Mike Pompeo and food

You are what you eat.
And , after a while , you start looking like the food you eat.
Junk in, junk out.
Garbage in, garbage out.

I was reminded of the above truths while watching the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, talking about  sanctioning Iran.

I could barely understand him, as his talk was muffled , his larynx crushed under the weight of his triple chin.

It was very disturbing to see the obese top diplomat of a morbidly obese, unhealthy nation, having an equally obese and unfit president, talking about the Empire’s intent to starve Iran : “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat”  he said.
Then he  blamed the starvation of Yemeni civilians , of which the Empire is directly responsible, blamed it on Iran.

Saudi Arabia would not make one move in Yemen without the direct support and approval of the US.
The plains, the bombs and the rest of the weapons that KSA is using to kill civilians in Yemen are all Americans.
Their pilots are trained by American, British and Israeli troops.
Many times, their military plains have American, British or Israeli pilots.
US has special forces there, participating in the war.

Remember the flowers that the Donald( accompanied by Yael) laid to the tomb of an American soldier killed in Yemen?

The maritime blockade , preventing food and medicine from reaching the people is done by KSA and UAE , under the direct supervision of the US.

To try to blame the Yemeni genocide on Iran is the same lame attempt as the one trying to blame the 9/11 false flag  on Iran.

Mike Pompeo’s subconscious gluttonous tendencies came to light in a non subtle way in that interview.
When you are empty, with no soul or conscience, you have to replace the void with something.
Gluttony comes in handy. Easy and pleasurable.

Mike, you don’t have to be so double obvious.

Just looking at you is enough to confirm your main preoccupation.
Be more restraint!
Oh wait, you can’t.

If you could, you wouldn’t look like the way you do.

I have a few remarks to make, that can function as food for thought( appetizers):

1.Don’t worry about Iran’s food.

They would be fine.

Iran is a 5000 year civilization. In order to survive that long, they had to eat good, nutritious food.

This would have not been possible it if they had to consume American GMO, chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorants, HFCS, etc. that are affectionately labeled as food by the big American food corporations.
Why would they start today?

2. America is not the only country producing “food”.
Russia is the number one wheat exporter, non GMO type, the high quality one.

3. Iran has a young, fit, slim, smart and beautiful population.
This means high quality food and healthy habits.

4. Now, take a mirror and look at your image.

Then turn around and look at your cabinet colleagues , and your president.
Look at the vast majority of Americans.
Hold your delicate nose and go to Walmart and take a look.

See the difference.
These are disturbing images.
Those creatures do not even look like human beings.

Morbid obesity gives you a short life span and a miserable life.
And does not make good , reliable soldiers, the ones you need to attack Iran.

All these are the result of American “food” and American abundance.

Better to starve in my opinion.

And fasting has the advantage of prolonging your life span and opening your mind.

This is why major religions recommend it.

5.You are the top diplomat of the self proclaimed promoter of free market, capitalism and western values.

Trying to starve a nation , which by the way has not done anything to deserve it, is low even for an Evil Empire.

6. Everybody knows that US is trying to steal Iran’s food.
Oil and especially the huge natural gas reserves that Iran has mean a lot of food.

7. Iran does not like or eat kosher food, like America.
And this is one of the main reasons for the sanctions.

8.Iran does not have a Rothschild Central Bank to feed the chosen network.
So , it has to be starved as the Empire tries to have a regime change and install a Rothschild Central Bank there.

9. Iran does not use the petro-f*cking-dollar, the food of the Empire.

10. Iran is one of the principal spoilers (together with Russia and Syria) of the Empire’s cooking in the ME.
The food of ISIS and other proxy terrorists has become rotten through Iran’s intervention.
Most of the terrorists developed food poisoning and died because of what Iran served them as food.

11. The great Chinese food delivery network, OBOR, lists Iran as one of the most important links.

12. US is spending too much energy trying to destroy Iran.
You would think that all these calories burning would make the nation and its leaders more supple, more graceful.
But no.
Gluttony overcomes everything.
Gluttony , greed and arrogance.
A recipes for a disaster.

A culinary advice for you and the Empire you represent:

It is past time that the US starts growing and cooking its own food, without stealing it from other countries( US has the petro-f*cking-dollar as tool for that).

Stop trying to eat other countries’ food.

Stop trying to prevent other countries from eating their own food.

Stay away from giving  culinary advises to the rest of the world: Americans do not know how to cook.
It is a well established fact.

Eat your poisonous GMO food, spiced with chemicals if you think this is an epicurean experience .
But do not try to impose this on the rest , as the whole world knows that American food is cr*p.

Concentrate on eating ( it seems that this is the only thing you do well): maybe this way you will have your mouth full and talk less and stop embarrass the few Americans with critical thinking.

Bon Appétit Mr. Pompeo!


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