The Dusk of an Empire

General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhndis , leader of Kata'ib Hezbollah militia, part of Iraqi army.


There are some things that cross over cultural, religious and national divides. 

Such an act was the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani , leader of IRGC and Abu Mahdi  al-Muhandis , the commander of  the Kata’ib Hezbollah militia .

It was an immoral, evil act, seen as such by all intelligent, informed, decent,  good men of all religions and all nationalities.

Spilling of Innocent blood  is transformed into the Red Flag of total war, the one between  Iranian flag and Iraqi flag.

Despite the non stop propaganda and the pathetic lies trying to depict them as terrorists , in order to justify the US wickedness.


General Soleimani as Faravahar, the divine , eternal part of human soul

I wanted to depict Soleimani as a symbol that transcends all and becomes a unifying factor for the resistance against Evil.

Pure spirituality.

But, he leaves the sword for the fight here, on earth.

Faravahar or Farohar is an emblem of the Persian identity as well as a symbol of the Zoroastrian faith.

It is the guardian angel and guide, which is actually the divine, uncorrupt and unpolluted part of the human soul. It is the higher individuality that transcends to the Heaven when the human being’s life on earth is over.

The circle in the center symbolizes the immortality of a person’s soul and eternity of the universe.

 The human body coming out of it represents the mankind. Its upward-pointing hand indicates that the way to Heaven is through righteousness, while the ring in the other hand represents faithfulness and honoring of promises.

The two wings, one on either side, have 3 layers of feathers – good words, good reflection/thought, and good deeds

The symbol’s lower part also has three parts representing bad words, bad thoughts and bad deeds that bring misfortune and misery to any individual. 

The two streamers/loops on the left and right signify the duality of good and evil, respectively.

Faravahar embodies the conflicting forces of good and bad and represents the  philosophy of promoting one’s positive force and suppressing the negative.

It is a reminder  of the purpose of their life and that is to live in a good way that helps in the spiritual progression of the soul so that it unites with the Supreme Lord.

Inspired by Ashur, the Assyrian god of war, representing the eternal war between good and evil (Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu), but the feathered robe gives the impression that he is also a guardian angel, watching over all, and aiding in the fight for good.

I added an ancient Persian sword-to outline that revenge for the spilling of innocent blood   is left for the resistance , here on earth.

Their cowardly assassination  was an act of state terrorism and an evil act .

It doesn’t matter the furious and ridiculous US propaganda, trying to depict them as terrorists.

They were fighting against the terrorism enlisted by US /IL/ UK / KSA through their proxy armies, ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The real terrorists are calling the ones fighting terrorism, terrorists.


This was also an act of blasphemy , viewed as attacking an entire nation.

The entire world witnessed an Evil in action.

US lost any pretense of a law abiding nation, any decency, moral values.

US is officially a rogue state.

Punishment will follow, not only here on Earth but on higher levels.

When the American Zinoist Empire decided to assassinate General Soleimani , it  wrote its epitaph funeral .

US already lost and it is dead .

We now see the details of the finalization of its burial .

American Zionist Empire was in its final stages of self destruction for some time now .

The Federal Reserve has printed / injected into the “economy” 6.23 TRILLION DOLLARS in the last 6 weeks: 1 Trillion / week.

On top of lowering rates, again, and talking about negative rates and the need for higher inflation ( the official 2% and real 10-12% inflation rate, is, apparently, not enough).

The only glue holding this economy is :

-the advantage given by the petrodollar and controls world financial system, both reinforced by the 900 + military bases around the world( in more than 100 countries).

I made 2 big mistakes when assessing how the Empire will die:

  1. I thought that , as the US sits near the cliff, looking into the abyss ( America’s own doing ) ,  China and Russia will provide the gentle, final push .

I was wrong.

Iran will be the one providing this service.

2. I believed that the petrodollar needed to die first so that the American military power becomes useless ( maintaining the army around the world is the biggest chunk of the budget).

Now, I see that US will have to leave the Middle East ( ME), one way or another ( willingly or in body bags).

ME is vital for maintaining the petrodollar dominance.

Losing it equals death for the Empire.

And this is exactly the goal of  the unified Shia Resistance : US has to leave the area.

This is what Soleimani’s martyrdom achieved :

it became a symbol, a unifying force and a catalyst for the fight against the foreign invader / oppressor.

The Resistance ( Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, Yemen , Syria )  declared that the common goal and dignified response for the infamy US committed is to kick US out of the ME.

Iranian’s attack on US military bases ( 2 bases and an airport) was impeccable .

It targeted military gear / buildings / planes , avoiding soldiers barracks.( Iranians are not psychopaths like the Americans)

US  was not able to block not even one Iranian missile.

