Everything you know about America is fake

What is the main characteristic of US?

Some will immediately say : exceptionalism.
I do not object, this is one of the principal  self describing attributes of the American Empire.
This and the superpower status.
But it does not characterize the American society as a whole.

In my view, the main feature is FAKENESS.
Everything in the US is fake. And I mean EVERYTHING.

I’ll start with the main issue, from which the rest derives.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most fake of them all ?

1.The Financial system and the dollar.

The Federal Reserve Bank: a private corporation, with shareholders 9 big jewish banks.
-Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
– Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
– Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
– Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
-Lehman Brothers of NY
– Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express)
– Goldman, Sachs of NY
-National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders)
Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).

It is not federal, not a reserve ( it has no money deposits) and not a bank.

A big lie starting with the name.

It creates “money” out of thin air( prints paper), not backed by anything( in fact backed by wars and murder and coercion) and loans it to people with interest (usury).

The dollar( which is not money) is created as DEBT( CREDIT) and loaned to you with INTEREST.
The shareholders gain twice by this monopoly on money creation.

The dollar is not “money”, another lie.
The dollar is legal tender.
You are forced to use it, as the Federal Reserve has a monopoly on printing money.
They take 6% of profits, no matter what.

Money has the following characteristics:
– durable
-possess value in itself
-limited in the quantity that is available
-have a long history of acceptance
Money serves as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, and as a unit of account.
The human labor is quantified in money.
Money has to be interest free.
The only things that have all these qualities defining money are GOLD and SILVER.

Not paper, even if backed by murder, and not paper created as debt .

The US population has no idea about this.
In fact, the US population has no idea about any real issue.

The banking cabal invented big, fancy words to “explain” to the people their financial theft.
Quantitative easing (QE) for printing paper to infinity, creating inflation.
Inflation, the most pervasive way of taxing the idiots, who look at the increasing prices of groceries and everything, each week,  and think that this is normal.
The increasing price of the crappy houses they”own”, they view this as an asset.

House “appreciation”.
This is the level of stupidity in America, which was intentionally promoted through the so called education.
Credit default swaps, securities, derivatives, etc. invented to intimidate the people.

Ignorant people, when faced with big words they do not understand, think that the big boys “know what they are doing and we should let the financial matters into their capable hands” because they are too complicated for us.

When in fact things are very simple and they all expose a PONZI scheme when investigated.

Knowing who the shareholders of The Federal Reserve are explains why the dual citizens have all the positions of power and why a little country in the ME has such a hold on the US.

Money should be the job of the Congress ; it is even written in the forgotten Constitution.
And issued interest free.

They also attached “the fractional reserve banking” to the Ponzi.
Fractional-reserve banking is the practice whereby a bank accepts deposits, makes loans or investments, but is required to hold reserves equal to only a fraction of its deposit liabilities.
I think 10 cents to the dollar.
Very lucrative for the crooks, isn’t it?

And it is all legal.

From this monopoly of printing paper money, loaned to you with interest comes all their power.
The rest is just: bribes, blackmails, buying real assets, from the real producers in exchange for paper money.

After the dollar was completely taken off the gold standard in 1971, the petro-dollar was conceived, as the world was about to ditch it.

Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil producer, was persuaded to sell oil only in dollars, forcing the countries to accept it.
And not only this, the dollar surplus is recycled into US treasuries, financing this way the US deficit spending.
And creating the need for dollars and supporting the US deficit bonanza spending.
Including the support of its wars.

US lives on the back of the rest of the world.
So, you see,the US is not “ripped off” as the Donald says.
The exact opposite.

This also explains very nicely :
-our allies(the criminal regimes of KSA,UEA)
-our wars to protect the petro-dollar
-why US is able to put pressure on so many countries
-the US real power through its financial system
I wrote at length about the history of the US dollar in ” The making of a president” , when talking about the Donald presidency.
The Economy

I’m writing here about this, as it is intrinsically connected and supported by the dollar.

The US economy is a mirage, an illusion.
A Potemkin village, with a facade made up of fake statistics, and held together by the glue which is the petro-f*cking-dollar.

If you remove the dollar as an international reserve currency , the American economy collapses.

It is listed as 18.57 trillions.
It is 18.57 Trillions of lies.

a. It includes inflation, massaged into consumption.
The inflation, listed as 2%.
Anybody going to the grocery store knows that the prices keep increasing and the packages keep decreasing.
One small example:
-an Alka selzer box, listing 36 pieces, has 18 when you open it. And costs three times what it did a few years ago.
-The cost of a regular burrito from our local taco truck has gone up from $2.50 in 2001 to $5 in 2010 to $6.50 in 2016. That’s a $160% increase since 2001.
-a good house in the 1960’s was 12,000$. Now it is 300,000$.
-a gallon of gas was 0.31 $, of milk was 0.49$.
And the indexed salaries did not increase in a parallel way.

The real inflation is between 9.6% and 10%, maybe even more.

