Hate China, Americans!

Trade wars

Xi Jinping is about to drop the spinning dishes.

US has a national program now, surpassing even the Orwellian one:

Hate China , says the Republican branch of the uniparty

Hate Russia, says The Democratic branch

Hate Iran

Hate other countries resisting US hegemony.

But, the main recipient for hate is China now.

Americans learn to blame and hate China.

Do we love anybody , except ourselves , as we are exceptional?

We do.

The Donald told us to love more Israel and the jews.

He even gave an executive order making it a federal crime to criticize them, this being

” discrimination and racism”

Judaism  is a religion. Israel declared itself as a Jewish state ( voted in Knesset).

Only a stable genius like the Donald can transform thorough an EO a religion into a race.

But, the Donald is only an instrument – he announced the EO being surrounded by:

-Epstein’s lawyer

-Kushner and Yael ( his converted daughter)

-well established jewish pedophiles :

-Dershowitz ( Epstein’s friend and business partner and frequent flyer on Lolita Express)  

–Robert Kraft, busted in Florida secondary to anti sex trafficking investigation into a string of massage parlors ( but he owns Kraft group, is  a billionaire, owns New England Patriots, so “there was not enough evidence” to convict him).

Someone possessing critical thinking might ask :

why do we have to hate China ?

When, not too long ago China was good and a US partner.

No, it’s not because the Donald is anti globalism and wants to MAGA.

Anybody believing this functions under a misapprehension.

I’ll explain.

Americans were told to hate China bc “China stole from US, especially technology”, is a “threat to the world “, is “communist”, “China manipulates its currency”

Let’s see.

1-China didn’t steal anything, especially technology.

-whatever it had in the beginning, it was given to China by the US corporations that moved their production there to profit from cheap and reliable labored loose regulations.

US corporation made tens or hundreds of trillions in profits.

The money didn’t profit the US public ?

Americans were left poorer and without jobs?

US CEOs had big bonuses, more mansions/yachts/private plains/private submarines/ bunkers, etc

Well, it wasn’t China’s fault.

What China did was to go along because:

-it had no choice, US has the world reserve currency and controls the worlds’ financial system

-the world’s economy is intertwined

-China profited itself from the arrangement.

But, China learned and surpassed the teacher, US.

Now China is leading in technology and US would like to steal it, but it can’t.

2. China is a threat to the world’s economy.

What country is responsible for the economic recessions and depressions?

US. Not China.

Let’s remember the last one , in 2008.

The US crooked banks collapsed the world’s economy with the subprime fraud.

China was the one pulling the world from the abyss in 2008.

What US did ?

Did US solve the problems, did it punish the thieves ?


US saved the banking cartel, nobody went to jail, no measure was taken to correct/ prevent future similar frauds.

US gave the banks that collapsed the world’s economy a cool 1 trillion $ in 2008.

For the beginning.

Trillions after, like we found out in 2009, on a partial audit of the Federal Reserve ( Ron Paul):

Foreign banks got 16 TRILLION dollars .

We don’t know what banks, because Bernanke( the chairman of the Federal Reserve) could not remember which banks. LOL!

And the Senate/ Congress didn’t want to insist and disturb him.

Could they be the shareholders of the Fed?

Rothschild Bank  London 

Warburg Bank  Hamburg 

Rothschild Bank  Berlin 

Lehman Brothers NY

Lazard Brothers of Paris 

Kuhn Loeb Bank  NY 

Israel Moses Seif Banks  Italy 

Goldman Sachs  NY

Warburg Bank  Amsterdam 

Chase Manhattan Bank  NY

This is treason and a crime.

The thieves continued their fraudulent activity, undisturbed and now things are even worse.

Remember scandal after scandal involving all the big American banks( like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, Citi ), making news each month since 2008.

What was the punishment ? The banks payed a symbolic fine .

The situation is now 2.5 QUADRILLION dollars worse .

