American Patriotism

The American patriotism is diluting lately.

Kaeperrnick did not kneel down for the national anthem.
Hysteria on all levels followed.

The American Empire wants a good, concentrated form of patriotism.
No dissent is allowed to dilute it.

What’s the formula for this?

The best one is a high standard of living for the little people, freedom and opportunities allowed for everybody, not only for those on top, a country living up to its proclaimed high moral ground and having a good international reputation , respected not because of fear, but because everybody would like to emulate its behavior on the internal and international arena.

Patriotism is born from pride; pride to be a citizen of a country, which results in love for your country manifested as loyalty and allegiance to it.
And it is offered freely, as a token of appreciation for that country.
It is not artificially created or bought . If it is real patriotism, not a fake one.

But this formula is a failed recipe for The American Empire today.

It can not generate any patriotism, never mind a concentrated form.

The standard of living of its population is shrinking at an alarming rate.
The international reputation is gone and Americans have never been more hated .
Everybody can see there is no high moral ground left for America to display and invoke
What’s left is the fear.

So the Empire is trying the old formula, invented by another empire that died, the Roman one.

The Roman formula for patriotism was ” Panem et circenses” ( bread and circus, entertainment).

But since there is a big difference between the American and the Roman Empire, the Americans have screwed even this old, well tested formula up.

The difference between this Empire and the Roman one is that while the Romans have created the foundation for the western civilization, while building an Empire and being quite cruel in the process, they did it in an artistic, inspired way, full of genius( many will say that the Greeks were the first to build a real western civilization;  but the Romans perfected the art of creating an enduring civilization, leaving behind masterpieces on every level ; they took what the Greeks created and lifted it to a new, higher level; and, after all, the Greeks were chiseled off by Sumer, Mesopotamia and Egypt ; all around the Mediterranean) .

The American Empire leaves only destruction behind.
Wars, whole countries ruined and a financial system that is a lethal weapon of mass destruction that will take care of what’s left of the western civilization.
And Pepsi Cola and jeans.
Quite a poor record.

Kapaernick thinks that black people and minorities are oppressed.
Of course he is misguided in singling out only the minorities.
Dear Kapaernick, ALL Americans are oppressed.
They are slaves .

Slavery did not die, it was transformed into a new form.
The modern type of slavery : they are debt serfs, owned by the big Corporation that is America .
You fail to see it because you are a well paid peon used by the Empire to ” Divide et Impera”, another Roman formula, this time well used by the American Empire.

Let’s analyze the ingredients of the Empire’s recipe for patriotism:

Panem (bread):
a shrinking loaf of bread and an increasing price.

In 1940 a loaf of non GMO bread was 10 cents.

Now we have bread made of GMO wheat, “enriched” with multiple chemicals, laced with cancer inducing Monsanto Round up, that is killing all your natural colon flora, that flora vital for your immune system .

It makes you bloated, and induces multiple digestive problems and diseases.
And makes richer the insurance companies and the Health Industrial Complex.
And it costs between 3 and 4 dollars. The most expensive, organic one costs above 5 dollars.
And it still has no taste, it’s sour.
Americans who travel( a shrinking bunch too) can see and taste the difference between the American so called bread and other countries’ bread.
French bread, Italian bread, real bread that does not bloat you and taste so good.
If you dare go to Russia, well, you witness a total new culinary shock:
a loaf of bread is bigger than two American ones and costs the equivalent of 50 cents and is an epicurean experience.

So that’s the bread part of the patriotism formula.

That leaves the “circenses “ part to be exploited and squeezed  to generate as much patriotism as possible.
Here, America becomes overemotional, frantic.
Well, lately, America is unhinged on every level.

What is the circus, the entertainment part made of in America?
How do the little people amuse themselves and try to forget that their standard of living is evaporating, their children started dying again, in increasing numbers for the Empire’s wars ( see the recent deaths in Afghanistan, now in Syria and Yemen), that the young generation has no hope for a better life, that the American dream is only a dream ?

Patriotism , the love for your country, can not survive in an empty place: you love your country, you love your countrymen.

Let’s see how this applies to America:

The Left has :

1-The African American warriors, like Kapaernick, who do not see the forest from the trees.
They want more rights and reparations because 200 years ago their ancestors were slaves.
They like racist laws like “Affirmative Action”, which promotes people based on the skin color, not based on skills and merits and would like more laws like this .
And they hate white people.

