Greta and the Deep State

Gretas.Gates and Soros selling indulgences

Indulgences for CO2 producers. Buy them and redeem your sins. Created by Divine Authority : the all seeing eye Sold by Authorized Issuers: Gates, Soros, Gore…


Pollution is man’s “civilized” way to shit where he eats and drinks: all over the planet.

The most evolved and only animal doing this.

Civilized countries produce the biggest shit.

US :

-4% world population

>40% world shit.

-sends its shit to other countries.

There is a problem cause by pollution, oceans inundated by plastic, deforestation, fracking and the destruction of the phreatic , chemtrails and pollution of soil / air, pesticides/ insecticides killing bees/ insects/ and our intestinal flora , etc.

But pretending that there is a man made climate change that can be solved by carbon credits is disingenuous and means only creating another tax, on  people and a fee on countries, to enrich the top 0.001%.

Because the petrodollar is dead, only needs burial and has to be replaced by something else.

It is a like the Grand Inquisition selling indulgences.

Only these are sold by :



-Al Gore

-Hollywood sycophants

for the benefit of the real power, the money changers.

Buy a carbon credit = an indulgence and your sins as CO2 producer will be redeemed .

The planet won’t be saved , but the top 0.001% might be.

Using a chid ( Greta is 16 , but looks 12) with a mental handicap, is just evil.

Why doesn’t Greta say that the US army is the greatest polluter on earth?

Soros and Gates selling indulgences =the two GRETAs.

Indulgences issued by Divine Authority, the “all seeing eye” and distributed by authorized  sellers.

Weather is one of the least scientifically predictable things.

The only insight we can have regarding this complicated issue is to study climate cycles, over a long period, millions years ( tree rings, soil deposits, etc).

The study of climate cycles showed a clear pattern:

Long ice ages , interrupted by short periods of warm weather .

We are long overdue for an ice age.

Nobody can predict when it will start, but , in general, an ice age is preceded by a slight increase in temperature. We have 1 degree increase now.

And that’s the kicker :

we, as a species, could survive a warmer weather, but I don’t believe we would survive an ice age.

But, until this comes, the big boys can fleece people and countries selling CO2 credits.

And , maybe use the profits made to build new bunkers.



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