That is the derivative market, run by JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs( now in the Donald’s government) and Deutsche Bank.

Meanwhile, China took notice. And started protecting itself.

It started building an alternative trade route, the Silk Road( OBOR) and an alternative financial system .

It started accumulating Gold. Massive amounts.

It became the biggest economy in the world, surpassing US and building alliances.

And it just tasted an alternative payment system, a digital one ( that is outside US’ reach and can be backed by GOLD)


The People’s Bank of China pilot will use the digital currency to pay for general services such as transport and health care.

 The first test will come at the end of 2019, with a larger rollout in early 2020.

China’s Central Bank (PBoC), four major banks and major economic participants such as China Telecom will test digital currency payments.

China’s most important ally is Russia.

China and Russia are de- coupling  from US and the US controlled world economy and financial system.

China had its Yuan pegged to the dollar and it is de- pegging it now.

In Oct 2016, the Yuan was declared a Reserve Currency by the IMF. 

Why is this important ( and lethal for US) ?

China and Russia are the biggest US CREDITORS.

They were recycling their dollar surplus into US T Bills, this way supporting US deficit spending / Us economy / US existence.

And Russia and China are getting rid of US debt( T Bills) .

Russia is down to 8 billions ( from 180 billions Russia held in US debt/ treasuries) .

China selling or paying for the OBOR project with US treasuries.







One may say that US has other creditors , like Japan , Belgium, Cayman Island, etc.

LOL! Those are bankrupt nations ; they are  branches of the Federal Reserve , that is monetizing US debt through them.

Japan is a zombie nation, having a debt to GDP ration of 300 %.

And it has 1 T US debt too. 

Japan is completely destroyed after being a US vassal for so long.

Japan can’t even commit a dignified Seppuku and is committing HaraKiri.

Belgium ?-laughable.

Real creditor, with budget surplus and natural resources( real wealth) is Russia.

Real creditor, having the number one technology and manufacturer base , is China.

And they are decoupling from the Ponzi scheme known as western financial system, run by US.


US is doing QE 4, called REPO ( Repurchase agreement where a seller of a security agrees to buy it back from a buyer (investor) at a higher price ).

The Fed is monetizing the US debt , at an increased pace, because it has no choice, there are no creditors buying US debt.

Result of the dollar being a weapon used to sanction countries not complying with US demands.

The Fed is printing trillions.

This month , the Fed prints 1/2 TRILLION dollars , injected in the economy.

And, it seems that on Dec 16, when 100 billion $ disappeared from the market, the Fed injected 1 trillion $ into it, in one day.

QE will last til July( if US doesn’t collapse sooner, which I doubt).

That’s the official number. Who knows what’s the reality. Remember the 16 Trillion $ given in secret to foreign banks in 2009?

3. About China being Communist?

This is not a threat as China is not imposing its system on anybody, as opposed to US , which it does.

Let’s not forget all the wars in ME . Not done by China, but by US.

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc

Color revolutions and “regime changes”?  US  is responsible, not China.

In Ukraine, Bolivia, tried in Venezuela, Russia, Iran, even China ( Hong Kong)… the list is way too long.

And , I argue that China is more capitalist than US .

The Chinese economy system is an obvious  big success .

If US is envious, it’s still not China’s fault . It is still US’ fault, because US can’t compete in a fair way.

Why doesn’t US compete ? It proclaims itself as being  the best ?

US can’t . US is used to steal – US is  the real thief.

After WW II, US was the only country left standing in a destroyed world .

It was selling goods for countries’ gold ( plus the gold US stole during the war from Europeans, Asia ).

This way US became great and the country with biggest gold reserves.

Bretton Woods agreement followed , giving  US the world reserve currency advantage

( and control of the financial system).

But, US cheated even this and withdrew , unilaterally from it ( after America debased the dollar and DeGaulle asked to be paid in gold, not US paper).

Then, US , through Kissinger , stroke gold again, , black gold, with the petrodollar agreement with the Saudis .

