavusoglu and the MOD just visited Moscow, where they were received by The MAN.
And I honestly do not see Germany, Italy, not even France with its little “Jupiter” Macron, I do not see them fighting the Russians.
And if the leaders are  stupid enough to try it, I think that the populations are going to quickly rectify it.

The Donald is also fighting fake news.
By going to war based on fake news and false flags that our proxies were encouraged to create , again, this time in Idlib, the last terrorist occupied Syrian territory.
That the SAA is now set to liberate.
Massive concentration of Syrian and Russian forces.
Russia has the biggest navy force that Russia ever had in the Mediterranean :
CG Marshal Ustinov
DDG Severomorsk
DDG Yaroslav Mudryy
FFG Admiral Grigorovich
FFG Admiral Essen
FFL Pytlivyy
FSG Vyshniy Volochek
FSG Grad Sviyazhsk
FSG Velikiy Ustyug
LST Orsk LST Nikolay Fil’chenkov
MS Turbinist
MS Valentin Pikul
SS Kolpino
SS Velikiy Novgorod
Plus two cargo planes , with their transponder OFF just landed at their military base in Kheimim.

And nuclear powered submarines patrolling the Syrian maritime coast.

On the US side :

USS The Sullivans destroyer with 56 cruise missiles on board arrived in the Persian Gulf several days ago, while a US В-1В bomber carrying 24 air-to-surface AGM-158 JASSM cruise missiles was deployed at Al Udeid air base in Qatar.

You know, the Donald and his Mini Me, Bolton, are prescient : they know in advance that Mr. Assad is going to try his hand, again, in gassing his own people.

US presidents never disappoint.
After they are sworn into office , they become war criminals, sooner rather than later.
If they disappoint, they get the magic bullet.
Like JFK.

Reagan presided over the 8 year Iran Iraq war, when US helped Iraq , including with chemical weapons used against civilians in Iran. 1.5 million Iranian dead.
Iran Contra affair, supporting the Contras in Nicaragua.
Libya bombing based on a C!A/Mo$$ad created false flag, Lebanon bombing to support the zionist entity in its war against it.
Continued arming and supporting the Mujaheedin ( that will later become Al Qaeda and the Talibans) in Afghanistan against the Russians.

“Poppy” Bush invaded Panama, had the Gulf War, when US used chemical weapons and depleted uranium ( see the “mysterious Gulf war syndrome “ that struck the US soldiers participating there), but that was OK because we did it.
The war in Somalia.

Slick Willie Clinton destroyed Yugoslavia, an European country, based on fabricated reasons.
Belgrad bombed for 89 days, depleted uranium used.
Al Qaeda terrorists used in Albania against the Serbs,the creation of the Muslim enclave in Kosovo, and the NATO Bondsteel base, center of human, children, weapons and drugs trafficking.

Baby the Moron Bush: the biggest US false flag, 9/11, 3000 Americans killed on the spot and many after this, secondary to exposure to chemicals, asbestos and most likely to the mini nukes used.
Afghanistan, Iraq wars based on lies, obscene lies.
The non stop “war on terror” was started, the modern zionist casus belli that they do not need to justify anymore.

Obama, the Democrat, who was ” a peace loving ” president : continued and expanded the wars started by Bush, and added the drone killings of mostly civilians .
Plus : Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, the destruction of Libya and the assassination of Qaddafi, the Syrian war.
The coup d’etat in Ukraine .
The creation of ISIS terrorists, recruited, trained, armed and funded by US, UK, the zionist entity, KSA, Qatar.
Almost started the WW III in 2013 .
Pretty good for a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Now we have the Donald.
Who wanted to MAGA and stop the foreign wars.
Bombed Syria twice officially, based on false flags belonging to the artistic creative branch of Al Qaeda, the White Helmets, funded by the State Department.

And bombed it unofficially multiple times, acting as ISIS air force.

Expended the Afghanistan war.
Continued the support for the murderous regime in Ukraine and its civilian war.
Threatened North Korea and Iran.
Coordinates the genocide in Yemen done by our ally , KSA with American bombs and American planes.

One atrocity or more every day.
And now is preparing another bombing of Syria. After the terrorists stage a chemical attack on US orders.
He did not succeed in starting the WW III last time he bombed Syria and is trying again.