2-The feminists who are subconsciously repressed whores, fighting for the “rights of their vaginas”.
Asking for respect toward women, when they degrade themselves in every possible way.
They think of themselves as superior to men and able to do any job a male can do.
If nature intended this, it would have made only women.
Women can not do what men can do and vice versa.
Men and women are complementary, and through their union and love they become a superior being, together.
The feminists do not see that they were and are used as puppets by the power.
They were used to increased the work force, but their added income did not make too much of a difference for a family.
In the 1950s, a family could live well with one income.
Today, two incomes do not suffice.
Where they succeeded is in destroying the traditional family.
I’m not advocating that women do not work or seek professional careers.
I’m only disgusted to see those stupid whores protesting with their “tits”.
They are selfish whores who have no problem advocating for killing innocent babies through abortions .

” My body, my choice’ they say.
Who can advocate for a defenseless baby who has no choice?

The feminists hate males, especially heterosexual males( the normal type).

3-The small segment of society made of gays and lesbians and the last gender “du jour” , fighting for their “right ” to have their degenerate and perverse behavior considered normal and succeeding in forcing the rest of us to do that.
And fighting for their “right”to be able to recruit children in a legal way.
Lately, they are promoted everywhere.
You would think that at least 50% of the society is homosexual, not only maximum 3%.
And they hate heterosexuals.

4Social justice warriors, the useful idiots of the Empire, fighting to promote the Empire’s goals.
They support multiculturalism, diversity, illegal immigration and fail to see that at the very top , where the ruling class is, there is NO diversity or multiculturalism.

I could have said more about this but I would have certainly fallen into a category fiercely condemned by the social justice warriors, that of anti semitism.

They hate anybody who does not think like them.
Or better said, everybody who still has a brain and uses it to think.

The Right has:

1-The gun owners, who think that having a gun will help them defend their rights.
I have nothing against guns, I am for them.
But I want to ask those proud American gun owners: did those guns prevent the gutting of all your liberties? The killing of the Constitution and of the Constitutional Republic?
Be honest and look around. What’s left to defend?

Weapons, without people who have critical thinking to see reality as it is not as it is presented by the ruling class, have no value.
The best weapon is knowledge, information.
Without this, a gun is a liability: when society collapses( and it will) , those uninformed gun owners are going to fight against each other for scraps, not the real culprits.

2-Conservatives and libertarians, who think they fight for the right of the individual to life , liberty and pursuit of happiness.
They fail to see that there is no room left for individuals; at least not for the little ones.
Only if you are part of the big club you have those rights.
Other way, you are part of an amorphous mass of slaves.

3-The Evangelicals.

A group of zombies with religious fervor.

They think that anybody who does not support the zionist entity , no matter what horrors it does, will be punished by God. Ordinary people or whole nations will suffer from God’s anger if they oppose the zionist entity.

You see , God has favorites , he is not really a God for all, a God of creation, equally loving all his creatures.

He does not consider the just, the moral , the people having a spiritual path in life and being on the right side as his chosen people.

No, his chosen people are the inhabitants of a zionist entity, created by the chief zionist Rothschild, and involved in all wars of aggression in the ME, in all false flags( like 9/11), in the genocide of Palestinians and having the star of Remphan, or Satan, on their flag.

Those are his chosen people.

YHWH-istan was given to them.

I would not consider YHWH such a high authority ; he could not even be efficient when leading his chosen people to the Holy Land through the desert : it took him 40 years for that. Quite a poor leadership, don’t you think?

4-The new , last social phenomenon called “the Trumptards”.

Those who voted for the Donald, Hoping for a Change in Making America Great Again , and fail to see that he does everything he can to make the Empire great again.

And the Left hates the Right and vice versa.
“Divide et Impera” does not leave room for patriotism.

Meanwhile, the American Empire and the real power at the top steps Left and Right on everybody at the bottom, marching toward their zionist goals.

So the entertainment part is reduced to :
-buying the last gun and ammunition , polishing and admiring them, feeling safer this way
-watch the last Pentagon and C!A approved Hollywood propaganda productions
-watch the last Satanic rituals and Satanic symbols they promote as art
-read the last great tweets from the Donald
The possibilities are endless for the Americans.

But do these generate enough patriotism, the kind that is needed for a possible big war?
Like one against Iran for example? Or another illegal attack on Syria, risking a reply by the Russians?( The Russians just said that any attack against Syria done by the coalition of killing will mean an attack against the US military base at Al Tanf done by Russia and Syria; I hope it’s true).
Because the Empire needs full spectrum dominance, to protect its power, the petro-f*cking-dollar and to expend its credit to the rest of the world, in order to survive.

Enter the Donald.

