The Donald continues the Empire’s foreign policy

The foreign policy of the Empire is very simple.
So simple, a caveman can do it.
And ,indeed, we have cavemen doing it.

I guess that when you only have a petro-f*cking-dollar hammer to use, everything else looks like zionist sanctions and wars nails.

We do not have diplomats.
Why waste time and, mostly, money, in forming a diplomat?
This requires somebody having too many qualities:
-well read
-having charisma
-able to talk to people in a way that induces them to appreciate his point of view
-able to persuade people to adopt his point of view
-able to make deals in a charming way
-having manners and taking into account the other side’s interests and opinions, without losing sight of his own ones

These are unobtainable qualities for the Empire’s representatives.
Undoable task. Short supply.

Look at what we have:

-Pompeo, a C!A guy and a zionist, who is only able to threaten

-Nikki Haley, a zionist gypsy, the spokesperson for ISIS, AlQaeda and of course, for the zionist entity’s interests, embarrassing so much the Americans in the know, that I wrote a special post only for her ” Nikki Haley’s spicy diplomacy”

-The State Department bimbos, whose qualifications are only they are somebody’s wife or daughter ( like Heather Nauert, a Goldman Sachs banker’s wife or Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee’s daughter ).

-John Bolton, a recipient of the ” Guardians of Zion” Award , a Bush ex employee

Never mind the intellectually challenged occupant of the Kosher House.


Since America doesn’t ” do diplomacy”, we don’t need any diplomat, only people able to threaten other countries.

But , there are weak points to this American foreign policy called:

Shoot a pigeon and you may end up killing an American eagle.
Chicken coming home to roost.

Or just Karma.

And lately, this probability of more and more weak points has increased exponentially , since the Donald has been tweeting non stop.

The Empire’s foreign policies are based on a few guiding books:

1. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ” The Grand Chessboard”: or how to prevent an Eurasian integration and development, how to prevent Russia and China and their interests in achieving this integration, the Silk Road, OBOR, which would spill the end for the Empire.

2. The Monroe doctrine or how to colonize South America( see the last example in Venezuela, which The Donald wants to transform in Trump-ezuela)

3. The Wolfovitz doctrine , which gave birth to PNAC = The Project for the New American Century , which was launched by organizing the 9/11 false flag.
I wrote about them at length in my prior post: Empire building and return on investment (ROI).

Those were the happy days : when the Empire was unopposed or opposed by weaker adversaries.

Not anymore.

Russia has learned from the Afghanistan quagmire during the Soviet era and learned the Empire’s way of conducting wars through proxies ( like the Mujahideens , later to become AlQaeda).

And Russia did something else, very important: has become almost self sufficient, like wearing a bullet proof vest against the sanctions.

Russia is the third biggest wheat producer, after China and India and number 1 wheat exporter in the world.
It is feeding the world, and not GMO American cr*p , but the real deal.
Imagine that.

Russia has replaced the dependency on Ukraine for military pieces ( inherited from USSR).

Russia has replaced its weak spots with imports: this was perfected after the Ukrainian coup and the sanctions .

Difficult to strangle a country that covers 12 time zones, has the richest natural resources in the world, including the biggest fresh water reserves, and is almost self sufficient.


As for China : it is the number one economy in terms of purchasing power of its people.

US is second, and this while having the unsurpassed advantage of the world reserve currency, the petro-f*cking-dollar and the fake statistics.

And Russia and China are allies now.

Double helix  bummer!

And Iran has not only survived non stop attacks since 1979 , but became stronger.

Brzezinski would be in Hell ( I think that he is there anyway ).
For years and years the Empire tried to prevent a Russian Chinese alliance.
See Brzezinski doctrine and the “Grand chessboard”.
Look at what we have now.
A double helix or double ax cutting the AAZ Empire ‘s foundation, the petro-f*cking-dollar.

It tried to prevent Iran from becoming a regional power, and prevent a Shia crescent encompassing Syria, Lebanon , Iraq and Iran.
That’s exactly what we have today: Iran is at the entity’s border .

It tried to prevent the reunification of the two Korean countries and keep the south occupied.
Now, The N and S Korea are being integrated into the Silk road.
And the Americans will be shown the door.

It tried to prevent the Silk road: Afghanistan‘s occupation was the one of the main reason for this, plus to open a second front against Iran.
Prevent the pipeline from Iran to India and China, going through Afghanistan.
Controlling the opioid market through the Afghan heroin was a bonus.

Now, Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia are making preparations to liberate Afghanistan from the US occupation.
Pakistan is the supply lines for US, through its main port.
And using Pakistan against India and vice versa is more difficult : both countries are in SCO.