How do we know this?

It was announced by John Bolton.

After he met his Russian counterpart and no agreement was made, because America , which does not negotiate, presented only a list of demands.
That can never be honored by Russia. Ever.

J. R. Bolton had an official meeting with Patrushev, N. P., Secretary of the Russian Security Council, in Geneva. There was no joint statement after the meeting .

America presented its demands and Russia most likely responded with the equivalent of “po’shyol na hui” in diplomatic words.

Tass News Russia:

“The Russian side’s statement dedicated to negotiations between Patrushev and Bolton obtained by TASS states that during the meeting in Geneva the parties brought up a wide range of issues, including, those concerning nuclear nonproliferation with regard to the Korean Peninsula problem and Iran’s nuclear program, the Russian-US treaties on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles and the reduction of strategic offensive arms, the situation in various parts of the world, including the Middle East and North Africa, specifically Syria and Afghanistan as well as Europe, in particular Ukraine.”

The list that America presented as conditions to the Russians is this:
-Retreat from Syria
-Return Crimea and Sevastopol to Ukraine
-Abandon Novorossiya to it’s fate.

-Admit you interfered into US elections, even if you didn’t do it; we can not show the “evidence we have about this” you did it as it is top secret

After this we may lift the sanctions and you may become a normal country.

Nikolai Patrushev did not hide who was to blame.
“We planned to sign a statement at the end of the meeting, but did not sign it, because the Americans wanted us to acknowledge that we interfered in their elections, whereas we deny that”.

Peak lunacy for the Empire.
Not good at all.
We are at a mustache away from a world disaster.

The talented Mr. Bolton, the Donald’s National Security Adviser is on a world tour to secure the US vassals’ unconditional alliance .
And prepare the terrain for another illegal bombing in Syria.

And he started , where else, with the visit of the zionist entity, to receive his last orders.

He is a recipient of “the prestigious ” 2017 Guardian of Zion Award. This qualified him for his NSA position, in the Donald’s administration.

He is the “new Kissinger”. Not so smart or cunning, but equally evil.

If the Empire does not collapse first, he might receive a Nobel for peace.
If the Donald does not revendicate this for himself.

Bolton translated into English his orders from the zionist entity:

Iran has to withdraw from Syria. So US can finally kill Mr. Assad and install a religious fanatical regime instead of the present secular one .

Russia, North Korea and China are threatening the wonderful America democracy and its elections. They need more sanctions and tariffs.

Russia needs to especially be punished for her role in protecting Syria, for the unproved ” invasion of Ukraine” and for returning Crimea to the rightful owner.
But mostly, for “Novichok”, the magic new powder ( see Colin Powell) that can not be found, or proved it belonged to or it was used by Russia .
But US and UK know ” a priori” that Russia was guilty.
Russia is always guilty.

Bolton insisted first that Mr. Putin wanted the Iranians out. A lie too many.
But Mr. Lavrov clarified that Russia” expects that the foreign forces, uninvited by the legal Syrian government, leave”, aka US.

Then a Russian official, Deputy FM Ryabkov added Russian salt on the zionist wounds:
“We treat with great respect Iran’s steps to provide its own security & actions, including on Syria at the invitation of this country’s lawful government ” .
Russia has reiterated that it will be ready to discuss the withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria when the US starts pulling out its own forces.

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recently said that Washington was maintaining an “illegal” military presence in Syria.
The Russians made it clear who is helping the terrorists and prolonging the war :

“The US should first pull out its own forces if it wants to discuss the fate of foreign forces in Syria.”
“All foreign forces staying there without an invitation from the Syrian government must be eventually withdrawn,” Lavrov said in a press conference.
Russian Embassy, UK :

“Before demanding withdrawal of #Iran troops from #Syria, @AmbJohnBolton should explain legal grounds of #US military presence.”

I think that the Russian position regarding Iran’s presence there is clear.

And more than this, Russia is creating a buffer zone between Syria and the zionist entity :

8 demilitarized outposts near the border between Syria and the entity, protecting Syria and its Iranian ally from Israeli attacks and preventing the arming of Islamic terrorist groups .