He is tweeting his contempt for NFL and Nike which supported Kapaernick.
Just like the NFL, whose ratings have gone WAY DOWN, Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts. I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018

“You have to stand proudly for national anthem, or shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there,” Trump added. “Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem. And the NFL owners did the right thing.”

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!

As commander-in-chief he is showing us the way with his moral lead and stance while preaching about patriotism.

Stand for the flag, consume, support our mercenaries, I mean army !
He is a living example for this.

He is a certified and verifiable 5x draft dodger.
For a heel spur that did not prevent him for dancing in the bars of Manhattan or playing golf.
And he didn’t even do this to protest the unjust Vietnam war, which would have made me respectful of him.
No, just to spare his skin.
In a patriotic way, of course.

But more than this, what really showed his patriotism to me was his performance at the Wailing Wall, with his kippah,having a sanctimonious face and praying in the chosen fashion, rocking back and forth against that wall, in an autistic behavior and looking like he’s f*cking the wall.
That wall is a Roman ruin, promoted as a chosen relic.

They can not even pray in silence, in a normal way, they have to f*ck that wall too.
Like everything else.
That showed the Donal’s patriotism, only not toward America.
For America there was only the humiliation and embarrassment.
An American president reduced to this shameful performance.

But I have to say that all American presidents, after JFK, and all politicians have to show their patriotism for that Wall.
Imagine for an instance, an American president going to Russia, wearing a St. George ribbon and assisting to the celebration of the Great Patriotic War on May 9th.
When Russia commemorates the loss of 26 millions Russians who fought to liberate Europe in WWII.
Americans would call this treason.

So, on a closer inspection, we have no real patriotism inducing president .

This is a poorly executed effort to generate patriotism.

The last big production of the Empire , done to manufacture patriotism and rally the troops around that flag, was 9/11.
Big production, big players, big results, big war crimes.

Today, the population is tired of the constant wars, spending trillions for these, trillions we don’t have and we print and having no money left to improve life at home.

Today, we would need a huuuge (as the Donald would say) production to trigger a little patriotism needed to support another big war.
Like nuking an American city and blaming Iran or Russia.
Are they crazy enough to dare this?

Because, other way, it is a little difficult to feel patriotic in America.

Corporate patriotism is in short supply.
The Corporate America, with its “one all seeing eye” is not inducing too much patriotism.
They force that all seeing eye on us everywhere and every time, from the dollar bill, to all entertainment shows, to the corporation logos.

America has become a Cyclops monster.
A giant; one-eyed monster, belonging to a wild race of lawless creatures who possess neither social manners nor fear of the Gods.
Brute force, no vision, no insight.
Like Dajjal in the Quran, the one eyed anti Christ, blind in the right eye, the false Messiah.
Impossible to focus on the fine details like truth, moral and spiritual values, with only one eye.

Monsters do not generate too much patriotism, even if encouragements are tweeted by the Donald.

And even if the majority of the American population does not comprehend what’s really going on.
But they could sense that things are not right and this uneasy feeling is not auspicious for patriotism.
This and an increasingly empty stomach from the lack of that bread.

The country is divided, segments of society used against each others , people are served a heavy dose of poorly produced propaganda.
What “being patriotic” means in America?

Support the troops in doing their illegal, bloody wars for the benefits and profits of corporate America and private contractors?

For the benefit of the zionist entity, which wants to grow and engulf chunks of the neighboring countries, the parts containing the oil and the water and which wants to get rid of any big, strong, secular Arab government? Which wants to throw America into a war with Iran?
Send your children as cannon fodder for the army, because they have no other prospects except to be a mercenary or a waiter?

Consume , consume, spend, bury  yourself under more debt so that the owners of America could buy another yacht, another mansion?

Use the drugs they provide to you, making billions from this( see the heroin from Afghanistan, poppy fields guarded by the US Army), and destroy your mind and health?

Stand for the flag and the anthem.

Not enough anymore.
You need better reasons for that.
Empty rhetoric would not suffice.

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” George Bernard Shaw

America has functioned so long on this slogan that it did not have time and allowed itself to see that other countries have become greater and are challenging its power.

There are many Americans who still think “we are number one” and feel patriotic because of this.

We are number one in :
-total crimes
-CO2 emissions
-divorce rate
-teen birth rate
-heart attacks
-McDonald’s restaurants
-plastic surgeries

-trade deficit

Do all these make you feel more or less patriotic?

For those thinking I am not patriotic enough because I point out all these facts, I will quote a man much smarter than me:

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. Mark Twain

Unfortunately, in America, government after government, left or right, Republican or Democrat, deserve so little.


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