Dasvidaniya, YHWH-istan!

First of all, I want to express my condolences and my sorrow to the families of the 15 Russian martyrs .

They were there fighting absolute Evil, on the behalf of the whole humanity.
And Evil attacked them in a cowardly way.

It seems that WW III has reached a new higher level.
It was at a slow pace more or less, but the American Zionist Empire raised the ante through its zionist head .

Now the Imperial Zionist troops are shooting directly at the leader of the Resistance Axis, Russia.

Very bad move on all levels:
-the military strategic level, as it did not achieve any great victory in the Syrian war
-on the diplomatic level, only confirmed once again, that diplomacy is not in the Empire’s vocabulary
-on the ethical level, where the Empire lost big, very big ( to use the Donald’s vocabulary); it lost absolutely any pretense of being on the right side

On September 18th, the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the Holiest day of the year for the pharisees’ land the following events happened:

Russia and Turkey ( a NATO member) agreed for a deescalation zone around Idlib, patrolled by Russian and Turkish military police, at Sochi, Crimea

-The military attack on Idlib by SAA and Russia is postponed only, ’til December 15th, not cancelled. Time is on the side of Russia and Syria

Turkey got more time( courtesy of Russia) to clean up its f*ck up in Idlib, together with its terrorists and Erdogan can save face at home, posing as the hero who convinced Russia to stop( for now) the attack; but this deal puts great responsibility and pressure on Turkey ; it will have to deliver

-The chemical weapons false flag was brilliantly averted by the combined actions of Russia and Turkey ; Turkey guaranteed to prevent any future ones ( good luck with that Turkey!; making deals with the terrorists is not an easy task)

-The idiot coalition of killing, lead by US (UK, France, YHWH-istan) were taken by surprise and did not have time to think it over and invent new excuses and launched the missile attack ( 28 missiles), immediately after the press conference between Mr. Putin and Erdogan ended;

-no reason or excuse given; Hezbollah or Iran were not delivering weapons ( the usual excuse given by YHWH-istan)

-It was a coordinated attack: YHWH-istan as air force ( 4 F-16) and missiles from the Mediterranean fired by a French frigate and some say, two British planes , all within a second interval , proving to the world that the Imperial troops are ISIS and AL Qaeda air force

-A reconnaissance Russian airplane, Il-20 with 15 people on board went missing during the attack,later confirmed shot down

-Latakia, Homs and Tartous were attacked , civilian and military infrastructure, all around Idlib, where the Empire is trying to save its terrorists

-Russia did not engage the air defense ,but Syria did, as they were attacked

-Some damage done to Syrian sites also and some people wounded

-A French frigate was identified by the Russians as firing missiles

YHWH-istan was named by the Russian military as the aggressor, the guilty part of what happened

-YHWH-istan did not warn the Russians, as their military agreement stipulates; it gave notice only one minute prior to the attack and the reconnaissance plane , which was landing, was exposed to fire ; this is a mockery toward the Russians which will not be left unanswered

-The chosen hided their hooked noses behind the massive Russian plane, trying to avoid the SAA defense system

Pentagon declined responsibility ( what a surprise) and blamed the Syrians for shooting down the Russian plane, as if the Syrians decided to do this out of the blue, not responding to an illegal, criminal attack against their country

-YHWH-istan did comment late and apologize ;they are sorry but they are not really guilty( they never are), the Syrians and of course the Iranians are to be blamed; YHWH-istan is still thinking how to blame this on anti semitism

-And the Donald has not tweeted yet ( this is the most grave event)

My assessment is this:

First and most important question is : was this an accident or not?
And I am not talking about the Syrians shooting down the Il-20, but about the chosen. Did the chosen shoot it down on purpose or maneuvered in such a way that resulted in this?

In favor of not being an accident are these facts:

-YHWH-istan did not warn the Russians about the attack, as per the signed agreement between the countries

-the attack was coordinated with the French and the Brits and supervised by the US

-YHWH-istan knew for sure about the Il-20 coming to base and used it as a decoy to hide their planes

-they called the Russian immediately trying to put blame on the Syrians, showing they are the guilty part

-it did it a few hours before the start of Yom Kippur, to take by surprise the Russians and the Syrians

In favor of being an accident:

-YHWH-istan never exposes itself this way, it pushes others in the front, and it stays in the shadows, pretending to be innocent; it is the eternal victim

What I believed happened is this:

The Empire ( Anglo-American-Zionist) did not like the Sochi agreement and panicked and tried to derail it, increasing the ante on provocations.

Mr. Putin and the Russians made a checkmate move on the ME board with the Sochi agreement.
Taking out the Queen, the false flag.
The Queen would have given the American King a reason to attack.

