A Tale of Two Cities

For a long time I wondered how we got here, to this society, to this nightmare reality we live in most of the western world and especially in America.
How was this possible?

Slowly at first, then all of a sudden.

Moral values are despised and mocked. Total depravity.
Superficiality, greed, moral decadence, an indifferent, blasé populace, a society in debacle.
An immoral, evil, Satanic ruling class, which is not even very smart, struggling to get a bigger chunk of the shrinking American pie and trying to eat other countries’ pies.

First possible explanation is money.
Greed and money.
But I think it is more than that.
There was a flaw deep inside the Anglo-Saxon society.
From its birth.
It is best seen in Britain.
And Britain was the mother of the US.
The British society is a caste one.

It is easy to understand the way it functions if you know the male primogeniture law:
A rule of inheritance at Common Law through which the oldest male child has the right to succeed to the estate of an ancestor to the exclusion of younger siblings, both male and female, as well as other relatives.

This preserves the wealth, the money, the estate.
The children have importance only as carriers for the wealth.
Money is put on the first plan.
This does not encourage the love and bond between parents and children or siblings.

Remember the British novels, like ” Pride and Prejudice”: it is a struggle for the female children to sell themselves to the highest bidder.
The first born male child is taken care of, because he represents the preservation of the family’s wealth.
The rest of the children have to find a way to survive.
The first son is treated as a human being, the rest are treated like dirt.
And this is done to maintain, to protect the family’s wealth.
It’s all for the money.
Money is treated with great respect, humans not so much.
Money has become “people”.
In America , we have corporations identifying themselves as people.

And then, there are the British boarding schools: institutions where children are alienated and molested, becoming the future ruling pedophile class.
They destroy the last bond between parents and children.
And select the best psychopaths as representatives for the ruling class.
And on top of that, they are blackmailable ( damaged goods). That’s why they are selected as politicians.

Those two features give you the key for understanding the British society : people are ” subjects” , ruled by a monarchy de jure and the Crown de facto.
The Crown is not what many think: it is the City of London, the financial district of the country, which is not subject to the laws of the country.
The Queen needs permission to enter it.
It is a state within a state.
But, it has permanent representation in the Parliament. Not elected.
Nobody can audit it or know what it does.
The City of London was established early .
The City of London, the real Crown and a Corporation, was created in 1191.
The oldest Corporation and the blue print for Washington DC and Vatican.
It is above any law and any scrutiny.
They call this “being independent”.

This mentality was transmitted to the American society, even if the primogeniture law is not applicable.
In America, the one having money is a “star”, a “celebrity”, even if he/she is an idiot, with no morals or no talent.
Decent, intelligent, talented, capable people are not considered important, are not respected.
Best example is the Hollywood crowd, the “celebrities”.
Good looking people, most of them with no brains or morals, who made money pretending to be somebody else.
They believe themselves to be important, they even have the need to preach us morals, politics, even philosophy.
Every American knows the Kardashians, all members, what they wear, what they do, the size of their butt and the last pictures of their boobs.
They don’t know who Einstein was, or Solzhenitsyn, or Mozart or Michelangelo.
But they know the Kardashians.
The entire American world revolves around making money.

Buying junk they do not need, with money( credit) they do not have to impress people they do not like.

“Consumption is the new national pastime. People spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need, money they don’t have so they can max out their credit cards and spend the rest of their lives paying 18 percent interest on something that cost $12.50. And they didn’t like it when they got it home anyway.”

George Carlin


This is a society which lost any humanity, any empathy, any decency.
This is why people allowed all this depravity to be legalized without any protest.

Forcing people to recognize aberrant behavior as normal is called sociopathy.
Like gay and lesbian marriages.
The gender debacle.
The gender neutral bathroom.
The sexualization of children.
The women treated as whores and taught to be whores from childhood.
State sponsored abortions.
The promotion of Satanic rituals, like in all the music videos, fashion shows or most of the movies.
People don’t even understand what they are watching.
It is frightening.
This is why I believe that when the final collapse comes, and it will sooner rather than later, this society will be totally destroyed.
Because it has no solid foundation.