The Federal Reserve talks about keeping the inflation at 2% in a sanctimonious way, as if that is the sacred cow.
The Federal Reserve has NO MANDATE to keep and create inflation at ANY level.
A stable currency creates no inflation.

The more the inflation increases, the higher the GDP.

b. GDP includes government investment.
The government does not “invest”.
It only misappropriates funds extracted by force from the productive citizens.
Usually giving them to its cronies.

c. It includes government spending.

And this is the big kicker:
Government spending=the debt is exponentially increasing.
This means GDP expansion.
We are going to reach the paradoxical reality where the US economy and society have completely collapsed ,but the GDP reached the infinity, together with the debt.

d. It includes exports-imports.
Well , this is a big NEGATIVE and increasing.
The trade balance is MINUS 700 Billions.

That’s why the Donald is putting tariffs on everybody.
US can not compete to export more and balance its trade, and increase the GDP.

And this with the unsurpassed advantage given to the US by the petro-f*cking-dollar.
Only this fact tells you that the GDP number is a big, big fake.

The real GDP is probably 1/3 of that reported 18 trillions.

GDP growth listed as 2.4% , in fact is – 1.8-2%.
We are in recession.
A masked one.
We can call it depression at this point, as it has been here for such a long time.


The reported number is 4.8% I think.
This is such in your face a lie, that it is mind numbing.
The real unemployment is 22-23%, maybe even higher.

There are 96 million people not counted in the labor force.
The size of a big country, like Iran.

The US economy is based on consumption.
Mindless, useless consumption.
A mad society devouring everything around for the single goal of creating “growth”.
Cheap products that do not last long and you need to replace them to contribute to their statistics.
The destruction of our soil, air, water, food, people in the name of consumption.
A failed and fake model for a society.
It will be thrown away, in the dustbins of history, near the failed societies.

And the big problem for the economy is that the American consumer is maxed out.

Everything the consumers buy, they buy on credit, which reached its limit.

Trillions and Trillions of debt. 3.87 trillions in debt.

The student debt is more than 1.5 T.

Trillions in private debt, other T in corporate debt,tens of  T in Federal debt, T in states debts.

Hundreds of T in unfunded liabilities.

Between 150 and 200 Trillions in debt.

Do you think this is a viable economy?

The US economy is made of:

FIRE economy +war economy.
a. Finance.

We financialized everything, the banks run the economy. To the ground.
That’s why every statistical report is fiction.
Paper shoveling from the left pocket to the right one.

Stocks manipulation.

Rigging the markets.

There are no free markets.

b. Insurance.
It is mandatory.
For every single aspect of your life. Even for your health now.
You pay rent to them.

c. Real estate.

One big Ponzi.
They created the 2008 collapse and after being bailed out, changed the laws to better favor them and proceeded, with confidence, in creating another bubble.

War economy.

It does produce something real.
That is one of the reasons we need wars.
To sell our weapons and improve the GDP.
For that and to protect the petro-f*cking -dollar.
And even here US is losing market shares to Russia, which has cheaper and better weapons.
The world saw this in Syria, an unintended consequence of the US wars.

It is for the world peace, as the Donald has shouted.

The US economy is kept alive through:
-financial manipulations and shenanigans
bubble creations, that from time to time pop and create a recession; then the cycle restarts; after the crooks bought, for pennies on the dollar , the real assets; win-win for them.
-forcing the world to accept the US dollar+ recycle the dollar surplus into US T Bills and this way supporting the US deficit spending.

And all these lies…, I mean statistics,  can not mask anymore the reality.
Imagine how this reality will look like with the complete collapse of the dollar.
Because it is coming.

US did everything possible to accelerate this, by weaponizing completely the dollar.

Russian President, VV Putinn is visiting Germany on August 18 to discuss the measures needed to counteract the US sanctions and tariffs.
Another US nightmare, the reproach between Russia and Germany.
Put that near the other one, Russia and China.

“The dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes risky tool for payments.” said the Russian Economy Minister.

Bye bye petro-f*cking-dollar.

When the dollar is finally rejected, the US economy will collapse.


2. The country.

It was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.
Not anymore.
US is not even a normal country.

US is :

-A Corporation, having shareholders. Those are the same as those owning the Federal Reserve ( and basically owning everything of value here). The 0.001%.
-Is part of the American -Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabi Empire, the biggest and strongest country, having the preatorian guards, the juggernaut army defending its interests; it is also hosting the Financial System, the one which controls the world= the petro-f*cking-dollar, and all the financial institutions developed to protect it.

Wall Street and especially Goldman Sachs ( and other big American Jewish banks) are working in tandem with: BIS, IMF, ECB,Bank of Japan and Bank of England.

Many times, the Goldman Sachs boys are the directors of these institutions, like Mario Draghi for ECB and Mark Carney for the Bank of England.

