Ou est la France profonde ? Where is the authentic France?

There is a wind of change blowing in France.

The French, who have been revolting for years against their governments, one more inept than the other, have had enough of Macron and his merry gang of thieves.

For 3 weeks now , the French have been protesting against their low standards of living , worse and worse every month.

Extreme violence was used against them by the government.

Lie promoted against them: they did not initiate any vandalism and their real number is not a few thousands, but more than 2 MILLION.

They are beaten, tear gas bombs and water under pressure are used against them.
Shouldn’t Macron “go”, as per the Western standards?
He is beating and gassing his own people.

There is no Liberté any more in France.
Fraternité? only between the beaten protestors.
Égalité? that’s a bad joke. Not even between the 0.1% , who ordered the beaten of the people, there is a hierarchy even there.

A second French revolution may be in the making.
Off  with their rotten heads: the leaders  got used to lie and steal and do what ever crime they want , without suffering the consequences.

The Gauloise spirit is no dead.Yet.

France has lost its independence long time ago.

What is happening now, when the EU unelected bureaucrats want to apply the Greek treatment to France, is just the last installment of the destruction of France.

In 1969, after the American Zionist Empire, through a C!A color revolution , got rid of De Gaulle, France started descending into the zionist Inferno.

You see, De Gaulle had mortal sins( for the Empire) :

France made America default in 1970( general De Gaulle asking to be paid in GOLD for French products and not American paper IOU, known as the dollar). This triggered the withdrawal of US from the Gold standard and the cancellation of the Bretton Woods( unilaterally, as US always does).

Then the Nixon-Kissinger- Al Saud made the deal that  Saudi Arabia( and so all OPEC) sells its oil only in dollars, forcing the countries to buy dollars and recycle their dollar surplus in US T Bills, this way financing the US deficit spending. The Empire had to do something to preserve its dominance, financial dominance, its real power.

Kissinger got the Nobel for that( the real reason).

To add salt on the American Zionist wounds, France withdrew from NATO  too.

US has never forgiven France for these two moves. And never forgot them.
So , the American Zionist Empire had to punish France in a way : they removed De Gaulle through a color revolution in 1969, C!A launched the jokes about how the French are cowards and a long list of vassal presidents started filling the French government’s history books.

The “coward” French know how to protest and have the courage to do it.( as opposed to Americans , who are only eating ’til they become bags of lard and go shopping, spending money they don’t have, aka credit, on things they don’t need).

The coup de grace was given to France n 1973, with ” LA LOI de JANVIER 1973″ .

The French in the know call this ” The Pompidou-D’Estaign-Rothschild law”, a law which destroyed the independence of the French banks, allowing the French Central bank to borrow from foreigners, and transformed France into an indebted country from the independent Republic it was .
This is the modern form of occupying and ruling a country: through financial means.

https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loi_sur_la_Banque_de_France ( observe what Wikipedia says: the “extreme right” calls this the Rothschild law and this is telling you who runs Wikipedia).

After this , everything went wrong for France.

France entered the EU ( Jean Monnet was a C!A asset, schooled in Britain and US) .
EU, like NATO is an American/C!A construction, to keep control over Europe.
Then the chosen Hungarian president, Sarkozy ( only 1/4 French), put France into NATO again in 2009.

Full vassal.

He represented the ” right” in France, the Republicans, UMP ( after the American model).

You have to know this :

Jean-François Copé (born 1964), President of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) Group in the French National Assembly is a chosen, a zionist.

Sarkozy was a calamity for France.

But he served well the American Zionist Empire:

see his big involvement in the crimes against Libya and Gaddafi’s assassination( after he took his money to win the French elections).

What a classy act!

Even as Minister of Finances he did well ( for the American Anglo Zionist  Empire)-see this:

In September 2004, Sarkozy oversaw the reduction of the government ownership stake in France Télécom from 50.4 percent to 41 percent.

He was rewarded Carla Bruni for his obedience to the Empire.
Or was it that Carla, a retiring whore, who was approaching a certain age, wanted to secure her future?
Most prostitutes in this category discover morals and start preaching them to young women or even discover Jesus, for the extreme cases.
Carla discovered Nicholas Sarkozy and that she could be the First Lady of France.

Then came Francois Hollande, the “socialist”.

He did so much harm, that France became unrecognizable.

During his tenure, Hollande:

-legalized same-sex marriage by passing Bill no. 344

-reformed labor laws and credit training programs, which is to say, in legal terms, made a mockery of French traditions and Catholic morals and values.

