Quo Vadis, Poland?

The Donald wants to make America great again by building a military base in Poland.

Poland is known as the useful idiot of the Empire in Europe, together with Romania, the Baltic Statelets and Ukraine.
Poland and Romania allowed US to place THAAD systems on their territories, which are not defensive but offensive systems, easily transformed into ones to launch nuclear missiles.
Those are aimed at Russia, to ” counteract Iranian aggression”(try not to laugh or vomit).
They are operated by US ,  host country has no access to them, it does not even know what the Americans do there.

Poles and Romanians are only allowed to clean toilets, clean the US poop.

And if things get really hot, they will not be able to do even that.
They will be buried under a deep level of radioactive US poop.

Becoming a target for Russia, for no real reason, was not enough for the Poles.
They want more.
This level of stupidity happens when somebody makes “judgements” not using his/her head ,but “his heart, his feelings”.
His big, courageous, full of hate heart.

Having courage and no brains is not a good combination, it ends in disaster.
You see , Poland hates Russia.
Always did, always will.

Poles never learned anything from history, including their own.

They accuse Russia for being responsible for USSR crimes, including the communist ones.
Poles did not find out ( like many in US or the West), that Communism and Bolshevism were not Russian inventions, but those of the chosen ones.
The Bolshevik Internationale, which now runs the US and most of the West.

Marx and Engels were not Russians.

Poles should read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn( like anybody who wants to become knowledgeable).
Read ” 200 years together”, not translated in English( I wonder why), but can be read in Russian, French or German.
Solzhenitsyn received a Nobel when he criticized( rightfully) the Soviet Union and was buried under the zionist dirt when he wrote that book.
The book was deemed ” controversial”, “anti semitic”[ sic!] and ” having unreliable facts” by Wikipedia, because it tells the truth about the role of the chosen and the atrocities committed by them in the Bolshevik Revolution.
Well, the truth can only be inconvenient and lately has become very anti semitic.

The Bolshevik Revolution was a ” color revolution”, but Solzhenitsyn did not know about this when he wrote it in 2003.
It was done by the Bolshevik Internationale, the chosen people from outside Russia mostly with help from the inside chosen.
Trotsky, real name Lev Davidovich Bronshtein had the equivalent of 2 Billion $ from Kuhn and Loeb New York Bank, a chosen bank, given by the chosen banker, Jacob Schieff.

And help from Rockefeller, JP Morgan.
21 million rubles given by Lord Milner.

Lenin had 15 Million marks from the German government and a big amount of money from the chosen German banks , 80 Million marks in gold.

The underground newspaper Iskra was sponsored by a mysterious benefactor (individual or collective), disguised in the party documents as the “Californian gold mines.” , aka American Jewish bankers.

President Woodrow Wilson was the fairy godmother, who provided Trotsky with a passport to return to Russia to “carry forward” the revolution…

May Wilson burn in Hell for all he did to destroy America( the Federal Reserve, the income tax).

60 million Russians were killed in that color revolution, 60,000 Christian churches destroyed, the whole family of the Czar assassinated.

The gulags were run by the chosen.

The first NKVD ( Cheka) was a chosen construct.

CHEKA was headed by Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Bolshevik Chosen of Polish aristocracy extraction.
One of the biggest criminals of all time, a Satanist.
How’s that, Poland?
“We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity” – Felix Dzerzhinsky
Here follows a list of chosen members of the leadership of the Cheka when the mass terror began in 1918:

• Felix Dzerzhinsky (chairman)
• Yakov Peters (Vice-Chairman and chief of the Revolutionary Tribunals)
• Viktor Shklovsky
• Kneifis
• Zeistin
• Krenberg
• Maria Khaikina
• Sachs
• Stepan Shaumyan
• Seizyan
• Delafabr
• Blumkin
• Alexandrovich
• Zitkin
• Zalman Ryvkin
• Reintenberg
• Fines
• Yakov Goldin
• Golperstein
• Knigessen
• Deibkin
• Schillenckus
• Yelena Rozmirovich
• G. Sverdlov
• I. Model
• Deibol
• Zaks
• Yanson
• Leontievich
• Libert
• Antonov
• Yakov Agranov (Sorenson), who became especially feared.

A lot of anti semitic facts, isn’t it Wikipedia?

Solzhenitsyn ( I just drew his portrait) knew the truth from his own experience in a gulag.

He was one of the greatest writers of all time and the greatest of the 20th century and a prophet.

But Poland does not know that.
They accuse the Russians .
Like many people in the US and the West.
Ignorance is bliss.

“For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion”. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Poland confuses Russia with USSR and America with that ” shiny city on the hill”and the idealized Hollywood version.
Poland does not know that America is run by the chosen people ( into the ground) and that the Bolsheviks moved here.