Saudi Arabia( plus the rest of Gulf States would sell oil ONLY in dollars ( forcing the world to buy dollars and creating the need for them) and would recycle $ surplus in US T Bills , (supporting US deficit spending).

When US opened the huge Chinese market , US made a big mistake ( or China was too smart ):

The US banks were not allowed to penetrate the Chinese financial system.

China’s Central bank is state controlled.

China doesn’t manipulate its currency as the Donald says, without blinking.

China ( and other countries) REACTS to the US manipulating the dollar, which is the world reserve currency and this way , US spreads inflation to everybody.

Countries need to protect from US manipulating the dollar, the world reserve currency.

It’s a race to the bottom.

China is protecting its currency and economy from US manipulations/destructions.

You see, this trade war is not as much about ” bringing back US manufacture and jobs back to America”

This is not possible anymore. Too late.

Even if some  of the production is moved away from China, it goes  to Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, etc, not back to US.

This trade war is about US BANKS trying to infiltrate China’s financial system.

And China opposing it.

US is bankrupt on all levels:






and , mostly, moral

And can’t recover.

US has lost to China and Russia( and now, Iran ).

The parasites controlling the financial system and US, can’t jump to another host:

-Russia kicked them out when Putin came

-China won’t allow them into their country

-Iran kicked them out in 1979

The parasites that the Donald is asking us to love, the ones who created the Federal reserve in 1913 and sucked US dry , are left with NO HOST on whom to migrate.

China will not open its financial system to them.

That’s why Americans have to hate China ( and they are ignorant enough to do it) and not realize who are the ones who destroyed and are destroying their lives .

That’s why US is at war with :




That’s why US tries to steal what it can from weaker States:

-some oil from Syria( while still possible)

-some gold from : Libya, Iraq, Ukraine , Venezuela, etc

-some lithium form Bolivia

-some factories from Europe( France , which is being dismantled as we speak)

It is that simple.

To summarize it:

  1. US printing trillions, manipulating the dollar , lowering artificially the interest rates and pumping the US stocks.
  2. This situation ends in a few ways:

-the dollar is buried by the world as useless and trillions of dollars come home to roost, creating the Weimar United States 

-the Federal Reserve continues devaluing the dollar, but loses control of manipulating/ masking the inflation :

now, the inflation is masked, through keeping the price of oil and food  low enough to avoid pitchforks ( subsidized ) ; when the price of a gallon of gas is 6-10 dollars , it will be  over

-the Federal Reserve has to print trillions to lend to the government , so that the government can pay back its interest on debt

   3. The Federal Reserve is buying US debt ( treasuries) as the biggest US creditors

( Russia and China) stopped doing it.

  4. The Federal Reserve can print as much as it wants, but can’t print OIL ( energy)

And the biggest oil/gas known reserves are on the other side:




Iraq is still occupied, Libya and Yemen are disputed .

This annoying ( for US ) fact explains all US wars.

Same for GOLD.

Al the real, physical Gold is in China, Russia and their allies.

China and Russia have each  20,000 -35,000 ones GOLD, some say.

Wall Street and City of London ( US and UK) were good at manipulating the gold .

1 ounce of Gold rehypothecated 100 times ? more? 

Meaning 1 ounce was sold to 100 or more investors , who have all claims on the same

1 ounce. 

US Fort Knox has no Gold.

   5. If things are so bad when US still has the world reserve currency, imagine how they will be without it?


The Donald just said :



-ignoring the fact that the Fed does QE , even if the Fed says it’s not QE and calls it REPO

-what do we need more : non QE ( REPO)  and QE at the same time ?

-the Donald is not draining the swamp, but what’s left of the middle class


Russian Bear , Chinese Dragon and Iranian Cat ( the cat is Iran’s symbol, as its map evokes a cat) are flipping their claws to the Bald Eagle and its hydra-like tongue

Russian Bear, Iranian Cat and Chinese Dragon







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