That Damn Novichok!

Novichok, the new Russian villain, does not want to die.
The Brits have found its accomplices.

We do not know too much about its victims, the Skripals, especially Sergei.
He totally disappeared .

Is he alive, is he dead?
Apparently, he hides inside the Pandora Box, which M!6 holds.

He has become The Schrodinger Sergei Skripal, who is simultaneously dead and alive.
If you open the M!6 Pandora box ( assuming you are alive after that) :
It is highly likely you May find out he is dead.

But, since the box can be opened only by M!6, he May be alive.

They do not show him to us, because:

-we do not understand the quantum mechanics of the British Government

it jeopardizes the National Security, a state known as a quantum superposition, as a result of being linked to a random Russian subatomic event that May or May not occur

It is so circumvoluted , that even Erwin Schrodinger would have been confused.

But the Brits have found the two Russian spies who perfumed Britain.

They showed us their pictures taken at the Heathrow airport, on the same corridor, at the same spot and at the same time. To the second.

Some unsophisticated minds pointed to the physical impossibility of such an occurrence.

The fact that they arrived in the same place , at exactly the same time, is the very evidence that they were sent by the Russian government, and especially by V.V. Putin.

They traveled through a wormhole, with direct entry at Kremlin.
And materialized at Heathrow.

Q: why were they not sent directly to the Skripals’ house? Clean and easy job.
A:To confuse the Brits, to make them think this was a normal travel , done by two Russian tourists.
I almost fell for that.

They came with the perfume bottles which had Novichok .

Q: What kind of bottle can safely hold Novichok?
A: A Russian one:
-like” Red Moscow”
-or the Matryoshka bottle ” Russian Present, magic Eau de Novichok”

Q: why don’t we see the bottle  found by Scotland Yard ?
A: National British Quantum Security

The two Russian spies, who don’t love Britain, poisoned the Skripals, manged to not be affected ( Novichok does not work on the Russian spies) and then , for unclear reasons, threw a perfume bottle in the garbage to be found later by two innocent drug addicted Brits, one of whom is now deceased.

I can not answer why they did this unprofessional mistake.
Neither can the Brits.
Maybe they just wanted to laugh in the innocent faces of the Brits, an evil Russian SVR laugh.

We are waiting for new episodes of the Novichok saga provided by May government.

Meanwhile, Royal Shakespeare Company and BBC is teaming with M!6 and 10 Downing Street  up,  to produce a new form of the comedy of the absurd.

Théâtre de l’absurde, theatre of the absurd.
This was invented by Albert Camus, Samuel Beckett and perfected by the UK and US governments.

Look at a State Department briefing, or Nikki Haley’s speeches at UN, or the statements of UK government.

” Characters caught in hopeless situations forced to do repetitive or meaningless actions; dialogue full of clichés, wordplay, and nonsense; plots that are cyclical or absurdly expansive; either a parody or dismissal of realism and the concept of the “well-made play”.

The Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabi Empire has studied Jean Genet for whom “Good is only an illusion. Evil is a Nothingness which arises upon the ruins of Good” and took this notion to the next level, with multiple franchises all over the world and mass production.

UK has produced many masterpieces through his Royal Shakespeare Company.

Those were the days when Britain produced something of value.

Now, this company is becoming more hip, dropping the Shakespeare from its name .
They are thinking to take the name Royal Meghan Company.

After all, UK has a Hollywood actress as Dutchess of Sussex now.
Very, very experienced : At Hollywood, women gain a lot of experience and practice.
Even if they start in a low, humble position… I mean , role, on the casting couch.
This experience can take them far, like entering the Royal family.
Look at Prince Harry’s grin : his new wife has Hollywood experience and practices yoga.
If they start their acting career as children … this is a whole new level, but I can not explore it more without becoming an anti semite.
Roman Polanski, Woody Allen…
Only talking about Hollywood power structure , you become an anti semite .

BBC was enriched by Jimmy Savile’s experience with children.

They are going to produce the following masterpieces, under the direct supervision of M! 6 and 10 Downing Street .

-“Who’s Afraid of Novichok?”surpassing Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
“Catastrophe, a non stop UK drama”. Beckett is outplayed
“Happy Days for Novichok” . Beckett you are way behind Theresa May and comp with your”Happy Days”

Even Monthy Python’s Flying Circus needs to add episode 7 to their “The Complete and Utter History of Britain ”  : “The Great and Humorous Age of May”.

“How to irritate people with Novichok stories” sketch
” The dead or alive Russian spy” : is Skripal, the M!6 parrot, resting or stunned or plain dead? sketch

UK has plenty of material to produce even new spy movies, after all, James Bond was born there:
-“Novichok: In Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

-“From Russia with love” , new series

“Novichok finger”

-” You only live twice… with Novichok” and if unlucky you May even die of laughter listening to Theresa May

” Novichok is for ever torturing us”

-“Live with Novichok and let die another day”

-” Skripal, The spy who loved UK”

“For your eyes only, M!6”


Never say Novichok again”

“Licence to kill …with Novichok…or not”

-“Novichok story never dies”

-“The world is not enough …to hide from Novichok story”

-“Die another day with Novichok”

-“Quantum of Solace” : when it is zero for the UK government , pull a Novichok; the added benefit is, you May create a zero quantum of solace for the Russians too

The director  of these franchises is Theresa May.

This May result in horror movies. Highly likely.
I have nightmares only when I look at her face.
If she starts talking, with that snooty British aristocratic accent, the terror is complete.

“The Novichok Conjuring : a Downing Street briefing “

“It” with a special appearance as a cameo, Theresa May, playing the clown’s role.

She won’t even wear makeup, she is much frightening ” au naturel”.

” The Novichok Salibury massacre”

” The Novichok Scream”

” The Thing” : this is going to be  Mr. Putin’s biography, from the Brits perspective, featuring Novichok.

” Novichok Hellraiser”

” The British Omen”

” Insidious: directly from 10 Downing Street “

PS: I take my news about Downing Street from Larry the Cat tweets, the  number 1 mouser , in position for more than 12 years and apparently the only intelligent life form there.

And NO, it is not the Schrodinger Cat.

As for the Americans, we have an added bonus for entertainment: a whiff of pornography, without which America does not function well.

We have  a Gay Chosenite, posing as Journalist, interviewing a bonafide Whore posing as an Actress , about a philandering dotard, posing as President.

And describing his “Thing” as a giant mushroom.
On national TV.

Wat do we call this? investigating journalism? entertainment ?

I call it burlesque pornography, posing as American culture and values.

American future movies:

“All the president’s whores” or

“All the president’s zionist bimbos”( special appearance, Nikki Haley, playing her own role)

“All the President’s bankers” will be redundant, as the first two overlap with the last.

We will soon have further entertainment about the indestructible Novichok myth: the Donald will go to UNSC to talk about Novichok and Skripal.

This is going to create a whole new level of entertainment.

I have envisioned his speech ( this is very presumptuous of me, as I can not possible read the great man’s mind).
I will publish it in a few days.


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