On the other hand, let’s look at the Russian society.
I do not pretend to understand it perfectly, but from what I know I can say this :
Russia went to Hell and was able not only to survive, but to come back in force.
The Russian revolution, a color revolution done by the Bolshevik Internationale, murdered 50 to 60 million people.
27 million Russians, civilians and soldiers died in the second world war, which was won by Russia ( 66% of the Wehrmacht forces were destroyed by Russia) . There was no Russian family without a dead family member or more.
And then, it was the Yeltsin era, in a way more destructive then the first two.
I remember watching an interview with a woman remembering those years: she was saying that they were letting the children slip longer so that they would not ask for food. But , she said, the worst part was the shame.
Shame looking at their leader( by the way, Yeltsin was elected by the C!A, not the Russians).
After all this, you would think that the collapse would have gone to stage 5 ( financial, economical, political, social, cultural).
But it stopped to stage 3.
And Russia was able to be reborn, stronger than before.
In the Russian society , when the elder dies, the fortune he had is divided equally between the children and everybody starts all over again on equal footing.
The glue that prevented the Russian society from total disintegration after the USSR collapse and the looting done by the chosen Harvard boys was family and moral values, which weighed more than money and  the Bolsheviks were not able to destroy.

Money is good to have but you don’t have to sell your soul for this .

The British and later, the Americans, built their empires based on that love for the money.
The sacred cow.
The alpha and omega.
The replacement for everything else, especially moral and spiritual values.
They both had a good run and made the British Empire great and then, the American one even greater.
But look where it got us.

Now, we reach the modern day, when the American Zionist Empire’s relevance  is vanishing at an increasing rate, despite the incredible wealth and power it once had.

And Russia is reborn . Christian.
“In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevik; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man!”as Edgar Cayce said almost a century ago.

Well, America would like to prolong a little the benefits given by the leader of the world through its petro-f*cking-dollar.
It got accustomed to it.
But it can not.

No matter what it does , from sanctions, tariffs, manipulations of stocks and markets, of the price of the gold ( through paper gold), to wars through proxies or color revolutions, the Empire is doomed.
Not even the Donald’s tweets can make a difference.

I see that as the price it has to pay to Mammon( or Baphomet).
Satan always comes after his bounty.

The American Empire is going to collapse not because of Russia , or China or Iran or any other enemy du jour of the Empire.
This is because the seeds of its own destruction are sown in itself.

As Neil Gaiman said :
“You see, evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. It is ultimately negative, and therefore encompasses its downfall even at its moments of apparent triumph. No matter how grandiose, how well-planned, how apparently foolproof of an evil plan, the inherent sinfulness will by definition rebound upon its instigators. No matter how apparently successful it may seem upon the way, at the end it will wreck itself. It will founder upon the rocks of iniquity and sink headfirst to vanish without trace into the seas of oblivion.”

What made America great: the world reserve currency, the privilege to print money out of thin air and live on the back of the world, the petro-f*cking-dollar which represents the real American power, this is also its downfall.

You see, there is no gracious exit from history for America,  only  a hard fall.

If they stop printing dollars, the economy ( which is financialized) will collapse instantaneously.
Because the dollar is created as debt ( credit).
If they continue to print, it will collapse under the enormous , unpayable debt, a little later.
And the debt is not payable not because it is so big( that too) , but because it was not meant to be paid, only expended, increased.
The economy functions as credit expansion, and money is created as credit.

This made America great and its owners rich, and this will make America so little as to become invisible and it’s making its  owners acting ridiculous.
So what is an empire to do to stop its collapse?

It is so broke economically and morally that it can not afford any principles.
As George Bernard Shaw said “Morals are a luxury of the rich.”

(Well, I’m exaggerating a little here: the Empire had no morals from the beginning, other way it would not have gotten where it is.)

It withdraws from all international treaties ( economic or military),and from all the international organizations that would , at least theoretically, demand checks and balances for its behavior.

It bullies the whole world.

It bombs any small country not bowing to the US or throws a proxy war on it.
It shows no shame.
It is unhinged.
A rogue nation.

In America’s view, the only way out would be a limited war.
That will destroy the competition, leaving the Empire standing, like after the WW II.
This would make America great again.
Like then.

That’s why US is increasing its military capabilities in Europe.

But today it is not possible to have a war like WW II.

Any war against Russia, will not be done on Russian territory .
The world may disappear in a nuclear exchange, but what is a world without Russia?
This is what Mr. Putin has said.

The situation of the American Anglo Zionist Empire is very comical : it pursued and focused on only money and wealth, it ignored anything else.
And now it has nothing : no wealth, no real money, no other values or riches of the souls or mind. And has lost the respect of other countries.
It is broke and broken.

Money does not bring happiness . Indeed.
Not even for an exceptional empire.

I keep on wondering if the owners of the empire, the ones who make the rules, the real owners, the rich money interests, think they can trigger a limited war, from which they can emerge unscattered.

Are they so stupid?

I can not answer this at this point in time.
But looking at the signs pilling up, it seems that they are indeed that stupid.
Or maybe they are desperate and desperate people do stupid things.

But , in the end, it does not matter, does it?
The end result would be the same.


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