Look at what Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force General Amir Ali Hajizadeh says about  the recent retaliatory Iranian ballistic missile attacks on US bases in Iraq :

– We struck with our missiles areas in the American airbase (in Iraq) that was used for equipping attack helicopters

– We were able to target the barracks of US soldiers in airbase but we avoided that because our aim was to target the command center

– We struck the US command center of the Ain al-Assad base and images reveal the extent of its destruction

– US President Trump use to visit Ain al-Assad airbase when he visits Iraq

– Our aim was to create terror and panic in hearts of US forces (in airbase)

– US forces transported its injured soldiers to Zionist entity (Israel) using 9 airplanes

– We have not heard of any targeting of American military bases without subsequent US retaliation ever since WWII

– What we heard from Trump is nonsense, America could have attacked Iran yet it was focusing on media action

– There are many targets in Iran yet America is unable to carry out such operations

– The world now knows who is the one that lost the battle

– US forces will inevitably leave the region

– The Resistance Axis is the one that will kick out American forces from the region

– There is no doubt that there are dead & injured among the US forces even though we targeted the base’s command centers

– The next step (of the response) will be carried out by the factions of the Resistance Axis

– The next response will not be merely a ‘slap’, but rather a step that will transform the situation of the region entirely

– Our first operation does not equal blood of the martyrs, the leader has announced that the retaliation will be achieved with the full withdrawal of US forces from region

– We are not criminals like the Americans, we could have targeted the residential buildings within the US base

– A new phase of the Revolution has begun with Soleimani’s martyrdom

– What’s important is we managed to break prestige of America

– We were expecting a response from US and we were prepared to respond to their response

– I tell the states overlooking Persian Gulf: America will not move to rescue you

– This is the first time that US bases are targeted since WWII

– During the operation targeting the US base we were expecting to receive a response, and we were prepared for all-out war

– We decided to target the largest US base and the furthest away from Iranian borders

– We were not looking to kill US soldiers with our missile attack, but surely many were killed

– We could have designed operation to kill 500 in the 1st step, & if they responded, we could have killed 4,000-5,000 in 2nd & 3rd steps

And let’s remember how Iran shot down the 250 million $ US drone (in one smooth, single shot, using a home made, cheap missile )  .


The Donald threatened but did not respond( except intensifying the lying and propaganda).

Iran told US that any attack on Iran means Dubai ( UAE ) and especially Haifa ( Israel)  are hit.

Iran invented the chess game: hitting Israel is equal to taking out the American Queen.

Taking out KSA / UAE equals checkmate.

After the attack, Donald the Barbarian , who wanted to destroy invaluable Iranian historical sites, which are world heritage , gave a pathetic speech , in which we found out that US army is ” the greatest, best , biggest, tremendous , most beautiful in the Universe” but did not order retaliations, except new, beautiful sanctions.

Pelosi, representing the Democratic wing of the uni party said ” we and the world can’t afford a war”


US can’t afford to fight a country that can defend itself and hit back hard.

Iran can protect itself, fight and it is not alone.

Iran can and will collapse US economy ( and consequently , that of the world).

This is over leveraged to the tune of quadrillions, more precisely 2.5 QUADRILLION $ in derivatives and very fragile. A  slight perturbance is enough.

Now, US wants negotiations, without preconditions.

Let me remind you that :

-Iran negotiated for 12 years the JCPOA and respected it and JPCOA was a tool to prevent nuclear weapons for Iran

-US withdrew unilaterally from it

-US wanted to “renegotiate” it with the precondition that IRAN renounces its defense missiles. Haha!

-This precondition to renegotiating the nuclear deal ( Iran gives up its defense system )  is coming from :

a nuclear country, with 900 + military bases ( 43 bases surrounding Iran) = US and a zionist entity having undeclared > 200 nukes, who didn’t sign a non proliferation treaty and denies having nukes = Israel

The American Zionist Empire is trying to impose Iran , as preconditions , to become a sitting duck ( like Libya was) so that US can spread “democracy bombs ” there.

European peons support this.

Well, the time for negotiations is gone for multiple reasons:

-no country can negotiate with a country who has no honor, does not respect its word or  any treaty signed ( US did the same with all treaties signed with Russia)

-one can’t negotiate with a terrorist country .

Because, let’s make it clear :

What US did in assassinating general Soleimani was a terrorist act , even more abject when the details were revealed.

Iraqi PM  said that US asked him to invite Soleimani for mediations between Iran , Saudi Arabia and US and he was bringing a letter and having diplomatic immunity.

US assassinates him, a top Iranian official ( number two in the country) .

US is not officially at war with Iran.

What US did, nullifying all diplomatic / moral / civilized rules has only one  name : TERRORISM.

A state practicing terrorism is a terrorist state , a rogue one and needs to be brought to justice.

US has been a state sponsoring terrorism for a long time, but it was more covert( like using the proxy armies ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria).

But, this is in plain view.

US has lost any presence of holding the high moral ground and promoting human rights, diplomacy and freedom.





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