Goldman Sachs is directly represented in the Donald’s administration, in key financial positions, like Treasury. The Rothschild’s man, Wilbur Ross is the Secretary of Commerce.
-US is the MUSCLE part of the Empire
-It is also host of the big multinationals corporations, which are the offspring of the big banks

3.The political system.

Officially there are two parties.
In reality, there is one party with two wings.
It is the party of the real owners, the big money interests, the big banks and their affiliated big corporations and the MIIC ( military industrial intelligence complex) .
The difference between the two are minor, unimportant issues, which add to the divide and conquer strategy.
Like “women’s rights”, ” minority rights”, when in fact the rights of ALL citizens should be equal and guaranteed in the Constitution.
The ” gun owners rights”-the same, it is clearly stipulated in the Constitution, no need for extra rights or legislation.

The two wings never fight when :
– advancing the empire’s interests
-when IS…RA…EL is involved ; see the unanimous vote for the 86 Bil in aid for the “only democracy ” in the ME; why do they need aid, in this case? and they are not a democracy, they are a theocracy, even voted in Knesset for this
-when wars are promoted : have you seen any attempt to discuss the War Powers Resolution? a federal law intended to check the president’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of the U.S. Congress?
-now, it’s even worse: the congress passed a law giving the President the power to declare war on whom and when he likes
-when financial wars are discussed; see the unanimous vote with the sanctions against Russia, the end of last year; from all Senators and Congressmen, 535 of them ,only 5 voted against; it was singed into law by the Donald, also the sanctions were based on the claim that Russia meddled into the US elections.

One example is the Affordable Care Act ( what a fake name!)
For years the Republicans pretended to fight it; but they “did not have the power in Congress, or the Senate or the White House… blah…blah.
Now, they have all and NOTHING was done and nothing will be done.

How about illegal immigration?
And I’m not talking about the WALL.
If they really want to address this: cut off the goodies those immigrants receive and put in jail those hiring them.
Nobody will come and those here will self deport.

There is a great effort a to promote the idea that they are separate, to keep the illusion that we do have a democracy and voting counts. That people have a voice.
They don’t.
Observe that immediately after the vote, people are not heard anymore.
ONLY the lobbyists are.

Have you seen the last advancement of the Empire’s goals, done by the Donald?
The Trump administration has now eliminated the rule mandating that 501(c) (4)organizations include the names of donors on tax forms.

Now they are directly represented in the government.
See the Goldman Sachs boys.
They write the laws, like that ” Affordable Care Act”, written by the insurance industry, for their benefit.

Other parties are not permitted.
This may jeopardize the party and increase the Americans’ awareness of the deception.
And the dissent may be difficult to control.
A semi independent president, like JF Kennedy might make it and then, they would face the inconvenience of having to kill him.

4. The President and his power

He does not have any real power, also he is presented as the most powerful man on Earth.
He does what he is told to do. He has to be a convincing actor.

The last semi independent president was JF Kennedy.
Look what happened to him: the magic bullet, which also killed his brother, the ex Attorney General, who would have become president and reopen the JFK case.
His son, who had a good shot of being a New York Senator( in competition with Hillary Clinton) had an ” accident”.
All Kennedy brothers and males had ” accidents”.
Except Teddy, who was compromised from the Mary Kopechne case and kept on a leash.

The same magic bullet was used to kill Marthin Luther King.

Kennedy was killed for multiple reasons:
1-He was about to challenge the Federal reserve monopoly of money .
“The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement” in Geneva on November 14, 1963; Kennedy was killed on November 22.
It is signed by John F. Kennedy as US President, Ir Soekarno as President of RI and William Vouker representing Switzerland. This triangle agreement was made at the Hilton Hilton Hotel on November 14, 1963 as a continuation of the MOU conducted in 1961. The point is, the US Government recognizes the existence of gold bars worth more than 57 thousand tons of pure gold consisting of 17 packages of gold and the Indonesian side received gold bars It becomes a collateral for the US financial world whose operations are carried out by the Swiss Government through United Bank of Switzerland (UBS).
Through this agreement also the power of gold is changing hands to the American government. From the agreement, the Executive Order number 11110 was issued, signed by President JFK authorizing the Treasury to take over the right to issue currency from the Federal Reserve.
Kennedy was killed and Sukarno was C!A-ed.
2-He was opposed to IS>>>RA<<<EL having nukes, opposed to Dimona project.
It happened after he died.
Those two reasons are the main ones.
3-He wanted to dissolve the C!A,“splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”
They splintered his brains, instead.
4- He wanted to make peace with the Russians, especially after the Cuban crisis, to end the Vietnam war and opposed operation Northwoods,a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962.
The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. Assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration.
He pissed off the JCS and DOD and C!A.
Unlike Bush and the 9/11 false flag.

After Kennedy, the real power did not take any other chances with recalcitrant presidents.
Cheaper to make a president than to be forced to kill him and to cover this up.

After Kennedy was killed, most power was transferred to the zionists, but it wasn’t quite all of it.

The second big transfer of power was 9/11.

