I just made the portrait of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.

One of the very few leaders in the EU that deserves it.

And he is from the ex communist block.

He and his Fidesz party  are fighting  to keep the integrity of his country, his Nation State and the his Christian white race country.

He got rid of Soros ( who is a Hungarian jew, the front man of the plan to destroy the white race states , spread multiculturalism and diversity, which are fancy names to describe an old plan to dilute the white race, the Kalergi plan, promoted mainly by the representatives of a Tribe that does not allow any multiculturalism or diversity inside its zionist borders).

He lifted Hungary from the destruction brought by  the American liberalism , got rid of the modern day slavery represented by IMF. Improved the economy and got rid of the debt( read slavery).

Most of his banks are state owned.

He does what he can to improve relations with Russia and make deals orienting his country toward the prosperity represented by the OBOR project.

But, being in EU and NATO, his actions are still limited.

Hungary is part of Visegrad nations, a group disappointed with the forced migration policy of EU.

The Eastern and Central European countries, mainly through Hungary and Austria, and  the South now through Italy, are going to change the EU, and if this is not possible, they are going to trigger its collapse.

I hope for NATO ‘s destruction too. A terrorist organization, through which US controls Europe( keep US in, Russia out and Germany down).

I think Hungarians have a good chance to succeed; I know them well, from my personal experience:

-proud people


-very industrious and reliable

-do not like to be told what to do and how to conduct their business

-they like to do things well, not superficially

-they are very brave, courageous, but less hot headed than the Poles

-nationalistic and fighting for the protection of Hungarians everywhere

-a mysterious nation, with a unique language, which ,like the Basque, has no equivalent or relations in other languages ( maybe some similarities with Finnish language)

Hungary seems very disappointed with the western democracy and ” values”.

Hungary and Mr. Orban, a family man, who has five children, returned to the Christian values, instead.

Like Russia.

It does not cease to amaze me how some ex communist, atheist countries, are now the protectors and promoters of the real Christian moral values , of spirituality and the west and especially US are promoting Satanism.

So, I wanted to give my small token of appreciation to a proud , small nation, which is quite big through its courage and actions.

Go, Hungary!