On a long enough timeline the survival rate for every Empire drops to zero

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for every Empire drops to zero

Not even the exceptionally chosen one can escape.
It has sown its own destruction.
Its power and its Achilles heel are one and the same : the petro-f*cking-dollar, the financial system.

The Empire’s doctrine is full spectrum dominance.
I am not talking about the military doctrine, I’m talking about the modus operandi of the Empire concerning the world.
And why is this?
You can argue that all Empires want this, it’s the lust for power, absolute power.

Maybe, but I think it is much more than this.
The American Zionist Empire is fighting for its survival. It has no alternative.

The financial system, its real power and the petro-f*cking-dollar are at risk.
And this does not come only from the resistance axis,lead by Russia and China, trying to replace it.
Paradoxically, the biggest threat for the Empire comes from within the system.

The financial system is based on the expansion, the proliferation of the debt.
The debt can not and is not meant to be repaid, only increased.
This is called the economy and GDP by the American government.

Everything in America runs on debt (credit ) and the perpetual increase of it.
Americans think they buy stuff, they only indebt themselves, they “buy” on credit, which is to say they pay three-four times the original price( already inflated) , in small incremental payments every month.
“Til their death or ’til their bankruptcy, which ever comes first.

But the American public is maxed out.
Trillions and trillions in debt.
And waiters and cashiers and part time jobs workers ( encompassing the vast majority of Americans nowadays, as well paid manufacturing jobs are gone for ever) do not have such a high credit and purchasing power.

So the Empire has to expand its credit outside, force the whole world to accept it.
America exports its deficit spending and its inflation, pressing the countries to sustain it and this way America is “great” again and again because this “export” fuels its financial system, the Empire’s power.

There are a few insurmountable problems with this arrangement:

1. This financial system has the seeds of its own destruction in itself.
I will repeat what I said before : it is a matter of the exponential function equation, that so few understand.
The formula is related to the compound-interest formula, and represents the case of the interest being compounded “continuously”.
When the growth of the debt starts aiming straight to the stars, exponentially,this exponential growth becomes exponential decay. Aiming to the ground.
And nothing can stop it.
It kills everything near it.

There is no solution to the AAZ Empire’s dilemma:

If they continue to print and expand the debt, the system will collapse under the humongous interest.
If they stop it, the collapse will be instantaneous as the system is set to continuously increase the debt; it’s like cutting off the roots of a tree and expecting it to grow.
They have created a Leviathan, a Beast, the 7 headed Beast, aka the financial system, with the 7 heads of the presidents on the dollar bills.
The system that the Empire runs is flawed.
It is based on a defective assumption, that debt can create growth, that money not backed by anything and loaned to the people with interest(usury) are safe, sound and ethical.

2. Too many strong countries are fed up with the American hubris and destruction.

3. Even if America were to succeed in enslaving the whole world, power, based only on force, can not last too long, it triggers fierce resistance sooner or later.

And the system will still collapse, see point number 1.
The Empire can only gain a few more years, avoid the inevitable for a short time.

4. The people running the Empire are not even that smart. I’m not talking about the president, he’s just a figurehead.
We see that in the way they conducted the last false flags, the wars, in their simulacrum of diplomacy.

Brute force can not substitute for lack of intelligence, and nature always favors the smart ones, even if they are physically weaker.
Intelligence is a powerful weapon.

This is what I think is happening.

I saw a theory advanced by a very smart man, that US has decided to subdue everybody before the oil runs out .
Quote “We control the world because we own the Petrodollar and therefore the worlds’ energy supply. But the world is running out of oil and in 50 years the Petrodollar won’t have much clout – so we MUST establish absolute control before that happens.”
In the process, if the world is transformed into ruins, the American Zionist Empire will still be happy to rule over what is left.

He may be right, and this could be the second big motive to explain what America is doing.

I saw that when they put in motion a big plan, like a big false flag, they have multiple angles to address and take care of.

Remember what  9/11 was, the event that was conceived in order to justify the wars:
biggest heist in the world, the towers were big world banks, with gold, diamonds and bonds that all disappeared .

get rid of incriminating evidence( the evidence of the 2.3 trillions lost by Pentagon and the navy intelligence officers investigating it). The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) evidence collected by their 40 financial crimes investigators, 39 of whom were killed at the Pentagon on 911 was the target at Pentagon( hit by a Tomahawk missile).

the illegal fraudulent bonds that were maturing on 9/11and Cantor Fitzgerald was trading them.
240 billion dollars in fraudulent Brady Bonds were issued under a national security directive by Bush in September of 1991, to buy up important sectors of the Russian economy .

They were 10-year Brady Bonds that came due and payable on September 11th, yet they were fraudulent bonds created for a national security event ; the fraudulent bonds were this way cleared anonymously and destroyed without a trail to who owned the bonds and cashed in their securities.

the Eldorado Task Force, a group of 55 government agencies tasked with investigating global money laundering, securities and financial crimes.