After the 9/11 false flag, when the zionist took all the power, we have the presidents candidates required to pledge allegiance to Israel, through AIPAC.

All future presidents go to AIPAC congress before being elected and swear to serve Israel’s interests.
AIPAC is the second biggest lobby after MIIC.
A foreign entity acting for the interests of a foreign country and presented as an American one: Americans who love IS>>>RA<<<EL.

Can I ask these questions:

Can we have similar organizations, let’s say : Americans who love Russia, or Iran or China?
After all only 1.4 % of the population is jewish and they hold all the positions of power.
Can we have some DIVERSITY? They promote it, but not when they are involved.

There are 3 Million Russians in America, 1% of population, they should be allowed to have an ARPAC.

There are 1Million Iranians, very wealthy in the US. Can they have a AIranianPAC?

How about the Chinese? They are 3.8 Millions. 5.6% of the population. They should definitely have an ACPAC.

The problem is that none of these have DUAL CITIZENS holding high positions of power.

This situation involves only one category, who is not even an ethnicity, because judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity, not a race.
And the Talmud, the pharisees’ bible, is  a black magic ritualistic occultist book.
Read it to see for yourself.

But imagine for a second a Russian equivalent of AIPAC, where Hillary and the Donald go to declare their love for Russia, competing in who’s more pro Russia.
Like the Donald and Hillary did with AIPAC and ISrael.
The Donald bragged that there is no future president more pro Israel than him.
He has all his children married to chosen, his daughter renounced Christianity and became one, YAEL, and his grandchildren are little chosen.

Logan act anyone?
Treason anyone?

They cry about the non existent Russian meddling into the US elections and do not see the OBVIOUS one done by IS>>>RA<<<EL.
Why is that?
Can I ask this ” anti semitic” question?

5. The judicial system

This one is a fake, but it is legal.
The American Judicial System is subordinated to the British one.

A BAR licensed Attorney is not an advocate, so how can he do anything other than what his real purpose is?
He can’t plead on your behalf because that would be a conflict of interest.
He can’t represent the crown (ruling government) as an official officer at the same time he is allegedly representing a defendant. His sworn duty as a BAR Attorney is to transfer your ownership, rights, titles, and allegiance to the land owner.
When you hire a BAR Attorney to represent you in their courts, you have hired an officer of that court whose sole purpose and occupation is to transfer what you have to the creator and authority of that court. A more appropriate phrase would be legal plunder.
Lawyers are Esquires.

Read about this here :http://educate-yourself.org/cn/attorneysarenotlawyers13mar05.shtml

This is why you are NOT a land owner, you are a tenant.

The justice system  is now making laws, as we saw with the Affordable Care Act, when the law was changed by the Supreme Court, from a mandate to a tax, in order to upheld it.

The Supreme Court rules by “precedents”. Which are created for this purpose.
They misappropriate “Justice” one time and they rule based on that precedent after that.
So, if a mistake was made, they perpetuate it ad infinitum. Legally.
Justice represents JUST US , as somebody well said.
JUST them.
It protects the government, the big banks, the big corporations and the repressive apparatus(army, intelligence, the surveillance system represented by the Homeland Security and affiliates and the police).
It enforces the laws.
Well, most of those laws are wrong and made to protect the big interests and justify the injustice done to the little people.

I’ll ask one simple question: have you seen any banker in jail?
Too big to investigate, judge, jail.
But the list of their wrong doings, theft, manipulations is too long to write.
LIBOR, FOREX, market manipulations of stocks, gold and silver prices, etc.
Everything is fake.
And they are still free.
They stole Trillions and Trillions and are free.
Meanwhile, a poor schmuck caught with 1 gram of marijuana goes to jail.

The Supreme Court voted that corporations are people.
What else can it be said?

6. The separation of powers , executive, judicial and legislative.

Only on paper.
See the last example with ACA.
See the War Powers Act.
They all work to advance the interests of the real power , the banking cartel with their shareholders at the Federal Reserve and their affiliated big corporations, their repressive apparatus, represented by MIIC.

7. Democracy.

Well, one can argue that America was not set as a democracy, but as a Constitutional Republic.

I agree.
But we have neither one.

Maybe we should try from time to time a direct democracy voting system on different issues.
Like whether to continue the wars, the 900+ military bases, foreign aid and so on.
Let the people vote on these.
Should be interesting , even with the US population, which is so ignorant, stupid and complacent, insouciant as Paul Craig Roberts says.

What do we have?
The 0.001% having total control over everything.
Lobbyists making policies and writing laws.
Corporations writing their laws to favor them.
Different vultures fighting over the shrinking American pie.
Nobody lobbies or represents the interests of the little people.

8. Capitalism

Sorry, fake.

Maybe some crony capitalism: big business or corporations, which are not successful, or competitive, bribing the government representatives to give them lucrative government contracts.

MIIC works only on this model.
And we see what expensive junk they produce.
Like F-35, called the flying brick.