He was a leading proponent of EU mandatory migrant quotas (that is the destruction of the French nation state ).

And of NATO’s 2011 military intervention in Libya and supported of the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen (those meaning the pursuing the AAZ Empire foreign policy ).

He increased the French colonialism ( He  sent troops to Mali and the Central African Republic;  those are resources rich countries: minerals, Gold, uranium. diamonds).

He became the most unpopular president of France, also Macron has a good shot of surpassing this.

The only interesting thing Hollande did was to get involved with the French actress Julie Gayet.
Imagine not what low morals she has ( she’s married with children), but what low standards she does: to sleep with that creep.

After these two catastrophes, the French were desillusioned with both the traditional parties, the Socialists and the Republicans( UMP).

Macron was brought ( by the Rothschild clan, the chief zionist ) to power, as an “Outsider” , the young, energetic leader of a new movement : “En marche” ( the equivalent of “Forward” and the French ” Hope and Change to Make France Great Again” ; all in one).

“En marche”? What? marching toward the total destruction of France and the NWO?

His campaign was financed by David Rothschild and the French branch of the controllers of the actual financial system in the west and most of the world.

Macron suffers from arrested development and a French version of Oedipus complex: at age 15, he was introduced to ” sex and life” by his teacher, 24 years his senior, married and with children.

One of her children was a colleague of le petit Manu.
Macron married her later and Brigitte, instead of being in jail for pedophilia, is the First Lady of France.

He is stuck at this age now, 15, when he had his first sexual ecstasy, hasn’t grown up…

We all saw what infantile behavior he had when France won the FIFA World Cup, or when he was received by the the American Godfather, the Donald.

He has the mind of a French bureaucrat ( graduated from the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) ), an ” énarque” as the French say, combined with the mind of a vassal of the zionist Empire (became an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque) .

And all these in the body of a 15 year old boy , who’s now f*cking not his teacher

( Brigitte is past the f*ckable age) , but Marianne, aka France.
Absolutely frightening!
Pauvre France!

Trying to apply to France the Greek treatment of austerity , continuing the immigration policy to destroy the French nation state, illegally bombing Syria based on an obvious false flag, the Benalla affair ( Macron’s deputy chief of staff Alexandre Benalla, who beat a protester during May Day demonstrations in Paris earlier in the year and was suspended for a period of 15 days before only being internally demoted).

Only to name a few of his adventures and of the misfortunes of France .

He is considered a ” centrist” ,like Valery Giscard D’estaign,the banker, the one who introduced ” La loi de Janvier 1973″ that destroyed France.

“Centrist” means very close to the center, to the American Zionist core.
France is not a Republic anymore.

This is NOT the French 5th Republic, la Cinquieme Republique.

This is a vassal to the American Zionist Empire.

The Empire buys for cheap all the French bijoux( and they are many), because Macron sells himself cheap.

Thousands of small and medium business have been destroyed ( like in Italy), the most important French industries have been sold for nothing to America, Qatar, KSA.

France does not have a weapons producing industry anymore( and the French weapons were very good).

Their media is in the hands of big American corporations( which is to say chosen hands) and a big chunk is in the hands of an ISRAELI citizen( Patrick Drahi).

Drahi is the owner of French cable operator Numericable.

Drahi bought SFR, France second mobile phone and internet provider in France in 2013 from media conglomerate Vivendi.

Drahi and his group Altice entered the American telecommunications market in 2015 by purchasing a 70 per cent stake in Suddenlink Communications, the seventh-largest cable company in the US. Suddenlink is valued at $9.1 billion.In 2015, Drahi bought Cablevision , renaming it Altice USA with its flagship brand Optimum being the fifth-largest cable operator in the USA. Drahi owns the Israeli cable television company HOT.

CRIF ( AIPAC equivalent) is as powerful as AIPAC.
Only look at what they did to Alain Soral and Dieudonne, because they told some antisemitic  truths( well, the truth is this way now , either anti semitic, or spoken by the white supremacists, misogynists, extremists, homophobes, racists,  Nazi , etc., etc).

France is indebted to foreign interests( see the law of 1973).

These are a few of the chosen who put their big , hooked chosen noses into the French affairs, ruining them.

Jacques Attali (born 1943), Algerian-born advisor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991 and still a very powerful man.( Mitterrand who once said that ” the Americans have the exorbitant privilege given by the dollar”, had this zionist as advisor).

