NATO is in deep sh*t

Any organization is defined by its leader and especially its employees, by their actions .
Show me your subordinates and I’ll tell you who you are.

No amount of nice words and propaganda, no amount of good PR can cover up for ever the real face of an organization, which is defined by its acts.
You can keep it under the rug for a while and fool all the people but only for a short time, as the facts have a way of coming to light.

What do we know about NATO?

Those are the facts, probably not all, but enough to cause real damage to its fake PR face:

Fact number 1:

NATO was created to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”
This is coming directly from somebody in the know: Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay who was NATO’s first Secretary General.

Fact number 2:

Immediately after its creation, on April 4, 1949, in Washington D.C., NATO showed its real face .

Through operation Gladio.

Read Dr. Daniele Ganser‘s book, author of the seminal book “NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe”, for more details.

The following highlights are from one of his interviews.( you can read the whole thing here:

Operation “Stay Behind” was a secret network of terrorists, mostly Nazi, to “fight communism”.
Conducted by C!A, through NATO and special branches of the secret police in the western countries.

The scandal broke in Italy and was initially treated as yet another Italian mess, because there’s always a scandal in Italy!

Confirmed by their PM, Giulio Andreotti.

But the Italians  were right after being terrorized for almost 20 years, with the killing of their civilians, like the Bologna train station bombing, the killing of PM Aldo Moro, the Paesano massacre, etc. , all done by the C!A and NATO network and blaming the Italian Communist Party.

And the C!A rigged the 1948 Italian elections.

The Italian judge who discovered the operation, by accident, Felice Casson, came to realize that the Strategy of Tension ( operated by NATO through this operation Gladio) was actually used to shock Italy into a very strong fear of communist terrorism.

The Italian Parliament , forced to investigate, writes:

“Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organised or promoted or supported by men inside Italian State Institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of the United States Intelligence.”

The strategy was this( as explained by one of the caught terrorists):

“You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game.”

We know for sure that these secret stay-behind armies were co-ordinated by NATO, because Italian Generals, who directed the secret armies, openly admitted that NATO had two branches that secretly co-ordinated those networks, the Allied Clandestine Committee and the Clandestine Planning Committee.

But it was done not only in Italy: secret stay-behind armies also existed in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, and also in neutral countries like Finland, Austria and Sweden.

Today NATO has operation Gladio 2.0, where the terrorists they use are jihadists, they make possible all the false flags involving “Muslim terrorists”.

Fact number 3:

NATO is always headed by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), a U.S. four-star general or admiral also heading U.S. European Command.

It does not matter who the useful idiot posing as NATO Secretary General is, like the current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian clown.
Only this should tell you what NATO really is.

Fact number 4:

NATO is not a defensive organization.
It is a criminal, terrorist one.
See Gladio.
See the wars conducted by NATO :


They carpet bombed Belgrade for 89 days non stop, killing hundreds of civilians,  bombed the Chinese Embassy, killing Chinese diplomats, and intentionally destroyed all infrastructure; all war crimes.

NATO imposed a no fly zone, without a UN Security Council approval and bombed Serbia.
An European country bombed to the stone age in the 20th century for no reason except that:
– they were Russian allies
-they are slavs
-they are Orthodox
-they did not want to bow to the American international policy

US has created a Muslim enclave in the heart of Serbia, Kosovo , the center for the weapons, drugs, children and women trafficking through Bondsteel US /NATO military base; NATO and US used Al Qaeda terrorists to achieve this.


17 years of non stop massacre. But the heroin, ( the poppy fields guarded by the US army)and the money from trafficking laundered through the big American banks are good.

Putting a stop to Chinese OBOR through Afghanistan and having a second front against Iran are big bonuses.

3-Libya :

a country which was the envy of the whole Africa and had more benefits for its people that Americans would only dream of.

But Qaddafi did not bow and was about to launch the GOLD DINAR, a mortal threat to the chosen banks.



Those two are pure US zionist interests.

All illegal wars, without a UN security council approval or a declaration of war.
So many war crimes, so little acknowledgement of them.