The Poles who know this and are smart and patriotic, like Mateusz Piskorski, are in jail.
He wanted to create a Slavic Union, a Slavic Brotherhood, to boot out all foreign troops from Poland and to have good relations with Russia and China and, maybe, walk on the Silk Road, OBOR.
For these he was labeled a “Russian spy” and thrown in jail, with no trial and without any proofs.

Poland was the trigger of WW II, believing the British lies and provoking Germany. A peon, which payed for its stupidity.

And would like to repeat the experience.
Poland is going to pay, again , a big price, when the American Titanic sinks.

The Donald wants to build a Fort Trump in Poland, which will pay 2 Bil $ for this fantasy and to be occupied by the Americans, more than it already is.
To be “enriched” by US troops , which can rape its women and children( like they do in the 900+ foreign military bases , ask Japan for example, or Iraq), to have its food poisoned by McDonalds and comp., to drink caffeinated chemicals , like coca cola and have Satanic rituals presented as entertainment..

This military base is an Empire spear against Russia, possibly to replace the one in Germany.

I wonder if Trumptards think this is part of MAGA?
Because it is quite obvious it’s part of Empire building : Make the American Zionist Empire Great Again, MAZEGA.
And enriching the military industrial intelligence complex(MIIC).

The wall was not built , but a few illegal military bases in Syria were and now this in Poland .
How’s that for MAGA, deplorables?

The military base in Poland, being a Trump spearhead toward Russia will have the form of a giant mushroom, to be in conformity with Stormy’s report .

Since the Donald was/is part of the American Zionist entertainment industry and was a Casino mogul, the base can function as a military Casino, a first for a US military base.
But, hey, the Donald is a genius. He can start a Trump franchise.
Fort Trump Casino.
It has a catchy resonance.

The Poles will provide the women and children and clean up the toilets.
Money laundering, children and women trafficking, drugs, organs and weapons trafficking ( like at Bondsteele) could be additional bonuses.
The bets at this Fort Trump Casino will be Polish lives.
A win-win for the Empire.

Maybe Poland can expend even more the experiment and accept a US biochemical lab, where human experiments can be made in order to develop dangerous viruses and bacterias, that can be used against the Russians.
Like the ones in Georgia, Ukraine.
Poles will provide the human rats.

I think Poland should look at Ukraine to see what American freedom and democracy can achieve, if  looking at Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan,Yemen is not enough for Poles.
After all, there are 1 million Ukrainian refugee in Poland.

After the Ukrainian coup done by the US, with help from EU( The Polish FM was one of the guarantors of the signed treaty with Yanukovich, and  which was not respected), Ukraine is basically a failed country, rivaling Zimbabwe and Somalia put together.

-Ukraine had 44 tons of gold, stolen in the middle of the night , by the Americans
-its Carpathian forests are destroyed to build furniture for Europe (Ikea)
-its industry, which was one of the best in eastern Europe, is gone
-the land, one of the best( chernozem) is Monsanto-sized and sold to the West for cheap
-a civil war with fratricide killings, supervised by the C!A, Mo$$ad, and M!6, resulted in thousands killed
-its demographics is disappearing (lost 5-6 million people, most migrated to Russia)
-in 2019 will lose the nice income from gas transit fees
-accumulated a huge debt
-its currency lost enormous purchasing power and its GDP is collapsed
Ukraine was used as a threat and blackmail against Russia and after it loses even this role( in 2019 when Nord Stream II is completed), it will be tossed aside as a garbage bag.
And no, no EU membership and no NATO admission, not that this means too much for its prosperity.

Poland, look at Ukraine for future references.

But Poland is so stupidly full of hate toward Russia, that it fails to see that Russia is not USSR and America is the real Evil empire and not what pretends to be.
Poland is going to find out the hard way, but it will be too late.

Stupidity does not kill an ignorant man, but it can kill a country.

This Polish affair of the Donald( he likes all types of affairs) could be a big opportunity for Germany to get out the US military boot, if it is smart and has courage.
Let Poland enjoy the benefits of American occupation.
Poland survived the German invasion, the Soviet one, but it will not survive the American freedom and democracy.
The irony!

Henryk Sienkiewicz was a great Polish writer, who wrote a great book about the decline of another Empire, the Roman one.
Quo Vadis.
It describes the Christians persecutions under the mad emperor Nero and the triumph of love , sacrifice and truth.

And the Roman Empire’s decadence and collapse.

A great novel.

I would ask Poland, since it pretends to be a Christian country, why is it allying with an empire run by a Satanic cabal ( because this is what US is), against a white Christian nation like Russia? And what’s even worse, Poland is doing this when the Empire is heading toward the dustbins of history.

Quo Vadis, Poland?


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