It tried for years and years to suffocate Iran, one of the countries with a huge oil and especially gas reserves.
Now, even the last allies of the Empire, the Europeans, suffering from the “battered wife syndrome”, are opposing the Empire over Iran .

It tried to control completely the Middle East, through its “Arab Spring” franchise.
The result: US it is booted out from the ME.

It tried to prevent Russia selling gas to Europe: the Libyan war, Ukraine coup.

It tried to prevent the Russian Nord Stream II and failed.

Ukraine coup was to blackmail Russia over the Ukrainian pipeline transit and take Crimea and block the Russian navy from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
This resulted in the reunification of Crimea with mother Russia, in a spectacular move .
Plus South Stream through Turkey project and Nord Stream II and the soon to be irrelevant Ukraine.

The beginning of the operation called “The ME cleanup of the American debris” was Syria, now extending to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, with the added bonus,Turkey switching sides.

And the last monumental mistake of the zionist entity( the IL-20 shot down) and the aftermath of this are absolutely glorious to watch.
The zionist entity is part of the Empire, the zionist head of the Beast.

We all see the major geopolitical shift taking place, where the entity is receiving a Russian muzzle in the form of S-300.

Russia has established a de facto no fly zone( US wanted so much for this to take place, isn’t it?).

I watched the two briefings done by the Russian spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov , highlighting the zionist moves during the catastrophe of Il-20.

He had to give two briefings to cover the whole zionist chutzpah.
I’ve never seen the Russian military fuming so much.
And this because after the first report, the chosen persisted in playing their victim card and lying: they are innocent, they didn’t do it, the Russian military is persecuting them.

The chosenites are like this:

you catch them with their hands in your purse, and they say: no, these are not our hands, or this is not your purse and you do not see well, or you are to be blamed because you smuggled your purse to reach our hands and then they threaten to sue you for this.

And then I watched General Shoigu, the Minister of Defense, announcing , like a boss, the first set of consequences for the zionist entity.

I almost had an orgasm watching those .
A very satisfying anti semitic one.

Russia is sending :
-8 S-300 units
-20 Buk M2
-36 Pantsir S1/S2
-25 Tor M2-U
-15 S-125

Then , the Russian Bastion P (SSC-5) mobile coastal missile defense system.

And total integration of Syrian defense with the Russian one, receiving the FF ( friend or foe codes too).

“Israel which got used to carrying out many attacks under different pretexts would have to recalculate and reconsider before attacking again,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Mekdad said

So, how did the entity react ?
The zionist stages of death:

-denying the facts ( the shock and denial phase)

-threatening to bomb the S-300 and continue its illegal attacks in Syria ( the anger phase); this has a touch of delirium zionist tremens

-Netanyahu’s phone call to Mr. Putin trying to make him cancel the deal ( the bargaining phase)

no depression and acceptance phases: those are anti semitic and the zionist entity does not recognize them;

Instead of the last two stages, the entity jumped to crying to mommy and daddy for help :

Netanyahu and his chief butcher, the director of Mo$$ad , Cohen came to Uncle Schlomo for help and support .

There was a support group meeting in New York :

The FM of Saudi Arabia, the ambassador of the UAE to Washington, and the director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency Cohen held a meeting in New York alongside US National Sec Adviser Bolton and US Sec of State Mike Pompeo.
Only bloody UK was missing to complete the gallery of criminals plotting against Syria and Iran.

But it will receive its orders in the mail.

Yesterday, US 6thFleet’s USS Carney Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, equipped with Tomahawk missiles and air defense systems, underwater surveillance and attack systems entered the Mediterranean, most likely heading to Eastern Mediterranean.

Since the Empire is reduced to only being able to start fires where it can, to cause destabilization near the Russian and Chinese borders and try to prevent OBOR, now it wants to start another one.
Could be Iran or Lebanon, or both.

Iran was already attacked multiple times, terrorists attacks, sanctions, the Donald’s tweets and speeches.

Netanyahu said he received assurances from Uncle Schlomo .
And the entity will continue to pursue its “goal of self defense” every where and by all means ; in Syria and Lebanon.

Netanyahu after meeting The Donald:

Israel managed to obtain several guarantees from Trump regarding its freedom of operation in Syria. I received what I asked for. I came up with specific points and I got them.
He didn’t specify what he had asked for.

I can specify it for him :
He asked for it.
And he is going to get it.

“Justice sooner or later overtakes everyone, for someone it becomes fatal.” . Mr. Assad

“America is really a great nation and the Americans are a great people if they can endure so many people [in the government] with such a low level of political culture.”



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