And the military action is only delayed.
Civilians will be evacuated meanwhile.
The terrorists are surrounded, no where to go but Turkey.

Turkey has a big responsibility and will have to comply. It has no other choice.

The criminally insane American Zionist Empire attacked having not even an excuse, a pretext in the form of a false flag.
This sounds like real desperation, which is not good: it means the collapse, which is inevitable for the AAZ Empire, is very close.

The Empire probably did not have enough time to make a good plan and improvised, other way it would have found a pretext to offer for the attack.
In the past,we all saw that their plans lack intelligence, but now we see that their improvisations are really, really retarded.

I think that the chosen planes used the Il-20 to hide behind its massive radar shadow and did not expect the Syrians to aim at them .
Maybe the Syrians did not know about the Il-20 as the IFF code(Interrogator Friend-Foe) is not given to them by the Russians( for good reason) and fired at the chosen hitting IL-20 by mistake.

At this point in time the Russians made it clear that they are not convinced that the plane was not shot down ON PURPOSE.

I do not think that the chosen expected this to happen, they thought that the Syrians would not dare to fire toward a Russian plane and when this happened , they panicked and aborted further action.

Because I am sure that the planned attack was supposed to be much bigger than the 1 1/2 hr and would have involved the Americans.

The chosen never expose themselves like that.

The Russians will find out exactly who fired and they will take their time to respond.
Revenge is a dish best served cold and Russia has many means to cool that dish.
Russians are never in a hurry when they respond.

The social media warriors and trolls immediately accused Mr. Putin of being ” a pussy”.

We’ve been through this scenario multiple times, meanwhile Syria is controlled mostly by Mr. Assad ( except Idlib, to be soon resolved and the Ameri-Kurdi-kistan to be dealt with after Idlib is liberated).

And this because Syria did not find out that Mr. Putin is a pussy.
Syrians function under the impression that Mr. Putin and the Russians saved their country from the American Zionist empire and vassals.
Remember what the situation was when the Russians entered the war, or the ” quagmire” as Obama said.

I have observed , over the years, Mr. Putin ‘s modus operandi.
Without pretending to understand everything he does, I can say that he has invested too much and worked too hard to reach this level , this status for Russia, and he is not going to jeopardize everything through a rush action.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warned YHWH-stan that there will be consequences.

“The main military investigation department of the Criminal Investigation Service of Russia instituted a criminal investigation into the crash of the Il-20 aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, and investigators and criminologists of the SC of Russia are working together with representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry,” Petrenko , a high ranking Russian representative said.

General Shoigu, Minister of Defense:

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies completely on the Israeli side,” Minister Shoigu said.

“The command center of the Russian troops were only informed with 1 minute left before the airstrikes by the Israeli F-16s began,” he mentioned.

The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.” – Minister Shoigu emphasized.

Russia has gained, again, the moral high ground, avoiding civilians casualties and saving soldiers lives in Idlib.
And staying within the international law.
And everybody could see that Russia was hit, in a cowardly way, in the back, while doing all these efforts for peace.
Javad Zarif, Iranian FM:

Intensive responsible diplomacy over the last few weeks-pursued in my visits to Ankara & Damascus, followed by the Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit in Tehran and the meeting is Sochi-is succeeding to avert war in #Idlib with a firm commitment to fight extremist terror. Diplomacy works.
17 Sep 2018

What did the Empire achieve with all this stupid, irresponsible act?

The evil American Zionist Empire lost the last mask which said” we are the force for good”.
Did it gain anything with the mask on?
Of, course, other way it would not have made such an effort in pretending to hold the moral high ground.
Only look at all the Hollywood propaganda movies, where America is always ” the good guy” fighting Evil.

Did the world love and respect the Evil Empire or the mask it was wearing?
It has become exhausting for the Empire to keep that mask on and now it lost even that.

The zionist entity has finally made a big mistake.
I am glad for them.
You see, the entity was always acting from the shadows, pushing its big goyim attack dogs in the front, this way pretending to be innocent, even the victim.
Well, now it was caught with its kosher pants down.
How was this possible ?
The entity is a serial killer, but it never ever allowed itself to be exposed like that.
Until now.

And from all the possible bad choices they could have stepped upon, they had to hit the Russians.

Even Murphy’s law, is anti semitic, it seems.

It is over with the hit and run attacks on Syria and Iran assets there.
It is over with Mileikovski’s visits to Moscow, to plea for favors.

The entity is going to receive a muzzle to tone down their chutzpah and control their rabies.

And YHWH is not going to save them.
It took YHWH 40 years to lead them through the desert on a short path,how long will it take him to lead them out of the Russians’ anger and revenge ?