See Solindra, or similar green, solar energy companies.

The subsidized agriculture, especially for producing ethanol from corn that they mix with gasoline. Destroying the crops and the gasoline.
The Donald just announced increased subsidies for agriculture, to compensate their loss secondary to his tariffs.

The bail out of the car industry.

People paying for the failed companies which should be bankrupt if not competitive.

The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout occurred on September 17, 2008. The U.S. Treasury Department was authorized to purchase up to $100 billion in their preferred stock and mortgage-backed securities. As a result, they were put into conservatorship by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Keeping the two afloat cost taxpayers $187 billion over time, making it the second most massive bailout in U.S. history.
And this after the 1989 ,which “only” cost the taxpayers $124 billion.

How about the $700 billion bailout of the U.S. banking system, the ones which caused the 2008 collapse and got bailed out instead of jail time?

Crooks and thieves which stole and manipulated the market and defrauded the tax payers, pocketed the profits and when their PONZI scheme failed, were ” saved” by the government.

16 Trillions given to foreign banks?

Capitalism when the profits were good and socialism when they failed.
They have it both ways.

Because they are either too big too fail, or too connected to jail.
This level of lawlessness is making me talk in rhymes.

But this does not stop to the upper class, the 0.001%.
We have socialism , the biggest one in the world for the bottom.

There are 96 Million unemployed Americans, not counted in the labor force.
Plus some 3.9 % recognized officially.
They receive benefits, living on the back of the tax payers.
There are 44.2 Millions Americans(14% population) on food stamps, they can not even buy their food, receiving 71 Billion $ benefits.
More than 50% of US population receives one form or another of government help.
And the Americans make fun of “socialism” in other countries and its failures.
Funny, isn’t it?
Americans do not even know in what fake society they live.

Greed and corruption and theft, reinforced by murder = this is the ” Western Capitalism”, with US being the main representative of the system.

There is no real capitalism when a few people have a monopoly on the means of production .
A few corporations own everything .
The little people and their small business are assimilated or killed , like the Borg.

Capital formation, the essence of capitalism, used for making of more capital goods such as machines, tools, factories, transport equipment, materials, electricity, etc., which are all used for future production of goods, is dead.
Profits are pocketed and used to buy another mansion, yacht, private jet.

No room for the little people.
We have a Centrally planned economy ,manipulated and rigged in their favor and run by the banks. All the time.

They gave themselves “laws” to justify this and make it “legal”.

They created monopolies to kill any possible competition (didn’t one of those psychopaths say that competition is a SIN?) and this way kill the enterprise of the little guy. Monopolies in EVERY aspect of life.

They moved the production and manufacture base abroad ,to make profits from slave labor. And left you, schmucks ,with the lingering for MAGA. Keep dreaming!

They own everything of value here: best land(you schmucks only RENT IT) and properties ,all the stocks ,all the big corporations.

They own the politicians and the repressive apparatus.And the propaganda media.

9. American History

The pillars of American creation were not so great.

America was founded on the genocide of the indigenous population and with the initial labor of slaves brought from Africa.

The colonists were the original “settlers”. Like today’s Israelis.

Maybe that is part of the reason America does not see the injustice done to the Palestinians, even if it is in our faces.

They occupied the land of the native population and when those tried to protect what was theirs, there were deemed savages and killed by colonists, to ” self protect” .
Like what Israel does today.
The redskins were savages and civilization needed to be brought to them.

Later, the American Empire expended on the entire N America: wars with the Spanish to conquer the land, land bought
( Louisiana, Alaska) and after this, America started bringing “freedom and democracy” to : the Caraibes, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.

In between it had a civil war, were dissenters were killed: 600,000.
They had the wrong idea of freedoms of the states.
Because the civil war was not about ending slavery, but ending the states’ freedoms and rights.

Now America tries to bring “freedom and democracy” to the whole world.

The methods are different: it uses the Financial System and the petro-dollar.

Americans do not learn that at history class.

Everything we know about America’s involvements into foreign affairs is fake.

WWII we were told was won by America.
The Red Army destroyed 2/3 of the elite Wehrmacht , the German Army.

And would have liberated the whole Europe.
US did the D day to prevent USSR from  reaching Paris.
And have a permanent foot in Europe.
US came late to Europe, when the war has been practically won by USSR.
And fought the remnants of Hitler’s army, declared victory and that it has won the war.
A huge propaganda was put in place to ensure that people know that US won the war. Books, Hollywood, media.
1600 Nazi were brought into US under operation “Paper Clip”.
They developed, among other things, the space program, NASA and space ships.

But US did something for Europe :
-it created NATO, a terrorists organization, to keep Europe under control, and especially Germany; to prevent any alliance between Germany and Russia
-NATO and C!A created the terrorists used in the “Operation Gladio”, mostly the extreme right, the Nazi followers , killing civilians and blaming the communists; well documented.
Read Daniele Ganser’s book: NATO’s secret armies;
-now, the same culprits are using Jihadists for the same purpose; who thinks that those terrorists attacks are “spontaneous ” needs to read more and try improve his/her IQ.