With the destruction of buildings 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, all of the 9 federal court cases evidence was permanently destroyed.
These nine federal cases were civil and criminal suits against George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve, Deutchebank, and several other individuals and banks.

blaming the Muslims and creating a casus belli for the fight “against terrorism”

-getting rid of a liability, the towers had asbestos and needed to be demolish or modernized( both too expensive )

-pocketing money from the tower insurance

You see how many inconvenient birds in 6 towers and at Pentagon were killed with three stones?

Debt expansion to the whole world and protecting the petro-f*cking-dollar by securing the oil in every oil rich country are the motives explaining why US has declared war on Russia.

US does not directly shoot ( for now) at the Russians.
Because the Russians can shoot back and their weapons seem very adequate for this

( we saw this in March, when Mr. Putin showed his new military toys).

So US is attacking everything else related to Russia and does everything it can to inflict damage on Russia, hoping it can collapse her economy.
It attacks all her friends, trading partners, allies, neighbors.
It conducts proxy wars on allies and partners : Venezuela, Iran, South Africa now, Brasil now( both in BRICS), China, Ukraine and Syria.

And against countries which wanted to drop the petro-f*cking-dollar: see Iraq ( still occupied since 2003), Libya, Somalia.
And at the same time, it attacks the countries that have the oil reserves .
The” war on terror “, the so called Arab Spring was a project to regime change those oil rich countries.
The “7 countries in 5 years” plan, overlapping on the “Oded Yinon” plan.

But there are insurmountable issues with the American plan.

Russia has decided to take a stand.
It can not back down.
Russia has survived the shock and awe of the American liberalism during Yeltsin era and now knows what’s in stock for her.
The real target is Russia and Russia is aware of this.
Russia and Mr. Putin tried different approaches involving negotiations, friendly offers, peace offers, ignoring some of America’s transgressions, and these only to avoid a world catastrophe.
It did not work.
And the Americans confused this attitude of the Russians with weakness.

I guess that when you only have a petro-f*cking-dollar to use, everything else looks like sanctions, threats and wars.

So, WW III is already on.
Fought mostly through proxies , for now.

Syria, Idlib.

Syria has massed an enormous army near Idlib.

Russia has sent the biggest military fleet it ever had in the Mediterranean and is having the largest military drills there:

“In the international airspace, training tasks will be practiced by about 30 aircraft, including the strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bombers, the Tu-142MK and Il-38 anti-submarine warfare planes, Su-33 fighter jets and Su-30SM aircraft of naval aviation”, the Russian ministry said.

Russia is negotiating with the terrorists, trying to make them drop their weapons and retreat.
And I’m not talking about only about the multiple reconciliation centers established in Idlib, like in every other province that has been liberated.

Russia is negotiating with the real terrorists, US and UK.

Since US is ” agreement incapable” Russia has increased its tone and has revealed some aces.

Like the videos with the unmarked helicopters dropping weapons for the terrorists in Afghanistan.
Shown at UNSC.

The demand to liberate Maria Butina, arrested for being a “Russian spy”.

The multiple warnings given to US and its idiot followers.

The advance notice of the preparations for a new false flag with chemical weapons to be done by terrorists and to be blamed on the SAA.
At the UNSC meeting on August 28th, Russia presented proofs of the planned staged chemical attacks which will be done by the White Helmets ,under the M!6 direct supervision.

Mr. Lavrov just said:

“I would still not talk about the risk of using chemical weapons, but about the risk of provocations using chemical weapons in order to blame the Syrian government afterward, because such a provocation is being prepared, there is no doubt. Both in the UN and in The Hague, where the headquarters of the OPCW is located, we submitted concrete facts that were obtained from different sources,”

“It is necessary to make efforts so that the international organizations feel their responsibility for the provocations being planned [in Syria] and speak up against such attempts,” Lavrov stressed.

People in the know say this:

The staged chemical attack was set to be announced by the terrorists in #Idlib on Saturday…. Which will force the #US to conduct a fast response against the #SAA near #Hama on Sunday. That’s why #Russia announced a large naval drills next to the Syria/n coast on #Sunday

Where do the involved parties stand?


Can not accept it has lost in Syria.
Badly and in a humiliating way.

The last farcical attack on Syria, in April, was such a great embarrassment that America wants to repeat it.

Following the same script and hoping for better results.
What did Einstein say about this behavior pattern?

The Donald wants to parade in front of the world his big, beautiful navy . He could not have his military parade at home and wants compensations.
Maybe this time his beautiful and smart missiles will raise their collective IQ from 30 ( in April) to a less retarded number?
America and the Donald need to show the Empire is still relevant.
How can it lose ? And lose to Russia, Syria and Iran?
This is the last chance for the Empire in Syria.

Let’s see how America will blow this one up.
Because I’m sure it will.

And beside this The Donald wants to shout his tweets based on real war crimes, not empty threats.
A macho gangster style twitting needs to be inspired by real atrocities.
But there is a risk: shouting too much can cause hoarseness and the loss of voice.

My only question is : will America succeed in embarrassing itself more this time, acting stupider than last time?
Because there is not too much room left for this, America already achieved greatness in peak ridiculousness .