The entity has many vulnerable points, as it is an artificial one, supported with money by Uncle Schlomo and Western countries, its war crimes covered non stop and it has made too many enemies and it is hated by everybody in the know ( well, except the ignorant US population).
Palestine is such a soft, underbelly spot.

The entity attacked more than 200 times Syria, hit and run attacks.

I think this is going to be the last one, without having its planes shot down.

Russia, Syria and Iran abstained from a strong response, because they did not want to amplify the war and some hit and run attacks did not change too much the fate of the war.

Russia can not and does not want to fight US and NATO.
Because this will rapidly degenerate into a nuclear exchange and then it’s game over for everybody.

You see , acting responsible, like Russia does, is considered a weakness by the Empire and some social warriors.

The Empire exploits this in its favor with these stupid attacks and the social warriors use this to blame Mr. Putin and name him a ” pussy”.

YWHW-istan wanted that Russia use its influence to get Iran / Hezbollah out of Syria.
And Russia told Mileikovski that this is not why Russia is there.
At the same time , when Iran wanted that Russia attacked the zionist entity , Russia told Iran the same: this is not why we are here.

But this is a mistake too many for YHWH-istan.
And an infamy which will not be left unpunished.

I realized this while watching  general Shoigu , having  at his right side the Russian chief of staff, General Gerasimov,  and giving his report about what happened to the Russian joint chiefs of staff.
I looked at their faces and saw that YHWH-istan is in big trouble.
And I remember what happened to Turkey after they killed a Russian pilot.
We are talking 15 Russians here.

Russia will win this war, even if it loses some battles and some of its aura, even if Mr. Putin loses some of his popularity in the process.
I’ve never been more convinced about something in my whole life.

Today, an IDF delegation led by the Commander of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, is in Moscow with their version of what happened.
I think that the Russians already know, but want to see how many kosher lies can the chosen serve.

This is what a very smart man who knows about the insides of Russian politics said:

Ollie Richardson

“Remember what I said about Syria being the “high stakes” arena? Well,Israel just tried to raise the stakes without having the necessary chips. This is why working within the framework of international law trumps chaotisation. Turkey was brought to heel, and now Israel is next.

Poor Empire, such ignorance.
It is already defeated but it does not know it yet.

As Victor Hugo has said :
“Rien n’est plus fort qu’une idée dont l’heure est venue.” “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

And that idea is that the time has come for the world to liberate itself from the oppression of the petro-f*cking-doillar, which gives power to the American Zionist Empire and to reveal the real face of the Empire.
The time has come for countries to be independent, sovereign and in pursuit of their own happiness.
Only the happiness of the American Zionist Empire, at the expense of everybody else does not give any satisfaction to the world.

The Empire can:

fight through its proxy armies, but those are rarefied now, and mostly dead

-can increase its propaganda machine , like we all see with every Western media, but very few believe them anyway

-can shut down youtube and social media accounts of people speaking the truth ( like we saw with Iranian and Syrian sites)

-can train terrorists at its military bases( like Al Tanf in Syria) and save them , like we saw with multiple heliborne operations

-can even have military drills with the terrorists ” to send a strong message to Russia” , like US army did at Al Tanf recently
[ sic!] ( bwahahah!)

can even send more enlightened thespian tweets from the Donald and bark more through its zionist gypsy posing as US envoy at UN, Nikki Haley, having an IQ of 60 shekels

-can give more ridiculous sanctions to people and nations fighting against its hegemony and against its proxy army

-can give sanctions after sanctions to Russia ( OOPS, the Donald did it again….relax , I’m not talking Stormy, but about other sanctions given to 33 Russians for election interference: I can not even laugh anymore).

Is the Donald a masochist, punishing himself by punishing Russia, which ” helped him gain the presidency” ? (as the Donald’s perceived enemies pretend)
Because he is playing this role now, giving sanctions to Russia based on Russiagate.

What the Empire can not do , is to defeat the idea, because it is too powerful and its time has come.

While increasing its power, America has left too much destruction behind it and this can not be ignored anymore, it is obvious to the naked eye.
Enough is enough!
And America does not show any sign it wants to stop .
US does not even pretend anymore.

The lexicon the US uses can not continue to mask the real meaning of its actions:

-US hides behind “democracy” to promote American global leadership, aka hegemony

-US invades sovereign states that do not bow to its demands, in the name of ” human rights” and ” the right to protect” ( this last one invented by the zionist ex UN envoy , Samantha Powers)

US is spreading freedom one bomb and one C!A coup at a time

-we have millions and millions of ” people saved by US” : they are all laying in their premature graves, in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc…

-US fights terrorism by recruiting, arming with heavy weapons, training and paying them ; and acting as their air force : the last examples were in plain view in Syria

-US can not compete with real producers, even when having the advantage given by the world currency, the petro-f*cking-dollar, so it conducts trade and currency wars: tariffs, sanctions,attacks on foreign currencies , attacks on foreign markets and stocks, attacks on the trade partners of its enemies

-when US needs to directly attack a country( because its proxies were not efficient) it invents “ad hoc” a casus belli by creating false flags; but the quality of these false flags is very poor lately: the American Zionist Empire has replaced quality with quantity , even here
( see the Syrian multiple ” chemical weapons attacks”, Skripal- yes, Skripal was coordinated with US and used by US to sanction Russia multiple times).