US had  the fake Nuremberg trial to create the Holocaust myth.

Fake crimes .

I am not saying that the Nazi did not do horrible things.

I’m saying that Nuremberg was a fake.

All the US wars( and there are so many that it is impossible to list here) are based on false flags and LIES.

That list increased exponentially in the last 17 years.
And many wars were done by using an army of proxies, terrorists created, recruited, trained, armed by US.
Like the Mujahideens in Afghanistan and ISIS in Syria/Iraq.

Just look at the false flags done by the State Department financed White Helmets.
Their last very poor one, in Douma, was debunked by Russia, with 17 witnesses.

Look at the Skripal case.
Laughable. It’s so pathetic that it made a mockery of UK and US, which immediately supported it.
Remember the Donald expelling 60 Russian diplomats and closing the Seattle Consulate based on that lie.
And that, after the  sanctions of last year and the closing of San Francisco consulate, using a Mafia style, invading Russia’s private property .

Remember ” Sadam Hussein has WMD?” and Colin Powell ‘s porn performance at UNSC, flushing the vial of powder ?
Remember ” Sadam is taking babies out of incubators and leaving them to die” story  served to us by the lying daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador ? In front of US Senate? To justify the Gulf war?
How about “Qaddafi is feeding his soldiers Viagra to rape women” lies? To justify the bombing of Libya?
How about this admitted lie:
A Mossad agent admits that, in 1984, Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Gaddaffi’s compound in Tripoli, Libya which broadcast fake terrorist trasmissions recorded by Mossad, in order to frame Gaddafi as a terrorist supporter.

Ronald Reagan bombed Libya immediately thereafter.

” Assad gassing his people” ? So many times.
Usually when his army is making big gains against the terrorists created, trained and supported by US/UK/Israel and US/UK/Israel need to bomb Syria and slow down the SAA.

How about the killing of Ukrainians during the maidan protest, done by the elements of the current Ukrainian government , brought to power through a US coup, and blaming Yanukovich?

Proven. Admitted by the Georgian snipers used to do it, and revealed by an Estonian FM, Umas Paet during a conversation with ex EU FM C. Ashton?
hthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkC4Z67QuC0on .

The MH 17 plane shut down by Ukrainian military planes and blamed on the separatists? Proven with local witnesses who saw the plane and by analyzing the plane fragments.

How about the mother of all false flags, 9/11?
Done to justify “the war on terror”?
I talked about this before and there are >4000 specialists’ depositions at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, anybody can consult.

A country which is capable of doing a crime like that in order to justify bigger , non stop crimes, needs to be exposed and the people responsible need to be judged in international tribunals for war crimes.
I hope to live to see this, because I think it’s coming.

10. The American dream and freedom

As George Carlin said: ” you have to be asleep to believe it”.
Unfortunately, there are so many Americans asleep .
They allow all this erosion of their rights and their enslavement without any protest.

What exactly is that American Dream?

It is being able to “buy” a house.
In fact you do not buy it.

You rent it from the government representing the big banks.
Even if you paid down the house( very few can do it) , you do not own it, just rent it.
But most Americans pay interests for 30 years on their house, this way paying 2-3 times the original value.
The original value is already grossly inflated and it inflates each year through the dollar depreciation.
The stupid Americans think that this inflation is ” house appreciation” and a house is ” an investment”.
A house is a money pit.
American houses are made of cheap , poor quality materials, walls and roofs are made of boards that combine fiber with cement. These boards are thin, light in weight to transport, easy to put on the frame, and much cheaper than bricks or timber.
Cardboard houses, cheap, easy to construct and that do not last more than 10 years without major repairs and investment to maintain them.
Not brick and stone, or concrete houses lasting for generations.
But they compensate by being big.

The America dream looks more like a nightmare.

The Americans go into debt to “buy” the last granite countertops for their kitchens, that they don’t use for cooking.

Because Americans don’t cook. They eat junk food.

Americans’ wealth is a fake.

The “wealthiest” country in the world has citizens who have Trillions in debt (student, credit cards, houses) and who don’t own anything ( except for the debt).

Americans “buy” on credit, paying a few dollars a months ( for years, this way paying twice-three times the original price) for poor quality things they can not afford, do not need and for which they are willing to bankrupt themselves.

Almost everything they have is on credit.

And they consider themselves wealthy.

How about that freedom?

Freedom of what, from what ?

Is there any aspect of your life, American serf, that is not regulated and taxed by your government?

The American slavery, the modern form, is done through debt.

The shackles are represented by the debt attached to people even before being born and increased after.

You pay taxes on your land, house, business, the right to practice your profession

( every year or 2 years you pay a license fee), car, even your health now.

You can not freely express your point of view or criticize too much the power or the chosen, without your life and career being destroyed and in extreme cases you being murdered.