Patrick Balkany (born 1948), member of the National Assembly of France.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit (born 1945), French-born German politician, active in both countries, best known as leader of the 1968 student uprising in France; more recently a leader of the European Greens.
( you see, that was the color revolution and this chosen guy was a leader when the Empire got rid of De Gaulle and “The Green” movement is a sham, a kosher one).

Roger Karoutchi (born 1951), Moroccan-born Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Relations with Parliament.

Bernard Kouchner (born 1939), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007–2010) ( what a disaster that chosen was for France during Sarkozy‘s era).

Pierre Moscovici (born 1957), European Union Economic Affairs Commissioner,former French Finance Minister and member of the French Parliament for the Socialist Party (PS). One of the main European Satanists responsible for ruining France and European countries.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (born 1949), Finance Minister, 1997–99;President of the International Monetary Fund, 2007–11.(they have a thing for the control of the finances).

Simone Veil (1927–2017), Health Minister, 1974–76; legalized abortion; President of the European Parliament, 1979–82.

Michel Drucker (born 1942), journalist and TV host.

Erik Izraelewicz (1954–2012), journalist and author, specialized in economics and finance; director and editorial executive of the daily Le Monde ( they also have a thing for the control of the media).

Jean-François Kahn (born 1938), founder of Marianne magazine.

Jonathan-Simon Sellem (born 1983), journalist for TFJ, founder and chief editor of JSSNews

Roman Polanski (born 1933), film director, screenwriter, actor ( the pedophile).

Rothschild banking and wine growing family of France.

Bernard Henry Levy, the pseudo philosopher and pseudo intellectual, a calamity for France , who supports any move anti Russia, anti Syria, anti Iran .

He condemned the Yellow Vests’ “violence” after he supported the Maidan coup in Ukraine.

He said that you can not compare the gassing of French protesters with that done in Douma, Syria: of course, that done in Douma was a false flag and it was internationally debunked by Russia, with witnesses brought to the Hague; the one done by Macron against his own people, is very real.

He says that if the Yellow Vests continue their protests , he will leave France.
Only this would be a good reason to continue: save France from this embarrassment.

BHL ? sounds like the abbreviation for a disease, like ADD
( attention deficit disorder), or FDT ( fronto- temporal dementia), PPD
( paranoid personality disorder).

After all these little French cocks , posing as French presidents, maybe it is time for France to have a real leader.

The problem in France , like in other western countries is that the majority of population function on the principle of ” metro, boulot, dodo”( metro as transportation, work, sleep), they suffer from the M.B.D. syndrome.

Well, the metro price is rising ( Macron is doing his part now, with the increase of  taxes on gas/oil), the “boulot” is in short supply ( France has an official unemployment rate of 9.3% and rising).

This leaves only the “dodo” and this is where the western leaders want the population to be.

To be asleep ( in America they still dream the American dream).

There is a big percentage of the population who is furious, but does not exactly know who is to be blamed: blaming the representative of the system, the last president, is not solving the problem.

Then, there is a small percentage who are well informed but they do not have a big microphone to spread the truth and are censored by the power.

The French intellectuals( and they have real ones there) know the truth.

The way I see things there are three options for the change:

1. Voting.

But this can be rigged and there is an increasing part of disillusioned people who do not vote anymore; for example , in the last French elections, only 48.7% of French electorate voted.

2. Violence.

This is never a good option and it is used by the power, through “agents provocateurs”

( like Macron is doing now, using persons who induces others to break the law so that they can be convicted) to destroy any legitimate opposition movement.

Being angry and violent without knowing against whom to aim your anger, is never successful.

In America, we have the guns, that the conservatives hope they will save the Republic and them, when the SHTF.

I say that the best weapon is information, knowing the truth.

3. Waiting for the final collapse of the system and preparing for it.

this may happen sooner than expected, as the financial System has reached its shelf life expectancy.

But all these are easy to preach from outside.
When you lose everything of value to you, you lose it and there is no way to predict how you will react.

Have the French reached this point?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITLgcWpQ3dg Eddy Mitchell

PS: things are serious.

Macron caved in: he suspends fuel tax hike after the “Yellow Vest” revolt.

Vive La France!

I have to make a confession: I always thought and hoped that the change in Europe would come from French and/or Italian revolutions( two countries I love).

France has to become again LA FRANCE PROFONDE.



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