A Fish Called “Freedom Of Speech”

A fish called " Freedom of Speech"


Censorship is a multilevel subtle business .

The appearance of  preserving the 1st Amendment is kept, while multiple ways of infringing it are applied through covert operations.

We live in a careful constructed indoctrination fake reality .

Like fishes in a fishbowl: 

They are neither dead , nor alive, only zombified.

All social media sites have:

-rule and regulations, most aiming at 1st Amendment

If someone spreads too much truth, he/she is thrown out because ” he/she didn’t follow the rules”.

Then, there are laws to limit the freedom of speech, laws that are  hiding under impressive names:

-anti hate speech

-anti semitic speech

-anti racist speech

-anti discriminative speech

-anti defamation  speech

They apply only to ordinary people telling inconvenient truths.

These are like  fishing nets .

Your search for the truth is limited by :

  • The search engines, like Google,  are obscuring certain sites and promoting the propaganda ones ( the fish has to find the open window to be able to reach the Ocean)
  • Twitter and other social media are shadow banning  the fishes who were able to jump from the fishbowl
  • Most alternative sites are controlled opposition ( sharks) ; my technique of recognizing them is infallible : I see what they say about


-the Federal Reserve 

-how much they support the little zionist entity in the ME

If they keep quiet about the Federal Reserve, adopt the official story about 9/11 and  unconditionally support the entity, without seeing its crimes, I know they are controlled opposition alternative sites.

On the other hand, MSM can :

-use innuendo


-lie with impunity

-use fake news and proofs

And , for them, it is permissive and legal.

There are multiple organizations that can destroy a person’s career, reputation and life , if that person is using his 1st Amendment right and telling the truth about the power.

-ADL, SPLC, B’nai B’rith, Aclu, etc

-even executive orders, like the recent one signed by the Donald : this transforms criticizing what Israel does in Palestine into “discrimination and racism”

Voltaire once wrote: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Who in American politics are people not allowed to criticize?

Those organizations are the remote controlled shark robots.

A fish called “Freedom of Speech”.

He has to overcome many obstacles.

He first has to jump out of the fishbowl, a controlled environment , where propaganda is destroying his mind.

In that bowl he has :

-limited movement

-he is fed GMO /chemicals 

-has to drink his own urine

If the fish has had enough and takes the red pill and jumps out, he needs to :

-be able to reach the ocean and not splash on the floor

-find the open window toward freedom


-avoid the remote controlled sharks

But, if he succeeds in overcoming all these obstacles, the little fish can swim freely in an Ocean of information.

The ocean ( information) is enormous .

I dedicate this to all twitter users whose accounts were suspended , all sites that are shadow banned and called names because the right to freedom of speech  is an illusion in this country.


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