You lost most of your rights stipulated in the BOR.
Your guns did not protect you from this.

You lost the habeas corpus .
NDAA , that makes possible to arrest anybody, anytime, without charge or trial under the accusation of being ” belligerent”, a terrorists, a nuisance.
With no proofs given.

NDAA overrides habeas corpus―the essence of our justice system. Habeas corpus is the vital legal procedure that prevents the government from detaining you indefinitely without showing just cause.

Bye bye 4th amendment.

How about the second?
It was so altered by consecutive laws that you can not recognize it anymore.
And there is a constant effort to completely destroy it.

All the amendments were gutted or “reinterpreted”.

11.Voting and voters.

Americans have a fake voting system

Most of voting is done through voting machines, manipulated.
Illegal aliens can vote.
No requirement to present an ID .
You need an ID when you buy alcohol, but not when you vote.
The whole thing is fake, manipulated, rigged.

And voters are cult followers.
Blindly following their elected idol, without any objection to the fact that he does the opposite of what he promised.

Obama had his.
The Donald has his.

Those are even worse as they make fun of the Obama cult followers and do not see the Donald’s forest for the tree.

As the American election system, especially for the president involves so much hysteria, it is understandably a grotesque circus.


Many Americans envision themselves as Christians.


America is not a Christian country.

It has some religious cults. Promoting idolatry .

Mormons promote family oriented values at the same time with a religious polygamy, idolatry of the founder of the sect and proselytism.
A cult.

Protestantism, which in my view is to Christianity what Wahhabi/Takfiris is to Islam.
The second largest form of practicing religion.
Politics presented as Religion.

But what I really, really abhor are the Evangelical Christians.
A cult of indoctrinated idiots.
The largest religious group in America.
They are Zionists.
Christian Zionism is a belief that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 were in accordance with Bible prophecy.
“Supporting Israel is not a political issue … it is a bible issue,” pastor John Hagee, the founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, said in a speech last year.

No matter what horrors YHWH-istan does , they unconditionally support it.

“God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, forever. And that God blesses those who bless the Jews, and God curses those who curse the Jews. And if we want God to bless us and God wants us to bless America, we’ve got to bless the Jews.”
They also believe the so called prophecy “prophecy that Israel has a major role to play at the end of days. “
Well, I would like to ask this simple question :
If God saw the zionist entity as playing a role in the end days, where did he mention America’ s role ?

Where is America in the Bible and if not, why not?
Especially for the end-days?

For those Christian Zionists I want to point out these facts.
There are ONLY two possible explanations for this.

1. God saw IS>>>RA<<<EL’s role and failed to see America, the biggest and most powerful empire in human history, the one ruling the western world.

You think this is possible?

Even if you accept that America, being run by the chosen,  is not listed per se by God, he would have at least mentioned it.
As a recipient.

2. God did see it and revealed it to some of his prophets, like St. John the Apostle,  who told about this in his “Revelations”.
Only that America is described there as “the whore of Babylon”.
Riding the Beast.
Can not admit this, isn’t it?
Better to ignore it.

The symbol of America and of the center of the American financial system, is the Statue of Liberty( representing the Goddess Libertas, the mother of all whores, aka ISIS or Ishtar; a Masonic statue).

The Whore of Babylon’s description is basically a detailed representation of the American Empire.

The Whore, aka America, revealing Mystery Babylon, is riding the Beast with 7 heads, aka the Financial system, the petro-dollar, the real power of America, with the 7 heads of the American presidents printed on the dollar bills in circulation.

Judeo-Christian culture is an invention , a fake concept.
A misnomer.
There is no such thing.
If I remember well, Jesus was killed by them.
Talmudism , or phariseeism, based on black magic is incompatible with Christianity.

And, no , Jesus was not a Jew.
The term Jew is not even found in the Bible.
It’s a term invented in the 18th century.

Jesus spoke Aramaic, an Ancient language, still spoken in very old Syrian Christian villages, the ones ISIS, the empire’s proxies tried to erase from the geopolitical scene.
How about this?

Mel Gibson made a film about Jesus, spoken in Aramaic, “The Passion of the Christ”.
Hollywood, which is 100% in chosen hands, crucified him for this.
And for pointing out what I wrote above.

But, let’s face it, most of Americans are atheists.

A country promoting same sex marriages, gay and lesbian culture, seal exploitation  of children and state sponsored abortions, to name only a few, is not Christian.

The Churches are gatekeepers for the power.
Have you seen a Church or priest protest against all these wars in which America is involved, or against abortions, same sex marriages?

13. Culture and entertainment

All major entertainment areas are promoting Satanism.

Hollywood, TV , music, even big sport.
Fashion shows, advertisement.

The one seeing eye, Baphomet, MK Ultra symbols like bondage, the Monarch butterfly, beta kittens.
Americans do not listen or like classical music, read great literature, admire real painting.
Only substitutes for that: like loud, rhythmic noise, promoting depravity, and called music.