Fact number 5:

NATO is used by US for extortion of the Europeans:

buy our beautiful American weapons, to feed our failing economy and our bloated MIIC and we can “protect ” you.
Pay up front so you can all contribute to Making America Great Again.
Up to 2% of your GDP for a starter, you peons!
In a Mafia style way.
An offer the Europeans can not refuse as they are still  occupied countries after more than 70 years after WWII ended.

Fact number 6:

NATO is trying to completely encircle Russia with bases and first strike capabilities.

And now that the US had just withdrew from the INF, things will get interesting for Europeans.
In an explosive, possible radioactive way.

The European idiots offering themselves as cannon fodder for US interests are , in this order:

1-Poland, which never, ever misses an occasion to show its irrational hate for Russia

( read my post ” Quo vadis, Poland?” for more details)
Poland has THAAD missiles , which are not defensive, but can be easily transformed into nuclear first strike capabilities;
Poland now wants an American military base( Fort Trump).

2-Romania, which doesn’t  have anything else anymore , except THAAD and a huge debt( which officially puts it into a worse position than during the Ceausescu regime)

3-the Baltic statelets( the US barking chihuahua in Europe)

4-Ukraine , which is aspiring to enter NATO, and which is not even a country anymore after freedom and democracy was brought to it by US and EU.

Fact number 7:

NATO is an inefficient, bloated , military bureaucracy.
Made of unmotivated countries( maybe deep down they know
NATO ‘s reason for existence is all bogus?)

These facts were confirmed by the recent NATO drills in Norway.
To deter the “Russian aggression”.

NATO was left behind lately.

By the new Russian technology.
So it will need more money.
To feed the American hungry MIIC.

A few years ago , during another big military exercise trying to intimidate Russia, NATO soldiers were stuck in the mud while trying to land from their military ships.

I thought that this was the height of the ridicule reached by NATO.
But I was very wrong.
NATO has evolved.

NATO is stuck in sh*t now, not only mud.

This time, NATO had successful exercises of the soldiers digestive systems.
The kind that leaves a lot of sh*t behind.

“Hundreds of Norwegians complain that NATO soldiers taking part in military exercises have left a mess after defecating in public places

More than 400 complaints were made about the mess made by the joint forces
Some of those relate to US and Swedish troops defecting in public areas.”

And this:

119 complaints come from farmers about their land being ripped up by vehicles.
News comes after 7,000 US troops drank Reykjavik dry last month.

I always envisioned a NATO mercenary, I mean soldier, as being motivated this way:

“I have come here to chew American bubblegum and kick Russian ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Since NATO soldiers can not kick Russian asses ( because they will rapidly lose their own asses), this leaves them the only other option involving an ass: sh*tting in public places.
All over Europe.

Well, I knew NATO was sh*tting on Europe for a long time, but now it’s official and not figuratively. Literally.

It’s a sh*tty job, but somebody has to do it.
And NATO organized a big military background for this to give the sh*t a good spotlight.

From the “defender of Europe” from the “Russian aggression” to the pooping machine in Europe is only a small, insignificant step in the sh*t.

There is no threat for Europe coming from Russia, but there there is a big one coming from the US.
And it started to be smelly too.

It seems that the Europeans have realized this and are trying to have their own army.
Trying to get out of the American sh*tty boot.

Cher Macron is the promoter of the idea.
Macron proposes a real “European army” capable of autonomous self-defense side by side with a “real security dialogue with Russia.”
That’s why he and France were insulted by Don Donald during the WWI memorial in Paris.

What’s very funny is that the man, Mr. Putin is trolling the Donald.
He agrees with cher Macron and the Europeans.
An European army it would be “a positive process” that would “strengthen the multipolar world.”

On top of it, Russia’s position “is aligned with that of France.”
“Europe is … a powerful economic union and it is only natural that they want to be independent and … sovereign in the field of defense and security.” he said.

Love it.

After this last display of NATO’s military might , it is clear for me that NATO does , indeed, need more money.
To clean its own poop up.


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