US pushed too much in its demented goal to enslave the whole world,which was never possible.
History witnessed other futile attempts .

But now,when the consciousness of the world is expending, and the revelation of the truth ( aka the  Apocalypse) is taking place, this task is really destined to fail.
Denial. Anger.Bargaining.
It did not reach depression and acceptance yet.
It will be forced to do it.
Russia and allies will seek that it does.

Syria, Idlib and Novorosyia,Ukraine are the theater in which America can display its lawlessness and stupidity in trying to hold on that power.
And I think it is where it will be taught a lesson.

Idlib and Syria are going to be liberated , one way or another.

Syria and its allies fight for us all.

It is a fight for the freedom of all humanity , for its liberation from the oppression.
It is a fight on a higher level, on the spiritual one, between Evil and Good, the forces of Darkness and the forces of Light:

-on one side is the Whore of Babylon, US, riding the zionist financial Beast, with one foot in the City of London, one in Wall Street and one in the oil rich Arabian Peninsula ( YHWH-istan), trying to protect its power, the Beast, and its child, the petro-f*cking-dollar, with its 7 presidential heads ;

Nobody can buy or sell if he/she/it does not have the mark of the Beast in his hand

(a.k.a  the petro-f*cking-dollar)

The Whore of Babylon is the Statue of Liberty, a Masonic statue representing The Goddess Libertas, the Goddess of immigrants, freedom and the mother of all whores ; the Statue of Liberty is the  symbol of America and also the symbol of the center of the  financial system which is New York and it is located in New York.

how’s that from an eschatological point of view? amazingly true.

-on the other side, is a coalition between a white Christian country, Russia and some Muslim countries, Sunni and Shia ( Syria,with its army uniting Sunni Arabs, Christians and Shia Alawites, the Assyrian descendents; Iran, a non Arab Shia country and Lebanon through Shia Hezbollah) ;

This is what Mr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s representative at UNSC, had to say:

There is no representative of the ‘Syrian regime’ at the United Nations, said Mr. Bashar Jaafari

I am the representative of the Syrian Arab Republic.” Bashar Jaafari at UNSC .
“Why is France providing cover to terrorists groups when they are the same who launched the attacks on the theater and on Nice?”

“Israel attacked my country twice this week. It seems some members of the council are not aware of this fact.”


The Americam Zionist Empire does not know to stop and frankly it can not stop.
If it does not protect its petro-f*cking-dollar and expend the debt to the whole world, it collapses.
It will collapse any way, but the Empire wants to gain a few more years.
It’s still unclear for me what purpose will this serve : 1 to 5 years gained will not make any difference in my view.
Because this is the maximum US can hope for.

And after the US collapses the zionist entity gets it.
Between Iran, Hezbollah and now the Russians, it is done.
It will not have Uncle Schlomo to protect it anymore.
I do not give YHWH-istan more than 5-6 years, in its actual form.
This Yom Kippur was the last chance for atonement and the entity blew it again.

Did the zionist entity learn anything from this ?

I doubt it, it considers itself as above us mortals, on every level , and entitled to do any thing it wants.

It is only sorry it got caught and exposed.

Proof of that : YHWH-istan pretends now that it did warn the Russians in advance, not only 1 minute prior to the attack.

So, the Russian Minister of Defense, Mr. Shoigu is a liar, as per YHWH-istan.

When you are in a hole, dig deeper, YHWH-istan!

I can hardly wait the Russian response to this infamy.
It is going to be epic.
And very satisfying, in an anti semitic way.

The response will be served in incremental payments:
– one or more very visible
-multiple invisible to the naked eye , but maybe possible to  guess through their side effects

And I hope that Russia realized that you can not appease a poisonous snake: you can only kill it or, if you want to keep it alive, put it in a secure cage.

Looking at how the American insanity is increasing, I do not think we will reach the end of the year without a major event.

Trump-istan is pilling sanctions and tariffs on everybody : it just sanctioned the Chinese army for buying Russian weapons.
I do not know whether to laugh or cry; I may do both, to be on the safe side.

The zionist dogs bark and sometimes they even manage to bite, but the Russian Christian caravan moves on. Pulling the whole world with it.

Dasvidaniya, YHWH-istan!


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