Look at what they feed to the Americans, the Satanic TV soap, “The Game of Thrones”.
Hollywood is an instrument for big propaganda.
Most movies need to be approved by Pentagon and C!A.
They are garbage.
-foul language
-propaganda vilifying the enemy du jour
-comic books and characters, aka modern day children tales for adults
This tells you the level of education and intelligence of the public.

A society making idols of fake celebrities, cheap whores who sold their body and soul for paper money and fame.

Intelligence, modesty, chastity( do not laugh) , humility, real talent, empathy are not considered qualities.

Everybody feels entitled to something, with no sweat or work from their part.

There are no losers, only winners.

We are exceptional.

And no, the way America is depicted in a Hollywood movie does not represent reality.

14. Education

Schools are places where children are gathered to be indoctrinated, taught falsehoods and be kept under control.

The gifted children are not encouraged, they are lowered to the level of stupid ones.

Competition is not promoted, everybody “is a winner”.
Where is their celebrated darwinism, based on competition ?
So much money and no ROI.
But this is done deliberately.
They do not want smart, educated people, who might start noticing the falsehood of all American society.
They want obedient workers.
See George Carlin.

An example of what I said are the economists .

They know and understand less about economy than me,  who got my knowledge about this from books and the internet.

15. Food

I wrote about this at length in “American society and food”.
No real food, only chemicals, additives, insecticides, pesticides, GMO .

Look at what it did to the people.
The monstrous obesity.

16. News

Instruments of propaganda.
The inconvenient news are ignored, like the killings of Palestinians, the genocide in Yemen, done by our allies, with American weapons and under direct supervision of the American army.
News are fabricated and run non stop, with no evidence, ad nauseam.
Like the Russian involvement in the American elections.
The few inconvenient journalists, are killed.
Like Michael Hstings, Breibart.

The media is consolidated in the hands of 6 big corporations. Kosher arrangement.
Bill Clinton did this.

17, Fake moral values.
Americans like quantity, not quality.
Big houses, big cars, big meals, big boobs, big butts.
All fake. Nothing natural . Big and cheap.
No spirituality involved.
Hey, this is not even a word spoken and recognized here.

18. The institutions

All fake.
Based on false premises and pretenses, promoting lies .
And all compromised.

As Chris Hedges said so well:
We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy.

19. Human rights

This is another word that lost its meaning, by fake usage.
In fact, not even Americans have human rights.
When different groups have special rights: African-Americans, women, gay, lesbians, transgenders, etc. NOBODY has any right.
It creates subgroups of favored people, this way stepping on the rights of the others.
Affirmative Action, giving priority to somebody based on the skin color, not on his/her merits and qualification, is infringing upon the rights of the rest.
You can not repair an old injustice done to the slaves by creating another injustice , this time for the whites.
As for the foreigners, they do not have any rights is the Empire do not like them.

We have all types of rights, the right of a neutral bathroom for transgenders and other fake genders,  even the rights of the vaginas.

But we do not have the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

Those are too simple and easy to understand.

They had to be corrupted.

Well, they can take everything from you, even your life , but they can’t take your dignity and your soul if you remember you are a drop in the ocean represented by  the Universal Consciousness and that your soul is immortal.

20. American lexicon

We use words that have the opposite meaning of what is promoted.
Multiculturalism, diversity used to promote the dilution of the nation state and the white race.
Feminism used to manipulate women against men.
Minority rights used to oppose them to the majority.
Anti semitism used to mask that they are not semitic people, 85% are Khazarians, related to Turks and 15% Sephardic.

Political correctness to mask censorship.

Racism, extremism, blah… blah…., meaningless words to intimidate and control the people.

21. Beauty

Even the  beauty  of women is fake.

Fake butts, boobs, faces.
Silicone, botox, plastic surgeries.
They all end up looking similar, like an inflatable plastic doll, that can not smile, but can talk back to you.
Cheaper and safer to buy a real plastic doll.

How sad is that?
And you buy it once.
Do not have to pay for repeat procedures .
Most American women are ugly, fake, fat and bitchy .
No real femininity, no real grace and internal beauty.

That’s why they feel the need to always look artificially “young” .

And we did not go to the Moon.

Fake moon landing.

A Disney Kubrick production.

Look only at the waiving flag in a zero atmosphere, at the absolutely black sky, with no stars ( difficult to fake these, with the Earth as a background image  and a view from the Moon), the astronauts wearing light suits, unable to withstand the Von Allen radiation and being unaffected.

And the final proof is that NASA “lost” the original tapes. So nobody can review them, with today’s technology and point out the obvious fake production.

I probably forgot to mention some aspects, but there is such a cesspool of  falsehood that it is impossible remember all.

Such a fake empire can not last for too long any more, especially now that its true face has been exposed.
That is the real Apocalypse, the revealing of the truth, the exposing of   the lies and falsehoods.