Khashoggi and the modern Kingdom of Al Saud

“First of all we aren’t an authoritarian government. We are a monarchy. We have our checks and balances” —Saudi FM Jubeir

He’s right.
They have a lot of checks and one balance.

Most of those checks go to the US , ending in the pockets of:
-Congressmen and Senators
-US government
-mainstream media journalists
-failed US companies that need a fat check to bail them out
-MIC, through buying weapons

Remember that the first visit of the Donald was to KSA.
He cashed in on a lot of those checks.
Like 400 Billion of them.

But, the main chunk of those checks are used to buy US T Bills, recycling the excess petro-f*cking-dollars and this way supporting the US deficit spending.
We are talking Trillions.

But KSA does not discriminate : it gives many checks to other Western governments, like UK, France, Germany.

For the same purpose: good publicity and cooperation from them.

And KSA being the leading Gulf State and main oil producer and forcing the world to buy the oil ONLY in dollars ( aka, petro-f*cking-dollar) is sending to the US not only its checks , but the checks of the whole world.

We are talking a lot of checks here.

As for the balance :

On one pan is placed the petro-f*cking-dollar .
On the other : the power of the American Zionist Empire.

If the petro-f*cking-dollar weighs light, the power is vanishing.
This is a special balance.
It does not have to balance it out .

This way, with those checks and that balance, KSA is what ever it wants to be, without a peep from the US .
We could see it very clearly with the Khashoggi debacle.

Mohammed Bin Salman made a big mistake.

We know that KSA likes to behead its enemies, political opponents, critics and prisoners.
ISIS style( same ideology anyway).
Mohammed Bin Salman made the following losing moves, in short order:

-he ordered the killing of a political opponent and critic of the regime

-this happened to be a journalist; these, theoretically, have a special status regarding killing : do not touch, do not even think about it

-on top of that, Khashoggi was working for a big American newspaper

-Khashoggi was a C!A asset, having been worked with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan against Russia, but let’s not forget that US government armed the Mujahideen there and transformed them into Al Qaeda later

-the job was sloppy, amateurish, not worthy of the representative of the American Zionist Wahhabbi Empire

-it was done not inside the Wahhabi Monarchy, in a clean beheading ISIS style job, as usual, but outside and in a careless way

-the killing was particularly brutal and unnecessarily cruel, even for an evil Empire : Khashoggi was cut into pieces while still alive

-of all the the bad places they could choose to botch this , KSA did this in Turkey, which happens to be now the mortal enemy of KSA and America

-after all that was thrown on Turkey : a color revolution attempt, trying to kill Erdogan, the arming of Kurds and tentative to create a Kurdistan state in Syria, the attack on Turkish lira and economy and stocks, the threats and sanctions because they are building the Turkish stream and buying S-400,  the show with Brunson, the C!A spy posing as pastor, Turkey was the worst place to try it

– Mohammed Bin Salman, representing the keystone of the American Empire in the ME and the world ( through the petro-f*cking-dollar and the special touch given by the Wahhabi ideology used to spread terrorism) should have known that Erdogan was going to surveil every move his men do inside Turkey and bug its consulate there.

Erdogan wants to replace KSA as the leader of the Arab world; Turkey was once the leader through the Ottoman Empire;
This desire gained more weight after

1. the attack on Qatar by KSA supported by US, when Turkey send its army to protect Qatar, opposing this way KSA and US

2.the threats against Turkey to not cooperate with Iran and buy Iranian oil

3.the support of the Kurds and Kurdistan project in Syria, where KSA is paying for the  expenses of the US army; this is a big red line for Turkey and any Turkish president

4. the fact that Erdogan supports Muslim Brotherhood and KSA supports Wahhabi ideology, which are competitors for power in the Arab world

When caught, MBS started spewing lies after lies, all debunked rapidly by Turkey

Turkey has the goods ( it had surveillance cameras and had bugged the Saudi consulate)

Turkey was waiting for such an occasion to get back to KSA and America and is not going to waist this God given opportunity

Those mistakes done by KSA ( MBS) show that money does not buy everything, especially intelligence.

I think Erdogan is actually enjoying all this.
He knows he has KSA and , through it,  America by their balls.

Notice that Gina Haspel, the C!A director , flew to Ankara to discuss all this, before Erdogan was going to  reveal all he knows ( and he knows enough to trigger the amputation of Mohammed Bin Salman’s head).

Erdogan is going to milk this dry and cash in a lot of those checks from both sides.

It is funny the way he reveals little by little, meanwhile letting the stupid Saudi and Americans make fools of themselves when they deny some detail regarding the murder, only to be proven as liars by the facts presented by Erdogan.

Notice how the Donald and the US politicians responded:
No tough measures, no sanctions , no canceling of the weapons sale.

Revoking visas for those implicated in Khashoggi’s death ( those are either dead, one died in an unfortunate, expected car accident, the others are arrested by Erdogan) is not exactly a tough response.

But the Donald and Congress are preparing to strike KSA and MBS hard:
-crushing sanctions on Iran on November 4th
-withdrawal from the nuclear arms treaty with Russia

These will show KSA who the boss is and teach it not kill an innocent journalist in this barbaric way.
Imagine if this happened in Iran, or Syria or Russia.

Well, KSA is untouchable because it is not a totalitarian regime and it has those checks and that balance: see above.

For me, the funniest part, if you are able to forget the gruesome nature of the murder, is the fact that it was done using modern tools ( a chainsaw,  not the Wahhabi sword), by a reformer and modernist as Mohammed Bin Salman was presented non stop in the MSM .

MBS is indeed a reformer : he took KSA out of the mentality of the year 1600 and moved it into that of the year 1601.

He let women drive a car: but first they need to have permission from their fathers or husbands to access the car.

KSA has not even a name as a country: as the Syrian envoy to the UN , Mr. Jaafari, said:

“Imagine a country where a royal family spends billions of dollars on US and UK weaponry in order to increase their domestic and regional hegemony, engaging in brutal regime change wars by force by bombing its neighbors, as well as funding and arming radical Wahhabi terrorists throughout the Middle East, particularly in Syria, along with killing and beheading hundreds of its own citizens and activists. Would such a country be entitled to demand that Syria reforms its democracy and rewrites the Syrian constitution? “

“KSA does not even have a name for the country: it is the name of the ruling family.

It is like saying the Macronian Republic of France , the Kingdom of Theresa May of Britain or the United States of Trump.”

Enjoy this video:

I particularly enjoy the mental contortions of the western governments and media, especially US and UK in trying to explain and cover up this atrocity.

I saw the US Secretary of State, Pompeo, being all smiles when meeting with the Saudi King and the crown prince.
Very revealing.

This senseless killing was good in a way:

It showed the barbaric nature of the main US ally ( the other one is the zionist entity, which is now trying to start another genocide in Gaza, on top of the non stop killing of the protesting Palestinians ).
It showed again the hypocrisy of the US : US is number one here.

I’m waiting to see if the Donald will learn the chainsaw dance ,beside the sword one.

He needs to move to the modern world, together with Mohhamed Bin Salman.

Maybe a tweet or two?

How about the Yemeni genocide?

Will it become more visible now?

PS: Today, I am publishing  a good ( I think) caricature of MBS at my site :



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