It seems that the multiple visits that Netanyahu made to Moscow were in vain.
You see , the ME entity is hysterical because it lost the war in Syria, it could not expend to the Euphrates River as per Oded Yinon plan, its terrorists are wiped out and Syria is rebuilding.
And Mr. Assad is still there, more popular than ever.
The entity was very, very disappointed with the US flop in Syria in April.

It wants more blood, more destruction.
And it is asking its stupid big goyim dog to do it for them.
And the talented Mr. Bolton is very devoted to the zionist cause.

John Bolton, who on August 22, stated: “…if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly and they really ought to think about this a long time”, this way informing us that US/UK are preparing( through their proxies) another false flag so they could bomb Syria. Better this time than the last time.

And the Russians made very clear that they have information about this.
“Militants in the Idlib province are preparing to stage the use of chemical weapons against civilians and accuse  the Syrian the government “the Russian Defense Ministry sposksman Konashenkov noted.

“To carry out the alleged “chemical attack” in the city of Jisr al-Shughur in the province of Idlib, the Tahrir al-Sham group (aka Jabhat Nusra terror organization, aka Al Qaeda) militants had delivered 8 tankers with chlorine… to a village a few kilometers from Jisr al-Shughur,” the general stated.
“A group of militants trained under the guidance by British private military company Olive to work with poisonous substances has arrived in Idlib”, the ministry said.

Observe who are the real terrorists , see which nations are involved in this last SNAFU : US,UK and the zionist entity lurking in the shadows.
The three heads of the Beast.

Since US gave the orders, the attack force is already in place.

And because the Russians are so stubborn and do not seem to take the hint and let the Americans finish off Syria, back in the land of the Whore of Babylon: the US is sanctioning Russia. Again.

For its alleged use of the Novichok chemical agent in the UK, for “continued Russian meddling ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.”

The sanctions will include foreign assistance, arms sales, denial of U.S. government credit through the ExIm bank, other financial assistance, impose curbs on Russian sovereign debt sales and tougher limits on some of the country’s biggest banks as “punishment for election meddling.”

Exceptions are in place for the articles that US can not produce: as Russia is a primary supplier of space engines for US rockets – commercial end-users, deemed exports and reexports.
US is an expert on hypocrisy.

The new sanctions are introduced by the Donald administration.
For Russian meddling in the US election, after which he became the president.
He denies his own legitimacy this way .

Have we reached peak ludicrous delusion in the Empire?

US has already sanctioned Russia for the Novichok farcical comedy.
And expelled 60 Russian diplomats and closed the Seattle Consulate.
The San Francisco Consulate was invaded in a gangster like manner and closed last year, for a similar bogus reason.
The talented Mr. Bolton said the U.S. sanctions against Russia will remain in force “until there is a required change in Russian behavior” adding that the U.S. doesn’t accept Russian meddling in U.S. elections.

Russia has to change its attitude of protecting the international law and let the Americans infringe on it in order “to protect” it.
And become, this way, a “normal country” by American standards.
Simple, isn’t it?

I would have laughed at this twisted American logic and hypocrisy, but the prospect of a potential WW III , which will quickly transform into a nuclear exchange, is a powerful deterrent in preventing me from laughing.

It seems that the Russians are not amused either.

Council of the Russian Federation: a potential western strike on #Syria will be reckless and irresponsible action that threatens world peace #Russia #Kosachyov

And this :
#US crossed the red line with its #sanctions on #Russia, lawmaker #Gutenev spoke it clear: we should start deploying our tactical nuclear weapons in foreign countries. It is possible that #Syria, where we have a well-protected airbase, may become one of those countries.

Moscow threw another bombshell when it highlighted that “unmarked helicopters dropped weapons for the terrorists in Afghanistan, in the area controlled by NATO”.
Tough question for you deplorables: to which NATO country do they belong ?

I view this as desperate actions of a desperate Empire losing its grip on power.

The US power today is like a fistful of sand: the more it is squeezed, the more it slips through its fingers.

But do not underestimate the acts of desperate people, especially when they have weapons of mass destruction.
A cornered wounded rat is still very dangerous.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

If the world survives the dangerous madness of the Empire, we may finally return to international law and peace.

Made possible without Pax Americana.



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