The Russians lost any patience .
Their prior peace offerings were interpreted as weakness.
The Russians realized the sad reality: the only way to make a psychopath understand he is wrong is to kill him.
When he is dead he might get it.
I am curious to see what they will do if America bombs Syria again .
Because Russia can not back down.
Will they be able to neuter all the American missiles without shooting at the launching sites and trigger a world war?

Meanwhile Russia has an intricate diplomatic dance behind closed doors.

It is said ( unconfirmed) that the American spy satellites went dark and Pentagon and C!A are hysterical. Good for them.

In judo, you use your opponent’s momentum against him.
Knowing that Mr. Putin is a 9 dan Judo master I want to see how he will use Spiritual Judo: Using the Devil’s Momentum Against Him.


What a courageous country!
What a great leader they have!
Syria and Mr. Assad showed the world what dignity and honor mean.
Syria is going to liberate every inch of its occupied territory, he said in 2011.
The west first laughed at him, now they are panicking.

Syria, Idlib.
The last frontier.
The last province to be liberated by Syria and to be protected , at all costs, by America et comp.

Syria is not only a local war.
Syria has fought for the whole world and the Syrian blood was spilled for the freedom of all mankind.
And I view this as a fight on the spiritual level, not only on the physical one.


The zionists gave their orders through Bolton: do a better job this time.
We can not give up Oded Yinon plan.
We are thirsty here in the dessert, not only for blood , but for the real deal, we have no clean, fresh water, we need S Lebanon’s Litani water and Syria’s Euphrates river.

The oil and stopping the Persians are big bonuses.

We play our zionist cards well:
play our aces or shall I say asses , US, UK and France ; they will do the dirty job for us
-if they win , we’ll declare victory and take the spoils of war
-if they lose, we’ll play the victim card and try to jump in the other boat

From an eschatological point of view, since YHWH-istan always invokes the Bible, YHWH and the Holy land:
In Quran, Jesus will descend a second time in DAMASCUS and go to the Holy land to kill the Anti Christ, Dajjal.
Amazing prophecy, isn’t it, considering what is happening today.

YHWH-istan plans and plans , but God’s plans are better.


France was a wall against the bloody empire of pirates and buccaneers, England.
All French kings fought against it.
Jeanne D’Arc died fighting it, guided by the a divine voice.
DeGaulle caused the default of America( the daughter) in 1970 when he asked for payments in Gold instead of the American paper dollar.
But France was once the intellectual center of Europe .

Now France has Macron who has an Oedipus complex: this happens when you sleep with your mother( his wife, 24 years older than him was his teacher and is a pedophile).
He never grew up, he’s a little boy who envisions himself as Jupiter.
Serving the empire’s banking cartel.
A greedy little nobody, with no vision who is destroying what’s left of France after the successful destruction done by Sarkozy and Hollande.
Cher Macron, Oedipus ends in a tragic way, losing his sight and wandering around.


Britain is absolutely livid.

Its Skripal plan was buried under the world’s laughter.

Its false flag in Douma last April was shown for what it was: a desperate, stupid attempt of an ex empire trying  to stay relevant doing evil, because it is the only way   it can stay relevant today.

Its artistic branch of M!6 was shown to be quite untalented and lacking creative endeavors with the failed White Helmets productions and the childish absurd Bana Alabed tweets.

Britain used to produce Royal Shakespeare Company masterpieces, now it has only M!6 and May’s flops.
And anger, a lot of anger toward Russia.


The Sultan saw the light it seems, the Northern lights.
Better than the America’s blinding projectors.

After so many attacks on Turkey: color revolution, the outside push to start a war with Russia, the attacks on its lira and stock market, sanctions, etc. a country either surrenders or becomes the biggest enemy one can wish for.
It seems that Turkey chose the last option.

Bad move for America to lose Turkey, the second big army in NATO and having Incirlik, vital for a war in the ME.


Iran tested again the American perfidiousness and lack of honor.
America is predictable in only one way : in its lack of trustworthiness.

Iran is going to stay in Syria.
And help Syria in manufacturing weapons.
And give a helping hand in stopping the zionists’ land grabbing: in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen.

The “Vendidad” is one of the ancient scriptures of the Zoroastrians, actually called the “Vi-daevo-dat” or the law to fight against evil.
Iran was given the destiny to fight Evil .
Like the Russians .
An alliance between Rum and Muslims says the Quran.
To fight the forces of darkness.


The Kingdom is on its way out.
It will soon reverse to its real status: bedouins riding camels, not Maserati cars.

It lost billions in the wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen.
And the result is Iran is more powerful and has increased its influence.

KSA gave the Donald billions in extortion money, is paying the US army ‘s expenses in Syria, it invested in failed US companies and all for nothing.
And Ghawar oil field is depleated.
Good bye petro-f*cking-dollar.

So what to expect?

America, UK and France will show again they only know how to make asses of themselves.
Russia, Syria and Iran will shake off the zionist dust and proceed with the liberation of Idlib.
The zionist entity will have its expectations crushed again and complain of anti semitism.
KSA will lose more petro-f*cking-dollars.
The world will witness again a cheap and tired zionist B rated movie.

We will all savor other great tweets gifted t o us by the stable genius that plays the role of US president.

But this if we are lucky.
If we are unlucky, nobody will survive to tell what really happened.