All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Not exactly.
Appearances are deceitful.

The Resistance Axis:

Russia has prevented for now another chemical weapons false flag , by presenting the proofs Russia has about this . Sent to UNSC and The Hague ICC. And by blocking the Eastern Mediterranean with the biggest military drills Russia ever had there.

Russia and Syria continue the building up of their Armada near Idlib.

The Russian president and the Turkish one just visited Tehran for high level talks and the last details . Mr. Putin does not travel for small, unimportant issues.

Turkey has sent military convoys and secured its borders.

A meeting between military leaders of Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria took place again.

And Russia  has just started bombing southern Idlib.

The Empire:

Since it could not implement its plans (for now) in Idlib, the US took revenge. Asymmetrically.

In Donbass: the Empire’s professional assassins, C!A or Mo$$ad( the same organization anyway, formed of C!A, Mo$$ad and M!6) have killed the leader of Donetsk Republic, Alexandr Zakharchenko( I’m working on his portrait).
A professional job, a bomb placed in a restaurant.
Which makes me think it was Mo$$ad, they are the best killers in the world.

They practice daily on the Palestinians.

Then, the Empire tried to create a diversion, a terrorists attack in Palmyra: terrorists coming from Al Tanf area, where the US has an illegal military base.
The terrorists were killed and some captured by the SAA.
And they spilled the beans: they were armed and trained by the US, they said.

The whole western media is screaming with the same voice, coming from the center, warning about the future atrocities that the Russians and the Syrians are ready to commit. The last hospitals to be bombed.
Same old same old.

YHWH-istan, through its butcher, gave warnings to Iran of a possible attack in Iraq and Syria.

Al Qaeda executed the civilians advocating for reconciliation with the Syrian government.
The civilians in Idlib are held prisoners by the terrorists, as bargaining chips.

US is providing weapons to the terrorists using third parties, like Ukraine.

And last, but not least, the Donald tweeted.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2018

You see, the Donald is concerned about the children.
All American presidents and politicians are.
The terrorists’ children.
Idlib is full of them. In this case, Al Qaeda’s children.
I do not have anything against any children, but I would like to point out a few things for the Donald et comp.:

1-Look at the human tragedy in Gaza; the children there may not be so beautiful , they are too malnourished, living in the biggest concentration camp in the world; and they are , periodically killed by the most” ethical army “in the world, when it is time for ” lawn mowing”; but these are killed by your protegee, the butcher of YHWH-istan and it is difficult to see them.

Oh, I forgot, the Donald did do something about the catastrophe in Gaza and Palestine, he has cut the aid for Palestine, a few millions, which barely helped them survive, a move immediately praised by the butcher.

2-Look at the hundred of thousands of children killed in Yemen; that is indeed a human tragedy .
Civilians killed by your other protegee, the butcher of Saudi Arabia.
Bombed, starved, killed through diseases like cholera.

3-Look at the thousands killed in Donbass, by your other protegee, the drunk, incompetent, war criminal Poroshenko.

Three butchers that the Donald and the Empire hold in great esteem: a Zionist one, a Wahhabi one and a Nazi one.

And these just to name a few.
Venezuela, Somalia, Sudan, Niger, etc.are other humanitarian catastrophes created by your country.
So many humanitarian catastrophes created and supported by US and not even a tweet about these.

The fat, out of shape, reality TV star, playing his role in the biggest reality show on the planet, the American presidency, is protecting Al Qaeda.
That’s quite a role to play.

And then, it was Nikki Punjab Haley.
Who wanted to bring her contribution in supporting AlQaeda, as she is its spokesperson.

All eyes on the actions of Assad, Russia, and Iran in Idlib. #NoChemicalWeapons
— Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) September 3, 2018

Hey, Nikki , all eyes are indeed on Mr. Assad , Russia and Iran.
To see how they will finish off your pet terrorists.
An advise for you, Nikki.
For free.
Opening your mouth to talk or tweet makes you look fat. Really, really fat.
Something any woman should abhor.
Very fat, starting with your head.

Take example from McCain: he finally shut up. For good.



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